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Monday, May 3

The Alternate Archers

Our new alternate reality friends came aboard the Enterprise today. Captain Sam Archer and his wife, Cassie, visited us in the Public Affairs office this afternoon, and we shared stories from our respective realities. They agreed to pose for our imaging system, and provided information about themselves for our database. Attached is one of those images.

Apparently, Captain Sam and his crew of 25 individuals, are native to a reality (this reality) in which the United Federation of Planets was never created, and Earth is the center of a small republic of Human colony worlds. There are peace treaties and alliances between neighboring species, but humanity’s influence in the stars does not extend nearly as far as it does in our Federation reality. Here, Earth’s sphere of influence is at peace, and very few contacts have been made with the distant Klingon, Romulan, Cardassian and Ferengi empires.

Captain Sam and his crew are operating an independent starship (owned by him and his wife) named, “Serenity”, after a ship in one of Captain Sam’s favorite Old Earth television shows. Sam, and his crew, are under contract with an Earth company known as Belladyne Inc., to explore unknown space, and seek out new sources of minerals, habitable planets, and friendly trade allies. Starfleet does exist, but it is a much smaller organization, and one often plagued with financial limitations.

The Serenity was dropping out of warp, in what is, to them, relatively unexplored space, to pursue claims of strange anomalies – almost mythic in nature. Most ships avoid this region of space because of legends surrounding the disappearance of deep space vessels. Belladyne wanted more data on this strange region, so the intrepid crew of Serenity was tapped for a mission. Apparently, some Earth technology, in this reality, has advanced further than in our reality, and Belladyne has just developed a new scanning device that may be useful out here. Captain Sam believes our presence, in their reality, may have some connection to the mysteries of this region.

Our Federation reality has no such legends or lore for this region, and, where we come from, this part of space is well explored, well settled, and relatively uninteresting.

So, while it may be odd, and somewhat disconcerting, for Ensign Cassie and myself be working with mirror versions of ourselves, their insight may be able to get the Enterprise-D back home, to our reality. We don’t know how long that will take, but we welcome the assistance. The Serenity does not have the capabilities to get our warp engines running again (it's too small of a ship), but we do have fully-functioning impulse engines, and if an anomaly that brought us here is still out there, it is likely to be within practical impulse range.

I’ve often wondered why our PAO communication system is still working, and still reaching ships and crews in our reality. An open anomaly, to our Federation reality, may provide that answer. Our signal may be reaching through the alleged anomaly – which means, somewhere nearby, the anomaly is still open, and waiting to be found.

With our own native Starfleet/Federation technology, it is unlikely that anyone will be able to locate our terminus of an anomaly (in our reality), but it is good to know that the door is still open.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Sunday, May 2

Rescued By Serenity

A ship just answered our long-standing distress call, and is offering to render aid. We identified it as a Condor-class vessel, usually in service to the Port Guard. The captain called it “Serenity”. I think we can fully confirm our presence in an alternate reality, because the captain of that vessel is me – the me native to this reality. And, based upon initial dialogue, he is married to his first officer – Cassie (the alternate version of our own Ensign Cassie Queen).

I do not yet know any specifics of this reality, but Captain Picard has begun discussions with alternate-Sam, and we will likely learn more as he and his crew assist us. They appear to be friendly, and are operating a civilian vessel, on a mission of exploration. They heard our distress signal when they dropped out of warp, and immediately came to assist.

We will proceed with caution (and curiosity).

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Thursday, April 29

An Alternate Reality?

The USS Liberty returned to the Enterprise today, however, it arrived alone. Our runabout, which we sent to Gellius to find help, did not return with a rescue ship. Apparently, there were none available. In fact, there was no one there to begin with. According to the Liberty crew, the entire planet of Gellius is now uninhabited. The millions of Federation citizens living there – on a Federation member planet – are gone. It is as if the colony world had never been settled.

Gellius is now nothing more than a lush class-M wilderness, populated only by its native plants and animals. Either something has happened to the Gellius we know, or, as Lieutenant Commander Data has theorized, we may not be in our reality anymore.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Monday, April 26

Watching The Stars

Our runabout, USS Liberty, has not yet returned from Gellius. We assumed they would be back -- with a rescue vessel -- as late as yesterday, however, that timeline was not met. We hope they remain safe, and we will continue to watch the stars for their return.

We also have not seen any evidence of the Starfleet vessels that claim to be searching for us. Mathematically speaking, they should have found us by now. Either their crew representatives were pulling a fast one on us (via our PAO platform), or there may be something else going on that we have not yet identified. We remain safe, and secure, however, without the assistance of a rescue vessel, our damaged warp engines remain inoperative.

Additional mission options are under consideration.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Saturday, April 24

Engineering Kit

We've been using a lot of these lately.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Thursday, April 22

Waiting In The Dark

The USS Enterprise remains stationary, on platform status. Our warp engines are damaged and inoperative, leaving us no choice but to await rescue. Our distress call has not yet been answered (despite the suggestion that at least two Starfleet ships are looking for us), and we look forward to the return of our runabout, USS Liberty, which went to get help from Gellius eleven days ago. Beyond that, our hull repairs are nearly complete, all injured have been treated, and life is back to normal aboard ship.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Thursday, April 15

The Enterprise Civilian Council

Did you know: The USS Enterprise-D maintains a civilian government. The Enterprise Civilian Council (ECC) consists of a mayor, an administrator, and seven at-large representatives. The mayor and representatives are elected (by all ship civilians) every two years, on May 1, while the administrator is appointed, by the council, to handle the day-to-day civilian operations. The ECC oversees all matters of civilian policy and budget aboard the Enterprise, with the Mayor serving as liaison to the Starfleet command staff.

The current Mayor of the ECC is Human, Dell Ridley.

The next ECC election will take place in just over a year, on May 1, 2367. Under the original civilian charter, this year would have been an election year, however, it was pushed to next year, on account of our time travel through the Devron Anomaly.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Sunday, April 11

Launching The Liberty

With no sign of any recovery ships, Captain Picard has ordered the USS Liberty to return to Gellius. Earlier today, the runabout was given a crew, it left our Main Shuttlebay, and it is currently underway on a trip for help. If all goes to plan, a rescue vessel should arrive in 10-14 days.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Saturday, April 10

Waiting For Assistance

We were informed, a few days ago, that a Starfleet vessel was being dispatched to search for the Enterprise -- to offer us recovery and assistance. That vessel, the Excelsior-class, USS Arcane, should be in our vicinity, however, we have not yet seen any sign of them. Sensors are physically limited to local-distance scans, so it may take some time to track us down. Still, we have begun prepping the runabout, USS Liberty, for a 9-day return trip back to Gellius. We can hold out – the Galaxy-class is designed for long-duration missions – but we will still need extensive in-space repairs before we can reactivate our warp engines.

We will watch, and wait. In the meantime, we may have to launch the Liberty, and take response matters into our own hands.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Thursday, April 8

Repair & Recovery

The USS Enterprise-D is currently operating as a stationary platform. Our warp engines are inoperative, damage control teams are busy across all decks, and an army of DOT-9 drones are scurrying across the hull, repairing a multitude of stress fractures. We have our fighter craft flying defensive maneuvers, and runabout recon operations are already in action, as we try to determine what the Enterprise hit while at warp.

We have determined our position to be about five light years from Gellius. Our likely coordinates, however, remain in the middle of empty space.

We have also heard that a Starfleet rescue vessel may be heading our way, and could be at our location by the weekend. If this doesn’t pan out, our runabout, USS Liberty, has been reserved for a 9-day flight back to Gellius. The Enterprise is fully supplied, and can hold out, for weeks, although, we certainly hope it doesn’t come to that.

Medical treatment continues for the crew who were injured in our sudden de-warp. While most of the injured crew suffered treatable impact wounds, we did lose four individuals, all of whom were part of our civilian compliment.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Wednesday, April 7

An Unexpected Collision

The Enterprise did not get far in our journey. We collided with something at warp (which is an extremely rare occurrence, at best), and were violently thrown to a (partially-controlled) dead stop. We are currently adrift, with significant damage, and multiple casualties on all decks. We have activated a distress call, but do not expect a quick response, since the only vessels able to pick up our distress, would have to be local to our current position. By our early calculations, we are likely in the middle of nowhere.

At this point, our top priority is damage control, and medical aid. Our warp nacelles are dead, we have numerous breaches in our hull, and our inertial dampeners just barely compensated for the stress – enough that our crew survived the sudden transition out of warp, and weren’t turned into salsa against the bulkheads. Reports of broken bones, sprains, bruises, and concussions are numerous…. but we’re alive. We are still assessing our casualties, and do not yet have a full picture of our present situation.

We have no idea what we collided with, or even if that’s an accurate cause. We are likely too far away from any source of impact to investigate, but will be sending out recon vessels as soon as we are able. Warp collisions are virtually unheard of, although, all starships are still equipped with collision-response programming, just in case.

The Enterprise is not in good shape, but we do have stable internal power, gravity generation remains in place, and we were just resupplied at Gellius. We are transitioning to stationary platform operations, and can hold out until we are able to send for (or accept) rescue.

Captain Picard has suspended our assigned mission. Damage control and medical recovery will likely remain in effect for a few days.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Tuesday, April 6

Leaving Port; Medical Mission

The Enterprise has left dock above the Federation planet, Gellius, and is preparing to jump into warp. I cannot share any specifics about our next mission, other than to say that it is medical in nature, and time-sensitive. We’ve taken on a team of specialists who will assist us, and we should arrive at our destination in a few days. As is our new norm, I will be unable to post while we are at warp.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Monday, April 5

303 Years Ago...

Three hundred and three years ago, today, on April 5, 2063, the Vulcan science vessel, T'Plana-Hath landed on Earth (just outside of Bozeman, Montana, USA), ushering in a new era for the planet. This marked the first official contact between Humans and Vulcans, and lead to a vibrant foray -- for humanity -- into extra-orbital deep space travel.

Happy First Contact Day!

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Friday, April 2

Enterprise: Virus-Free

The USS Enterprise-D main computer has been rebooted, restarted, and refreshed. The Klingon virus code has been removed, and we're all powered up -- good as new. We will be here, in port, above Gellius, until Monday. After that, we will likely head back out into deep space, pursuing whatever mission we are assigned.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Wednesday, March 31

A Computer Reboot at Gellius

I apologize for the silence, folks. The Enterprise jumped into warp – eleven days ago -- before I could share an update. In order to preserve our delicate communications equipment, I can no longer post while we are at warp, thus, no messages for the past eleven days.

That being said, in the here and now, the Enterprise has dropped out of warp near the Pranitan System. We are currently docking at an orbital facility above Gellius, a Federation member planet. We are here, in port, to undergo a complete restart of the Enterprise ship’s computer. Such a procedure cannot be safely attempted outside of a support facility, and Gellius has the assets necessary to complete the task.

As you may remember, while I was away on our mission to find Lieutenant Worf Rozhenko, Lieutenant Kensington reported that the Enterprise had become infected with a Klingon re-write code. That viral infection corrupted computer systems all across the ship, and caused significant frustrations for nearly every department. Our engineers managed to contain the code inside secondary systems, but a full computer reboot is still necessary to purge the remaining virus once and for all. That process will take place on Friday. Until then, we are taking extra precautions not to infect the Gellius facility as well.

Due to the computer virus, we were limited to a speed of warp 8, and it took 11 days to travel these 30 light years. We should be cleared to return to our standard warp 9 once our systems are purged, and long warp jumps, like this, will likely see brief stops again, as usual.

As far as the virus itself, it appears as though the Enterprise was intentionally infected during a routine cargo transfer. Compromised data was uploaded into our computer cores by a nefarious trader, who managed to code the Klingon re-write virus to evade our encryption. The individual is being apprehended by another Starfleet vessel, and steps have been taken to close the exploit in our data systems.

We will likely remain in port, above Gellius, until the start of next week.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Saturday, March 20

Birthday: Sam Archer

Happy 38th Birthday to our boss, Lieutenant Sam Archer!

-Lieutenant (JG) Tessa Kensington

Wednesday, March 17

Lieutenant Worf Mission Complete

Lieutenant Archer, reporting -- once again, from my office aboard the USS Enterprise-D.

We were…. waylaid…. but we have returned. My runabout, SS Terra Nova, is safely back aboard the Enterprise. And, yes, so is Lieutenant Worf Rozhenko. Our mission, though dangerous, and nearly a disaster, was, in the end, a success.

We found Lieutenant Worf, and we brought him home.

Last month, Lieutenant Worf received a message (via commship), from a Klingon commander, named Kurn, a man who claimed to be his younger brother. Kurn informed Worf that their house – the House of Mogh – was accused of treason to the Empire, and Mogh, their deceased father, had been named as the traitor who aided the Romulan attack on Khitomer twenty years ago. Kurn asked Worf to meet him on the Klingon colony world of G’araxa, and the two would travel to the Klingon home world to try and clear their family name.

Worf secured transport aboard a non-Federation vessel bound for G’araxa. Upon arrival, he met with Commander Kurn (who was living under the protection of an assumed House), and the two brothers booked passage to Qo’Nos. On Qo’Nos, Worf challenged the High Council allegations against his father, with Kurn as his ceremonial aide. Unfortunately, Kurn was attacked and killed in a tunnel under the city, and Worf was forced to face his challenge alone. Opposed by the powerful House of Duras, Worf failed, and was executed for the crimes of his father.

Thankfully, though, the story doesn’t end there. Another Klingon house (which shall remain nameless, for reasons of honor and security) owed the House of Mogh a secret long-standing debt. They managed to obtain Worf’s body, moments after his perceived death, revived him, and whisked him off to a secret location on Qo’Nos. There, he was stabilized, cared for, and nursed back to health – in repayment of that family debt.

Lieutenant Worf was unable to return to the Enterprise, as planned, because he was "dead", and was under the secret intensive medical care of those who rescued him.

Here, aboard the Enterprise, my runabout, and its search and rescue crew -- operating as civilians -- set off to find Lieutenant Worf when he didn’t return from his personal leave. Our mission was recorded through posts I shared on my personal Sam Archer Facebook page.

On the evening of the day we finally gained a hearing with the Klingon High Council – after they informed us of Worf’s execution, a personal courier delivered a message to our runabout (which was parked in the capital city space port), asking us to meet. Since it was a clandestine meeting, I referred to it as a “sight-seeing visit” to avoid suspicion. That meeting, the next day, was with members of the Klingon house that rescued Worf.

We met, in secret, and Lieutenant Worf was returned to us. Leaders of this house also provided us with ferry passage, out of Klingon space, aboard a Klingon warship owned by this house. Clearance codes were changed, and this warship – was temporarily altered so as not to arouse suspicion. Unfortunately, part of our escape plan was leaked (most likely by a house spy), and our warship was boarded during a brief supply stop. After a daring hand-to-hand fight (aboard the warship), we jumped back into warp, and arrived safely at the coordinates of the USS Enterprise, where she was awaiting our return.

Now, in the present, our entire crew (the four mission personnel, and myself), Lieutenant Worf Rozhenko, and the SS Terra Nova are back aboard the Enterprise. We also have a new secret ally among the Klingon houses. Their house identity, however, is known only to those of us who were aboard the Terra Nova. They requested anonymity, and we will uphold their request. We are grateful for their assistance, and honored by their actions that saved Lieutenant Worf’s life. We wish them well, and hope their identity (as far as this matter is concerned) can remain secret.

Unfortunately, there is a downside to this mission. Lieutenant Worf Rozhenko can never again set foot in Klingon territory. The ties to his heritage have been broken, and his family honor is gone. He is dead on Qo’Nos, and no longer a son of Mogh. He is now, in every sense of the word, an orphan who grew up on Gault (and later, Earth). He remains a citizen of the Federation, and a respected Starfleet officer, but his Klingon birthright is no longer valid.

So, yeah, that was our mission. We’re back, we’re alive, and we’re exhausted. It sure feels good, though, to be home – among friends -- and no longer surrounded by millions of Klingons (some of whom still want to kill us).

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Friday, March 12

Terra Nova: Hitching A Ride

This post was shared from Lieutenant Sam Archer, while on a mission aboard the runabout, SS Terra Nova. It is archived here for mission report purposes. 

The runabout, Terra Nova, is preparing to park in the shuttlebay of a Klingon warship. They will be our (warp-9) ride home. We are bound for the Enterprise, and should arrive in 2-3 days. We are all safe, secure, and immensely grateful to our Klingon friends for the assistance they have provided within the past few days.

Keep the light on for us. We're bringing our mission home.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Thursday, March 11

Terra Nova: Heartbroken

This post was shared by Lieutenant Sam Archer, while on a mission aboard the runabout, SS Terra Nova. It is archived here for mission report purposes. 

All of us, aboard the runabout Terra Nova, are struggling with the news that Lieutenant Worf Rozhenko was executed by the Klingon High Council. To the Klingons, Worf is a traitor to the Empire. His name is no longer spoken. To us, he was a good man. WE will remember him well, for how WE knew him.

Please know that we are upset, angry, and heartbroken over this fulfillment of Klingon law. It is a law that most of us in the Federation do not understand. But it is the law of the land, and we, operating as civilians, are subject to Klingon law as long as we are visiting their planets, in their space.

Please keep in mind too, this communication platform that I am using (the same as in my Enterprise PAO office), is a unique wide-broadcast platform. It is not a standard encryptable point-to-point message system. While the message range is (still mysteriously) further-traveling than normal communication channels, I have no control over who can see my updates. As such, the Klingons can likely receive and read what I write. I choose to honor their laws while I am subject to them.

Think of this PAO communication system like an old-Earth radio-wave broadcast. The message goes wherever the wave travels, and is received by whomever is in the (oddly expansive) range to pick up the signal. Standard communication is like an old-Earth fiberoptic telephone line, where there is one sender, and one targeted receiver. Standard communication is limited to warp 1, and is pointless outside of close proximity. Commship messages are only possible if a commship is available to deliver messages (at warp 9).

That being said (and stepping back from my tangent)....

We, as Federation civilian visitors to Qo'Nos, mourn the loss of a man whom we still admire. He is gone now, and we must accept that, even if we don't like it.

As far as our mission, unfortunately, it has come to an end, and we will be returning home. We do have one last-minute sight-seeing visit to make tomorrow, but, after that, we will return to the Enterprise. As I understand it, we will be given ferry passage aboard a warp-9 Klingon warship.

We will be home soon, and then we can all honor Lieutenant Worf together -- safely, within Federation space.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Wednesday, March 10

Terra Nova: Lieutenant Worf is Dead

This post was shared from Lieutenant Sam Archer, while on a mission aboard the runabout SS Terra Nova. It is archived here for mission report purposes.

I don’t know how to say this, so I’ll be blunt…. Chancellor K’mpec and the Klingon High Council have informed us that Lieutenant Worf Rozhenko is dead. They executed him for treason, a capital crime for which his bloodline was guilty.

Apparently, Mogh, Worf’s biological father, was discovered to be the man who provided security codes to the Romulans during their sneak attack on Khitomer twenty years ago. The colony was wiped out, and thousands of Klingon men, women and children died. Lieutenant Worf, a child at the time, was the only survivor. He has now been executed to pay for his father’s crime, and to avenge the honor of those who died.

From the information we have gathered during this mission, Lieutenant Worf Rozhenko left the Enterprise, and met a Klingon commander at the G’araxa colony. The two men traveled to Qo’Nos, where Worf chose to challenge the accusations against his father, with the Klingon commander as his aide. Shortly after the proceedings began, however, Worf’s aide was murdered. A day later, after the evidence of Mogh’s crime was presented to the High Council, Worf was executed in accordance with Klingon law.

Chancellor K’mpec made it clear that Lieutenant Worf’s body has been disposed of, in accordance with the execution of a traitor to the Empire.

Our mission crew is deeply shaken by this news. We had hoped to bring Lieutenant Worf home, but, now, no longer seem to have the ability to do so. We will remain on Qo’Nos until we are able to confirm – with our own eyes – that this news is, indeed, accurate. A visit to the morgue, tomorrow, should provide us with concrete proof of Lieutenant Worf’s fate.

I wish I had better news to report. I wish I knew how to express how I really feel.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer