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Tuesday, January 17

The Federation-Cardassian Treaty of 2370

Joy and Hallelujah! The two-decade-long conflict between the United Federation of Planets and the Cardassian Union has come to an end. The Cardassian War is over. Both sides signed an armistice three years ago, however, the official peace terms were finally negotiated and signed on January 8th (earlier this month). News of this signing just reached us today, via commship.

The treaty was signed on the neutral planet of Tohvun III, the location of negotiations for the past three years. Tohvun III is 39 light years from Bajor, near the Federation-Cardassian border.

According to the terms of the Federation-Cardassian Treaty, a Demilitarized Zone has been established along most of the “lower border” between both powers. This Zone prohibits the deployment of armaments, armed warships, and the establishment of military bases within this new territory. It also sets the official border with the Cardassian Union, requiring the exchange of several populated worlds. Any Federation or Cardassian colonists living on these planets are being given the option of resettlement, and all Federation planets, transferred to Cardassian administration, are presently under evacuation orders. Starfleet is already beginning the process of offering relocation to all Federation citizens affected by this treaty. Our assets, here, at Enterprise Station, may be called upon to assist in this process as well, if necessary.

If you wish to see some of the local planets affected by the terms of this treaty, please take a moment to click the “Bajor Sector” tab (located at the top of this page). That tab will direct you to planetary listings, in multiple adjacent sectors -- within our operational range. I have just updated the database, so all sector information should be current and accurate.

Peace has finally come to the Federation. We are no longer enemies of the Cardassian Union. Let us celebrate this moment, let us remember the fallen, and let us pray that we do not find ourselves in a war, like this, ever again.

-Lieutenant Commander Sam Archer

January 17, 2370 – (Devron Timeline 3.0)

Friday, January 13

A Room With A View

I attended a special command briefing up on deck 1A, earlier today. I’ve always liked the Bridge Conference Room. It may be the best conference room on the station, and the external views (of deep space) are absolutely stunning!

-Lieutenant Commander Sam Archer

January 13, 2370 – (Devron Timeline 3.0)

Wednesday, January 11

The Discovery of Another Earth

Yesterday, a Federation (non-Starfleet) scout vessel returned from the Gamma Quadrant with some curious news. They discovered a complete copy of Earth’s solar system, ten light years from the Gamma Quadrant side of the Bajoran Wormhole. All of the planets are there, the Sun, the Moon, everything. According to their compelling data, there is a mysterious second Earth in the distant Gamma Quadrant (70,000 light years away!), and it has a likely population of at least 6-7 billion people, all of whom appear to be Human.

The scout crew also reported the existence of a few dozen manned sub-light vessels operating throughout the star system; no warp signatures were detected. Radio signals indicate that the population believes it to be the year 2023, and there is historical evidence that a genetics-driven war engulfed the entire planet within the last two decades. Analysis suggests that this duplicate Earth likely has a global culture very similar to the real Earth of the real 21st Century. Our Earth, however, did not have sub-light, extra-orbital, manned spacecraft until later in the century, and we did not experience a devastating global genetics war in our 1990s.

The scout vessel was unable to get too close to this alternate Earth, for fear of being detected. The lack of any warp signals indicate this Earth to be pre-warp, and, therefore, it is protected by the Prime Directive. The crew did gather sufficient early data, though, as well as a number of photographs, all of which will be heavily analyzed, here, aboard Enterprise Station. Future non-interference missions are all but assured.

Now, the question of WHY there is a copy of Earth’s solar system is an enticing one. Some of our station crew claim to have past memories of USS Enterprise-D missions to two alternate versions of an “Earth 2” – one where the planet’s population had been wiped out by a disease, and the other where the planet was never populated by Humans, but saw visitors from other times and places. Those Enterprise missions never happened in our present timeline, and no one remembers the coordinates of those alternate Earths (to allow follow-up visits in this reality). It is possible, however, that if our alternate selves allegedly visited two other solar system copies, this one, in the distant Gamma Quadrant, may have a related origin.

Obviously, we will need further intel missions to the Gamma Quadrant Earth before we can speculate too deeply. Still, this discovery adds a new wrinkle to our deployment at the Bajoran wormhole. The Federation may have just made another discovery of a lifetime, and that will, undoubtedly, bring even more attention our way. The Gamma Quadrant just became a deeper curiosity, and now, apparently, we have a mysterious Human home world to protect as well.

-Lieutenant Commander Sam Archer

January 11, 2370 – (Devron Timeline 3.0)

Sunday, January 1

Ringing in the New Year

Happy New Year from all of us in the Enterprise Station Public Affairs Office. Welcome to 2370!

-Lieutenant Commander Sam Archer

January 1, 2370 – (Devron Timeline 3.0)

Thursday, December 29

December in Retrospect

December has been a busy month aboard Enterprise Station, both personally, and professionally. Alas, however, circumstances were not permissive of regular posting from the PAO, but, a new year should change that. Being the PAO representative for the entire sector is a lot of work.

Here’s a quick recap of the past few weeks….

Earlier this month, we saw our first visiting species from the Gamma Quadrant. They called themselves, the Wadi. They are near-Human in appearance, but have unique geometric tattoos across their foreheads. They love gaming, and they eagerly introduced us to a peculiar game called “Chula”, which was played both with game pieces on an elaborate multi-level game board, and by a second set of players within a virtual world generated by the game. Our Commander Chakotay was not pleased to be selected as one of the virtual world players.

The Wadi also seemed to be oddly fascinated by the game of baseball, which we didn’t play while they were aboard the station. I am almost certain, however, that they will come back here at some point in the near future, just to challenge us to a nine-inning game. I, for one, don’t plan to miss that opportunity!

Before they left, the Wadi also gifted an array of items to Enterprise Station, including a barrel of alpha-current nectar to the PAO, and a small sack of gemstones from their home world. Lieutenant (JG) Tessa Kensington also – somehow -- managed to win a wardrobe of Wadi fashion apparel in an unusual game called, “Gavatrix”, which she was surprisingly skilled at playing (despite having never played it before). And, Captain Riker won a new hat.

Not all of December was enjoyable, however. A bad strain of the common cold spread through the station, and got mixed with Anagolian Chromatitis that one of our runabout crews brought back from the Gamma Quadrant. So, not only did the station crew suffer through severe cold and sinus issues, but the Chromatitis also caused the skin of those infected to temporarily change colors. It is unlikely that we will ever again see a purple Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge, a blue-skinned Captain Riker, or a green Orion-like Tessa Kensington.

Thankfully, most of the station inhabitants have recovered, and all affected skin tones are nearly back to normal, with the odd exception of Lieutenant Commander Data who is still light pink in color. We have yet to determine how – and why – he, an android, was affected by the Chromatitis. Perhaps that is just one of the mysteries of science that will never truly be answered.

December is also the month of Christmas, so despite the illnesses raging through Enterprise Station, holiday decorations still managed to brighten the corridors and lounges. Ten Forward looks stunning in the glow of twinkling colored lights; the deck ten mall is festooned in beautiful lights, garland, and seasonal artwork; the station’s first Nativity display has been deeply inspiring sight; and the girls of the PAO managed to brighten up our own PAO lounge as well, despite their own Chromatitis challenges.

On a personal level, I also had another temporal dream, which, I think, sheds a great deal of light on the who of my temporal experiences. On Christmas morning, I went back in time to Bethlehem. I was one of the shepherds in the field, who witnessed the throng of angels announcing the birth of Jesus. Yes, that really happened. I traveled to the manger, and I looked upon the face of my Savior. It was the most profound temporal experience that I have had thus far, and one that I will never forget. Given the destination, and the timing, I believe God may have a hand in my temporal dreams. How, and to what purpose, remains uncertain. Those of you who do not share my faith, may think me crazy, but I have seen what I have seen, and I have been where I have said. There must be a reason, and, following my visit to the manger, I am all the more determined to learn as much as I can from, and about, these experiences.

December has been a busy month, and, so far, it’s not over yet. There are still two more days to go before we ring in 2370. And I think 2370 is going to be a hard year to forget.

-Lieutenant Commander Sam Archer

December 29, 2369 – (Devron Timeline 3.0)

Tuesday, December 6

Sam Archer: Back on Duty

I have returned. I (Sam Archer) am back in the PAO. I have cleared medical, I have debriefed station command, and I have resumed my duties as head of the Enterprise Station Public Affairs Office. I was lost, and now I am found.

Today I wanted to take a brief moment to thank Lieutenant Jessica Reagan for doing such a fine job maintaining this department while I was away. In fact, she did so well that I have obtained permission to keep her onboard as a member of my PAO staff. She will now be the PAO liaison to the Enterprise Station civilian governing council. Moving forward, she will be our Starfleet representative to the civilian community aboard this starbase.

Lieutenant Reagan officially raises our PAO staff to four individuals.

I also wanted to thank all of you for your patience with our office over this past month, as well as your prayers and good wishes while I was MIA. I am well, and I am no worse for wear, but, alas, I cannot comment about my ordeal. As you already know, my operational experiences during November are confidential. I cannot speak about them, by order of Starfleet Command. I am happy to answer any personal questions that you may have, but I there are some things that I just cannot discuss. They will have to remain a mystery, as far as the public is aware.

That being said, it’s good to be back aboard Enterprise Station. I’ve missed this place -- far more than I can fully express.

-Lieutenant Commander Sam Archer

December 6, 2369 – (Devron Timeline 3.0)

Friday, December 2

Marilyn Monroe in Ten Forward

Marilyn Monroe is currently performing in Ten Forward. She will be there – on stage, in repeated sets -- through 2am in the morning. So far, Miss Monroe has been drawing large crowds, with monitors and folding chairs set up in the corridor to accommodate the additional attendees. Even a few local Bajorans have stopped by to enjoy the show.

I wasn’t able to get any photos of the event itself, due to all of the people occupying Ten Forward, but I did manage to grab a photo of Ten Forward before the event began. The floor-level stage area is located in the middle of the lounge, with the starboard window-area side door leading to a “backstage area”. The window blinds are closed behind the stage area. The portside window-area door (seen in the background of this photo) leads to the Ten Forward kitchen.

Our Ten Forward is a great place for intimate performances, just like this – and I’m sure there will be more in the future, however, as this event indicates, I think Guinan may need to obtain a few more folding chairs.

-Lieutenant Jessica Reagan

December 2, 2369 – (Devron Timeline 3.0)

Thursday, December 1

Sam Archer Returns Upon a WhiteStar

The Starfleet transport vessel, USS Whitestar, arrived at Enterprise Station today. It marks the first arrival of one of two ships assigned to monthly transport runs between Enterprise Station, and Lya III -- the nearest Starfleet base. The USS Whitestar, and the other vessel, the USS Badger, are both Aerie-class transports. The Whitestar will arrive at Enterprise Station on the first day of every month, while the Badger will arrive on the 15th of every month. Each vessel will remain in port, at our station, for five days, before setting course back to Lya III.

This schedule will repeat, every month, providing a regular transport link to Lya III. Personnel, civilians, and small-order cargo will arrive by this route. Other vessels will continue to run supplies, and large-order cargo, from Lya III and other locations, however, the USS Whitestar and the USS Badger will be the only vessels assigned to regular personnel transport duties.

That being said, the USS Whitestar was not the only new arrival today. Carried aboard the Whitestar was… Lieutenant Commander Sam Archer. Yes, Mr. Archer is no longer missing. Apparently, he was found – by distress call – drifting near the Whitestar route, in a non-Federartion shuttlepod. He is well, uninjured, and has passed medical with a clean bill of health.

I have not been fully briefed, regarding Lieutenant Commander Archer’s return, but I have learned a little about his recent ordeal. According to Mr. Archer, he was (stealthily) abducted from Enterprise Station, on October 28, by a nefarious individual who intended to try and access Mr. Archer’s temporal dream abilities for personal gain. Two days after Mr. Archer was taken from the station, the abducting vessel was captured and impounded by an unnamed intelligence agency that had been tracking the abductor for weeks. Lieutenant Commander Archer was liberated, but upon discussions with this unnamed intelligence agency, agreed to participate in a tactical operation that lasted throughout the month of November. Upon completion of that operation, the intelligence agency dropped Mr. Archer off, in the unidentified shuttlepod, to be picked up by the USS Whitestar as it made its first run to Enterprise Station.

I am told that the operation Lieutenant Commander Archer participated in remains confidential, and cannot be discussed, by order of Starfleet’s Chief of Staff, Admiral Gene Roddenberry. Yes, Mr. Archer's no-talk orders go all the way to the top of the chain of command.

It is definitely a relief to find Lieutenant Commander Archer alive, and well, however, the new mysteries surrounding his return, may prove to be more compelling than his unfortunate disappearance.

-Lieutenant Jessica Reagan

December 1, 2369 – (Devron Timeline 3.0)

Wednesday, November 30

Our 24th Century Marilyn Monroe

Former manifestation, Marilyn Monroe, will be singing/speaking in Ten Forward on Friday night. She disappeared from her timeline in late 1953, and appeared in ours, aboard Enterprise Station, earlier this year. She comes from the very beginning of her superstardom, so she will be sharing anecdotes, and performing songs from her career, up until that point. She will be singing, speaking, and taking questions – in repetitive sets -- from 8pm Friday night, until 2am Saturday morning.

This will be Miss Monroe’s first public performance in the 24th Century. If you are aboard Enterprise Station on Friday, anytime during those hours, stop into Ten Forward, to hear one of Earth’s iconic historical figures, live, and in person. In addition, Guinan will be serving a menu of classic beverages native to 1950s Earth. This is an evening you don’t want to miss!

-Lieutenant Jessica Reagan

November 30, 2369 – (Devron Timeline 3.0)

Tuesday, November 29

The Abandoned Terra Nova

As of this afternoon, Captain Riker has transferred Lieutenant Commander Sam Archer’s civilian runabout, the SS Terra Nova, to the control of our Public Affairs Office. With Mr. Archer missing, and no indication of his survival, a determination needed to be made regarding the future status of the abandoned vessel. It will now be used by the PAO for courier, transport, or other general department missions. We will, however, retain the vessel’s name, in honor of Lieutenant Commander Archer.

-Lieutenant Jessica Reagan

November 29, 2369 – (Devron Timeline 3.0)

Friday, November 25

Lieutenant Jessica Reagan

With the Thanksgiving holiday behind us, and me settling into my new role as head public affairs officer, here, on Enterprise Station, I think it’s time that I officially introduce myself. My name is Jessica Leigh Reagan. I hold the rank of Lieutenant, in Starfleet, and I am 27 years old.

I was born in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, on Earth. My father owns a furniture store in downtown Nashville, and my mother is a local nurse. I have an older brother, Jacob, who is also serving in Starfleet – as a security officer, and I have two younger sisters, Lana, and Rachel. Lana is married, and is a stay-at-home mom; Rachel is a civilian historian.

I am a Christian, and was raised by Christian parents. I love soccer – I played on the 2364 women’s national championship team while I was at Starfleet Academy, I am an avid runner (you’ll probably see me running the corridors of Enterprise Station most mornings), I heart Country Music, I love to watch Earth movies, and me and my digital camera are completely inseparable. I, also, absolutely adore the history and culture of the Bajoran people.

I attended Starfleet Academy from 2361-2365, and majored in Counseling and Psychology. I graduated with high honors, which allowed me to attend Exocultural Relations School (for six weeks), and gave me additional training in first contact situations. I was assigned, as a junior counselor, to the USS Magellan (Galaxy-class starship) for two years, followed by a one-year assignment to Deep Space 3. A friendship with one of the starbase’s Public Affairs officers, inspired me to transfer back to Earth and attend Public Affairs Training. After another year, serving at a Starfleet facility on Earth, I was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, and assigned to Deep Space 9. When DS9 was evacuated (and renamed Bajor Station), I found myself here, aboard Enterprise Station. When Lieutenant Commander Sam Archer disappeared, I was assigned to replace him.

Of course, I can never truly “replace” Lieutenant Commander Archer – those are some big shoes to fill. A cultural celebrity, movie actor, book author, holodesigner, the only survivor of the Devron Anomaly who remembers the entire incident, and, apparently, a man who could time travel in his dreams. Big, big shoes. I will certainly do my best to assume the position he left behind, but his reputation is beyond match. I hope Mr. Archer is in a happy place, somewhere. He will be missed – most of all by Lieutenant Kensingon’s pet cat, Mia, it seems -- but we must move forward.

I will honor Lieutenant Commander Archer’s memory, as best I can, and I hope to represent this fine starbase, at the wormhole, with just as much dedication. Here’s to the future. May it be kind to this unexpected starbase, named Enterprise, and the fine crew that gives her life and meaning.

-Lieutenant Jessica Reagan

November 25, 2369 – (Devron Timeline 3.0)

Thursday, November 24

Thanksgiving 2369

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to everyone who celebrates this American, Earth holiday. May your blessings be numerous, may your friendships be abundant, and may your reasons for gratefulness be without measure.

-Lieutenant Jessica Reagan

November 24, 2369 – (Devron Timeline 3.0)

Thursday, November 10

Moving On; Remembering Sam Archer

Lieutenant Commander Sam Archer is still missing. There have been no new leads suggesting where he my have gone (or how), and earlier today, Captain Riker officially closed the investigation into his disappearance. If Mr. Archer is out there – somewhere, he will find his way back to Enterprise Station. If not, he will be missed by those who knew him.

Our Enterprise Station Public Affairs Office will be hosting a “Remembering Sam” event, this evening, in the PAO lounge. If you are aboard-station, come up to deck two, and share your stories and memories about Sam. Light refreshments will be served.

-Lieutenant Jessica Reagan

November 10, 2369 – (Devron Timeline 3.0)

Saturday, November 5

DS9 Crew Departs Enterprise Station

The Ambassador-class USS Horatio arrived at Enterprise Station today. It will remain here through Monday, as it picks up the evacuated crew from Deep Space 9, and relocates them to Lya III for reassignment.

Most of the former DS9 crew will be leaving Enterprise station, however, a few of them have new assignments here. My own PAO staff, from DS9, are being reassigned, but I, myself, will remain here, to fill in for Lieutenant Commander Archer while he is missing. Commander Benjamin Sisko will also be remaining (with his wife and son), since he is of importance to the Bajoran people. He will join the station’s command council, and maintain an “office of the Emissary”.

Other former DS9 crew remaining aboard Enterprise Station include: Lieutenant Commander Bruce McAdams, Lieutenant Jadzia Dax, Lieutenant Greta Vanderweg, Lieutenant George Primmin, Lieutenant (JG) Julian Bashir, and changeling, Constable Odo.

-Lieutenant Jessica Reagan

November 5, 2369 – (Devron Timeline 3.0)

Thursday, November 3

Sam Archer is Missing

Good evening from the Enterprise Station Public Affairs Office. My name is Lieutenant Jessica Reagan. I am the former chief PAO of what used to be Deep Space 9. I have been assigned to Lieutenant Commander Sam Archer’s official duties, here aboard Enterprise Station, during his unexplained absence.

As many of you already know, Lieutenant Commander Archer disappeared from Enterprise Station Friday afternoon (October 28). He was last seen going into his quarters in the early morning hours. He was discovered missing when he failed to report for duty later that day. There is no sensor data from the hours that he was inside his quarters, and the door to his quarters did not open again, until two security officers entered in the afternoon. A missing persons investigation has been opened, with the current analysis indicating that he likely left the station, although, how he may have done so, remains undetermined.

Lieutenant Commander Archer’s personal runabout, SS Terra Nova, remains parked (and powered down) outside the station. There were no unexplained energy residuals in his quarters, his bed was still made, and he left no indications of departure. He seemed eager for his Friday tasks before his disappearance, which suggests that he left Enterprise Station unexpectedly.

The investigation continues, however, no new findings have been obtained. Mr. Archer is still missing, and I have been assigned to assume his duties until further notice.

I pray that Lieutenant Commander Archer is found quickly, and that he remains unharmed.

-Lieutenant Jessica Reagan

November 3, 2369 – (Devron Timeline 3.0)

Wednesday, October 26

A New Kai For Bajor

We received news today that Bajor has a new spiritual leader. On Monday, the Vedek Assembly elected Vedek Winn Adami to serve as the new Kai. She replaces Kai Opaka Sulan, who was tragically killed during the recent, but brief, civil war. Both Prime Minister Jaro Essa, and Vedek Fala Revor, gave short speeches praising the new leader.

I, personally, know very little about Kai Winn. I do know that she is passionate, outspoken, and loves Bajor, three traits that the Bajorans desperately need in their new leaders. It is my sincere hope that she can help bring unity back to her people, because, right now, more than ever, Bajor needs peace. Peace, calm, and prosperity.

-Lieutenant Commander Sam Archer

October 26, 2369 – (Devron Timeline 3.0)

Monday, October 24

Of Time & Dreams

As most of you know, ever since the USS Enterprise-D exited the Devron Anomaly, I have been experiencing what I call, “temporal dreams”. I go to bed some nights, and I time travel into the lives of other people, usually in the past. This happens randomly, and I have no control over where I go, or whose life I visit. I consciously inhabit the mind of that person, and I experience a period of time, as me, in their body. No matter how long I spend in the life of that person – hours, day, months, even years – I wake up again, in the present -- as me -- the next morning.

I retain the memories of my temporal dream experiences, and when I research that person’s life (once I am me again), history records their life moments exactly as I experienced them. I have free will in the lives I visit, and I try to confine my actions to what I discover about each person, however, when I ponder these experiences, I have to wonder… am I really experiencing history as it has always been, or am I unwittingly writing it anew? Unfortunately, I have no way of knowing for certain, because my experiences are the only history I, or anyone else, remember.

So far, I have experienced dozens of “temporal dreams”. These are a few of them:

I was Liliana Barton, the young woman passenger on the RMS Titanic, in 1912, who, I like to think, kept the famous ocean liner from striking an iceberg in the North Atlantic – during its maiden voyage. I was the woman who insisted that the captain make sure there were suitable binoculars in the crow’s nest. Liliana may be a footnote in the history books, but she helped keep the Titanic from sinking. I cannot imagine what history would have been like if that had happened.

I was Josiah Whitley, one of Zefram Cochrane’s scientists in 2063 Bozeman, Montana (on Earth). I made sure the iconic warp engineer had his rock music on hand before his successful launch. I helped to replace a vital component on the Phoenix. I shook the hand of Solkar, the Vulcan captain of the T’Plana Hath. I – as Josiah – was present for Human-Vulcan first contact.

I was a young woman named Edith Keeler in 1930 New York City. I ran a soup kitchen, and – dare I say this – I met a time-traveling Captain Kirk, Spock, and Dr. McCoy, although, there is no real-world evidence that any of those iconic Starfleet officers, from our present timeline, ever traveled into that past. I experienced Edith’s death, when she fell down a flight of stairs.

I was Darren Drake, the Secret Service agent who was killed saving the life of American President Ronald Reagan, in 1981. I – as Darren – stepped in front of the President, and was killed by the third bullet. President Reagan survived an assassin’s kill-shot, and I was there to experience the whole thing. Waking up from that “temporal dream” was greatly disorienting.

I was even a Union soldier, during the American Civil War. I was a Private in the 102nd New York Infantry, participating in General Sherman’s march on Atlanta. During the Battle of Pine Mountain, Georgia, in June 1864, I helped my commanding officer, Colonel Thaddius Riker, to safety after he was wounded. Another officer was so grateful for my actions, that he insisted I be photographed with the Colonel. Later, when I awoke to the present day, I found that very photograph in the historical archives.

I have also experienced the future – twice.

In one future, I was actually aboard Enterprise Station -- before the USS Enterprise-D was stationed at the mouth of the Bajoran wormhole, and before the ship was redesignated as a starbase. I won’t say whose body I was inhabiting during that experience (out of respect to that person), but I can confirm that what I experienced -- during that “temporal dream” -- became our present reality. For a short while, I experienced our then-future, I just didn’t realize it at the time.

I also experienced events in which I was a Starfleet officer, aboard a class of starship that has not yet been commissioned. That ship time-traveled into Earth’s past – 1996 to be specific, and was the famous “July UFO” that streaked across the sky above the city of Los Angeles. Anyone familiar with Earth history probably knows of that event. It garnered a great deal of press at the time. I – as the Starfleet officer – was aboard that “UFO”. I even had the opportunity to visit 1996 Los Angeles during that “temporal dream” (in disguise, of course).

Exactly two weeks ago, I experienced my longest “temporal dream” – the dream that led to me being off-duty in the PAO for nearly two weeks. In that dream, I got to do something I’ve always wanted to do – play professional baseball. I time traveled into the life of Milwaukee Brewers baseball player, Cale Bryson, and was him for his entire 11-year career. He was Milwaukee’s starting second baseman from 2000-2010. He earned four World Series rings, was awarded two Gold Gloves for his fielding, and was a much-loved franchise player, having played his entire career with the team. I, Sam Archer, have been a fan of old Earth baseball history since I was a child. Having grown up in Wisconsin, I have loved the historic Brewers team just as long. To experience Cale’s entire career, has been nothing short of astounding. I WAS Cale.

What I have struggled with the most, however, is that, during the twelve years that I experienced life as Cale Bryson, he – I – met a girl, fell in love, married her, and became a father to two daughters. The world, during those years, may have seen Cale Bryson, but I was the personality behind his name. I was the baseball skill behind his career, I signed those professional player contracts. I met his wife, Olivia. I became the father to those two little girls… I WAS Cale.

I looked up Cale Bryson’s career, his statistics, his awards, and they are exactly as I experienced them. What confuses me a bit, however, is that, Cale never played in the Minor Leagues (before I became him). He has a history that I came to know, but I couldn’t find many actual records of that history. I became him just before he attended a tryout with a team scout. He earned the second baseman role straight out of that tryout. That rarely happened in the big leagues back then. And what concerns me even more, is that Cale Bryson disappeared shortly after his retirement. He was never found, and his daughters finished growing up without a father. His disappearance was actually a major headline in 2010 USA.

I have since found reference to other people that I have “leaped into”, disappearing, or going missing after I returned to the present as well. Liliana Barton disappeared in 1912 New York City, after getting off the Titanic. Josiah Whitley vanished without a trace after meeting the Vulcans. Darren Drake, Edith Keeler, they died. The person I time traveled into, just before the USS Enterprise became Enterprise Station, supposedly transferred off the Enterprise. Cale Bryson went missing. These revelations make me wonder… History records these names, and remembers their accomplishments, while I was them, but they seemed to vanish from history when I left. Were these people real, were they – somehow – me “in disguise”, or is it just a coincidence that all of them were mysteriously lost to history when I awoke to the present?

The investigation continues – I need to know more about these people. But, at least now YOU know why I was off-duty for nearly two weeks. I’ve had a few issues to work through. I am me again, of that I am certain, but I am also still every single person whose lives I have visited, lived, or, quite possibly written into history. And why this temporal dreaming occurs, or who directs it remains unknown. I seem to be tied to history, far more than I realized. I need to know why.

-Lieutenant Commander Sam Archer

October 24, 2369 – (Devron Timeline 3.0)

Saturday, October 22

Resuming Reality

Well, apparently, my temporal dreams can – and do – have more of an effect on me than I realize. I spent 12 years living someone else’s life. During that time, I seem to have picked up a few traits that are new to me. In this case, I have come to hyper-focus on tasks at hand. I have gotten so caught up in resuming my duties, here, in the PAO, that I still have not written about my experiences. I promised to do so, and I have failed to keep that promise. I sincerely apologize. It would appear that I still have some recovery work to do.

Please bear with me. I will share my experiences. My counselor has encouraged me to do so as well. I need to get my head straight – my duty requires it. I’ll try again tomorrow.

Have a good night, all. Happy weekend.

-Lieutenant Commander Sam Archer

October 22, 2369 – (Devron Timeline 3.0)

Thursday, October 20

A Busy Day in the PAO

My apologies. No promised temporal dream explanations tonight. While I did return to duty today, I have been busy with briefings, resuming my general duties, and assisting with staffing integration issues (i.e., helping to determine whether any evacuated DS9 personnel can be utilized, here aboard Enterprise Station). I haven't had time to sit down and write a proper PAO post. Please bear with me. There is much to sort out, here, aboard Enterprise Station, before Starfleet Command starts reassigning evacuated personnel to other postings.

Unfortunately, it does not look like Starfleet will be returning personnel to DS9 any time soon. My condolences to all who were assigned there. Enterprise Station will be remaining at the Bajoran wormhole -- this has been negotiated and guaranteed, however, our general shift in mission is still being resolved and clarified.

I hope to share my originally-planned insight later tomorrow.

-Lieutenant Commander Sam Archer

October 20, 2369 – (Devron Timeline 3.0)

Tuesday, October 18

A Dream & Temporary Leave

I apologize for the silence, folks. I have experienced another one of my temporal dreams, and, due to the extensive nature of this experience, I have been ordered to spend 1-2 weeks away from my PAO duties, in order to recover, and get my head straight. Lieutenant Jessica Reagan (previously in command of the DS9 Public Affairs Office, and now unassigned, after evacuating DS9) is filling in for me (i.e., my other duties), while I am on leave. Thankfully, it has been an uneventful week aboard Enterprise Station, with very little news to report.

I hate being away from the office – as most of you know, and I hate being unable to share my time with all of you, however, going to sleep one night, and living someone else’s life for twelve years (during that night of sleep) can be a bit disconcerting. Especially when those twelve years included a wedding, a wife, and the birth of two children.

I’m doing okay, though, despite missing that family. They lived 360 years ago, and are now long gone, but the memories I have of them will stay with me for the rest of my life. I may have been someone else for 12 years; I may have been famous – doing something else that I love, for nearly as long, but my life is still here, in 2369. I’ll be back in the office later this week. I’m planning to put on my Starfleet uniform again for my Thursday duty shift. I will likely write about my temporal experience, and share some of the joys and challenges at that time.

I’m sorry that I could not be with you these past 1-2 weeks. I’ve had dozens of temporal dreams since our escape from the Devron Anomaly. This is the first time that the events of a dream have lasted for years. After this dream, I definitely need to figure out why this is happening to me.

I hope everyone is having a great week. I’ll see you again on Thursday.

-Lieutenant Commander Sam Archer

October 18, 2369 – (Devron Timeline 3.0)