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Sunday, May 2

Rescued By Serenity

A ship just answered our long-standing distress call, and is offering to render aid. We identified it as a Condor-class vessel, usually in service to the Port Guard. The captain called it “Serenity”. I think we can fully confirm our presence in an alternate reality, because the captain of that vessel is me – the me native to this reality. And, based upon initial dialogue, he is married to his first officer – Cassie (the alternate version of our own Ensign Cassie Queen).

I do not yet know any specifics of this reality, but Captain Picard has begun discussions with alternate-Sam, and we will likely learn more as he and his crew assist us. They appear to be friendly, and are operating a civilian vessel, on a mission of exploration. They heard our distress signal when they dropped out of warp, and immediately came to assist.

We will proceed with caution (and curiosity).

-Lieutenant Sam Archer