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Monday, August 30

An Enterprise Update

I have returned to the Enterprise, after spending two and a half weeks visiting my family down on Earth. It was a pleasant stay in northeastern Wisconsin – except for the late summer mosquitos. Those guys are vicious, and plentiful. I hate them, but they are commonplace this time of year, especially after heavy rains.

Ensign Cassie Queen is still playing tourist – in Greece, last I heard, and Lieutenant Tessa Kensington is visiting with her family in San Francisco. I heard she spent some time on the family homestead in Colorado as well. She went on leave alone, and was hoping to get in some private songwriting time. I imagine a rustic Colorado homestead is ideal for that sort of thing.

The Enterprise, herself, remains in drydock. The decision was made to replace a few warp components – especially after our damage (and subsequent “repairs” by the alternate universe Q being), so our maintenance schedule has been extended by a few weeks. The command staff believes it is better to have standard working engines that we know, rather than “magically-repaired” warp systems we do not. I whole-heartedly agree.

Since the ship is mostly quiet (the warp systems under repair are in the stardrive section), I thought I would tour some of the places that the Q-thing “magically” redecorated. I took some photos, and will share them with you while we remain in drydock. Earlier this evening, I visited our Ten Forward. Other than two lounge staff, I was the only person there at the time (see attached photo). Remarkably, Ten Forward was one of the ship locations Q did not redecorate.

You should see, though, what Q did to the Vibe Lounge, and The Saloon (deck 10 rim lounges that, originally, had the same layout as Ten Forward)! The civilian staff who run those lounges have decided to keep the changes. I think they made the right choice.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer