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Monday, February 1

The Selebi Asteroid Belt

The Selebi System asteroid belt takes on a beautiful, yet haunting, appearance when viewed up close. This photo was taken from one of our shuttles, as it was parked just outside the belt. The golden haze is the result of the sun’s light being refracted through the dust particles that drift among the asteroids.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Friday, January 29

Operations Begin Within The Selebi System

I apologize for my late posting (I had other office matters to attend to). Nonetheless, I thought I would take a quick moment to post an update.

The Enterprise has arrived in the Selebi System, and has taken up a position just outside of the asteroid belt. We have begun our charting mission, and are likely to remain here for a while as we gather mineral resource data. Scanning operations are scheduled to cover other local areas as well, but should remain inside the star system.

Operations aboard-ship remain normal and uneventful.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Wednesday, January 27

Worf, Qo'noS, and an Asteroid Belt

The Enterprise is at warp, and en route to our next assignment -- charting the asteroid belt in the Selebi System. There have been reports of mineral value in the belt, and Starfleet would like to assess the composition for possible mining contracts. The Selebi System does not contain any habitable planets.

As far as today’s events, we left Emila II earlier this morning, and, a few hours later, dropped out of warp for a quick rendezvous with a non-Federation transport ship. Our Klingon chief security officer, Lieutenant Worf Rozhenko, has been granted personal leave for three weeks, and is, according to the transfer report, planning a visit to the Klingon homeworld of Qo’noS. We wish him a safe journey, and look forward to his return next month.

The Enterprise is scheduled to arrive in the Selebi System on Friday.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Monday, January 25

Emila II: Mission Complete

The Enterprise is currently in orbit of the Federation colony world, Emila II. We are scheduled to depart tomorrow, and will then be pursuing our next (as yet unannounced) mission.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Tuesday, January 19

En Route to Emila II

The Enterprise is currently at warp, as we return our Starfleet guests to Emila II. The tech summit on Gladamine was a success, and our stay in the Enderlad System was uneventful. We will be wrapping up our transport mission within the next few days.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Friday, January 15

Annual TELEF Tech Summit

It has been a quiet week aboard the Enterprise. We remain in orbit of Gladamine (in the Enderlad System), where the TELEF Tech Summit was being held this week. This annual summit is hosted on a different Federation planet every year, and this year, Gladamine won the honors. Gladamine is a relatively well-populated Federation colony world, with a moderate industrial base, and a thriving scientific community.

During this past week, I was among those from our crew to attend some of the seminars. Most of my choices were in the realm of holography and avatar programming, but I did sit in on a few small craft engineering presentations as well. I also made time to visit the convention hall, where various companies and organizations were debuting their latest tech inventions. The innovation and resourcefulness on display was deeply inspiring. The Federation easily has some of the greatest scientific minds in the Alpha/Beta Quadrants.

With the tech summit wrapping up this evening, the Enterprise is likely to remain in orbit through the weekend, and then return our guests to Emila II.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Sunday, January 10

A Week of Technology

We have arrived at Gladamine, in the Enderlad System. Our Starfleet guests, as well as a number of our crew, will be attending a technological summit hosted here. The event begins tomorrow, and will last all week. Seminars center around warp drive, robotics, cybernetics, shuttle tech, holography, and recent advances in a variety of other computer and life support systems.

Meanwhile, the Enterprise, itself, has been encountering a few persistent communications glitches. We believe they may be the result of faulty or damaged hardware, but have not yet located the root cause. Our experts should have them purged by the time we leave Gladamine.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Wednesday, January 6

En Route to Gladamine

The Enterprise has picked up our guests from the Federation colony on Emila II, and is currently transporting them to the technological summit on Gladamine (in the Enderlad System). We will arrive by the weekend, and remain at Gladamine through next week.

Things are quiet aboard-ship, a welcome respite from the recent activities we have been engaged in. So far, we are experiencing a calm and uneventful start to the new year.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Friday, January 1

Departing Tanuga Station

The Enterprise arrived at Tanuga Station late last night, and by this morning, we had unloaded our shipment of dicosilium. It will be used by Tanugan scientist, Dr. Nel Apgar, in his continued efforts to develop a Kreiger wave converter, a potential new power source. Dr. Apgar indicates that his development process should be complete in another three months.

With our essential delivery mission complete, the Enterprise has left Tanuga IV, and is now at warp to the Federation colony on Emila II. We are scheduled to pick up a contingent of Starfleet personnel based there, and transport them to the annual technological summit hosted, this year, on Gladamine, a Federation colony planet in the Enderlad System. We will remain at Gladamine throughout the week-long summit, where many of our own crew will also attend the events. When the summit is complete, we will return our guests to Gladamine.

If all goes as planned, we should be in for a rather low-key start to 2366. I don't think there are many, aboard the Enterprise, who are likely to take issue with that.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

A New Year Begins

Happy New Year! Happy 2366!

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Tuesday, December 29

Destination: Tanuga IV

The Enterprise left Sherman’s Planet late last night. We are currently at warp, carrying a large shipment of dicosilium to Tanuga Station, a Regula-class space station in orbit of Tanuga IV. Starfleet has an ongoing contract with Tanugan scientist, Dr. Nel Apgar, to develop a Kreiger wave converter, a potential new power source. Dicosilium is an essential component in the development of this device. Our orders are to deliver the dicosilium, and obtain a progress report from Dr. Apgar.

We will arrive at Tanuga Station sometime on Thursday.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Monday, December 28

Attending the Sherman's Ball

Last night, Tessa Kensington and I attended the Sherman’s Ball Christmas Formal -- at Admiral Behnke’s invitation. It was hosted at a banquet hall in Port Emily, down on Sherman’s Planet, and there were many in attendance, including several Enterprise command personnel. There was dancing, socializing, dinner, and gift baskets -- everything you would expect from a swanky holiday party. I haven’t been to an event like this since before I was posted at Starfleet Command. Tessa was equally excited, having never attended anything quite as elaborate.

The attached image was taken from the holosystem in Tessa Kensington's office, shortly before we beamed down to the event. I brought the celebrity; Tessa brought the grace. I’d say the two of us represented the PAO quite well.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Friday, December 25

Christmas Greetings

Merry Christmas from all of us in the USS Enterprise-D Public Affairs Office! May your Holiday Season be a blessed one.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Thursday, December 24

Christmas in the PAO, 2365

Since today is Christmas Eve, we made sure to decorate the Public Affairs Lounge for the holidays. Lieutenant Tessa Kensington, Ensign Cassie Queen, and Crewman Sonya Rose did most of the work. They chose a log cabin design for our holowalls, they set up lights and colorful decor, they baked cookies and cupcakes for anyone who visits tonight and tomorrow, and they made a normally drab and neutral room feel festive and welcoming. 

I am particularly impressed by the two large-scale nutcracker statues they managed to "smuggle" aboard. I don't know where they found those guys, but they definitely add a cheerful feeling to the Christmas decor. 

Here's another angle of the room, looking to starboard. You'll notice our new couches in the center of the lounge, and the simple, yet festive decorations on the tree. Cupcakes and bottled beverages are served on the far counter. 

This photo shows the lounge view to port. Lights and streamers adorn every wall. The temporary room dividers, upon which the six stockings are hung, block out the large viewscreen on the center of the interior wall. Colorful green and red rugs were placed under all nine of our tables.

Cookies and other pastries are available on the portside counter.

This photo shows a wider view to port. Notice the new automatic blinds over our exterior windows? You can see a few more of the gifts near the tree as well. Yes, those are real gifts, and not just empty wrapped boxes. Our staff, and a group of friends, will be opening them during a small party, later tomorrow. 

In fact, I've heard that many lounges, departments, and restaurants aboard-ship are hosting holiday gatherings. Christmas is very popular aboard the USS Enterprise-D!

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Wednesday, December 23

In Port For Christmas

The Enterprise will be docked at Sherman’s Planet for a few more days. Admiral Josiah Behnke, the Admiral in charge of Starfleet’s presence in this system, has asked the Enterprise to remain here though Christmas, and has invited the senior staff (and select command personnel) to attend his annual Sherman’s Ball Christmas formal on Sunday.

As the Public Affairs department head, I am among those invited. I have also learned that Admiral Behnke is a fan of my writing and acting work, so I anticipate a little celebrity treatment as well.

I have been encouraged to bring a plus-one to this event, so I let the women of the PAO draw straws for the chance to accompany me. Cassie Queen drew the short straw, but gave it to Tessa Kensington, once she discovered how eager Tessa was to attend a formal event. As a result, it looks like Tessa and I will be attending Admiral Behnke’s civilian-formal event on Sunday night. Time to dust off my best suit.

In regard to mission orders, the Enterprise has been assigned to transfer some very important cargo to our next assignment, so, after Christmas, we will be loaded, and sent on our way. I cannot share specifics on our transport destination, at this time – for security reasons, but I can say that it is non-living cargo, and it is necessary for a project Starfleet is engaged in.

For the time-being, though, it’s Christmas... and the Enterprise will be spending it in port. To be completely honest, I think we all drew the lucky straw for a change. Happy Holidays, everyone!

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Tuesday, December 22

Upgrades In The Public Affairs Lounge

We have some new additions in our PAO lounge (here on deck 2 of the Enterprise). Today, the curtains covering our exterior windows were removed, and new automatic blinds were installed. In addition, three couches, and a matching rug, were delivered from a store down in Port Emily (on Sherman’s Planet). They will serve as a comfortable relaxation area facing our lounge viewscreen. This new area should come in handy for conversations, movie nights, unofficial presentations, and other such viewing activities.

For those who haven’t seen our lounge yet, consider this a sneak peek as to what it looks like -- when it isn’t decorated for a holiday.

Why do I say this? Because, right now, Tessa, Cassie and Sonya are already at work decorating it for Christmas. By tomorrow, they will have transformed the d├ęcor, the holowalls, and everything else to reflect a Holiday theme, Christmas tree included. I look forward to seeing their design in action – and yes, I will share pictures so you can see their handiwork too.

Christmas is upon us. Time for some merriment and cheer!

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Monday, December 21

Sherman's Planet

The Enterprise has arrived at Sherman’s Planet, a co-governed planet along the border of Klingon space. Half of the planet is Federation territory, home to 98 million Humans, and governed from the Federation capital city of Port Emily. The other half of the planet is Klingon territory, home to 115 million citizens of the Klingon Empire. The Klingon government administers from their capital city, Ka’Hat.

The Federation calls this planet, Sherman’s Planet, while it is known to Klingons as Homog III. The planet is at peace, and the populations do interact via trade and diplomacy.

Sherman’s Planet is primarily recognized as an agricultural planet, most well-known for quadrotriticale, a genetically-engineered, blue-colored grain hybrid of wheat and rye. Both the Humans and Klingons grow this for local consumption, and off-world shipments. As a result, Sherman’s Planet has a robust commerce economy, and a number of large cities where manufacturing and other industries are prevalent. A notable Starfleet facility also exists on this planet, with a small collection of orbital docks for Starfleet and Federation ships. The Enterprise has parked near one of these docks, and is already under resupply. In addition, our command staff is meeting with Starfleet personnel, and we should know our next assignment soon.

We are not on long-term shore leave status, but standard day passes are available for those who wish to visit this unique planet while we are here.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Thursday, December 17

Leaving the Briar Patch

The Enterprise will be leaving the Briar Patch at 2300 hours this evening. I have not been informed of our heading, but I do believe we are still slated to travel to a nearby Starfleet port (or facility) for resupply. I will likely know our destination once we are underway.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Wednesday, December 16

I Sense a Disturbance in the Timeline

On Friday, the Enterprise encountered a brief anomaly that Lieutenant Commander Data theorized to be some sort of temporal disturbance. It was there for a few minutes, and then it was gone again. We even registered a ship within the anomaly, before it too vanished. Five days later, we still don’t know anything more about the phenomena, or what we witnessed.

I also mentioned, on Friday, that, after the anomaly disappeared, I began to feel as if things were different – different from what we know – almost as if time had changed, ever-so-slightly, and I was the only person able to perceive these changes. I’ve spent the last few days thinking about these feelings, and I sense a few that stand out more than others.

First of all, there’s our uniforms. Somehow, they don’t feel right. I took a photo of myself from my office holo-imager, and attached that image to this message. As far as history is concerned, these are the uniforms Starfleet personnel have worn since 2361 (replacing the long-lived classic uniforms of Captain Kirk’s day). These uniforms were designed in honor of the 200th anniversary of the founding of the Federation. They were also intended to represent a new phase in Starfleet’s history, as well as to commemorate our USS Enterprise-D, which was to be launched a year later. New uniforms, and a new Enterprise.

I remember wearing this front-close jacket uniform design since 2361…. but I also sense that they were “different”, perhaps with the colors reversed – like the senior staff, and only the senior staff, wear. The rest of us wear this uniform that was designed to reflect the combination of a classy look, a utilitarian feel, and a military function. I like the uniforms we currently wear, as do many of you, I just sense that they weren’t always as we remember them.

I also feel as though our enlisted personnel are supposed to have a full slate of ranks, but I know there are only the two, instituted along with the new uniforms – “crewman”, and “chief” (representing those promoted to enlisted managerial positions). Starfleet Academy graduates follow a military-like structure, and work their way up in rank over their careers. Enlisted personal serve in more of an employed specialist format, and serve by skill, rather than by rank.

Then, there’s my new runabout, the USS Terra Nova. I remember naming it the “USS Terra Nova” – I even asked all of you for ideas, but I also feel as though it had another name, “Jackson”. I feel as though, “Jackson” may have honored a favorite historical American military general, but yet, I also know I chose “Terra Nova” because it had a more exploration-themed feel. “Terra Nova” means “new earth” or “new land” in Latin. That seemed more appropriate.

And the thing I sense most strongly is the Cardassian War. I know the front lines are a hotbed of combat right now – mostly defended by ships from the Port Guard and other organizations, but I sense that the war was less active before Friday’s anomaly. I feel that the war was more of a cold war, while now, as we all know, skirmishes are prevalent, and the Cardassians refuse to back down. We’ve been at war since 2347, with things heating up significantly in the past few years.

I know history is what it is, but I also sense that it can be changed (which is extremely dangerous). There are, obviously, no records of history being altered – we wouldn’t know even if it had been, because we would change along with it. But, maybe – just maybe, I really am developing a sixth sense for time. I have my dreams, and now these feelings. I can’t prove anything, nor does anyone else have any reason to believe me, but I have them nonetheless.

Perhaps I have been given this sense for a reason. Perhaps the Devron Anomaly affected me in ways that I am only starting to discover. Perhaps that same anomaly has had more of an impact upon the Enterprise-D itself, than ALL of us realize. After all, we still don’t know what caused the Devron Anomaly two years ago. It, and its continued effects, remain a mystery to this day.

All of this makes me wonder…. is there more going on than meets the eye? Is time more pervasive than it seems?

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Monday, December 14

Uneventful Observation

The Enterprise remains outside the Briar Patch, and will likely stay here until mid-week. We are still observing the nebula, gathering data, and doing the science that we do best. We have seen no other vessels, pirate or otherwise, and the days have been quiet and uneventful. We are enjoying a break after defending the most valuable piece of real estate in the Alpha Quadrant.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer