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Sunday, May 15

My Theory: How We Got Here

I’ve been thinking about the events we experienced this past week, and I’ve got a theory. I can’t prove it, because I don’t have the power to test ideas within the time-space continuum, but I think it works, based upon what we know. I shared this theory with our resident android, Lieutenant Commander Data, and he found it fascinating, so it seems fair to share it here as well.

Ever since we were caught inside that “many Enterprises” quantum anomaly, various members of our crew have reported memories gained from alternate realities – realities of which we were, allegedly, a participant. One of the alternate memories that I – personally -- now have, is that of a mission aboard my runabout – a runabout I once owned, but do not possess in our current reality. In that memory, I, and others (also aboard runabouts), witnessed the USS Enterprise-D caught up in a temporal loop, a recursive temporal anomaly that always ended in the collision and complete destruction of the Enterprise. The only survivors were those of us sitting helplessly aboard the runabouts – outside the time loop. We must have witnessed the Enterprise explode at least a few dozen times, and each time, there was nothing we could do to interfere.

Eventually, the senior officer (with mission authority over all of the runabouts – three runabouts, I believe), became so frustrated, that he was determined to do something to try and stop the time loop, and save the Enterprise. All previous theories of action had failed, leaving the most dangerous option for last – an option none of the rest of us wanted to attempt. With frustration high, we reluctantly agreed with the senior officer, and prepared to pierce the time loop, in order to get a vital message to the crew of the Enterprise.

Unfortunately, that attempt seems to have failed miserably, and, I think, actually resulted in our runabouts getting caught up in the time loop as well. Only, instead of joining the established events of the loop, our interference caused the loop to reset, and the starting point of the loop reestablished itself years earlier – just after the launch of the Enterprise in 2363. Unfortunately, I think we’ve experienced this new years-long time loop many times over, and our recent 2363 experiences were the final restarting of that loop, as suggested by recent claims of déjà vu. Temporal theory suggests that we would only remember the most recent time in the loop, with, in our case, the déjà vu being our only indicator of having done this many times before.

Then came the “Devron Anomaly”, the second spatial anomaly to define our present status.

When we interfered with the Devron Anomaly (in the Devron System) – something we likely did many times before (while inside the time loop), this time, the temporal nature of the Devron Anomaly, broke the temporal nature of the time loop, and spit us out into normal space – thus ending the time loop. Our crew was now de-aged, and had lost our memories up until that point.

I think – and again, I can’t prove it – when we were spit out of the time loop, courtesy of the unpredictable Devron Anomaly, we were temporally attracted to the “many Enterprises” quantum anomaly 100 light years away. Presumably, when you’re at the mercy of time, the limitations of space don’t matter. In an instant, the Enterprise was transported to our present coordinates – near Cardassian space – in the year 2369. The Devron Anomaly gave up its hold on us, and the quantum anomaly we were attracted to, gained control instead. We briefly experienced the breakdown of quantum universe barriers, which was, apparently corrected by other ships in that alternate Enterprise fleet, and then the quantum anomaly disappeared, and lost its hold on us as well. By the looks of it, we now appear to be free from the grasp of all three anomalies.

So, here we are, back in real space, and real time. We are stationary, five light years from Cardassian space, and, apparently, now in the year 2369. I imagine Starfleet thinks we’ve been dead, or at least missing, for the last six years. Our entire crew is five years younger, and no one, except Captain Picard and myself, remember the past five years of real time (going back to 2358), but many of us have new memories that, apparently, come from other times and realities that, apparently, this ship experienced before getting caught in the time loop.

Confused? I can understand that. I, myself, am grateful to have studied Temporal Physics back at Starfleet Academy. Without those studies, I don’t think I would have been able to develop this theory. It stands up to what we know, though, and, unless something new comes along, throwing this concept in a different direction, our ship command staff seems content to take this as the prevailing theory.

Now, unfortunately, we have a new task to pursue -- acclimating to the reality of 2369 – whatever, and wherever, that may be.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

May 15, 2369 – (Devron Timeline 3.0)

Friday, May 13

Quantum No More

And, just like that, all of the Enterprises – and the quantum anomaly – are gone. They no longer exist. Something (perhaps another alternate Enterprise crew) seems to have resolved the “many Enterprises” problem, and we are, once again, back at our previous coordinates. We are the only ship here, just as before. No more anomaly, no more ships, just the starry black of space.

That was an odd experience, to say the least.

With our Enterprise presumably back in our reality, we have finally confirmed our coordinates. We are five light years from both Cardassian space, and the Federation Iadara Colony – in opposite directions. We have also managed to determine the current date. As of the disappearance of this quantum anomaly, today is, May 13, 2369. So, in addition to being transported across the Federation (all the way from the Devron System, inside the Neutral Zone), we appear to have traveled six years into the future.

Both our time travel, and instantaneous 100-light-year relocation remain unexplained.

Now that these quantum realities are, we assume, repaired, many among our crew have been reporting the acquisition of memories that never occurred in this reality. These range from memories of missions our current USS Enterprise was never assigned to complete, to vivid recollections of crew that were never assigned to this ship. If I were to hazard a guess, it would seem that our inclusion within this recent quantum anomaly has caused us to selectively remember events from other realities supposedly connected to our own. Perhaps this has something to do with the déjà vu some of us still remember experiencing?

In short, many, among this crew, now have knowledge of alternate memories that we – physically – never experienced, while all of us (except Captain Picard and myself) no longer remember our real, physical past from 2358 to the present (i.e. our exit from the “Devron Anomaly”).

What a strange, frustrating, and completely mixed-up week this has been.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

May 13, 2369 – (Devron Timeline 3.0)

Thursday, May 12

Thousands of Enterprises

The universe is throwing us a great many curveballs right now.

Yesterday, I made note of the fact that our sensors picked up a minor spatial anomaly at our new coordinates (near Cardassian space). Today, as we were gathering data on this anomaly, it suddenly flashed brightly for an instant, and then began to destabilize. At the same time, we suddenly found ourselves surrounded by thousands of other Enterprises, with more appearing by the minute. There are now so many USS Enterprise ships at these coordinates (and nearby, as the “fleet” of ships continues to grow), that our sensors can no longer count them all. In addition, our comm channels are jammed and overloaded with more message traffic than we can handle.

After some theorizing, acting First Officer, Lieutenant Commander Data, believes that we may be witnessing the rapid breakdown of barriers between quantum realities, a phenomenon likely brought on by a power surge to the anomaly, perhaps from another reality. So far, this event appears to be localized, but it is growing, and will probably consume nearby sectors within a matter of days.

Unfortunately, we have no way of standard communication with any of the other Enterprises, nor they us, due to the sheer volume of comm traffic. We are presently unable to coordinate a response to this – whatever it is, and can only watch as space fills up with alternate Enterprises, some of which aren’t even Galaxy-class starships. Point of fact, there’s an old Constitution-class USS Enterprise-E not far off our port bow, which, strangely, I feel as though I’ve seen before.

Our crew is already a mess.

Honestly… I have no idea how we’re going to get out of this.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Date Unknown – (Devron Timeline 3.0)

Wednesday, May 11

Transported 100 Light Years Across The Federation

We’re alive. At least, I think we are. The anomaly in the Devron System is gone, and, apparently, so are we. According to our sensors, we have been transported 100 light years -- across the Federation -- to within five light years of Cardassian space. If our sensors are accurate, we should be somewhere near the Federation Iadara Colony. Why we are here, though, and how the USS Enterprise was transported this far -- in an instant, remains a mystery.

Since we are not within proximity of any deep space beacons, we have not yet been able to confirm the stardate, or our exact coordinates. We’re working on that, though.

We have also picked up a minor spatial anomaly at our coordinates, although, we know very little about it at the present time. As our crew becomes capable, I could have more to report.

As far as the “Devron Anomaly”, questions remain regarding those two Galay-class starships that were inside the phenomena with us. Captain Picard claimed that they were Enterprise’s from two other timelines, however, when asked about these events more recently, he had no recollection of his comments, the other ships, or even ordering us into the anomaly in the first place.

Captain Picard does seem to be genuine in his claims, though, so we can only assume that he has either lost his memory, or somehow, someone else was controlling his actions. We, of course, have no evidence to support either possibility, but, if the second were true, I suppose that might explain the Captain’s strange behavior ever since we left Earth.

Regardless of Captain Picard’s true state of mind, his idea to create a static warp shell worked. The “Devron Anomaly” flashed out of existence, and we found ourselves here, near Cardassian space. Since we are no longer in the Romulan Neutral Zone, we cannot confirm the official status of the “Devron Anomaly”, however, we assume that it disappeared – just as we did.

Oh, and then there’s the getting younger thing...

Before we entered the “Devron Anomaly”, we started hearing reports from the crew that their old injuries and scars were healing themselves – a result of anti-time, apparently -- “reverse time” interacting upon normal time. Not long after, we heard reports of people “growing younger” all over the ship. We learned of young children becoming infants again, and grown adults "de-aging” by a handful of years. Biologically, these occurrences are impossible – they go against the laws of life. Yet, here we are, living proof that time – and biology -- did travel backwards.

Unfortunately, now that the anomaly is gone – or, we’re gone, however you choose to look at it -- every person aboard the Enterprise is now five years younger than they were before the Anomaly. And, since getting younger means that the chemistry of our brains become younger as well, memories from those de-aged years have been lost. Our crew has no memory of being assigned to the Enterprise, and everyone is as they were back in 2358. Every memory, experience, and learned skill from the past 5 years is gone. They no longer exist in our brains. Even Lieutenant Commander Data has “de-aged”, although, as a machine, his systems and internal algorithms have merely reset to five years ago. Beyond that, he seems to be largely unphased by the situation.

Strangely, Captain Picard and myself appear to be the only crew members that did not suffer any memory loss. While both of us are five years younger – just like everyone else, we remember those lost years. Why the two of us were spared this loss remains unknown.

With all of these things affecting the crew, as well as random system errors in every ship database, chaos and confusion reign supreme aboard the Enterprise. Those of us adapting more easily are doing what we can to ease the frustration of others. There has been no reactionary violence among the crew, but our sanity has been put to the test. We’ll get through this – as a crew – but none of us will ever be the same as we once were. Time has thrown us a curveball, and we’re still trying to figure out how to put the ball into play.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Date Unknown – (Devron Timeline 3.0)

Tuesday, May 10

Into The Unknown

Things aboard the Enterprise have become far worse.

I don’t know how, but the crew of the Enterprise are growing younger – not just in appearance, but behavior as well. Most of them no longer remember the past five years (going back to at least 2358). As their bodies become younger, they lose the memory engrams created during those disappearing ages. Confusion is spreading rapidly as individuals lose all memory of being assigned the Enterprise – some don’t even remember being assigned to earlier ships and assignments. Others think, look, and act like they are Starfleet cadets all over again.

Honestly, I’m completely dumfounded. This – what we’re experiencing right now – is physically impossible. It can’t happen. Biology doesn’t allow it. People do not de-age. Yet, here, aboard the Enterprise, it IS happening. People are changing – growing younger. I have no explanation, other than to point to the Devron Anomaly. Maybe “anti-time” is real. If it is, God help us!

As I sit here recording this, I’m affected too, although, I don’t seem to be experiencing any memory loss. I do feel younger and more energetic, though, and I’ve lost the scars gained when I survived the destruction of the USS Valdemar (Ambassador-class) in 2358 – my first ship assignment. I feel like I’m in my 20s…. but I’m 35 years old.

This shouldn’t be happening.

Thankfully, Captain Picard did see the bigger picture. He ordered the Enterprise to disengage the inverse tachyon beam, and we backed the ship away from the anomaly. I think that may have slowed the changes down for a few minutes. Unfortunately, he then changed his mind, and ordered the Enterprise to move INTO the anomaly -- to head for the direct center of this whole disturbance. I can’t imagine what this will do to our already fragile and de-aging crew.

The Bridge crew has reported their intention to establish a “static warp shell” around the ship, but they can only do so in the center of the anomaly. Lieutenant Commander Data believes this should seal the phenomena, and, according to his positronic calculations, re-balance time and “anti-time”. I have my doubts, but that may just be my newfound youth talking.

Oh, wait… I just received an image from the Bridge…. What!? There are two other ships inside the anomaly with us? Both of them are Galaxy-class starships, and both of them are the USS Enterprise…. NCC-1701-D. Mirrored reflections? Alternate universes?

Oh… Dear God!

We’ve just crossed the midway point to the center… [static]… The ship is shaking -- violently. Objects are falling off my desk. I feel light-headed….

It’s happening. Oh crap! It’s happening! We’re going to…. [static]

[communication terminated]
[channel lost]

May 10, 2363 – (Devron Timeline 3.0)

The Mysteries of the Devron Anomaly

A few hours ago, I posted about the anomaly we are investigating in the Devron System (a star system located within the Romulan Neutral Zone). This anomaly is not a tiny hole in space. It currently measures 400 million kilometers in diameter. As a point of reference, the distance between the Earth and the Sun, in Earth’s solar system, is 149.6 million kilometers. This means that the anomaly, here in the Devron System, is over two and half times larger than the distance between the Earth and the Sun. This Devron Anomaly is gigantic!

In fact, the size of this anomaly seems to be baffling Captain Picard. He’s been expressing vocal concern on the Bridge, that “it’s bigger in the past”. No one seems to know what he is comparing the anomaly to, but it does reinforce his unusual behavior since he took command. His odd choices, strange public comments, and conflicting orders seem to challenge the trust our crew has in him. We stand behind our captain, but this is not a great way to start a new command.

In other updates, our shuttle rescue efforts have turned up disturbing news. The crews of the two Starfleet runabouts, and the three Romulan shuttles, are missing. They weren’t aboard. In addition, all five vessels were powered down, devoid of oxygen, and, in some cases, completely drained of antimatter. Both Starfleet runabouts were also missing vital hardware components, some of which are not easy to remove.

There have also been increased reports of strange occurrences here on the Enterprise as well. A few hours ago, I wrote that the crew had reported old wounds suddenly healing themselves, and permanent scars disappearing. In addition to that, we now have reports of three civilian women, who were at different stages of pregnancy, no longer being pregnant. A few parents have reported that their children appear to be “getting younger”. And, numerous personnel have taken on a more youthful appearance, with some even forgetting recent events -- as if those events had never happened. Minor systems glitches have also begun popping up within all ship departments.

I don’t fully understand what’s happening at the moment, but it might be wise for us to move away from the anomaly. As far away as possible. I don’t think this is radiation that is affecting us. I think Lieutenant Commander’s theory about anti-time may be more accurate than we realize.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

May 10, 2363 – (Devron Timeline 3.0)

Monday, May 9

Arrival at the Devron Anomaly

Earlier this afternoon, the Enterprise arrived at the Neutral Zone, and joined a number of Starfleet ships already stationed along the border. Two runabouts were permitted into the Zone two days ago, along with three Romulan shuttles from their side, and all five vessels are currently non-responsive. The last reports we received, indicate that the strange anomaly, inside the Devron System, was giving off some sort of radiation, and that radiation was causing “serious health problems” for the runabout crews. The Romulans shared similar reports from their personnel.

The runabout crews were planning to run a few more tests, and then move a safe distance away from the anomaly, but we haven’t heard from them since. Their comms have gone silent.

A Starfleet rescue ship was allowed into the Neutral Zone this afternoon, but was forced to turn back due to ship-wide system failures. Neither our ships, nor the Romulans have tried sending anyone else into the Devron System.

When the Enterprise arrived, Captain Picard insisted that the Enterprise be allowed to proceed to the anomaly. A number of personnel objected, due to the radiation, as well as the possibility of Romulan trickery, but we went in anyway. We are currently holding a position near the anomaly, with our deflector dish generating an “inverse tachyon pulse”. This should, in theory, provide us with a view of the interior of the phenomena.

As of this post, the bridge reports that we may be witnessing a “temporal event resulting from an eruption of time and anti-time”. I studied temporal physics, and I’ve never heard of anything known as “anti-time”, however, Lieutenant Commander Data has provided some possible insight into the topic. He believes that time, and “anti-time”, are similar to the matter and anti-matter that power our warp engines. When time and “anti-time” become imbalanced, they could, theoretically rip a hole in space and time. That rip might be what we are currently witnessing.

As far as the missing Starfleet runabouts and shuttles, they have been located, but they remain oddly unresponsive. Shuttle rescue missions are underway, but it will be a while before we have any concrete news. I’ll share anything as soon as it becomes available.

There have also been reports, all across the Enterprise, of crewmembers experiencing old wounds healing themselves, and old scars disappearing -- as if they had never existed. Our medical staff claims that these incidents should be medically impossible, yet, here they are, happening right in front of our eyes. I’ve witnessed them myself. Could this be the “serious health problems” that the runabout crews previously reported?

There’s a lot going on right now, and I have a feeling most of us will be up late as we investigate further. I will share information as it becomes known. Multiple posts, most likely. Stay tuned. Whatever this is…. I fear it could become a lot worse.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

May 9, 2363 – (Devron Timeline 3.0)

Wednesday, May 4

Deja Vu & Dreams

The Enterprise is still at warp, bound for the Neutral Zone. We’ve been ordered to investigate a massive anomaly that has been reported inside the Devron System – an event that, if not managed well, could upset relations between the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire. We should arrive there sometime on Monday.

As we travel these 30 light years, our crew is also experiencing an unexplained sense of déjà vu. It feels as if we’ve done this before. It feels as though we’ve already visited the Devron System – more than once, in fact – and have completed this mission – more than once, although, we have no actual memory of doing so. A strange sense of dread has blanketed the Enterprise. It feels as though we are warping into a bad situation, although, none of us know what that situation will be.

I, myself, have also been dealing with an added element to all of this. I’ve been experiencing a growing sense of, what I can only define as, guilt. I feel as if the crew is experiencing déjà vu because of me – or, at least, because of something of which I was a willing participant.

Last night, I dreamt of being aboard a runabout, and I was forced to watch – helplessly -- as the Enterprise exploded in front of me. I survived, but the Enterprise crew did not. There was some sort of anomaly involved, another runabout tried to force its way into the boundaries of that anomaly, it was destroyed, there was a flash of light, the anomaly “changed its shape”, and then I woke up here – aboard the Enterprise, warping toward an unknown anomaly in the Devron System. I feel like we’ve already done this multiple times.

This is, of course, all circumstantial, at best. A dream is a dream, and I rarely ever have prophetic dreams, nonetheless, with everything happening right now, this déjà vu, my sense of guilt, our mission…. maybe there is something legitimate at play here.

I’ve already presented my concerns to our new ship’s counselor, Lieutenant Commander Deanna Troi. She’ll take them under consideration, and share them with the XO, acting first officer, Lieutenant Commander Data, if appropriate. I sincerely hope nothing comes of all this, but, at the rate we’re going, I fear something big – and life-changing – may be waiting in our future. I sincerely hope that something big doesn’t result in our destruction.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

May 4, 2363 – (Devron Timeline 3.0)

Sunday, May 1

Bound For The Neutral Zone; Reports of Deja Vu

The Enterprise left Earth Station McKinley earlier today. Our warp plasma inducers are fixed, and the power grid is realigned. It took a day longer than expected, but we’re back in business.

Our orders are to head for the Romulan Neutral Zone, in response to the stellar anomaly reported in the Devron System. Unfortunately, our new captain ignored those orders, and insisted that we pursue our original mission instead – the science mission to the Deneb System. This is particularly troubling, because it means that one of Captain Jean Luc Picard’s first orders, as the new captain of the USS Enterprise-D, is to disobey direct orders from Starfleet Command. He declined to provide a reason for his choice of action.

Shortly after departing McKinley Station, the Enterprise arrived at a set of coordinates in the middle of deep space. We dropped out of warp to find nothing but stars and darkness. Reports from the Bridge indicate that Captain Picard seemed confused, nervous, and agitated, expressing comments like, “this is the right time; the right place…. he should be here now”. He then startled everyone by shouting, “Q, we’re here! This has gone on long enough!”

We have no clue who he was shouting at, or what a “Q” is.

Captain Picard ordered the Enterprise to maintain position, and then retired to his ready room. An hour later, he emerged, and ordered us to set course for the Devon System. The Devron System is 30 light years away at warp 9. If we remain on course, we’ll arrive there on Monday, May 9.

I’m not sure why our new captain is acting so strangely. He seems distracted, confused, even erratic, and has been so from the moment he arrived aboard the Enterprise. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, perhaps he knows something that we don’t. Nonetheless, it does set a troubling tone for his new captaincy.

One other troubling issue of recent note – something we cannot ignor, are reports from many among the crew of a pervasive sense of déjà vu. Many of us feel as though we’ve been here before – a feeling that we’ve already completed our current mission (more than once, in some cases), and we’re heading to the Devron System to complete it all over again. We have no “memory” of future events, just a feeling of repeated action. It’s almost like a cause and effect kind of moment. I don’t know whether this is an odd sense of impending dread over our mission to the Devron System, or something else. Whatever the case, this new ship, and new crew, are proceeding with caution. We’re eager to see what’s out there, but not all that optimistic about what we may find waiting for us.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

May 1, 2363 – (Devron Timeline 3.0)

Saturday, April 16

ARCHIVE: - The Devron Reset Timeline (2.0)

(This post serves as a bookmark for blog archival purposes.)

As of this date, time has been altered.

For those reading the historical experiences of the USS Enterprise-D and her crew, this is the end of our existence within the Devron Reset Timeline (2.0). On this date, history has changed. History has been altered by a trifecta of temporal anomalies.

The following posts depict history as it used to be, within our Devron Reset Timeline (2.0). A notation exists at the end of each post to help clarify the appropriate reality. If you wish to read from the start of our now-erased experiences, scroll to the bottom of this blog page, and click the "Older Posts" until you reach the beginning of these tagged posts. Then read from the bottom post to the top until you, once again, reach this post. All posts ABOVE this archival note, take place within our new (current) Devron Timeline 3.0.

Saturday, April 2

The Many Explosions of the USS Enterprise-D

This post was shared from Lieutenant Sam Archer, while aboard the runabout, SS Terra Nova. It is archived here for mission report purposes.
We have now watched the crew of the Enterprise – including our own Lieutenant (JG) Tessa Kensington and Ensign Cassie Queen – die 16 times. That is as many times as we have watched the USS Enterprise-D collide and explode. We’re all a bit numb to it by now (which is a sad thing to say), but we hold out hope that, somehow, we can still find a way to break the time loop, and change their repeated fate. How long until that happens, though, is anyone’s guess.

We don’t want to leave these coordinates, in case an opportunity presents itself that allows us to step in and change the loop, however, the idea to go find help has been expressed as well (an option that our ranking officer has, so far, declined to pursue). In the grand scheme of things, though, what is anyone else going to be able to do, that we cannot? The USS Enterprise-D has been stuck in an impenetrable repeating time loop for 10 days. There are no records of this ever happening before. The best thing we can do is keep running simulations, keep scanning for data, pounce on any exploits as soon as we find them, and pray to God that this is not the true fate of our beloved ship and crew.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer
April 2, 2368 – (Devron Timeline w/ Temporal War Reset)

Wednesday, March 30

Outside The Snow Globe

This post was shared from Lieutenant Sam Archer, while aboard the runabout, SS Terra Nova. It is archived here for mission report purposes.
This time loop situation is so incredibly depressing. It's a lot like staring into a snow globe. We're on the outside; the Enterprise is stuck on the inside. Tragic events are repeating over, and over again, and there's nothing we can do to stop them.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer
March 30, 2368 – (Devron Timeline w/ Temporal War Reset)

Tuesday, March 29

Cause and Effect

This post was shared from Lieutenant Sam Archer, while aboard the runabout, SS Terra Nova. It is archived here for mission report purposes.
There is something seriously wrong with the USS Enterprise.

On Thursday, shortly after our three runabouts launched from the Enterprise Main Shuttlebay (and after we had moved some distance away from the ship), we registered the sudden appearance of a spatial anomaly off the Enterprise starboard bow. Moments later, a Soyuz-class starship, identified as the long-missing USS Bozeman, emerged from the anomaly, and collided with the Enterprise starboard nacelle. The impact was so severe, that it caused the complete destruction of both vessels. There were no survivors.

Following the shock of witnessing the sudden loss of the Enterprise, our runabouts immediately converged on the coordinates of both explosions. We were surprised, however, to find no debris. Not a single bolt from either ship was found. In addition, the anomaly had disappeared, leaving our runabouts, alone, parked in deep space.

Instead of continuing to each planned assignment, our three runabouts remained at the coordinates of the explosions. Our mission had now changed to an investigation. We were compelled to determine the nature of what we had just witnessed.

Later that evening, our runabouts picked up the USS Enterprise-D entering the area, from the same trajectory it had arrived on earlier in the day. We watched as the ship launched the same runabouts we are currently aboard, the same spatial anomaly reappeared, the same USS Bozeman exited the anomaly, and the two ships collided, and exploded, just as they had fifteen hours earlier. Moments after the explosions, the debris, the duplicate runabouts, and the anomaly itself disappeared, just as it had before.

Now, five days later, we, aboard the primary runabouts, have witnessed the USS Enterprise, and USS Bozeman, collide and explode nine times. Each time events have played out exactly as the first time, Thursday morning. If the pattern continues, as it has so far, everything will likely happen again at around 2330 hours tonight.

We believe the USS Enterprise, and the USS Bozeman, are caught in some sort of repeating time loop. And that time loop appears to be connected, in some way, to the disappearing – and reappearing – spatial anomaly.

We’ve tried communicating with both ships, to no avail. We’ve even used light-based morse code to catch their attention, but nothing has worked. It would appear that neither ship sees us, or knows that we – the original runabouts -- are out here. Our science personnel (aboard our three runabouts) have developed the theory that the Enterprise is likely stuck within a closed time loop, and the crew undoubtedly has no idea that time – as they perceive it – keeps repeating. So far, there is nothing that we can do to help them break the loop.

We’ll keep running theories and simulations, but, as of yet, all we can do is watch as history tragically repeats itself every fifteen hours. We’re lucky not to be caught up in the loop ourselves, however, I would give just about anything not to keep watching my home, my PAO staff, and all my Enterprise friends die over, and over again.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer
March 29, 2368 – (Devron Timeline w/ Temporal War Reset)

Wednesday, March 23

36 Days Later; A New Charting Mission Begins

And… we’re finally back online. It only took 36 days, and some distance between the Enterprise and the Earth 2, to get things working again. Those solar flares and temporal/stellar phenomena were brutal on our communications equipment. The Enterprise was able to launch shuttles and probes outside the star system -- to use as standard message relays, but our PAO office wasn’t that lucky. The only mobile PAO comm system we have (since our system is unique), is installed aboard my civilian runabout, and the SS Terra Nova was needed for transporter support on the planet’s surface. That left me unable to post messages from our page since February 15th. I apologize for the 36 days of silence from the PAO office. That was out of my control.

I’ll try to get an update/recap posted soon, in regards to the final days of our operations down on the surface of Earth 2. Give me a few days to get that in order.

That being said, now that we are well outside the Earth 2 system, the Enterprise is starting to chart a nearby area of space. We were asked, by Starfleet Command, to gather data on this region of space before returning to port. We shouldn’t be out here more than a few days.

After months of exploring Earth 2, I think we could all use some rest, and a change of routine -- our chief engineer, Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge included. Earlier this afternoon, he almost fell to his death at the bottom of the warp core. Thankfully, Ensign Jenn Fletcher was there to pull him back up to deck level. With the three officers nearly crushed on the Liberty saucer over a month ago, and now the near-loss of our chief engineer, this crew has been flirting a little too close with death lately. That’s a trend we need to reverse.

With the Enterprise beginning a short charting mission, the ship will be going into platform/base mode again. Auxiliary vessels will be launched from our shuttlebays, to expand the range of our charting capabilities. Those auxiliary vessels will be our three mission-capable runabouts. Captain Picard has asked that the Terra Nova participate in this mission, so I will be piloting a science crew for a few days, while the other two science runabouts do the same. Our remaining two (of five) Enterprise-carried runabouts are transport-only, and do not have the necessary berths and equipment to facilitate a charting mission.

All three of our mission runabouts launch at 0800 tomorrow morning, so, I’ll have to get some early rest. I usually work during Beta Shift, which begins at 1600 hours. The 0800 launch is at the start of Alpha Shift. Thankfully, I have a bed aboard the Terra Nova, and can catch up on lost sleep, if necessary.

I will likely be posting, via the Public Affairs comm system installed aboard the Terra Nova, so be sure to stay connected to my Sam Archer FB page for those updates. We are likely to be out-of-communication-range of the USS Enterprise for a few days, so I cannot count on consistent comm access to our PAO offices. Lieutenant Tessa Kensington will post any pressing updates from our office system, if needed.

We’ve been planet-bound for a few months. Let’s go do some space exploration for a change.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

March 23, 2368 – (Devron Timeline w/ Temporal War Reset)

Tuesday, February 15

Uncovering Earth 2

Back in December (last year, 2367) one of the mysterious locations discovered on Earth 2, was a long-abandoned Klingon colony. Our Enterprise teams exploring that region of the planet, have not found any inhabitants, Klingon or otherwise, however, we have learned more about what may have happened to them, courtesy of written documents found preserved in the colony ruins.

Apparently, there was once a Klingon scientist living there named K’Tok. For nearly thirty years, he gathered data about this mysterious copy of Earth. He watched the sun’s activity, he charted the movement of the stars in the sky, he explored older ruins near the colony, and he developed theories to explain his findings.

One theory, of particular interest to us, is that this planet has randomly shifted between alternate realities, a process that – based upon artifact dating from various abandonment sites – has likely been happening for centuries, perhaps even since the beginning of time. In many of those alternate realities, local space-faring cultures landed on the surface of Earth 2, set up small outposts, stations, colonies, lived here for a while, and then vanished at the moment the planet shifted to a new reality. Where they went, we do not know. This is why we found evidence of non-Human habitation – the Klingon colony, alien starships, even a Romulan outpost that predates the Klingon colony, but no people. In fact, just last week, one of our science teams even discovered an abandoned science outpost that appears to have been established by Starfleet personnel, during the 2260s. No records of that outpost, or past discovery of Earth 2, exist in our current reality.

Based upon K’Tok’s work, we also know that the sun in this duplicate star system has never exhibited the abundant flares and associated stellar phenomena that we have experienced during our time here. K’Tok recorded a rather stable sun, much like in the real Sol System, so it may very well be that the current solar activity is a result of Earth 2 being forcibly stabilized within our current reality. Based upon the very recent abandonment of the “old west” town in the Rocky Mountains (the previous base camp that I was working from), the final reality shift may actually coincide with our second visit to the Devron Anomaly.

If so, the Devron Anomaly, our time travel, and this copy of Earth may have more in common than we realize. We, aboard the USS Enterprise, are aware of our current timeline resetting itself, however, no one else in the Federation has reported experiencing a reset. What if, when this timeline – this reality – was reset, Earth 2 stopped shifting across alternate realities, and the solar activity we see now, is the gravitational constant keeping the entire solar system in place?

It's a theory that warrants pondering.

In addition, all of this presents another interesting question. If space-faring visitors were able to land on this planet (and then were lost to time when the planet shifted realities), how did an old Earth 1800’s pioneer wood-frame town come to exist in these Rocky Mountains? How did the remains of a 21st century Earth fright train derailment (with no sign of train tracks) find its way into “Montana”? How about the old Earth Russian military submarine that ran aground off the Pacific coast of “California”? Or the recently discovered ruins of an Ancient Roman military encampment in “northern Europe” – that appears to be no more than 50 years old? What about the countless other small pre-warp Earth ruins still being found across the surface of Earth 2?

I (and others working with me) did some digging into history databases, and discovered some interesting connections. In the mid-1800’s, a group of American settlers set out to establish a town in the Rocky Mountains, on the real Earth. They intended to name their new settlement, “Grove City”. Unfortunately, those settlers mysteriously vanished, and the town was never established. The pioneer town that we found -- recently abandoned, here on Earth 2, appears to have been named, “Grove City”.

A similar thing can be said about the derailed train in “Montana”. A freight train mysteriously disappeared while traveling through the real Montana, on the real Earth, in 1992. Neither the train, nor anyone aboard was ever found. The remains of the train we found, here, on this planet, seem to match the records of that missing train.

A Russian military submarine was also reported missing, on the real Earth, during the cultural events of the early 2020s. That submarine was, supposedly, never found. We may have found that submarine, here, on Earth 2, although, we have not yet been able to conclusively identify the vessel as the one missing from Earth.

Other similar examples of historical disappearances, on the real Earth, seem to match discoveries found here on Earth 2 as well. Could there have been some sort of unknown temporal anomaly on the real Earth, that deposited missing people and objects here, on Earth 2? Is – was – Earth 2 some sort of temporal nexus, drifting through time and space, while maintaining a mysterious connection to the real Earth…. until the timeline reset of last year? And, one theory I recently developed – could any of this be related to the ancient “Iconian gateway” connections we’ve discovered, that, according to the Adamoi, originated on the real Earth?

These are the mysteries we’re uncovering here on Earth 2. If this planet really is, now, tethered in our current reality, and if it really is here to stay, I can only imagine the archeological digs yet to come. Earth 2 is, by all accounts, abandoned today – except for our science teams, of course. But, if these discoveries really are grounded in truth – however astounding they may seem at the moment – perhaps Earth 2 has never, actually, been abandoned.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

February 15, 2368 – (Devron Timeline w/ Temporal War Reset)

Monday, February 14

Liberty Collapse; Three Injured

Earlier today, I was scheduled to return to the teams operating within the crashed USS Liberty saucer, however, that may get pushed back a bit. Yesterday evening, three of the crew on those saucer exploration teams were seriously injured while operating in the damaged lower decks (of the Liberty saucer). Those decks were largely crushed when the saucer – at some point – crash-landed on Earth 2. Areas of those decks, while still accessible, are unstable, and yesterday, part of the operational area collapsed on those three individuals. Rescue personnel were able to extract them from the wreckage, and relocate them to the Enterprise Hospital. They are alive, although, one of them, an unnamed female officer, is still in serious condition.

Our Liberty mission commander has temporarily suspended all local operations while we deal with this incident, and treat our wounded.

I was not part of the rescue effort, but that situation does still hit home, on a personal level. While I still cannot talk about the details of my own experience, I was, not long ago, trapped on those lower Liberty decks as well (although, in a different area). I know exactly what our rescued personnel are going through. I feel for them. I pray they recover quickly. I may even take some time to visit them in their recovery rooms tomorrow. A Galaxy-class saucer crashing down upon your head, is not a pleasant situation to be in.

We, as Starfleet personnel, live to explore. It’s why we are out here, investigating the unknown. But that exploration does come with risks. Sometimes, those risks have the power to take, damage, or threaten our lives. Yesterday, three of our officers experienced that first-hand.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

February 14, 2368 – (Devron Timeline w/ Temporal War Reset)

Thursday, February 10

Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge

Congratulations to our chief engineer, Lieutenant Geordi La Forge. Earlier today, he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

February 10, 2368 – (Devron Timeline w/ Temporal War Reset)

Tuesday, February 8

Down In The Terra Nova

I like being back in my runabout again. It’s been a while – at least it feels that way. My sleeping area, down here, may be little more than a closet (runabout quarters consist of a bed and standing room), but beyond the hull of the Terra Nova is a vast, beautiful “Wisconsin” forest. Unspoiled Earth wilderness – birds, deer, and summer breezes. Just like home -- although, in the real Wisconsin – on the real Earth – it’s actually still winter right now. February is a cold month. I bet my family is dealing with snow and ice. I, myself, prefer the warmth. I’ll gladly take THIS Wisconsin weather any day.

Since I’m on medical observation status, I won’t be joining the teams exploring the Liberty saucer until at least the weekend. My initial duties, now that I’m back in the field, are logistical, with a side of historical research. Having my runabout office to work from comes in handy. I’m digging through data salvaged from the USS Liberty computer, and cross-referencing that with history from the Enterprise, to see if I can help shed some light on the fate of the Liberty crew. So far, with only a day’s research, I am unable to share my early findings. But, with my research, and the findings of the others on this team, we may be forming a workable theory.

I don’t have anything new to report, from the other teams across the planet, but I’ll see what I can put together. I’m sure we aren’t the only team turning up additional pieces to this puzzle.

This Earth is a fascinating planet -- far more appealing than the previous apocalyptic Earth 2 we explored. There are no signs of a civilization-ending pandemic here, however, the missing inhabitants -- the survivors -- does remain a curious mystery, and one that I, for one, feel compelled to solve.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

February 8, 2368 – (Devron Timeline w/ Temporal War Reset)

Monday, February 7

Starfleet Field Uniforms

The USS Enterprise remains in orbit of Earth 2, as multiple exploratory operations continue down on the surface. As of earlier this afternoon, I, myself, have rejoined the Wisconsin teams, and have resumed residential occupation of my civilian runabout, the SS Terra Nova.

Now that I am back in the field, this seems like a good time to address a question that I, surprisingly, get asked quite often…

Many people, not familiar with Starfleet policy, believe that Starfleet personnel always wear our iconic red, blue, gold, or green shoulder-colored uniforms, no matter where we are. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. We actually have a number of standard uniforms, each designed for a different purpose. Yes, we do wear our colored uniforms while aboard-ship, on a space station, or interacting with a civilization on a planet surface, however, when we are in the field – as I am right now, we usually wear camouflage field uniforms that are more durable to the environment. The attached image scan features me wearing the standard Starfleet field uniform.

This field uniform is also worn by our Marines during combat or operational away missions. When aboard-ship, though, they usually wear green camo-shouldered uniforms similar to our own iconic duty uniforms.

Right now, almost everyone in our Wisconsin base camp, other than a few engineers, and an ops officer on loan to us for the day, are currently wearing these field uniforms. Gear belts and packs are worn as needed, and the abundance of utility pockets are extremely useful.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

February 7, 2368 – (Devron Timeline w/ Temporal War Reset)

Saturday, February 5

Getting Back to Business

I have been approved to return to the surface of Earth 2. I will be rejoining the USS Liberty saucer exploration team on Monday (with medical monitoring), and have been cleared to report some of their findings. I have also been granted photo access, so there may be a few images in the mix. I’m sure many of you will appreciate that. I will also recap some of the other surface team discoveries, next week, as well.

For now, I want to thank all of you for your patience, following recent events. I am under orders not to discuss the specifics of my recent disappearance, but there are a few related things that I can address, so, I might also touch on those, if there’s time.

It is an honor to be your social media connection to this fine ship. I view this to be one of the best duty assignments I have ever had. Thank you for following the missions and adventures of our USS Enterprise, 1701-D.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

February 5, 2368 – (Devron Timeline w/ Temporal War Reset)