Public Affairs Officer Profiles:
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Friday, September 10

A New Marine Commander

I apologize for the late post; I’ve spent the last 26 hours on Earth, attending briefings at Starfleet Headquarters. Public Affairs Command had matters to resolve before the Enterprise leaves drydock on Monday.

That being said, I do have some notable ship news to report this evening. Our Marine company commander, Captain E’za Dolim, a Xindi-Reptile, has been reassigned to a new command post along the Cardassian border. His extensive military experience was necessary on the warfront. In his place, we will be gaining a new Marine commander, Captain Gideon Lee. Captain Lee is a native of Texas, and the married father of two young sons. He and his family will be reporting aboard this weekend. If you see him, be sure to welcome him aboard. As I understand it, this is his family’s first assignment aboard a starship.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Tuesday, September 7

Departure Date Determined

I have been informed that the Enterprise will remain in port until Monday (September 13). I don’t know what our next mission will be, but I’m sure it will become public knowledge later this week. With a launch date set, our crew will trickle back to the Enterprise during the next few days.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Tuesday, August 31

Improvements on Deck Ten

I was talking to our resident El-Aurian, Guinan, earlier this afternoon, and she informed me that there will be a few minor upgrades to Ten Forward, starting tomorrow. Apparently, being in port, at a core Federation planet, has its advantages. Ten Forward will be closed for the rest of the week while the civilian crew does their work.

I have also been informed that a few new shops have been approved for our Deck 10 Mall (i.e., the outer deck on deck 10). The first of these new shop owners arrive this weekend. I do not have any early information on what these shops will offer, but those of us currently aboard the Enterprise, are likely to see some increased activity on our civilian deck.

The Enterprise is still largely empty and devoid of crew, but there is activity, if you know where to look. Maintenance and upgrades continue in our engineering sections, while most of our Starfleet and civilian crew are on leave throughout the Sol System.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Monday, August 30

An Enterprise Update

I have returned to the Enterprise, after spending two and a half weeks visiting my family down on Earth. It was a pleasant stay in northeastern Wisconsin – except for the late summer mosquitos. Those guys are vicious, and plentiful. I hate them, but they are commonplace this time of year, especially after heavy rains.

Ensign Cassie Queen is still playing tourist – in Greece, last I heard, and Lieutenant Tessa Kensington is visiting with her family in San Francisco. I heard she spent some time on the family homestead in Colorado as well. She went on leave alone, and was hoping to get in some private songwriting time. I imagine a rustic Colorado homestead is ideal for that sort of thing.

The Enterprise, herself, remains in drydock. The decision was made to replace a few warp components – especially after our damage (and subsequent “repairs” by the alternate universe Q being), so our maintenance schedule has been extended by a few weeks. The command staff believes it is better to have standard working engines that we know, rather than “magically-repaired” warp systems we do not. I whole-heartedly agree.

Since the ship is mostly quiet (the warp systems under repair are in the stardrive section), I thought I would tour some of the places that the Q-thing “magically” redecorated. I took some photos, and will share them with you while we remain in drydock. Earlier this evening, I visited our Ten Forward. Other than two lounge staff, I was the only person there at the time (see attached photo). Remarkably, Ten Forward was one of the ship locations Q did not redecorate.

You should see, though, what Q did to the Vibe Lounge, and The Saloon (deck 10 rim lounges that, originally, had the same layout as Ten Forward)! The civilian staff who run those lounges have decided to keep the changes. I think they made the right choice.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Tuesday, August 10

Parked in Drydock

The Enterprise has moved into position within one of the Earth Starfleet drydocks. We're parked and secure. Maintenance work begins tomorrow.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Sunday, August 8

Waiting For Tuesday

The Enterprise has been assigned a berth in drydock, starting Tuesday afternoon. Until then, we remain in orbit of Earth, awaiting our turn under the lights.

Many of our crew have already begun trickling off-ship, taking advantage of shore leave – some are visiting Earth, others are traveling elsewhere in the Sol System. Our own, Ensign Cassie Queen is one of them – she’s playing tourist down on Earth. Berlin, I believe. I’m not sure if/when Lieutenant Kensington or myself might depart the ship, but it’s a strong probability, at some point. A visit home is hard to resist.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Thursday, August 5

In Orbit Of Earth

The Enterprise has arrived at Earth after a three week journey from the coordinates of the alternate reality portal. We managed to close the portal by saturating it with dekyon particles, and have determined that this should, indeed, be our native timeline. We made our way home at warp 7, for safety reasons, and now that we've dropped out of warp, I can reinitialize communications.

The Enterprise has taken up orbit, and we are awaiting a berth at one of the Starfleet drydocks. We are scheduled to undergo some minor interior repair (to correct some of the “redecoration” Q foisted upon us), as well as to pursue a full dry dock analysis of our warp engines. Q may have repaired our collision damage, but Captain Picard is not willing to place his trust in the actions of an all-powerful trickster from an alternate reality.

Our stay at Earth does not have a listed end date, so I don’t know how long we will remain here. Shore leave has been approved for all non-essential crew, and mission interviews are likely to be conducted for some personnel at Starfleet Command.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Saturday, July 10

Back Where We Belong

The Enterprise has passed through the third alternate reality portal, and we should now be home again, in our native reality. We will likely remain here, for a day or two, while our science crew devise a way to close this doorway between realities. We don’t want any other ships to suffer the same damage we experienced. In addition, lingering at this location allows any vessels still searching for us, to track us down and put an end to their rescue efforts.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Thursday, July 8

An All-Powerful Trickster

Finally, we are free. Thank God, we are free at last. For the past 42 days, we have been trapped – held prisoner -- in an alternate reality, helpless, frustrated, and toyed with by an obnoxious, all-powerful being that called himself “Q”.

For 42 days, Q played games with our crew. He created a planet that replicated the old 19th century American wild west, and sent one third of the crew there to live, survive, and fight off Klingons, Romulans and Cardassians, all of whom were dressed as cowboys, ranchers, outlaws, train robbers, and other southwestern riff-raff. I’m told it was hot, dusty, lawless, and a struggle for those who were sent there. Captain Picard was among them.

Another third of the crew (which included Tessa Kensington, Cassie Queen, and myself), were kept aboard the Enterprise, and turned into young children. Apparently, this Q-thing had the power to do that, and he reveled in reminding us how child-like of a species we are to him. In the case of my staff and I, we became five-year-old versions of ourselves. We thought like children, we acted like children, and we were children, in every sense of the word.

The remaining third of our crew were left to maintain the ship, and take care of all the children. Our resident Adamoi, 17-year-old Evelee, became the volunteer guardian to the three of us. I remember my 42-day childhood quite well (as do Tessa and Cassie), and I can say with confidence, Evelee did a fine job corralling the three of us, and keeping us out of trouble.

The attached photo shows the three of us, as five-year-old children. Evelee managed to capture individual images of us, using our office-turned-playroom holo-imagers. And yes, this is how we also looked when we were experiencing our real childhoods so long ago. I don’t know how Q knew our past, but, apparently, he has control over matter, space, and time.

On the plus side, I discovered that Q is not allowed to exist within our native reality. He doesn’t have access to the no-Federation reality either. It would appear that, according to Q, God does not permit his existence in a handful of realities, most importantly, our own. Q even begrudgingly referred to our native (Devron Timeline) reality as “the protected timeline”. I imagine that has greater significance than we realize.

Yesterday, Captain Picard finally negotiated our release from Q’s control, and we were allowed to return through the portal – back into the no-Federation reality we had previously been in. We are still there, right now, preparing to pass through the last remaining alternate reality which should lead us home – to our native reality. Now that the entire crew is back aboard the Enterprise (and returned to our previous ages), we have a few things to take care of before we slip through another alternate reality portal.

Q is gone, and, true to his claims, he is no longer a threat. In a strange departing gesture of kindness, though, he repaired our warp engines, and reversed all remaining damage sustained from when we were tossed out of warp. The Enterprise is, once again, in perfect working order. Q also left us with another distinct reminder of his visit -- he redecorated many of the non-restricted areas of the ship. In short, many lounges, entertainment areas, and some crew quarters now feature new wall colors, non-standard furniture, and other unique decorative items. Our PAO offices and quarters are among these that he redecorated.

Before he let us go, Q stated that, “this ship could use a little color”. A little color is what we now have. It remains to be seen how much of this “parting gift” will remain after we return to port.

For now, we are safe, we are free, and, as I am now an adult again, my PAO posts can resume. I think I speak for the crew when I say, we are ready to go home. We are more than ready to go home. This alternate reality Q experience (like, so many experiences on this ship), is one we will not soon forget.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Wednesday, May 26

Crossing Realities; Returning Home

The Enterprise will be passing through the alternate universe anomaly within the hour. If all goes as planned, this ship will be back where it belongs before midnight. I’ll post a quick message to confirm our safe passage through the anomaly.

We’ll see you on the other side.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Monday, May 24

The Door Has Been Chosen

Our command staff has selected the anomaly that we will be passing through. Based upon all gathered data, it seems to be the most likely portal back to our native reality.

All three anomalies lead to our current coordinates, in their respective realities.

None of the three anomalies offered a conclusive result, however, the probe into the first anomaly did pick up communication signals from a Starfleet ship, identified as the USS Arcane. The Arcane is one of the ships claimed to be looking for us (in our native reality), however, the ship offered no response to the probe’s signal, before the probe was recalled through the anomaly.

The data gathered from the second anomaly registered nearby debris, likely from a Klingon ship, as well as an active distress call from a second Klingon vessel. In our native reality, the Klingons are not operating this far into Federation space.

The third anomaly offered nothing of note.

Captain Picard has ordered the Enterprise to prepare for passage into the first reality. Subsequent attempts to communicate – through the anomaly – have not yielding any direct response signals. By this point, however, it is entirely possible that the USS Arcane is out of range of the anomaly, and has not yet received our messages.

We are scheduled to pass through the chosen anomaly on Wednesday. At present, we are working with Captain Sam Archer’s crew, as they seek to outfit the Enterprise with programming capable of detecting the anomalies. Their sensor equipment (in this reality) is more advanced than ours, so, once outfitted, we will be the only ship – from our reality – capable of detecting the anomaly we are about to pass through.

We have a little over a day to complete these upgrades, say goodbye to our alternate friends, and maneuver our way to the event horizon of our chosen anomaly. If all goes as planned, we will be home, in our reality, by the middle of this week. From there, rescue operations can finally proceed, and we can get the Enterprise fully operational again.

Fingers crossed.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Thursday, May 20

A New Frequency

Good news, I think we’ve found the new frequency…

Ever since the Serenity started sending probes into the selected anomalies, we’ve been unable to connect with anyone in our native reality. It would appear that interacting with the event horizon of those anomalies, realigned their frequencies, and our communications were unable to pass through. If a change in frequency shut off our return signal(s), then we can assume that one of those three anomalies does, indeed, lead home.

When our PAO system lost all return signals, our contact with the probes Serenity sent through also dropped. It wasn’t until a few hours ago that we were able to regain signal access through the anomalies. We have successfully recalled the probes, and will be studying their collected data over the next day or two. We will also be adapting our process to account for the alterable frequencies of the targeted anomalies. Hopefully, we can avoid a repeat of this past week.

Since the probe data hasn’t been analyzed yet, we don’t know much about the three anomalies, or where they lead. Until then…. we will just have to continue to wait. Waiting isn’t glorious, or exciting, but, alas, it is a significant part of all space travel and exploration.

I hope we have answers soon. We miss the Federation.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Thursday, May 13

Three Large Anomalies

We, with the help of Captain Sam Archer and his crew, have identified three large anomalies, one of which should lead back to our native reality. Those three anomalies were determined by cross-referencing our original warp heading, determining the mathematical moment at which we were forced out of warp, and assuming that the anomaly coordinates in this reality, are the same as the anomaly in our reality. We likely hit the anomaly terminus in our reality, and violently dropped out of warp – through the anomaly – into this reality.

The odds of this kind of thing happening, even once, are astronomical. It shouldn’t be possible. On the other hand, the Enterprise does appear to be a ship prone to defying the odds, so… here we are, stranded in an alternate reality, looking for a way home.

Commander Riker, and a team of Enterprise scientists and engineers, are currently aboard the Serenity, as the civilian vessel takes another close-up look at those three selected anomalies. This time around, the plan is to send microprobes through the event horizon of each anomaly, and investigate the data they send back. Theoretically, that should give us a better look at the local space in each of those realities. From there we may be able to determine the correct anomaly that leads back to our Federation.

Now, keep in mind, this is all theoretical. To my knowledge, this has never been done before. We have no guarantees as to the outcome, however, we will do our best to target the most likely anomaly. We will get this right. It is doubtful that we will have a second chance to try again.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Monday, May 10

Analyzing The Anomalies

Captain Sam Archer, and his crew, have finished scanning the local area of space for anomalies. Starting tomorrow, some of the Serenity technicians will be coming aboard the Enterprise, and, together with our own select personnel, we will be analyzing their gathered data. From there, we will seek to identify the anomaly that could send us back to our reality, and then begin formulating a plan to make that happen.

Tomorrow should be an interesting, informational, and, hopefully, enlightening day.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Friday, May 7

Scanning Continues

The crew of the Serenity has chosen to continue scanning for another day (possibly two). They have indicated this area to be turning up far more anomalies than theorized, and categorizing all of them is proving to be a much more intensive task. Some anomalies are small and collapsing, while others are large enough for a starship to enter. Most of them are densely located.

They do not yet know which anomaly brought us here. That will likely be determined when we are analyzing the final scans.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Thursday, May 6

Scanning Of The Anomalies

Captain Sam Archer, and his crew aboard the Serenity, have begun scanning the area for anomalies. They’ve been working since this afternoon, and will likely still be on the job tomorrow. When their process is complete, Captain Archer and his technicians will come aboard the Enterprise and share their findings with the command staff (myself included). Hopefully their new high-tech scanners can confirm how – and where -- we entered into this alternate reality.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Tuesday, May 4

Downsizing In The PAO

In a bit of administrative news, we will be losing our support staff in the Public Affairs Office. Commander Riker wants to expand the ship’s Events Office, by adding a few more Starfleet personnel to the civilian-heavy department. As such, he has requested that Chief Kellin Granderson, Crewman Sonya Rose, and Crewman Zeyda Knight transfer to that department by the start of next week. While we will certainly miss them here, on deck two, they are excellent candidates for transfer, and should be a good fit for that office as well.

Due to overall crew needs, we will not be receiving replacement personnel.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Monday, May 3

The Alternate Archers

Our new alternate reality friends came aboard the Enterprise today. Captain Sam Archer and his wife, Cassie, visited us in the Public Affairs office this afternoon, and we shared stories from our respective realities. They agreed to pose for our imaging system, and provided information about themselves for our database. Attached is one of those images.

Apparently, Captain Sam and his crew of 25 individuals, are native to a reality (this reality) in which the United Federation of Planets was never created, and Earth is the center of a small republic of Human colony worlds. There are peace treaties and alliances between neighboring species, but humanity’s influence in the stars does not extend nearly as far as it does in our Federation reality. Here, Earth’s sphere of influence is at peace, and very few contacts have been made with the distant Klingon, Romulan, Cardassian and Ferengi empires.

Captain Sam and his crew are operating an independent starship (owned by him and his wife) named, “Serenity”, after a ship in one of Captain Sam’s favorite Old Earth television shows. Sam, and his crew, are under contract with an Earth company known as Belladyne Inc., to explore unknown space, and seek out new sources of minerals, habitable planets, and friendly trade allies. Starfleet does exist, but it is a much smaller organization, and one often plagued with financial limitations.

The Serenity was dropping out of warp, in what is, to them, relatively unexplored space, to pursue claims of strange anomalies – almost mythic in nature. Most ships avoid this region of space because of legends surrounding the disappearance of deep space vessels. Belladyne wanted more data on this strange region, so the intrepid crew of Serenity was tapped for a mission. Apparently, some Earth technology, in this reality, has advanced further than in our reality, and Belladyne has just developed a new scanning device that may be useful out here. Captain Sam believes our presence, in their reality, may have some connection to the mysteries of this region.

Our Federation reality has no such legends or lore for this region, and, where we come from, this part of space is well explored, well settled, and relatively uninteresting.

So, while it may be odd, and somewhat disconcerting, for Ensign Cassie and myself be working with mirror versions of ourselves, their insight may be able to get the Enterprise-D back home, to our reality. We don’t know how long that will take, but we welcome the assistance. The Serenity does not have the capabilities to get our warp engines running again (it's too small of a ship), but we do have fully-functioning impulse engines, and if an anomaly that brought us here is still out there, it is likely to be within practical impulse range.

I’ve often wondered why our PAO communication system is still working, and still reaching ships and crews in our reality. An open anomaly, to our Federation reality, may provide that answer. Our signal may be reaching through the alleged anomaly – which means, somewhere nearby, the anomaly is still open, and waiting to be found.

With our own native Starfleet/Federation technology, it is unlikely that anyone will be able to locate our terminus of an anomaly (in our reality), but it is good to know that the door is still open.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Sunday, May 2

Rescued By Serenity

A ship just answered our long-standing distress call, and is offering to render aid. We identified it as a Condor-class vessel, usually in service to the Port Guard. The captain called it “Serenity”. I think we can fully confirm our presence in an alternate reality, because the captain of that vessel is me – the me native to this reality. And, based upon initial dialogue, he is married to his first officer – Cassie (the alternate version of our own Ensign Cassie Queen).

I do not yet know any specifics of this reality, but Captain Picard has begun discussions with alternate-Sam, and we will likely learn more as he and his crew assist us. They appear to be friendly, and are operating a civilian vessel, on a mission of exploration. They heard our distress signal when they dropped out of warp, and immediately came to assist.

We will proceed with caution (and curiosity).

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Thursday, April 29

An Alternate Reality?

The USS Liberty returned to the Enterprise today, however, it arrived alone. Our runabout, which we sent to Gellius to find help, did not return with a rescue ship. Apparently, there were none available. In fact, there was no one there to begin with. According to the Liberty crew, the entire planet of Gellius is now uninhabited. The millions of Federation citizens living there – on a Federation member planet – are gone. It is as if the colony world had never been settled.

Gellius is now nothing more than a lush class-M wilderness, populated only by its native plants and animals. Either something has happened to the Gellius we know, or, as Lieutenant Commander Data has theorized, we may not be in our reality anymore.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer