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Thursday, September 8

A View of Enterprise Station

This is Enterprise Station, a Galaxy-class starbase, and the former saucer section of the USS Enterprise-D. It is the ninth starbase of its kind in operation, with four more currently under construction. Deployed coordinates: the Alpha Quadrant terminus of the Bajoran Wormhole, located inside the Bajoran star system.

-Lieutenant Commander Sam Archer

September 8, 2369 – (Devron Timeline 3.0)

Wednesday, September 7

Unrest on Bajor

Conflict is brewing on Bajor. Bajorans are becoming impatient with the government’s inability to get things done following the Cardassian Occupation. Factions are forming, and citizens are taking sides, as political weakness threatens to collapse the already-fragile Provisional Government. Not even Kai Opaka, the planet’s spiritual leader, can quell this level of unrest.

One faction that appears to be gaining rapid support, calls itself “The Alliance for Global Unity” (also known as “The Circle”). They are an extreme organization that advocates for the removal of all non-Bajorans from Bajor. They appear to be gaining strength on the premise that Bajor should be left alone, to grow and recover independently. They feel that the Pro-Federation government has “traded Cardassian oppression for Federation opportunism”. Their emblem/logo has been appearing all over Bajor, and they seem to have abundant funding from secret donors.

In fact, Lieutenant Reagan’s PAO office on DS9 (in orbit of Bajor), reported, earlier today, that graffiti, in the form of “The Circle” emblem, was found painted on a bulkhead in a corridor of the DS9 habitat ring. This is the first time that the organization’s propaganda has been found off-planet, and the first time these anti-Federation sentiments have taken root aboard DS9.

The station’s commanding officer, Commander Benjamin Sisko, has ordered increased security throughout DS9, and it is feared that opposition to Starfleet’s administration will only grow with time. A few months ago, the majority of Bajor welcomed our Starfleet presence into their system. Now, the pendulum appears to be swinging the other way. How “The Circle” has been able to garner so much support this quickly remains unknown. Deep pockets, and clever marketing seem to be involved, however, the top leaders (and donors) pulling the faction strings, have not yet made themselves known. By this point – at the rate this anti-Federation sentiment is growing – things are likely to become worse in the coming weeks and months.

Captain Riker has put Enterprise Station on alert as well, as a precaution, and our intelligence assets are taking steps to watch the events on Bajor a little more closely. It won’t be as easy for Circle propaganda to spread through a Starfleet starbase, but we will be on alert, nonetheless.

-Lieutenant Commander Sam Archer

September 7, 2369 – (Devron Timeline 3.0)

Monday, August 29

An Exchange of Starships

After a short stay at the wormhole, the USS Enterprise-E has left Enterprise Station. They are bound for Lya III with Captain Picard aboard. Not long after they left, two Norway-class starships arrived from Lya III – the planned USS Firebrand, and the unexpected USS Ranger. Both vessels have been assigned to Enterprise Station as defense vessels. They will be joining the USS Patriot, which is already on station, protecting both the wormhole, and Enterprise Station.

Our transition from starship to starbase is nearly complete.

-Lieutenant Commander Sam Archer

August 29, 2369 – (Devron Timeline 3.0)

Thursday, August 25

Captain William T. Riker

As of this afternoon, Captain William Riker is the new commanding officer of Enterprise Station, and Captain Picard is preparing to leave for his new assignment on Lya III. The transfer orders have been completed, and our new commander is settling in.

Welcome aboard, Captain Riker.

-Lieutenant Commander Sam Archer

August 25, 2369 – (Devron Timeline 3.0)

Wednesday, August 24

Captain Riker and the Two Big E's

Earlier this afternoon, the Nebula-class USS Enterprise-E arrived at Enterprise Station. Its commanding officer, Captain William T. Riker, is transferring aboard as our new station commander. Our previous commanding officer, Captain Jean-Luc Picard, will hitch a ride back to Lya III, where he will be promoted to the rank of Commodore, and become part of the Starfleet administrative staff along the Cardassian border. The next time he visits Enterprise Station, he will be greeted as a Starfleet Command VIP.

Captain Picard is one year away from retirement age, and Starfleet Command wishes to utilize his previous diplomatic experience with the Cardassians, before he is required to end his service to the fleet. The mandatory retirement age in Starfleet is 65, however, Captain Picard may exceed that by a few years – as a special consideration -- due to the time we lost while exiting the Devron Anomaly.

Captain Riker has been assigned to Enterprise Station because he is younger, has front line experience with the Cardassians, and participated in the initial first contact with the Bajorans.

The Enterprise Station transfer of command ceremony is scheduled for 1600 hours, tomorrow afternoon, in our Ten Forward lounge. The short ceremony will be broadcast throughout the station for those who are unable to attend.

-Lieutenant Commander Sam Archer

August 24, 2369 – (Devron Timeline 3.0)

Sunday, August 21

Another Year at the Academy

With so much happening, here at the Bajoran Wormhole, and aboard the newly designated Enterprise Station, I thought it might be a good idea to stop and honor something else taking place today. Yes, today, back in San Francisco, on Earth, the 208th academic year began at Starfleet Academy. Today, classes resumed in the education of tomorrow’s Starfleet officers.

Please note, as we are currently 68 light years away from Earth, I do not have any details to share about today’s event. It takes 16 days for all messages to reach us from Earth, via warp-9 commship. I am merely sharing news of a pre-planned event, which, as far as I know, likely took place without any distractions.

Good luck to this year’s cadets – both new, and in training. We may see some of the upperclassmen as fresh Ensigns, once they graduate in Spring.

-Lieutenant Commander Sam Archer

August 21, 2369 – (Devron Timeline 3.0)

Saturday, August 20

A New Company of Marines

The ship-to-starbase transition of Enterprise Station continues to move along at a brisk pace. Yesterday, the Excelsior-class, USS Melbourne, arrived at the wormhole, bringing more crew and supplies – including a full redeployment for our “Enterprise Company” Marines. Our original Marine company was hit hard by the Devron Anomaly memory loss, and is being recalled. Our new, incoming “Enterprise Company” will be fresh, sharp, and ready for anything. They will also be commanded by a veteran combat officer, Marine Captain Jerome Gibbs – a man who served with distinction along the front lines, during the Cardassian War.

Crew and cargo transfers have continued through today, and are nearly complete. The Melbourne is scheduled to leave the Enterprise Station during the early morning hours.

-Lieutenant Commander Sam Archer

August 20, 2369 – (Devron Timeline 3.0)

Tuesday, August 16

The Business of Becoming a Starbase

Many things have happened over the past few weeks. As a result, it has been a nonstop whirlwind of activity aboard Enterprise Station (the former saucer of the USS Enterprise-D).

As of last week, Enterprise Station has been designated the Starfleet Command headquarters for the entire Bajor Sector. We have been given this status because we are the only Starfleet facility in this 20x20-light-year block of space. The only other Federation facility or settlement in this sector, is the Human colony on Solosos III, 14 light years away. They have 22,000 civilian inhabitants, and no orbital facilities. Deep Space 9, while assigned a Starfleet administrative staff, is still a Bajoran-owned space station, and our Starfleet operations there are limited.

As the Starfleet Command sector HQ, Enterprise Station is likely to be assigned an admiral or two, and we will, almost certainly, host an administrative staff that manages all Starfleet activity in this frontier sector. This designation also means that we may end up with a few more defensive vessels assigned to protect the station, and we will likely become the home base for one or more Starfleet vessels assigned to explore the Gamma Quadrant.

With this upgrade in starbase status, we also have a change in the Public Affairs Office. I have been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander, and am now the senior PAO for the entire Bajor Sector. Lieutenant Jessica Reagan, and her PAO staff aboard DS9, now report to me in matters of sector administration. If Starfleet establishes any other facilities in the sector – that maintain a PAO office, they will report to me as well (at least as long as Enterprise Station remains the sector HQ).

I have also been named a member of the Enterprise Station senior staff.

In other news…

Yesterday, the USS Thunderchild (Akira-class) arrived at Enterprise Station carrying our remaining runabouts. Our own USS Liberty (a standard/science runabout) was returned to us from where we left it at Lya III, and we have gained the USS Chinook (another science runabout), as well as the USS Rushmore and USS Thunderbird (our new personnel transport runabouts). With the station/saucer’s only shuttlebay now being the massive Main Shuttlebay (Shuttlebays 2 and 3 were part of the now absent stardrive section), these two new personnel runabouts will be granted permanent parking in Main Shuttlebay, and will make daily transport runs to DS9 and Bajor. The Chinook, Rushmore, Thunderbird, as well as my own civilian runabout, SS Terra Nova, will be given exterior in-space parking coordinates, and can land (short-term) in our Main Shuttlebay as needed.

We have also seen the arrival of some new station crew, including our assigned chief engineer, Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge. He will be the man responsible for keeping Enterprise Station working properly. I’ll introduce him more appropriately at a later date.

Oh, yes, and we now have a Bajoran shrine to the Prophets on our mall deck. Prylor Kojim Ket arrived with a small support staff on Friday, and they have begun converting space on deck 10. They expect to serve a steady stream of Bajorans who will come to Enterprise Station to see the wormhole, and be closer to their Prophets.

As far as other guests coming to the station, we have not yet seen any visitors from the Gamma Quadrant, although, a (non-Starfleet) Federation vessel did just make first contact with a species (in the GQ) known as the Dosi. I’m told that we may see a trade vessel from Dosa II come into the Alpha Quadrant in the near future. That will certainly be an exciting day!

As you can see, much is happening at the wormhole. I never thought I’d say this about a starbase posting, but, to be completely honest, I think I’m going to like it here. I can’t wait until I get to start reporting on the missions we send into the Gamma Quadrant. 70,000 light years is the furthest any Starfleet vessel has ever traveled, and we’re right here, sitting on the doorstep to discovery.

No one goes into, or comes out of, the wormhole, except through us.

I don’t know about you, but I find that to be pretty exciting stuff!

-Lieutenant Commander Sam Archer

August 16, 2369 – (Devron Timeline 3.0)

Wednesday, August 3

Enterprise Station

The USS Enterprise-D is now Enterprise Station.

Earlier this evening, the Enterprise-D conducted its final saucer separation. The saucer – Enterprise Station – remains at the Bajoran Wormhole as a starbase defending access to the Gamma Quadrant, and the Bajoran Prophets (the entities that live inside the wormhole). Meanwhile, the Stardrive section is already on its way back to Lya III, where it will be recommissioned as the USS Gryphon, a dedicated starbase deploy vessel.

We, here on deck 2, are now the Public Affairs office of a starbase.

During the past week, I’ve been asked – a number of times – whether the Enterprise saucer has the capability to defend itself, and the answer is, yes. The Enterprise Station saucer has two lethal 360-degree phaser strips, an aft torpedo launcher, five combat-capable runabouts (including my own civilian runabout), a squadron of well-armed fighters, dozens of armed shuttlecraft, and two Norway-class defense vessels assigned to protect it. I can assure those who are concerned, Enterprise Station has teeth. In fact, we are more capable, and more well-armed, than the much larger DS9, in orbit of Bajor. We are, by no means, a battle station, but we can certainly hold our own.

Many things are still bound to change aboard this new starbase. We’ve sent some crew back to Lya III, aboard the stardrive section, and we are expecting new crew to replace them, including our new station commanding officer, Captain William T. Riker. We are likely to see some remodeling throughout the station, to accommodate our new status, and we will, no doubt, welcome new shops on our deck 10 mall as well. I’m even told that the Bajorans would like to establish a religious shrine aboard Enterprise Station, and we my take on some Bajoran residents, given our proximity to their wormhole Prophets. We are, and will remain, a Starfleet starbase -- with Starfleet rules and regulations, but we are also protecting Bajoran real estate. A few permissions are likely to go into effect, to accommodate our Bajoran allies.

This change may take some getting used to (I’m still trying to wrap my head around it myself), but I do see great things ahead of us. Big changes – good changes. Even a change in the PAO. A whole new adventure is just around the corner. I’m willing to give it a chance, especially since it makes us one of the most important starbases in the entire Federation. I hope you will too!

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

August 3, 2369 – (Devron Timeline 3.0)

Wednesday, July 27

New Orders: USS Enterprise-D to Become a Starbase

Earlier this afternoon, the USS Patriot (Norway-class) arrived at our coordinates, here, at the mouth of the Bajoran Wormhole. They brought startling new orders from Starfleet Command on Lya III. The USS Enterprise-D will not be recommissioned into the fleet. Instead, as of today, the Enterprise-D saucer has been redesignated as a Galaxy-class saucer-starbase, and we have been given the name, “Enterprise Station”. We have long-term orders to serve as Starfleet’s gatekeeper and defense outpost for the Bajoran Wormhole.

Under these orders, we now have one week to prepare for permanent saucer separation, and full deployment here at the wormhole. Our stardrive section will detach, and return to Lya III, to be recommissioned as a starbase deploy vessel under the registry, and name, “USS Gryphon”. It will be repurposed to deploy, relocate, and recover both Galaxy-class starbases, as well as the saucers of Galaxy-class starships, as needed. Our future USS Gryphon will be the fourth dedicated Galaxy-class deploy vessel (stardrive section/ship) in Starfleet.

For those that may have forgotten, some time after the USS Enterprise-D disappeared (and subsequently time-traveled into the future as a result of the Devron Anomaly), we were listed – by Starfleet Command -- as missing in action, and presumed destroyed. Two years later, in 2365, another starship, a Nebula-class starship, was commissioned to succeed us as the USS Enterprise-E. In the absence of the USS Enterprise-D, our originally-planned first officer, Commander William T. Riker was promoted to the rank of Captain, and given command of the Enterprise-E. He has commanded that vessel for the past four years.

Now that our Enterprise-D is, unexpectedly, back in action, Starfleet does not want two vessels in service that both carry the name, Enterprise. Since we are already stationed at the Bajoran Wormhole, we will be remaining here, as a vital starbase, and the Nebula-class, USS Enterprise-E, will retain its current name and status as the flagship of Starfleet. We have been renamed “Enterprise Station” in honor of our vessel’s short history within the fleet.

In three weeks, Captain Riker, of the Enterprise-E, will arrive at our newly-named Enterprise Station, and assume command from Captain Picard. Captain Picard has been reassigned to Starfleet Command, at Lya III, and will be promoted to the rank of Commodore. He will become part of the regional Starfleet Command authority along the Cardassian border.

In addition, also arriving aboard the USS Patriot, today, was our new Enterprise Station first officer, a man by the name of Commander Chakotay. Commander Chakotay has been serving as an instructor for the Starfleet Advanced Tactical Training program on Lya III. He was recently promoted to the rank of Commander, and will be relieving our own Lieutenant Commander Data. Data has been serving as the  acting first officer of the Enterprise-D since we left Earth to investigate the Devron Anomaly.

Also arriving aboard the USS Patriot is our new chief security officer, Lieutenant Commander Michael Eddington.

The Norway-class USS Patriot will be remaining with us, at the wormhole, as one of our two assigned starbase defense vessels. The Norway-class, USS Firebrand, will be the other defense vessel, arriving in a few weeks. Their arrival is delayed, since they are concluding upgrades, in drydock, above Lya III.

And finally, in other news, while not part of today’s orders (since Starfleet Command, at Lya III, does not yet know of their existence), we now know where our alternate reality manifested guests will be living. Since they cannot leave the vicinity of the wormhole, they will likely become long-term residents aboard this new Enterprise Station.

It may be an understatement for me to say this, folks, but… things just got interesting.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

July 27, 2369 – (Devron Timeline 3.0)

Sunday, July 24

The Enterprise Manifestations Explained

We now know where all of these manifested people, creatures, plants and objects -- that appeared aboard the Enterprise-D -- came from…

Earlier today, three manifestations – iconic American President George Washington, Earth baseball Hall of Famer, Buck Bokai, and 2260s Starfleet officer, Captain James T. Kirk – requested a meeting with the Enterprise-D senior staff. These historic individuals were temporarily inhabited by “non-corporeal” alien entities for this meeting. These alien entities, using the bodies of these three individuals as avatars (in order to communicate), informed our senior staff that they are peaceful, spirit-like explorers that live in the space between alternate realities. They became aware of the USS Enterprise-D, and our crew, when we first crossed between alternate timelines, courtesy of the Devron Anomaly (which these entities were also investigating at the time). Apparently, we, aboard the Enterprise-D, have crossed realities at least half a dozen times since then, and these aliens were observing us each time. They wanted to make first contact with us, but did not have the means to do so… until this past week.

During their continued observation, these entities discovered that the unique plasma field surrounding the Bajoran Wormhole finally allowed them to communicate with us. So, to better understand our way of thinking – particularly as a result of our creative imaginations, and to prepare for the most optimal means of contact, they used their ability to cross realities, and relocated the people, creatures, plants and objects -- that we imagined – from other timelines and realities into our own. In other words, these “manifestations” are real, because they come from different realities, most of which are very similar to our present timeline.

These “manifestations” are not figments of our imagination. They are flesh and blood, just as we are. And, while they are here, aboard the Enterprise-D, they are missing in their original realities.

Unfortunately, our alien explorers soon discovered, much to their dismay, that these “manifestations” aboard the Enterprise-D, cannot be returned to where they came from. The unusual nature of the wormhole plasma field does not allow it. In addition, our “manifestation” guests can only exist within the immediate vicinity of the Bajoran Wormhole. If any of them try to leave the wormhole coordinates, they will disappear, and cease to exist -- in any reality.

Our alien entity visitors chose to make contact today, and explain the unforeseen nature of their first contact preparations, before any further cross-reality damage was done. Their intentions were to return our “manifestations” to their original realities, only now, they are forced to either leave them here, with us, or remove them from existence. These spirit entities do not wish to cause harm or death, so discussions are underway regarding the continued existence of all sentient “manifestations”, here, somehow, near the Bajoran Wormhole.

A final verdict remains outstanding, however, it is very likely that our manifested guests will remain with us a while longer, at least until we can provide them with a suitable home.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

July 24, 2369 – (Devron Timeline 3.0)

Thursday, July 21

An Antidote on DS9

Good news. Yesterday, Bajoran doctor, Surmac Ren, successfully synthesized an antidote to the deadly aphasia virus sweeping through DS9 – a virus that he helped create over 18 years ago. The virus was intended to affect the Cardassians aboard Terok Nor (now known as Deep Space 9), but instead, remained dormant for two decades, was recently activated by mistake, and has now killed 53 Federation and Bajoran personnel.

This new antidote is currently being distributed to everyone aboard DS9, and the station remains under quarantine until everyone is treated, and all decks have been decontaminated.

Earlier today, the Bajoran Provisional Government issued arrest orders for Doctor Surmac Ren, as he has been charged in the death of every Bajoran who succumbed to the aphasia virus. Ferengi bar owner, Quark, has also been arrested for his part in recent events, however, legal sources believe he will be released, and all charges dropped, since he was an unwilling and accidental accomplice.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

July 21, 2369 – (Devron Timeline 3.0)

Tuesday, July 19

From Past to Present

It has been pure chaos aboard the Enterprise-D these past few days. People, objects, and things, from our memories, fantasies and imaginations have become real. These physical manifestations roam the decks, interacting with our crew, and causing challenges for Security, our Marines, and anyone assigned to managing these visitors. Thankfully, the dangerous creatures have been contained, and are no longer an active threat, however, individuals like George Washington, Samuel Clemens, Marilyn Monroe, Plato, T’Vol, a romantic copy of Tessa Kensington, and many others, remain free (with observation, and, in some cases, a security escort). Unfortunately, we still have no idea why these manifestations appeared aboard-ship, or how to make them disappear. As a result, the Enterprise-D remains under full quarantine.

Our troubles do not, however, compare to the deadly aphasia epidemic sweeping through Deep Space 9. On Saturday, it was determined that the first infected were catching the virus from contaminated beverages served in Quark’s Bar. Apparently the Ferengi bar owner was secretly obtaining his drinks from broken drink replicators elsewhere on the station. People consumed the beverages in his bar, and became sick with the virus. As more people became sick, the virus mutated into an airborne contagion, thereby making it even harder to contain.

By Sunday, nearly 60% of the population aboard DS9 had become infected. Temporary isolation wards were established all over the station, and lockdowns were issued for the entire crew.

Later in the evening, a sabotage device was found within the replication circuitry, and quickly determined to be the source of the artificial contaminants making everyone sick. It was a Bajoran-made device, created to sabotage the Cardassians during the occupation. Testing indicated that the device was over 18-years old, suggesting that it was placed by the Bajoran underground while the station was under construction, and then, for whatever reason, never activated. Quark, accidentally activated the device last week, while obtaining his beverages on the sly.

Yesterday (Monday), the earliest infected, began to die, starting with Lieutenant Commander Norwood Jeffries, DS9’s chief operations officer. He suffered a complete shutdown of his autonomic nervous system. To date, the station has lost 47 crew and civilians to the same, with dozens more in critical condition.

There is some hope on the horizon, though. Major Kira Nerys was able to “illicitly capture” (i.e., kidnap from Bajor) a Bajoran doctor named Surmac Ren, and bring him back to DS9 to work on a cure. Doctor Surmac helped to create the aphasia device, years ago, and is the best hope of saving the lives of everyone aboard DS9. He is currently working, in isolation, to reverse the contagion he helped engineer.

With Commander Sisko infected, and severe damage to part of a docking ring (after a frightened cargo captain ripped his ship free from its mooring clamps, and was killed when his ship exploded), things are looking bleak aboard DS9. Let us hope (and pray) that good news is just around the corner.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

July 19, 2369 – (Devron Timeline 3.0)

Friday, July 15

The Manifestation of Mara Kendricks

For those who are curious, this is Mara Kendricks, the woman (and one time love of my life) that I wrote about yesterday. This is the woman who appeared on the Enterprise-D, with no knowledge of why, or how she got here.

Mara, a civilian, was aboard the Starfleet ship, USS Chogatta (Constellation-class), when it mysteriously disappeared seventeen years ago. She was part of a UFSO tour visiting the ship at the time. Neither the Chogatta, nor its crew (including Mara Kendricks), has ever been found, yet, here she is, walking the decks of the Enterprise-D, as if no time has passed. Mara still loves me, just as if the year was 2352.

As I also noted yesterday, Mara, isn’t the only person, or thing, to appear aboard the Enterprise-D. Various crew have reported the appearance of old friends, loved ones (some who have been deceased for years), pets, objects, even famous individuals known to history. In some cases, these appearances have even included a personal fantasy connection. This has led our acting first officer, Lieutenant Commander Data, to theorize that, somehow, people and things from our minds and memories are becoming real. These manifestations now inhabit our decks, and we have no idea how they got here, or how to remove them.

I appear to have manifested an old girlfriend who has, in reality, likely been dead for 17 years. Her disappearance had a profound impact on who I am today. Lieutenant (JG) Tessa Kensington has manifested a childhood friend (a young girl) whom she knew back in Colorado, on Earth. Ensign Cassie Queen has, curiously, manifested an abundance of plants in her crew quarters. And, somewhat awkwardly, security officer, Lieutenant David Brown (a friend of our PAO staff), has manifested a duplicate of Tessa Kensington, who believes she and Lieutenant Brown are in a romantic relationship. And that’s just the chaos on deck two.

Disturbingly, though, our own challenges here, aboard the Enterprise-D, are not the only news of note. We have gotten word, earlier today, that station Deep Space 9, in orbit of Bajor, has been placed under emergency quarantine due to an unexplained epidemic of spontaneous aphasia. This means that both DS9, and the USS Enterprise-D, are presently under quarantine, both of which are located inside the Bajor System. We do not yet know whether these events are related.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

July 15, 2369 – (Devron Timeline 3.0)

Thursday, July 14

Unexplained Visitors

I am emotionally compromised, distracted, and thoroughly confused by today’s events. An old wound, in my heart, has resurfaced, and I don’t know how to handle it.

In short, earlier today, my old pre-Academy girlfriend appeared aboard the Enterprise-D. I met her in 2350, while we were both actors in the Earth film, “Worlds Unknown” -- an adventure story about a civilian starship crew exploring space. In the movie (released in 2351), I played the role of Eddie Benson, the ship’s engineer. My girlfriend – established celebrity actress, Mara Kendricks – played the role of the ship’s nurse, Lana Martin. You may have seen it. “Worlds Unknown” is a popular film, even now, 18 years later.

Our characters, Eddie and Lana, were not in a relationship in the movie, but the two of us, Sam and Mara, got along well on the set. I fell in love with Mara (deeply, in fact), and she shared those feelings, so we started dating. We were a perfect match, devoted, grounded, and already starting to discuss a future life together. A year and a half later, our relationship became long-distance when I entered Starfleet Academy, a decision Mara lovingly supported.

Unfortunately, in 2352, our relationship came to a sudden end when Mara disappeared. She was participating in a UFSO tour at the time, and was aboard the Starfleet ship, USS Chogatta (Constellation-class), when it mysteriously vanished. I was a second-year cadet at the Academy. Neither the USS Chogatta, nor its crew, has ever been found. Seventeen years later, they are still missing, and presumed dead – lost, somewhere in the inky black of space.

Today, however, Mara Kendricks appeared aboard the USS Enterprise-D. She is the same 23-year-old beauty I loved the year she disappeared. She has no idea why, or how she appeared aboard the Enterprise-D, and she does not remember the events of the Chogatta’s disappearance. She’s here, she loves me as much as she did the day she disappeared, and I, a 41-year-old man (with the body of a 30-year-old, courtesy of the Devron Anomaly) am left with old – intense -- feelings that I had been forced to put behind me long ago.

My heart is broken – and overjoyed – at the same time.

What baffles me most about Mara’s sudden reappearance, though, is that she isn’t the only one. Other Enterprise-D crew have reported the sudden reappearance of old friends, deceased loved ones, beloved pets, favorite celebrities, even a few rivals and hated enemies. In addition, somehow, there’s also an old Ford pickup truck in Shuttlebay 2, a squad of WWIII British soldiers on our Marine Base deck, American President George Washington in one of our science labs, a velociraptor currently confined to the empty (unused) cetacean tanks on the lower decks of the Enterprise-D saucer, and it’s snowing in our Main Shuttlebay.

Yes… real snow.

Like I said…. I am emotionally compromised, distracted, and thoroughly confused by today’s events. Most of us, aboard the Enterprise-D, are as well. We have no answers. I can only state the obvious: these people, and objects, ARE real. We can touch them, smell them, see them…. They ARE here, and they are just as confused as we are. Many of them should not exist.

Captain Picard has ordered the ship into quarantine mode, until we can figure out what’s happening. I’m afraid it’s going to be a long, long.... LONG night.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

July 14, 2369 – (Devron Timeline 3.0)

Wednesday, July 13

A View of Ashalla, Bajor

Earlier today, an Enterprise-D diplomatic team returned from a meeting on Bajor, and they brought back a few photos of the capital city. Ashalla (pictured here) is a bit run down, with numerous ruins still prominent throughout all neighborhoods. The Cardassians (during their occupation) did very little to respect the beauty of the local architecture, however, with intense recovery efforts underway, I look forward to seeing this once-charming city when it is fully rebuilt.

This isn’t the best photo – it was taken on a gloomy day, but you can still get a general glimpse of what the capital city looks like. The Bajorans are a proud and traditional people, and it definitely shows in the streets and plazas of Ashalla.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

July 13, 2369 – (Devron Timeline 3.0)

Tuesday, July 12

Gamma Quadrant Curiosity

The Alpha Quadrant is starting to learn about the existence of the Bajoran wormhole. Today, a (non-Starfleet) Federation survey ship, and a Vulcan science vessel were granted passage through the wormhole. In related news, the commship we sent to the regional Starfleet Command headquarters, on Lya III, likely arrived yesterday. Starfleet – at least the local administration – now knows that the wormhole exists. We, therefore, await orders, sent by commship (from Lya III), indicating how Starfleet plans to continue their presence in the Bajor System. With the new significance of this phenomena, and our increasing relationship with the Bajoran people, I have a feeling the USS Enterprise-D will be operating in this region for a while to come.

There may not be much happening aboard the Enterprise-D right now, but there is a level of excitement about being parked at the crossroads of two galactic quadrants. If I’m lucky, I may even get the opportunity to pilot my civilian runabout, the SS Terra Nova, through the wormhole in the next few days. It will be the first mission of the little vessel since I bought it. To say that I am excited, would be an understatement. 70,000 light years in a matter of minutes… oh, heck, yeah!

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

July 12, 2369 – (Devron Timeline 3.0)

Sunday, July 10

Bajoran Faith and Ambition

Earlier today, a VIP traveled through the wormhole. Kai Opaka, the spiritual leader of the Bajoran people, was given a tour through the realm of the Prophets, aboard the DS9 runabout, USS Yangtze Kiang. DS9’s Commander Benjamin Sisko, and his Bajoran liaison, Major Kira Nerys, joined her. They were granted clearance by the USS Enterprise-D, passed into the wormhole, and returned safely not long after. The Kai of Bajor has now visited the home of their gods, and traveled into the distant Gamma Quadrant. This was a momentous day for the people of Bajor.

In other local news, we were informed that the Bajorans are about to conduct a major energy transfer, by tapping the molten core of their fifth moon, Jaraddo. Preparations are currently underway, and the actual tapping process will begin in seven days. It’s nice to see the Bajorans starting to take on big infrastructure projects, as they reestablish the strength of their civilization after 40 years of brutal occupation.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

July 10, 2369 – (Devron Timeline 3.0)

Friday, July 8

Lursa and B'Tor at DS9

Today has been a relatively uneventful day aboard the USS Enterprise-D. However, we did receive an interesting update from Deep Space 9, in orbit of Bajor. Apparently, the infamous Klingon sisters of Duras, Lursa and B’Tor, showed up on the station earlier today. They arrived aboard a Klingon Bird of Prey, hung around the DS9 Promenade for a few hours, and then left the station. The reports indicated that they appeared to be greatly frustrated when they departed, almost as if the sisters had been waiting for someone who never arrived to meet them. While we have no indication as to why they were aboard DS9, I think it’s safe to say that, other than our own Enterprise crewman, Lieutenant (JG) Worf Rozhenko, the sisters of Duras are the first Klingon nationals to visit the Bajor System.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

July 8, 2369 – (Devron Timeline 3.0)

Wednesday, July 6

Wormhole Traffic Begins

Today was a notable day. Today, the USS Enterprise-D saw three Frunalian science vessels arrive at our current wormhole coordinates, and request permission to pass into the distant Gamma Quadrant. We processed their request, obtained a commercial transit fee (according to Bajor’s new policies), and granted them safe passage. These Frunalian vessels were the first vessels seeking transit through the Bajoran Wormhole.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

July 6, 2369 – (Devron Timeline 3.0)