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Thursday, May 20

A New Frequency

Good news, I think we’ve found the new frequency…

Ever since the Serenity started sending probes into the selected anomalies, we’ve been unable to connect with anyone in our native reality. It would appear that interacting with the event horizon of those anomalies, realigned their frequencies, and our communications were unable to pass through. If a change in frequency shut off our return signal(s), then we can assume that one of those three anomalies does, indeed, lead home.

When our PAO system lost all return signals, our contact with the probes Serenity sent through also dropped. It wasn’t until a few hours ago that we were able to regain signal access through the anomalies. We have successfully recalled the probes, and will be studying their collected data over the next day or two. We will also be adapting our process to account for the alterable frequencies of the targeted anomalies. Hopefully, we can avoid a repeat of this past week.

Since the probe data hasn’t been analyzed yet, we don’t know much about the three anomalies, or where they lead. Until then…. we will just have to continue to wait. Waiting isn’t glorious, or exciting, but, alas, it is a significant part of all space travel and exploration.

I hope we have answers soon. We miss the Federation.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer