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Sunday, September 1


For those of you unable to attend the Parrises Squares match this afternoon, our Enterprise team crushed the Deep Space 1 team by a score of 64-37. We had four goal drops (two by my own hand), two zingers, and seven zips, while the DS1 team only managed to score two goal drops (one because of a penalty reversal by the refs), one zinger, and six zips. To be honest, I don’t think the DS1 team was fully prepared for how skilled some of us “’Prisers” are at the game.

Injuries were minimal – on both sites, although, I may have slightly sprained my ankle when I was tossed from the pyramid. Bruises will, of course, be plentiful tomorrow, but that’s normal for a lively game of Parrises Squares.

The good news is, we fought hard, and we won. Deep Space 1 will likely think twice before challenging the Enterprise to another match. We’ve only played one ship-to-ship match since the Enterprise was commissioned, but, hey, we’re undefeated! That’s not a bad way to start this ship’s Parrises Squares record.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

How To Play Parrises Squares

Parrises Squares is a team sport played on a large, raised, padded playing field, with a 13-step pyramid in the center, and two ramped "end zones" on both ends. Two eight-square defense grids reside at the bottom of each side of the pyramid, separating the pyramid from the end zones. A round vertical hoop extends above each end zone, and teams score points by throwing or placing a handball through the opposing team's hoop.

There are two teams in Parrises Squares, with four players on each team. Each team wears a game uniform featuring a different color. Colors vary according to team preference, however, both teams must wear a contrasting color while in play.

One player on each team is known as the Keeper. He or she defends his/her goal hoop, and must keep the opposing team from putting the ball through that hoop. The Keeper must remain in either the last row of squares on the defense grid, or within the ramped end zone. He/she cannot participate in the offensive strategies taking place in other areas of the playing field. The Keeper is equipped with a padded ion mallet designed to extend his/her reach in the case of thrown balls, or to help fight off opponents that enter his/her defensive area.

The other three players play offense and defense as required. Their task is to keep the opposing team from capturing the ball and crossing the pyramid to score, while simultaneously capturing and passing the ball themselves, and attempting to cross the pyramid to score for their team.

Players score for their team by doing one of two things: they can throw the ball, from anywhere on the field, so that it goes through their goal hoop, or they can fight their way past the opposing Keeper, and place the ball place directly through the hoop. Balls thrown from the top of the pyramid, that go through the goal hoop ("zingers"), score five points. Balls thrown from anywhere else on the field ("zips") score two points. Balls placed directly through the hoop in the end zone ("goal drops") score ten points.

If a ball goes out of play, a replacement is tossed in from the sidelines. The new ball enters play at the same place it left the field, and any player may recover it to continue the game.

In addition to the 12-step pyramid, there is a wall on the non-field sides of the pyramid so that players are forced to go up and over the pyramid. A padded "pit" exists outside both sides of the playing field to minimize injury from players falling off the pyramid. If a player falls into the pit, they must re-enter the playing field by way of the access ramps on their side of the pyramid. Game play continues while a player is returning to the field, so their absence can be a strategic advantage to the opposing team.

Only one offensive player may enter the opponent's defended end zone at any given time. If they leave the end zone, another teammate may jump down onto the zone and attempt to score through that hoop. Only the Keeper may defend within the end zone.

A standard game of Parrises Squares consists of four quarters of fifteen minutes each, with breaks of five minutes in between each quarter. Substitute players may be swapped into play during any of those five minute quarter breaks. If a player is injured and unable to finish the match, a substitute may enter the game. If there are no substitute players on a team, that team must continue the game with with one less player on the field.

The team that scores the most points by the end of the fourth quarter wins. If games are tied after four quarters, successive 15-minute quarters are added until one team finishes with more points.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Saturday, August 31

Weekend Events at Deep Space 1

A few people have asked me what there is to do at Deep Space 1 this weekend, so I thought I’d share a little from the starbase’s calendar of events...

Tonight, in the DS1 main theater, they have already begun showing a repeating marathon of all three Marvel Universe Iron Man movies from Earth’s early 21st century. Tomorrow night, they are having a Captain America movie marathon. Tickets are only eight credits for each set of three movies (i.e., each marathon showing).

Throughout Gamma Shift, tonight, DS1 is also hosting a bowling tournament in the station’s bowling alley. I’m told there will also be live music from one of the DS1 rock bands known as, “The Ion Five”. I’ve been told that the group is quite popular on the starbase.

Tomorrow morning, the Deep Space 1 religious staff have invited our crew to attend Sunday morning services. There is a Protestant chapel, a Catholic chapel, and a Bolian Church of Grimtoc. The Vulcan temple is open to visitors as well, although, the Vulcans are less likely to issue a public invitation, since they value their privacy.

Tomorrow afternoon, at 1500 hours, the DS1 Parrises Squares arena will be hosting a rousing match between the teams from the starbase and the Enterprise. I will be one of the participants on the Enterprise team. Feel free to come cheer us on. We would love your support.

There will also be a touch football match next door in the adjacent bay at about the same time. Apparently the DS1 command staff convinced Commander Riker to participate – as a representative of the Enterprise. As I understand it, though, Commander Riker is not a football player, so the entertainment value in this match might be worth seeing.

Tomorrow evening, the starbase event staff has put together an impromptu culture festival on the DS1 deck 10 mall. I’m told one of the restaurants there is cooking BBQ beef (imported from a local colony world), and will be hosting a trivia challenge in our honor.

On Monday morning, the DS1 starbase Marines have invited any Enterprise personnel who are “brave enough”, to join them on their Monday deck run, and morning fitness workout.

So, if you have the time, Deep Space 1 welcomes the Enterprise, and encourages our crew to enjoy their unique hospitality while we are in port.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Thursday, August 29

Port Call: Deep Space 1

The Enterprise has arrived at Deep Space 1 (DS1). We pulled into parking orbit at around 0100 hours earlier this morning – during the overnight crew shift, and we will likely be here through the weekend. Our port schedule has us exchanging some crew, gaining supplies, and I believe the command crew have a few briefings to attend. Our Enterprise crew is welcome to visit DS1 while we are in port – transporters are available, and crew shuttles will be running between our Main Shuttle Bay and theirs. I’ve been informed that we will also be gaining a few Marines for Enterprise Company, and that a joint (Marine) training drill is scheduled.

In terms of amenities, the interior of Deep Space 1 isn’t all that different from the Enterprise, but the starbase does have a more extensive collection of recreation facilities than we do. This includes a larger mall deck, an indoor soccer field, a few movie theaters, a hotel, and a swimming pool where the former aquatic tanks were located. I’m told there may also be a friendly (though likely rigorous) Parrises Squares competition taking place as well.

This is Deep Space 1, the USS Enterprise’s first starbase port call.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Wednesday, August 28

Meet Evelee

Now that we have Evelee, a young Adamoi woman, as part of our crew, I thought I’d post an introduction, so you can learn a little more about her.

Evelee is 15-years-old, and has white hair and violet eyes, native to her species. She has not yet grown to the 9-foot height of an average Adamoi woman, and is currently only five and half feet tall – well within the average height of our own crew. Doctor Pulaski informs me that, with monthly growth suppression treatments, Evelee will likely remain around her present height.

Evelee has been listed as a civilian aboard-ship, and has no set job awaiting her. Her Adamoi ability to quickly learn and understand new languages, though, may come in handy as we meet new species, and I’m sure her deep love of history, and her bold, insatiable curiosity will find her a place aboard the Enterprise rather quickly. Rumor has it, she may even start working in Ten Forward as a lounge host, under the guidance of our resident El-Aurian, Guinan.

To learn more about Evelee, please visit her public personnel file.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Sunday, August 25

Leaving Techelen; Destination: Deep Space 1

The Enterprise left orbit of Techelen today -- at around 1400 hours. We took on one new crewmember, my young Adamoi friend, Evelee, who is already getting settled into her new life aboard the Enterprise. She is still as full of questions, as she was when I first met her.

Our next destination is Deep Space 1, one of our new starbases (consisting of the stationary saucer of a Galaxy-class starship). It is located about 15 light years from Techelen, and relatively close to Ferengi space. At warp 9, we will arrive there in three days, exchange some crew, and then conduct a mapping mission in a nearby region of space. If all goes well, we should be in for a relatively quiet week or two.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Thursday, August 22

An Adamoi Girl Joins The Crew

When the Enterprise leaves Techelen this coming weekend, we will be adding a new member to our crew. Remember my previous comments about a 15-year-old Adamoi girl I met during my initial visits down on Techelen? Her name is Evelee. She’s been working with the Adamoi Historical Commission for a few years, and has become an expert in her field.

As an orphan, Evelee is fiercely independent, wise beyond her years (as are most Adamoi), and has a deep fascination with history and the stars. Her visit to the Enterprise a few weeks ago, had such an impact upon her, that she placed a request to join the crew as a civilian. Captain Picard took her request under advisement, and has accepted her aboard. When we leave Techelen, we will have a young Adamoi among our crew.

My staff and I, here in the Public Affairs Office, will take responsibility for her while she is living aboard the Enterprise, and I’m sure there will be other crew helping her acclimate as well. She seems to have developed a friendship with Guinan, our El-Aurian Ten Forward manager, so she also has a mentor waiting for her when she arrives. She will be well taken care of.

Evelee will also be the first “ambassador” for her people within the Federation. She won’t be serving in a political capacity, but it is almost certain that we will be learning a lot more about her and her people in the months to come. I, for one, look forward to the opportunity.

Welcome aboard the Enterprise, Evelee!

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Wednesday, August 21

On The Path to Federation Membership

Well, our “shore leave” on Techelen is coming to an end. Only a few days remain, with all crew required to return to the Enterprise by the start of Alpha shift on Saturday morning (0800 hours).

The Adamoi have been extremely gracious and hospitable hosts, but our assigned mission to their homeworld is at a close. We were sent here to open first contact protocols, and we have done so – and made a few friends in the process. When we leave orbit this weekend, we will be leaving a team of diplomats behind to continue working with the Adamoi until Federation ambassadors can arrive next month. After that, we’ll see. I wouldn’t be surprised if things move quickly in terms of Federation membership (which the Adamoi have requested), especially given the Adamoi’s location both here on the frontier, and within 20 light years of Ferengi space.

If all goes well, the Enterprise could be credited with facilitating the addition of the newest member of the Federation. That’s not a bad notch in our belt, as the Enterprise-D begins to make a name for itself here among the stars.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Monday, August 19

The Crew of the USS Enterprise-D

The USS Enterprise-D is a stunning vessel. She currently carries a crew of about 1,000 Starfleet personnel and civilians, although, she has accommodations for up to 2,625 people, if needed.

If you have a moment, come meet her crew...

Take a look at the partial crew manifest page. It currently features a list of individuals from many different cultures and species. Be sure to take a look at the crew rotation page as well, linked from the top of the crew manifest. The crew rotation page lists the breakdown of notable Starfleet personnel assigned to Alpha, Beta and Gamma crew shifts. You might find it interesting to know when certain crew are on duty.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Wednesday, August 14

Cassie Queen, Public Affairs Officer

As I wrap up my Public Affairs staff introductions, today, you will get to know more about Ensign Cassie Queen. Cassie’s primary job, in our PAO, is to keep the crew informed on news and issues that may affect them. She oversees the production of all onboard Starfleet crew publications, and writes any public speeches needed by the senior staff.

To learn more about Cassie Queen, please visit her public personnel file.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Tuesday, August 13

Tessa Kensington, Public Affairs Officer

I think it’s about time that I introduce my staff here in the Enterprise-D Public Affairs Office. Today, you will get to know more about Lieutenant (JG) Tessa Kensington. Tessa’s primary job, in our PAO, is to coordinate all Admiral, VIP and media visits. She organizes all official ship tours, and acts as the Starfleet crew liaison to the civilian events and activities aboard ship.

To learn more about Tessa Kensington, please visit her public personnel file.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Friday, August 9

The Hospitality of Giants

Personnel from the Enterprise began visiting the capital city of Techelen today. Since 1300 hours this afternoon, our two Pullman-class transport shuttles have been transporting crew down to the planet’s surface (42 people at a time in each vessel), with staggered transport runs departing every hour. We have a specific landing zone in the city, a housing facility adapted to our needs, and “step stools” wherever physical adjustments couldn’t be made. The Adamoi have gone out of their way to be as hospitable as possible.

As far as I have been told, the Adamoi have made accommodations for all 1,000 people in our crew. It is unlikely that more than a few hundred might choose to visit the planet surface at any one time, but the facilities are there, nonetheless. The Adamoi have been surprisingly thorough.

All those requesting clearance to visit the Adamoi, are required to respect the ways of the Adamoi, and honor their laws (none of which should be too hard to abide by). Captain Picard has made it known that he will deal harshly with anyone from the Enterprise who does not handle themselves with decorum and respect. We are guests of the Adamoi. Their laws apply to us, just as our shipboard rules apply to visitors aboard the Enterprise.

Crew visits are scheduled through the end of next week. As with all shore leave, don’t stray too far from the capital city. It is wise to remain available for recall to the Enterprise if any emergencies should arise.

If anyone has any questions about what they might expect on Techelen, please feel free to send me a private message, and I would be happy to assist. Otherwise, enjoy the hospitality of the Adamoi, be safe, and come back to the ship with some great stories!

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Thursday, August 8

A Titanic Enterprise

On Earth, over 450 years ago, the ocean-going ship, RMS Titanic, set sail from Southhampton, UK, on its maiden voyage across the Atlantic Ocean. She was the largest ship in existence at the time, carrying 2,224 passengers bound for New York City, USA. The Titanic set sail on April 10, 1912, and after narrowly avoiding a collision with an iceberg on the 15th, pulled into the New York harbor on April 17th, safe and sound.

In the years that followed her maiden voyage, the RMS Titanic served as a hospital and troop ship for the Allies during World War I. It was refitted in 1918, and returned to service as a passenger vessel, crossing the Atlantic Ocean many times. In 1935, after dwindling passenger numbers, and twenty-three years of service, the Titanic was sold to the scrapyard, and its furnishings were auctioned off.

Four hundred and twenty-nine years later, replicas of some of those same furnishings aboard the Titanic have been rebuilt and installed aboard one of the largest ships of our day -- the Galaxy-class starship, USS Enterprise-D. A two-deck area of decks 9 and 10 currently features the meticulously recreated aft stairwell of the RMS Titanic. The entire area is fitted with real wood panels, beautifully-carved woodwork, authentic furniture, and holographic screens behind the windows, showing the rest of the visible ship as it looked during its maiden voyage in 1912.

While the stairwell is recreated as a labor of love, and a reflection of history, it also serves as a quiet lounge for those who wish to have a piece of Earth history, right here aboard the Enterprise.

This image (above) shows the main entrance to "A-Deck" of the Titanic stairwell lounge. The door in the background opens out to the corridor on deck 9 of the Enterprise. A similar door, on the other side of this room, also opens out onto deck 9. The views outside of these windows are holographic, showing the areas (and vintage activity) that would have been seen outside this room on the Titanic.

The wood paneling is real, the tiles on the floor are replicas from the Titanic, and the wood carvings (such as the one seen on the pillar in the foreground) were hand-carved by craftsmen, before being installed here aboard the Enterprise. Nothing in this room is replicated.

The lighting fixtures are fully functional, and turn on during night watch hours.

This photo shows a view from the upper "A-Deck" level of the staircase (deck 9), looking down (to deck 10). Notice the intricate metalwork, and the beautiful inlaid wood paneling. The glass dome above this staircase (seen in the first image of this post) is holographic at ceiling level, and adjusts to reflect the lighting as day turns into night.

This photo shows one of the two lounge areas on either side of the staircase on Titanic's "B-Deck" (deck 10 of the Enterprise). These furnishings are authentic to the real RMS Titanic, and the decorative plants are real. Like the level above, nothing here is replicated.

The areas showing the next level down in this staircase are holographic walls, as is the hallway leading into the rest of the ship (behind the red doors). The walls show a constant living depiction of Titanic life beyond this lounge, but they do not exist as functional access points to those areas. They are holographic walls, designed to make this lounge space appear larger than it really is.

This photo shows the foot of the aft staircase on "B-Deck" (deck 10). Here you can see the other similar lounge area on the other side of the Titanic stairwell. The drinking fountain, on the left, is fully functional, and does provide fresh water. Modern beverage dispensers are also hidden behind wall paneling in both lounge areas, and provide the same assortment of beverages found in any other beverage dispenser aboard the Enterprise.

Vintage doors, behind the camera (behind me when I was taking these photos), and not seen in any of these images, lead out onto deck 10 of the Enterprise, not far from the Enterprise Promenade (the mall that encircles deck 10). Most crew access the lounge via these doors.

Enterprise crew are welcome to spend time in these lounge areas (or the seating areas above on "A-Deck" / deck 9) at any time of the day or night. All visitors are, however, requested to honor the quiet theme of this lounge, and respect the space for what it is. Dedicated Enterprise civilian staff maintain the Titanic Lounge, and some historical impersonation events are scheduled. We may even see additional events in the future, if this historical lounge proves popular.

And finally, this is a view of the aft Titanic staircase, looking up. It is also a great close-up of the carved cherub standing on the bottom end of the central railing. The cherub light is fully-functional, and lights the way to all ascending this stunningly recreated staircase.

The USS Enterprise-D is a fascinating starship. This Titanic Lounge makes it even moreso. If you get the chance, spend some time in the Titanic Lounge, take in the (recreated) history around you, and ponder the beauty that was once part of one of humanity's earlier grand vessels. We've come a long way since then.... from the sea, to the stars!

-Lieutenant Sam Archer


Tuesday, August 6

Our Friends, the Adamoi

We have received permission from the Adamoi World Council… limited crew will be given leave to visit Techelen starting this Friday. The Adamoi have been adapting some of their facilities to fit our personnel (smaller furniture, more comfortable spaces, etc), and should be finished with these changes by the end of the week. Our personnel will have cultural guidelines to abide by while visiting the Adamoi, however, for the most part, our hosts are welcoming, and eager to receive visitors.

On the political front, the Adamoi have shown interest in meeting with Federation ambassadors to assess their inclusion within the Federation. This is, of course, a process that takes time, but the Adamoi do seem interested in the prospect. Unfortunately, the Enterprise does not have the appropriate ambassadorial staff aboard, so another dedicated starship will likely follow up on the work we have been doing, after we leave orbit. Our task has been to pursue first contact protocols, open a dialogue, and facilitate cultural exchanges, a task we have been – thus far – successful in doing.

We will likely remain in orbit of Techelen for a while yet. Our task is ongoing, and there are still a number of meetings and exchanges to complete, but I can say with certainty, we have a new friend in the Adamoi, and that may have far reaching benefits to the Federation. We’ll see what the future holds. As of right now, though, that future looks bright.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Saturday, August 3

The Size of the Enterprise

I am often surprised at how small some people think the USS Enterprise-D is, when compared to other ships in the fleet. The truth is, it’s not small at all. In fact, the Enterprise is one of the largest starships ever constructed by Starfleet -- or any Federation member planet.

The Enterprise, like the other five Galaxy-class starships in service, is 2,108 feet (642.5 meters) long, and 641 feet (195.3 meters) tall. It can comfortably house up to 2,526 personnel, and it has enough amenities to qualify as a small city. Starfleet is even deploying Galaxy saucers, by themselves, as functioning deep space starbases, four of which are already in service.

To date, the Romulans are the only species known to have built starships larger than the Enterprise, and even then, we don’t know everything about their technical capabilities.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Tuesday, July 30

Grecian Girls

I thought you might find this interesting. Apparently, there’s a new holoprogram rising in popularity among the crew. It’s called “Grecian Girls”, and it features two well-dressed Human women playing a variety of calming musical compositions on Lamdian harps. Our own Commander Riker is a big fan of the program, and recommended it in one of his weekly crew broadcasts.

As a character file, this program can be run on table-top projectors located throughout the ship, and in most crew quarters. Other character programs are available as well, and can either be downloaded from the ship’s database, or purchased in stores located on the deck 10 Promenade.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Sunday, July 28

An Adamoi Recap

This past week has been a busy one, and, alas, one that kept me away from my regular posting duties. You deserve better than that. So, how about a recap?

The early part of last week saw the tail end of our away team visits down to the planet’s surface. Techelen is a stunningly beautiful greenhouse planet, and the Adamoi who live there are a welcoming, intelligent, and highly cultured people. Evidence even suggests that they may, in fact, be Ancient Humans. Test results seem to support this, as the Adamoi do share Human DNA. How these people can be Human, and yet live so far away from Earth, remains a mystery.

According to the Adamoi, they claim to have come from Earth 5,300 years ago, through a portal similar to the mythical “Iconian Gateway”. No one has come across any of these gateways, but we have found artifacts to prove that the Iconians did exist. Even more fascinating, though, is the belief that the Adamoi claim the Iconians to be have been Ancient Humans as well – a pre-Flood sect of Humans that created the gateways, and left Earth about the same time as the Adamoi.

Yes. You read that correctly. The Adamoi claim to know the Ancient Iconians. They share the same DNA. Let that sink in for a moment.

On Friday, an Adamoi delegation arrived aboard the Enterprise via shuttlecraft, and toured many areas of the ship. The delegation consisted of eight people, all of whom were young, and less than seven feet tall. A typical full-grown Adamoi can reach heights of up to ten feet. Unfortunately, our decks aren’t high enough to accommodate their height, so they sent shorter individuals who could safely traverse our decks. They brought recording devices – and were granted filming rights in some parts of the ship – so that their fellow Adamoi on the planet could see our ship as well.

While aboard the Enterprise, the delegation had many questions, and our own Lieutenant (JG) Tessa Kensington, and her hand-selected team of “ambassadors”, did a great job answering them. Overall, the Adamoi seemed to enjoy their visit, taking great delight in every part of the ship they saw. Apparently, their favorite areas were Astrometrics, the holodecks, Ten Forward, and the rest of the Promenade (mall) on deck 10. Their deep fascination with stopping to look out every window, at their homeworld below us, was refreshing.

My young female Adamoi friend, Evelee, was part of the delegation. In fact, she never stopped smiling during her entire visit. I think she, out of all eight Adamoi, got the most joy out of visiting the Enterprise. If given the chance, I could see her begging to join Starfleet just so she could stay in space. She was that enthralled with our ship and its mission.

With the week over, our diplomatic talks with the Adamoi continue. There are even rumors that the Adamoi World Assembly is discussing the possibility of opening their planet to limited shore leave. There are a number of details that would need to be worked out first, but it does seem likely in the near future. We’ve made a new friend in the Adamoi, and, believe it or not, they seem excited to learn more about us – their distant cousins.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Tuesday, July 23

Preparing For a VIP Visit

The date has been set. A team of Adamoi representatives will be visiting the Enterprise on Friday. They will receive a partial tour of the ship, meet our command staff, and be treated to the same level of hospitality they have shown us this past week. If you are aboard the Enterprise, and would like to be part of this visit, please send us a message, and we’ll see what we can do.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Monday, July 22

A Visit to the Techelen World Library

I was asked to bring another historical team down to Techelen earlier today. A few of the Adamoi scientists wanted to learn more about us and our way of life. They are a deeply inquisitive people, and wanted to better understand our cultural norms before visiting the Enterprise later this week.

While I was down there, I took a photo of the beautiful interior of their world library. For a people so at home in the outdoors, the Adamoi sure do build grand and impressive architecture. I am already short standing next to an average adult Adamoi – but in the world library, I feel even smaller. They have such a masterful understanding of shapes, colors and space. I have never seen any buildings quite like this back on Earth.

These are, without a doubt, a truly fascinating people. Peaceful, considerate, welcoming. Not once have I felt hostility from the Adamoi. If they are hiding something, they’re very good at it, but truth be told, I really do think they are as honest as they present themselves to be.

In fact, I’ve already made a loyal friend down there. A young Adamoi girl named Evelee has been part of both welcome teams that I’ve worked with in the capital city. She’s 15 years old, extremely intelligent, and only five and a half feet tall. I imagine she’ll grow to be two or three feet taller before reaching the age of maturity (roughly 50 years old), but for now, it’s nice to interact with someone around my height. Apparently, Evelee is an orphan, and, at a very young age, has already been serving the Historical Commission with distinction.

I’m told that she will be among the Adamoi representatives visiting the Enterprise. She speaks fluent English (having learned the entire language in the past few weeks), her fascination with history makes my own historical knowledge pale in comparison, and her excitement to visit space for the first time has her well beyond giddy. I look forward to the opportunity to show her our home, and to introduce her people to the first interplanetary starship they have ever seen.

Yep. These Adamoi impress me. This kind of first contact mission is the precise reason I gave up a creative career on Earth, and applied to Starfleet Academy. I could have used my acting degree to tell entertaining stories for captive audiences, but to actually be out here, in the beauty of space, and to be experiencing the wonder and discovery of new civilizations -- like the Adamoi, is so much more rewarding.

I am truly honored to be a part of this first contact mission!

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Thursday, July 18

The Adamoi, Earth and the Biblical Flood

Three of our away teams have completed their missions, while the diplomacy team continues to meet with the Adamoi representatives. First contact protocols continue, while the rest of us are back on the Enterprise studying the data we collected.

My own historical team visited a few libraries and cultural locations, and brought back an extensive and deeply fascinating file on Adamoi history. As it turns out, Techelen is not their homeworld. According to the Adamoi, they came from a distant planet they called, “Eresa” – a planet their ancestors left over 5,300 years ago – roughly 3,000 BC according to our calendar.

In addition, the Adamoi speak a language that is surprisingly similar to Hebrew on Earth. In fact, the planet name, “Eresa”, mirrors the Hebrew word, “eres”, which translates as, “earth” or “land”. The Adamoi representatives -- who learned to speak English in preparation for our arrival – eagerly pointed out these similarities. Throughout our visit, they kept asking to know more about Earth, and openly theorized that our two peoples may actually come from the same planet. And to make these claims even more interesting, their accounts of emigrating to Techelen speak of a man-made portal that sounds an awful lot like the mythical Iconian Gateway.

But here’s the kicker... there are actually fringe scientists on Earth that have developed nearly identical theories. In fact, it is believed – by those scientists and scholars – that ancient Humans on Earth created a portal leading to other planets, and by stepping through that portal, they were instantly transported throughout the universe. Those scholars believe that Humans who passed through this portal were stripped of their humanity, and physically altered to become the “alien” civilizations we are meeting in recent centuries. Their theories are viewed as crazy by almost everyone, but, with the discovery of these claims by the Adamoi, I can’t help but wonder.

It’s not really my place to bring religion into my posts, but in this case, it might be worth mentioning. I am a Christian – I believe in the Bible, and I believe that the universe was created by God. In the Christian faith, the Bible speaks of the Earth being created as a global tropical paradise, but then later destroyed in a global flood due to the wickedness of those who lived on Earth at the time. When the flood waters receded, the Earth we know was revealed, and all those who lived before the flood – except for a man named Noah and his family -- perished.

If there is any truth to the Adamoi claims, and if they are – in any way – connected to Earth, they would have left the planet, via their portal, before the Biblical flood. In fact, the Adamoi claimed date of around 3,000 BC would have been about 500 years before the flood. And, if that’s not enough to ponder, the bones of giant humans, as tall as 10 feet, have been found on Earth, dating to ancient eras. The Bible even speaks of many tall/giant Humans living during the history of the Bible (AFTER the flood).

And, as the icing on this historical cake, our science team brought back genetic samples given to them by the Adamoi doctors and scientists. Those samples indicate stronger, more resilient strands of, yes, Human DNA. So, if we put the pieces together, are we, the Human crew of the USS Enterprise, making first contact with a distant line of taller, healthier, and more robust Humans, who may be descended from the ancient Humans who lived on Earth before the Flood?

If so…. we may have just made THE greatest scientific discovery in Human history. There’s certainly a lot more research to be done, however, if this data pans out – all I can say is...


-Lieutenant Sam Archer