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Thursday, August 5

In Orbit Of Earth

The Enterprise has arrived at Earth after a three week journey from the coordinates of the alternate reality portal. We managed to close the portal by saturating it with dekyon particles, and have determined that this should, indeed, be our native timeline. We made our way home at warp 7, for safety reasons, and now that we've dropped out of warp, I can reinitialize communications.

The Enterprise has taken up orbit, and we are awaiting a berth at one of the Starfleet drydocks. We are scheduled to undergo some minor interior repair (to correct some of the “redecoration” Q foisted upon us), as well as to pursue a full dry dock analysis of our warp engines. Q may have repaired our collision damage, but Captain Picard is not willing to place his trust in the actions of an all-powerful trickster from an alternate reality.

Our stay at Earth does not have a listed end date, so I don’t know how long we will remain here. Shore leave has been approved for all non-essential crew, and mission interviews are likely to be conducted for some personnel at Starfleet Command.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer