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Friday, November 3

Cosday Costumes

On Cosday (known centuries ago as “Halloween”), my staff and I dressed up as our favorite superheroes from the “Marvel Cinematic Universe”. We made our costumes from scratch, using replicated parts, purchased fabric, and special elements sewn by ourselves and one of the ship’s tailors. On Tuesday, I teased a shadow image of our costumes, with an invitation for anyone to see us wearing them later in the PAO lounge. For those who were not able to see us in person, here is an image of our 2369 Cosday costumes.

Cassie Queen is dressed as Captain Marvel, I am dressed as Captain America, and Tessa Kensington is dressed as Black Widow. Both Cassie and Tessa dyed their hair (temporarily) to match their chosen characters.

All three costumes turned out well, and received many compliments from the Enterprise crew. We may have even inspired some inter-departmental competitiveness next year, with Commander Riker vowing (in jest) to outdo us. In short, I think we started a new ship-wide Cosday event!

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

November 3, 2369 – (Devron Prime Timeline)

Tuesday, October 31

Cosday 2369

Happy Cosday!

Today’s cultural holiday (previously known as “Halloween” 300 years ago) is the day in which Humans, throughout the Federation, celebrate their love of characters, fictional or historic. We dress up in costumes, attend character parties, participate in themed character events, share family-friendly cosplay activities, and more. Beloved characters and stories are everywhere. Today we celebrate the joy and creativity that they bring to our lives.

The Enterprise-D Public Affairs crew is getting in on the fun as well, and will, hopefully, do so every year. My staff and I were fortunate to get an early start on our costumes this Spring, and we were able to expedite their completion in time for today’s celebration.

This year, our chosen PAO theme is the “Marvel Cinematic Universe”. Tessa, Cassie, and myself have created costumes representing our favorite MCU characters, and we will be wearing them in the PAO lounge later this evening (starting at 1900 hours). Everyone aboard is welcome to stop by and see which MCU characters we chose (photos will be posted here, on our FB page, later this week). Themed refreshments will be served as well, created by our wonderful PAO deck 2 kitchen staff.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

October 31, 2369 – (Devron Prime Timeline)

Sunday, October 29

Wormhole Redirection #34

We’re back! The USS Enterprise-D is no longer trapped inside a wormhole.

Officially, this is the 34th time that the Bajoran Wormhole has randomly relocated to new coordinates throughout the galaxy – 63 times, if you count all exit points. This time, however, the main terminus (the one that I was assigned to help explore, as a pilot aboard the runabout USS Liberty) has returned to the Bajor System. The Enterprise crew took the opportunity to activate our untested stabilization protocols, and it looks like we have successfully anchored the wormhole at its original coordinates. As long as we maintain our gravimetric fields, generated at two of the three ends of the wormhole, it looks like we’re finally here to stay.

And, yes, you read that correctly, this Bajoran Wormhole has THREE exit points, one here in the Bajor System, a second in the distant Gamma Quadrant, and a third deep in the Delta Quadrant, near the space of a species known as the Krenim. The Enterprise has separated, with the saucer section parked in the Alpha Quadrant, holding the Bajoran terminus in place (via a generated gravimetric field), and the stardrive section parked in the Gamma Quadrant, holding that end of the wormhole in place. The Delta Quadrant end of the wormhole is stable on its own.

If we stop anchoring the Bajoran Wormhole in place, it will disappear, and may never again return to its present coordinates. In short, we’re holding the doors open. If there is any value to this wormhole, then both sections of the Enterprise won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

As previously noted, this Bajoran Wormhole also appears to have temporal qualities. From our end, the Enterprise has been trapped inside the wormhole for 57 days. However, a total of 155 days have passed outside of the wormhole. We cannot account for this discrepancy, although, it does seem to be consistent with the temporal nature of the Devron Anomaly that sent us here.

To date, we have not encountered any alien entities – temporal or otherwise – inside this wormhole, so the entire thing appears to be a naturally-occurring phenomena.

Now that we’re back in the Alpha Quadrant, my runabout piloting assignment has ended, and I can resume my daily operations in the Public Affairs Office. I miss my desk. There is a great deal more to say about our unique experiences, and our present circumstances, but I will have to save those things for future posts. Right now, it’s just good to be home.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

October 29, 2369 – (Devron Prime Timeline)

Thursday, July 13

Wormhole Redirection #30

This is the thirtieth time that the Bajoran Wormhole has relocated to elsewhere in the galaxy. This time, we appear to have a terminus on the Federation frontier, relatively close to Klingon space. Thankfully, we have not seen any Klingon vessels, and do not anticipate meeting any before the wormhole jumps to its next random location.

That said, I have very little to report with this relocation. There are no star systems near the Liberty-explored terminus of the wormhole, and nothing of note within a stone’s throw from where we are. It is, however, nice to be within communication range of friends again, even if those friends are not local to our present coordinates.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

July 13, 2369 – (Devron Prime Timeline)

Tuesday, July 11

Wormhole Redirection #29

This is the twenty-ninth time that the Bajoran Wormhole has randomly relocated to somewhere else in the galaxy. If calculations are correct, this is the first time that our exit terminus has deposited us within communication range of the Federation. We hope that, this time, friendly forces are able to receive this message.

On May 23, the USS Enterprise-D was temporally relocated from the Devron Anomaly -- inside the Romulan Neutral Zone (when the unexplained phenomena disappeared six years ago -- on May 18, 2363), and mysteriously reappeared inside an undiscovered wormhole connecting the Bajoran star system to the distant Gamma Quadrant. We exited the wormhole, made contact with the Starfleet administration aboard Deep Space 9 – an old Cardassian ore processing station in orbit of Bajor, and were asked to take up a defensive position at the Bajoran end of the phenomena. Unfortunately, just over two days later, on May 26, the Enterprise was pulled back inside the wormhole, by gravimetric forces, and became snagged within the interior of the wormhole. We have been unable to break free from the energy strands holding us in place.

At the same time, these gravimetric forces destabilized both ends of the Bajoran Wormhole, and began bouncing them to random locations all across the galaxy. The Enterprise could do nothing from inside the wormhole, and was little more than a stationary starbase. Every time the wormhole relocated to a new terminus, the Enterprise sent out runabouts to assess the new locations, and try to establish communication with Starfleet. Relocations occur at intervals roughly two days apart.

Due to my small craft piloting experience, I was assigned to the crew of the Enterprise auxiliary runabout, USS Liberty. To date, I have been aboard the Liberty during all twenty-nine terminus exploration missions, and I have seen terminus locations in all four galactic quadrants. During our missions, the Liberty narrowly missed destruction by an unknown species aboard a massive cubed vessel, that claimed to be known as the “Borg”. We met a hunting vessel crewed by a species known as the “Hirogen”; we befriended a starship crew of friendly “Vorta” explorers; and we witnessed a brilliant star going supernova -- just to name a few experiences.

At present, the current Liberty-explored wormhole terminus appears to reside near what we, in 2363, assumed to be the area of space inhabited by the unknown Ferengi. We have not seen any Ferengi vessels thus far, nor have we been contacted by any vicious Ferengi warriors. We will continue to explore and seek communication with Starfleet until the wormhole neutrinos elevate, once again, and we are forced to return to the Enterprise. Scientists aboard the Enterprise do indicate that they may be near developing a strategy to stabilize the wormhole, but that is unlikely to happen until after a few more terminus relocations.

We sincerely hope this entire situation can end, sooner than later, and that we end up with a favorable terminus by which to mount a final escape. Starships – Galaxy-class or otherwise -- were not designed to sit, trapped, inside unstable wormholes.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

July 11, 2369 – (Devron Prime Timeline)

Tuesday, May 23

Temporal Relocation: The Bajoran Wormhole

Yes, we are alive, and, yes, the USS Enterprise-D still exists. It would appear, however, that we have time-traveled six years into our future – arriving in the present: May 23, 2369.

One minute we were quietly investigating the Devron Anomaly – inside the Romulan Neutral Zone, and then the next, we are drifting inside a different spatial phenomena, later determined to be an undiscovered wormhole. We are now sitting, outside that wormhole – in Bajoran space – five light years from Cardassia Prime. Somehow, the Enterprise has been transported all the way across the Federation, 90 light years from the Devron System. We’ve relocated from one unexplained phenomena to another.

After determining the nature of this wormhole (while drifting inside it), we found a terminus (one end of the wormhole), and briefly exited into the distant Gamma Quadrant, 70,000 light years away. We gathered some sensor scans, and then the Enterprise passed through the wormhole again, arriving inside the Denorios Belt of the Bajoran star system.

The attached photo was taken from inside the wormhole.

Back in the Alpha Quadrant, we made contact with the nearest Starfleet facility, a repurposed Cardassian ore mining station -- in orbit of Bajor. Deep Space Nine, as that orbital space station has been renamed, is under Starfleet administration (since January of this year) – by request of the Bajorans, who now control the station after it was abandoned by the Cardassians in December. The Cardassians had occupied Bajor for the past forty years.

According to historical records, shared by the crew of DS9, the USS Enterprise-D was one of many ships assumed destroyed when the Devron Anomaly unexpectedly spiked in power output, and exploded like a massive supernova. With the power of 20 G-type stars (the same class as Earth’s Sun), the shockwave obliterated nearby Federation and Romulan bases, stations, and observation posts, destroyed starships, and led to a forced resumption of diplomacy between the Federation and Romulan Star Empire.

Even six years later, the Devron Anomaly still remains unexplained. With our survival, and relocation, however, Commander Data believes that the anomaly may have been temporal in nature, and something about this new Bajoran Wormhole may be as well. He theorizes that we may have been attracted between phenomena by temporal energy, much like how a lightning rod functions during a thunderstorm.

With a general unease between the Bajorans and Cardassians, despite the Cardassian withdrawal from Bajor, we have been requested to remain at the the wormhole, to defend it for the Bajorans. The Enterprise remains parked here, operating as a temporary starbase (i.e. platform operations), while we await orders from Starfleet command at Lya III. Meanwhile, the Bajorans are abuzz at our discovery of a stable wormhole within their space. They attribute it to a religious event, which makes us, aboard the Enterprise, quite popular on Bajor.

It's been a busy few days aboard the Enterprise, and, I’m pretty sure things are about to become even more active and exciting over the coming weeks. We were lost, and now we are found. In addition, we brought a religiously-connected wormhole into existence with us, so that makes us rock stars on Bajor. We just became important to the Bajorans, their culture, and their religious faith. Like it or not, I have a feeling we may be here for a while.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

May 23, 2369 – (Devron Prime Timeline)

Thursday, May 18

Investigating the Devron Anomaly

The Enterprise arrived in the Devron System earlier this morning. A few civilian vessels are already in the area, including a Romulan science vessel, however, everyone seems to be giving the 400-km-wide “Devron Anomaly” a relatively wide berth. We, aboard the Enterprise, have been conducting scans of the phenomena all day, but our sensors cannot penetrate the outer boundaries. We have no readings on the internal energy source fueling the anomaly, and no technology that would make that possible. For now, we can only observe and report.

Our crew remains healthy and in good spirits, despite the earlier uncertainty over what we might find upon arrival. As far as we can tell, we are witnessing a benign energy anomaly that is fueled by something – natural, or unnatural -- at its center. It does not appear to be harming the surrounding space, the ships present, or their crews. It shouldn’t be here – in the Devron System – but it does not appear to be a threat. Perhaps, if we can manage a new diplomatic channel, the Romulans may have gathered additional scientific data that they would be willing to share.

[PAO post: supplemental commentary]

I’m adding this note, before final posting, to document additional observations. Something appears to be occurring within the Devron Anomaly. The energy output is rising. This suggests the possibility that something new may be altering the energy source inside the phenomena. We still have no ability to scan beyond the outer boundaries, so no additional facts to report, but we can deduce based upon what we see.

We will continue to….

[communication terminated]
[channel lost]

May 18, 2363 – (Devron Prime Timeline)

Wednesday, May 17

Something Is Happening In The Neutral Zone

Early this morning, after only a day of investigating Farpoint station, a commship arrived from the nearby Starfleet facility on Suprinda III. It delivered orders requesting us to abandon our Deneb IV mission, and immediately divert to the Devron System, inside the Romulan Neutral Zone (5 light years away). Three days ago, Romulan and civilian vessels began moving to that region, in response to reports of a large spatial anomaly appearing there. The Enterprise is Starfleet’s largest science-diplomacy vessel in the area, so we have the honor of investigating.

We are proceeding with extreme caution, since Starfleet has had no direct contact with the Romulans in 52 years (since the Tomed Incident of 2311). The Treaty of Algeron (signed in 2311) does allow us to enter the Neutral Zone for limited scientific or archaeological purposes, so we will not be arriving under military pretense. The same applies to the Romulans.

Beyond that, we do not know what to expect. Anticipation is high, and our crew is a bit uneasy. There should not be a 400-km-wide spatial anomaly inside the Devron System.

We are currently underway, and should arrive at the anomaly tomorrow.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

May 17, 2363 – (Devron Prime Timeline)

Monday, May 15

An Admiral and a New Mission

The USS Enterprise has arrived at Deneb IV. We have taken up orbit alongside the USS Hood (Excelsior-class) -- which was awaiting our arrival, and have begun transferring our final crew aboard, including our new first officer, Commander William Riker, and our assigned chief medical officer, Commander Beverly Crusher. For a large part of the day, we also had a surprise visit from retired Starfleet admiral, Leonard McCoy, who wanted to tour our state-of-the-art medical facilities before the USS Hood left orbit.

As of an hour ago, the USS Hood has departed Deneb IV, leaving the USS Enterprise-D, and her full crew, to complete our diplomatic mission with Deneb IV’s native Bandi. Mission operations are likely to begin tomorrow morning, during Alpha Shift.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

May 15, 2363 – (Devron Prime Timeline)

Monday, May 8

Bound For Deneb IV

The USS Enterprise left Earth late last night, and is currently en route to Deneb IV. When we arrive in orbit, we will begin interacting with the Bandi, a near-human species that have offered Starfleet exclusive use of a new starbase on their home planet. Our task is to assess this invitation, and put together a report on the usefulness of their facility. We will also be rendezvousing with additional crew, including our new first officer, Commander William Riker, and chief medical officer, Commander Beverly Crusher.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

May 8, 2363 – (Devron Prime Timeline)

Friday, May 5

Captain Picard Takes Command

Our new captain, Jean-Luc Picard, has taken command of the Enterprise. He left his previous command, the USS Majestic (Miranda-class) -- also in orbit of Earth, and was ferried to the Enterprise aboard the shuttlecraft Galileo. Our Chief Security Officer, Lieutenant Natasha Yar, was his pilot, and the first of our crew to welcome him aboard. Transfer orders were read to a small gathering of personnel in Shuttlebay 2, command codes were activated, greetings were exchanged, and a senior officer reception was held in Ten Forward, hosted by our lovely and gracious lounge manager, Ms. Dayna Winslow.

Following completion of our ongoing communication array upgrades, as well as an unexpected problem with the plasma inducers, we will likely depart Earth, sometime this weekend, for our diplomatic mission to Deneb IV.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

May 5, 2363 – (Devron Prime Timeline)

Wednesday, May 3

USS Enterprise-D Has a New Captain

Starfleet Command has announced the name of the new commanding officer of the USS Enterprise-D. He will be the 57-year-old veteran, Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

Captain Picard has been in command of the Miranda-class USS Majestic for the past seven years. Before that, he was the commanding officer of the ill-fated USS Stargazer. He is one of Starfleet’s most accomplished captains, and a man of great integrity.

Captain Picard is single, has never married, and comes from La Barre, France, where his family has a long history of wine production. He attended a boarding school in Great Britain as a youth, and later graduated from Starfleet Academy in 2327.

With the USS Majestic currently orbiting Earth, Captain Picard will arrive aboard the Enterprise on Friday. He is scheduled to take command of the Enterprise at that time.

Captain Picard has been encouraged to choose his own first officer, and reports state his choice to be the newly-promoted Commander William Riker, previously assigned to the USS Hood as chief operations officer. Commander Riker is scheduled to rendezvous with the Enterprise during our next assignment, as are a number of other personnel -- including our previously assigned chief medical officer, Commander Beverly Crusher (transferring from the Nebula-class USS Prometheus).

Once Captain Picard is aboard on Friday, we are scheduled to depart for a diplomatic mission to Deneb IV. While in orbit of Deneb IV, we will be interacting with the Bandi, a humanoid species that have offered Starfleet use of a new starbase on their home planet. The proximity of that potential starbase to the Romulan Neutral Zone, offers an enticing command opportunity in the region.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

May 3, 2363 – (Devron Prime Timeline)

Monday, May 1

A Sam Archer Quantum Leap

Now that the Enterprise is back in port, I have a personal admission to make. I don’t remember our mission to the Tellidaris Nebula. It’s not that I have forgotten, I, genuinely, have no memory of the mission. Most of April is a blank for me.

Shortly after we arrived at the nebula, I essentially lost consciousness, I gained no memory of April’s events, and then my consciousness returned shortly before we arrived, back at Earth. My shipmates claim that I was operating normally, and with my full faculties the entire time, but I have no memory of any of it. In fact, it almost feels as if someone else had control of me. The whole situation reminds me of an old Earth television show called, “Quantum Leap”. Someone leapt into my body for the entire Tellidaris mission, and then leapt back out a few days ago.

I can't confirm any of this, but that is what it felt like.

Now that I feel that I am in control again, I have had extensive interviews with both ship security and the counseling department. I even have Vulcan-initiated mental blocks to prevent this from happening a second time. I am me again.... as far as I can tell, anyway.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

May 1, 2363 – (Devron Prime Timeline)

Saturday, April 29

The Enterprise Returns; Captain Halloway Departs

The USS Enterprise-D has returned to Earth following our first – extended -- mission to the stunning Tellidaris Nebula. We brought back plenty of scans, data, and vibrantly colored photographs to keep Starfleet scientists busy for weeks. At present, we are located in drydock, undergoing repairs and upgrades to our communications array.

In fact, that communications array is the reason for our Public Affairs silence during the past few weeks. We didn’t have much of a choice. Our ship communications array wasn’t capable of maintaining contact with the Facebook network over the vast distance of space. Our current trans-spatial antenna is woefully inadequate for the task, and has been ordered for an upgrade and realignment before we head back out into deep space.

That said, my apologies for the silence. We’re a new ship, and we’re still testing new technologies. Our Facebook communications platform failed, and that shut down our office’s capabilities during the recent mission. We’ll get things squared away ASAP.

In other news, our commanding officer, Captain Halloway, is stepping down, and a new captain will be assigned to the Enterprise. Halloway’s departure was announced, and negotiated via commship during our recent mission.

Two months ago, Captain Halloway’s wife, Marla, was diagnosed with Liddleton’s Disease, a debilitating illness that slowly weakens the body until it can no longer function. It is terminal, and there is no cure. Over the past month, Marla’s condition has deteriorated rapidly, and Captain Halloway has chosen to retire from active duty, so that he can be with her, on Earth, during the last few months of life she has remaining.

Our hearts and prayers are with the Captain, and his wife, as they go through this trial together. It won’t be easy for either of them, but I don’t think any of us would begrudge him this decision. Family is important – even when you’re the captain of Starfleet’s beautiful new flagship.

The name of our new captain has not yet been announced, although, I have heard that he/she has been chosen, and is leaving command of one of the Starfleet vessels currently orbiting Earth. I will share his/her identity as soon as it becomes known to the public.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

April 29, 2363 – (Devron Prime Timeline)

Tuesday, March 21

The Nebula of Ice & Fire

A few hours ago, the USS Enterprise-D arrived at the Tellidaris Nebula, dropped out of warp, and began our scans of this magnificent nebula. We will spend two weeks conducting tests and gathering scientific data, and then return to Earth next month.

For those of you joining us for the first time, this is the Enterprise’s first deep space mission – our first mission after being commissioned into the fleet eleven days ago. Our crew is getting settled in, we are becoming acquainted with this gorgeous Galaxy-class starship, and we are all learning the policies and command style of our new captain, Thomas Halloway.

Operations are moving along smoothly, exactly as desired for a new starship.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

March 21, 2363 – (Devron Prime Timeline)

Monday, March 20

ARCHIVE: - Devron Timeline (3.0)

 (This post serves as a bookmark for blog archival purposes.)

As of this date, our story jumps back in time to 2363, as we will follow the original events of our story, while experiencing the past during one of Sam Archer's temporal dreams. Eventually, Sam will wake up from his temporal dream, and this 3.0 timeline will resume where it left off.

For those reading the historical experiences of the USS Enterprise-D and her crew, this is the temporary end of our 2370 story within the Devron Timeline (3.0). On this date, Sam Archer went to sleep in his quarters, and time-traveled (into himself) back in 2363.

The following posts depict history, before Sam's time-travel from 2370, within our Devron Timeline (3.0). A notation exists at the end of each post to help clarify the appropriate reality. If you wish to read from the start of this timeline, scroll to the bottom of this blog page, and click the "Older Posts" until you reach the beginning of these tagged posts. Then read from the bottom post to the top until you, once again, reach this post. All posts ABOVE this archival note, take place within our new (current) Devron Timeline 001.

The Travel Pod That Cracked Reality

Today has been a challenging day aboard Enterprise Station. We have been....


...severely garbled communications, and failing equipment....


And if that isn’t frustrating enough, there are the continued headaches, migraines, dizzy spells, and.... [SENTENCE LOST]. Ever since my duplicate appeared near the station -- in that alien travel pod, something is negatively affecting our crew, and the effects are growing. Medical is distributing the stabilizing treatment, and there is some success in countering the.... [SENTENCE LOST].... however, the physical stresses are not dissipating. More and more cre....


...mmander Data believes that our troubles may be temporal in nature, and has recommended.... [SENTENCE LOST] may be caused by the travel pod itself.... [SENTENCE UNRECOVERABLE] ...a time travel pod? None of these issues were registered until that duplicate travel pod appeared...


But most disturbing of all.... [SENTENCE LOST].... my duplicate, who was being held in the Marine brig on deck eight, has escaped. And, based upon internal sensor data – and phaser injuries to numerous station security and Marines – he had help. Help from the inside. Three Starfleet security personnel were seen helping him escape from the brig. They.... [SENTENCE LOST].... and then, once inside, the entire travel pod disappeared from the deck 5 maintenance bay. It powered up, and then vanished. Poof. My duplicate is gone now, as is the travel pod. Where it went remains a mystery, and the three security personnel are now missing as well.

Unfortunately, the minute that pod vanished, our troubles escalated. [SENTENCE UNRECOVERABLE] ...comatose. If that travel pod started all of this when it appeared, it seems to have made things even worse when it disappeared. The quarantine remains in effect, and.... [SENTENCE LOST]. It feels like reality has been -- how can I put this.... cracked. Something wasn’t right with that travel pod. The one that I escaped from my captors in, didn’t cause these ill effects. ...[SENTENCE LOST].... same travel pod, which is disturbing to say the least. I think....


It’s been a long day. Personnel, who have skills that I do not, are working furiously to manage the situation. There isn’t much more that I can do.... [SENTENCE LOST].... has ordered me to get some sleep. I need it. My headache is.... [SENTENCE UNRECOVERABLE]. So, I’m off to bed. I hope, and pray, that we can get control of.... [SENTENCE LOST]. Our sanity depends upon it.

-Lieutenant Commander Sam Archer

February 3, 2370 – (Devron Timeline 3.0)

Monday, March 6

Headaches & Garbled Communications


Since yesterday, when the duplicate of me appeared in a travel pod identical to the one that I used to escape from my captors, there have been reports of intense headaches, migraines, dizzy spells, and other cognitive distresses from multiple individuals on Enterprise Station, as well as the crews aboard other ships near the Bajoran wormhole. Our alternate reality “manifested” personnel seem to be affected the most, with the majority of them needing emergency medical treatment. In addition to these concerns, all incoming and outgoing communications have been severely garbled, and we have noted elevated chronitons collecting around the wormhole. Evidence suggests that some undefined phenomena may be affecting our local coordinates.

Station medical has begun synthesizing large doses of a stabilizing compound, and they are already in the process of distributing it to anyone who reports adverse conditions. Captain Riker has also ordered a temporary quarantine of the area, until we can identify the cause of these phenomena. We are working to determine...


I will keep this channel active, and updated, as best I can.

-Lieutenant Commander Sam Archer

February 1, 2370 – (Devron Timeline 3.0)

Tuesday, January 31

A Duplicate Sam Archer

Last week, two agents from the Federation Department of Temporal Investigations visited Enterprise Station to interview me. When they left, they took with them the non-Federation travel pod that I had used to escape from my recent abductor. That travel pod had been stored, under guard, in the shuttle maintenance bay on deck 5, since my return in early December.

Earlier today, that same travel pod appeared, suddenly, just outside the Enterprise Station exterior vessel parking coordinates. A duplicate of me was aboard. That duplicate me was wearing a red-shouldered Starfleet uniform, exactly the same as I wear, and he displayed a Lieutenant Commander’s rank pin, just like the one attached to my uniform.

Duplicate Sam seemed bewildered, surprised, and clearly disheveled when he was taken into custody. He was questioned by top security personnel, Captain Riker, and Commander Chakotay, and then placed into detention in the deck 8 security brig. His travel pod was brought aboard Enterprise Station, and is currently stored, under guard, in the shuttle maintenance bay on deck 5. There are, right now, two of me aboard Enterprise Station.

Why there is a duplicate of me, and a duplicate of my stolen travel pod (the original of which was taken from the station, by DTI, this past Thursday), I cannot say. The interviews with duplicate me have been classified by Captain Riker, and cannot be discussed here. I, myself, have no insight into those discussions. If I was a betting man, though, I’d say that there’s a bigger story here, however, thus far, that story remains a total, and complete, mystery.

-Lieutenant Commander Sam Archer

January 31, 2370 – (Devron Timeline 3.0)

Thursday, January 26

A Visit From Dulmer & Lucsley

Earlier today, two agents from the Federation Department of Temporal Investigations visited Enterprise Station. Agents Marion Dulmer and Gariff Lucsley, both of whom operate out of the local DTI office on Tempus Station (orbiting Koralis III, 5 light years from Bajor), came here, specifically, to interview me. They’ve heard of my temporal dreams, and wanted to question me regarding my experiences with time. I answered their questions, unusual as some of them were, and then they left. They also took possession of the futuristic travel pod (pictured) that I used to escape my recent abductor. The unusual shuttle-sized vessel has been stored, under guard, in our deck 5 shuttle maintenance bay ever since I returned to Enterprise Station in December.

It was an odd visit. I suppose I should feel honored that DTI has taken an interest in me. I have no control over my dreams, and I have no idea where that alternate “Guardian of Forever” structure is located, but I do seem to have some interesting experiences.

I find it interesting, too, that there is a DTI office only 5 light years away from the wormhole. I have a feeling this isn’t the last time I will see these two agents.

-Lieutenant Commander Sam Archer

January 26, 2370 – (Devron Timeline 3.0)