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Thursday, July 18

The Adamoi, Earth and the Biblical Flood

Three of our away teams have completed their missions, while the diplomacy team continues to meet with the Adamoi representatives. First contact protocols continue, while the rest of us are back on the Enterprise studying the data we collected.

My own historical team visited a few libraries and cultural locations, and brought back an extensive and deeply fascinating file on Adamoi history. As it turns out, Techelen is not their homeworld. According to the Adamoi, they came from a distant planet they called, “Eresa” – a planet their ancestors left over 5,300 years ago – roughly 3,000 BC according to our calendar.

In addition, the Adamoi speak a language that is surprisingly similar to Hebrew on Earth. In fact, the planet name, “Eresa”, mirrors the Hebrew word, “eres”, which translates as, “earth” or “land”. The Adamoi representatives -- who learned to speak English in preparation for our arrival – eagerly pointed out these similarities. Throughout our visit, they kept asking to know more about Earth, and openly theorized that our two peoples may actually come from the same planet. And to make these claims even more interesting, their accounts of emigrating to Techelen speak of a man-made portal that sounds an awful lot like the mythical Iconian Gateway.

But here’s the kicker... there are actually fringe scientists on Earth that have developed nearly identical theories. In fact, it is believed – by those scientists and scholars – that ancient Humans on Earth created a portal leading to other planets, and by stepping through that portal, they were instantly transported throughout the universe. Those scholars believe that Humans who passed through this portal were stripped of their humanity, and physically altered to become the “alien” civilizations we are meeting in recent centuries. Their theories are viewed as crazy by almost everyone, but, with the discovery of these claims by the Adamoi, I can’t help but wonder.

It’s not really my place to bring religion into my posts, but in this case, it might be worth mentioning. I am a Christian – I believe in the Bible, and I believe that the universe was created by God. In the Christian faith, the Bible speaks of the Earth being created as a global tropical paradise, but then later destroyed in a global flood due to the wickedness of those who lived on Earth at the time. When the flood waters receded, the Earth we know was revealed, and all those who lived before the flood – except for a man named Noah and his family -- perished.

If there is any truth to the Adamoi claims, and if they are – in any way – connected to Earth, they would have left the planet, via their portal, before the Biblical flood. In fact, the Adamoi claimed date of around 3,000 BC would have been about 500 years before the flood. And, if that’s not enough to ponder, the bones of giant humans, as tall as 10 feet, have been found on Earth, dating to ancient eras. The Bible even speaks of many tall/giant Humans living during the history of the Bible (AFTER the flood).

And, as the icing on this historical cake, our science team brought back genetic samples given to them by the Adamoi doctors and scientists. Those samples indicate stronger, more resilient strands of, yes, Human DNA. So, if we put the pieces together, are we, the Human crew of the USS Enterprise, making first contact with a distant line of taller, healthier, and more robust Humans, who may be descended from the ancient Humans who lived on Earth before the Flood?

If so…. we may have just made THE greatest scientific discovery in Human history. There’s certainly a lot more research to be done, however, if this data pans out – all I can say is...


-Lieutenant Sam Archer

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