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Monday, May 24

The Door Has Been Chosen

Our command staff has selected the anomaly that we will be passing through. Based upon all gathered data, it seems to be the most likely portal back to our native reality.

All three anomalies lead to our current coordinates, in their respective realities.

None of the three anomalies offered a conclusive result, however, the probe into the first anomaly did pick up communication signals from a Starfleet ship, identified as the USS Arcane. The Arcane is one of the ships claimed to be looking for us (in our native reality), however, the ship offered no response to the probe’s signal, before the probe was recalled through the anomaly.

The data gathered from the second anomaly registered nearby debris, likely from a Klingon ship, as well as an active distress call from a second Klingon vessel. In our native reality, the Klingons are not operating this far into Federation space.

The third anomaly offered nothing of note.

Captain Picard has ordered the Enterprise to prepare for passage into the first reality. Subsequent attempts to communicate – through the anomaly – have not yielding any direct response signals. By this point, however, it is entirely possible that the USS Arcane is out of range of the anomaly, and has not yet received our messages.

We are scheduled to pass through the chosen anomaly on Wednesday. At present, we are working with Captain Sam Archer’s crew, as they seek to outfit the Enterprise with programming capable of detecting the anomalies. Their sensor equipment (in this reality) is more advanced than ours, so, once outfitted, we will be the only ship – from our reality – capable of detecting the anomaly we are about to pass through.

We have a little over a day to complete these upgrades, say goodbye to our alternate friends, and maneuver our way to the event horizon of our chosen anomaly. If all goes as planned, we will be home, in our reality, by the middle of this week. From there, rescue operations can finally proceed, and we can get the Enterprise fully operational again.

Fingers crossed.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer