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Sunday, February 26

Bolarus: Preparing To Leave Drydock

Repairs on the Enterprise are now complete. Damage from our first contact with the Borg has been removed. With the ship once again mission-ready, tonight will be our last night moored in dry dock. Tomorrow we leave Bolarus; Tomorrow we head back out into to deep space.

The Borg made it known to us during their attack, that "resistance is futile". That may be true -- on the surface, but, I think they underestimate who we really are. They underestimate the spirit and resolve of Starfleet. They underestimate our willingness to surrender in the face of extreme odds. The Borg may be coming; Earth may be in danger. But we will not let them stop us.

We took a beating, there's no denying that. We lost a few good men and woman. We were hurt, we were maimed, but we will not be kept down. There's a huge galaxy out there, and we're going to warp right back out there, and see what awaits us. Why, because we're Starfleet -- exploration is what we do.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Thursday, February 23

USS Eagle, Constitution-Class Starship

Our crew has begun returning to the Enterprise after a few weeks of shore leave (while the ship was docked for repairs in orbit of Bolarus). I, myself, spent most of my time down on the planet, staying in a few hotels, sightseeing, visiting the local Bolian museums. It was an enlightening and awe-inspiring experience. Before this month, I had never been to Bolarus.

One of the museums that I visited while I was on leave, was the orbital Bolarus Space Museum. Their collection of retired starships looks a lot like the ship museums in orbit of Earth, only with a stronger focus on Federation, Bolian and independent vessels.

One of the true gems of the Bolarus Space Museum, though, was the old Constitution-class USS Eagle (NCC-1685) -- as seen in this photograph. I've been aboard the original USS Constitution in orbit of Earth, as well as the old Constitution-class USS Republic (currently assigned to Starfleet Academy), but the Eagle was quite an experience. While she remains a stationary museum ship, she also has an active crew that wears the old Starfleet uniforms, and maintains the ship as if she was still in service over a century ago.

They call it, "living history". It was deeply fascinating.

While I am in love our Galaxy-class USS Enterprise-D, I do have to admit, these old Constitution-class vessels have a special charm that the conveniences of our modern vessels just can't match. It's a rugged, down-to-earth, "we'll make it work" kind of charm. I can only imagine the thrill Starfleet officers like James T. Kirk had serving aboard these beauties. Oh what an experience that must have been!

The USS Eagle herself was launched in 2218, and served in the fleet for 82 years. She's seen a lot of history, explored many star systems, and carried a few diverse crews. She's not the more famous USS Enterprise NCC-1701, but she did serve in the fleet at the same time -- and remained in service for over three decades longer. That's an impressive lifetime, for any starship.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Sunday, February 5

Bolarus: Shore Leave

The USS Enterprise is now parked in one of the repair and maintenance dry docks in orbit of Bolarus. Re-construction work has already begun, and should be completed by February 24.

All non-essential crew have been given shore leave for the next 19 days. Many of our personnel have chosen to travel to Earth, 28 light years away, aboard a Federation transport. Captain Picard, Wesley Crusher (the son of Chief Medical Officer, Beverly Crusher), and our own Lieutenant Kensington and Ensign Queen are among those traveling to Earth. They will enjoy a few days on Earth, before returning to Bolarus at the end of the month.

It's been a challenging few days. Time for some extended R&R.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Friday, February 3

Destination: Bolarus

The USS Enterprise is currently under tow, and en route to the nearby Federation world, Bolarus (home of the Bolians). We are being towed/accompanied by the USS Proxima (Nebula-class) and the USS Hornet (Ambassador-class).

Upon arrival at Bolarus (sometime tomorrow), we will put in at one of their orbital repair dry docks for significant internal and external repairs. All non-essential crew will be given shore leave for the 20 days of scheduled repair and maintenance.

Since Bolarus is only 28 light years from Earth, a Federation transport vessel will be available to take approved crew to Earth for a few days of leave with family and friends. Estimated leave days on Earth will be: February 12-16. On February 16, a transport will return to Bolarus, and arrive on the 23rd. Ship repairs are scheduled to be completed on February 24, after which the Enterprise will return to active duty, and depart on another mission assignment.

Captain Picard is scheduled to travel to Earth as well. He will be one of the crew aboard the transport from Bolarus.

Our own Lieutenant (JG) Tessa Kensington, as well as Ensign Cassie Queen will also be visiting family on Earth. I will be remaining here, aboard the Enterprise, although, I'm sure I will have plenty of time to visit the sights and locations on Bolarus. The uniqueness of Bolian culture intrigues me.

Feel free to follow the Facebook pages of Tessa Kensington and Cassie Queen. They will be sharing personal posts about their visit to Earth. I'll see about posting some of my own experiences on Bolarus while they are gone. It should be an interesting month!

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Wednesday, February 1

USS Enterprise: Bloody And Beaten

The USS Proxima (Nebula-class), and the USS Hornet (Ambassador-class) have arrived at our coordinates. They will be assisting with our repairs and medical needs. Once we are operational again, both ships will tow/accompany us to a nearby starbase.

After the damage we sustained in our contact with the Borg, we will need to put into dry dock for structural repairs. We have a gaping hole in our saucer section, significant hull damage across our entire superstructure, a severely damaged warp nacelle, and extensive interior damage from the mass Borg invasion. We're going to be laid up for a few weeks.

I'll share more as it gains approval for public release.

In other news, Captain Thomas Halloway is alive, safe and well. He disappeared from the Enterprise when Q sent us into the Delta Quadrant. Apparently, Q wanted Captain Picard in command of the Enterprise during our Borg encounter; he relocated Captain Halloway to Starbase 123 in the now-distant Federation Annex. Starfleet Command has confirmed that Captain Halloway is unharmed. For that we can all be thankful.

We were lucky. The Borg nearly destroyed us. While we certainly have Q to thank for our survival, he is also 100% responsible for the damage to the Enterprise, our many crew injuries, and the casualties suffered during our encounter. That has not earned him any friends aboard the Enterprise.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Monday, January 30

The Borg

We have made first contact with a hostile species -- and it did not go well. Guinan, the manager of Ten Forward, says these creatures are known as: "the Borg".

A few hours ago, the being known as Q, propelled us 7,000 light years into the unknown Delta Quadrant. He claims to have wanted to "help" us, by giving us a glimpse of the dangers that await us in deep space. Whether he was being helpful, or a menace, one thing is certain.... Pandora's box has been opened. We have made first contact with a species that wishes to destroy us -- to consume and destroy humanity.

That is truly frightening. Frightening beyond words.

This is a recap of our encounter:

Shortly after Q propelled us 7,000 light years into the Delta Quadrant, we discovered a planet near System J-25 that was covered by roads and infrastructure, but where major cities once stood, there were large craters -- as if a giant force had scooped up the cities, and whisked them away.

Not long after, we were probed by a unknown vessel on an intercept course. That vessel is pictured here -- a "Borg" vessel. It was a massive cube-shaped starship, with no life signs aboard, no shields, and no weapons of known design.

Two Borg creatures beamed through our shields into Main Engineering, and began accessing our computer core. Chief Engineer Argyle was killed while trying to intervene. Two security guards were also severely injured. From all witness accounts, these Borg creatures appear to be humanoid biological-mechanical hybrids -- living beings heavily modified with digital and mechanical implants.

Security soon dispatched these Borg "drones", and they left the Enterprise. At that point, the massive Borg cube captured the Enterprise in a tractor beam, and sliced into our hull as if it was warm butter. They extracted a three-deck section of the saucer, and pulled it into the cube. Eighteen crew members were within those extracted sections, and are now missing -- presumably captives aboard the Borg ship. Dozens of additional crew were injured or killed -- some even sucked out into space through the open hole in our hull. A total of 36 crew and civilians are unaccounted for.

Captain Picard ordered an away team to beam over to the Borg cube, but they were immediately beamed back to the Enterprise when it was discovered that the cube was "regenerating". The Enterprise escaped into warp, only to be pulled back into normal space by the pursuing Borg ship.

With our shields down, warp drive inoperable, a Borg tractor beam holding us in place, and severe damage to the Enterprise after a failed torpedo assault on the cube, hundreds of Borg "drones" beamed aboard the Enterprise. Our security and Marines sprung into action, but were overwhelmed, taking severe casualties.....

The battle lasted ten minutes or so....

And then, just like that, the Borg drones disappeared, and Q returned us to Federation space, although, not in the Annex where we had been assigned. We are now in core Federation space, near Bolarus -- 30 light years from Earth. We are licking our wounds, treating our injuries, working to hold the Enterprise together, and waiting for the arrival of rescue ships.

The Enterprise has been badly beaten, carved up like a Thanksgiving turkey, missing 36 crew, and treating over 250 injuries (including a few casualties). Thanks to Q, we have seen what is out there. We have met the Borg, they know who we are, and they know where we come from.

I'm sure we will see these Borg again, it is just a matter of when. They are relentless. They are frightening. They are real.

Evil exists. Evil is coming. God help us.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

A Petulant Push To The Delta Quadrant

He's back.

Q just appeared in Ten Forward.... with Captain Picard.

As far as we can tell (and that's without taking Q's word for it), this is the real Captain Picard, not a figment of Q's twisted imagination. Q took Captain Picard from his transport to Earth (over a hundred light years from here), and brought him back to the Enterprise. Q claims that he was "kicked out of the Continuum, and wants to join our crew".

Naturally, both Captain Halloway, and Captain Picard have refused Q's request. Trouble has no place among a Starfleet crew.

Q responded by telling the captains that we don't know the dangers out there in deep space, and that we can more easily overcome them with an omnipotent Q in our crew. He then -- in an instant -- propelled the Enterprise 7,000 light years into the Delta Quadrant.

When Q vanished from the Enterprise, so did Captain Halloway. We can only hope that the Captain is safe and unharmed.

I don't know if this message will be posted to the Federation subspace network, but I have shared it nonetheless. We are 7,000 light years into the Delta Quadrant. We have no idea what waits for us out there. But, I guess we're going to find out.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Saturday, January 28

Destination: Deep Space

The Enterprise has left Starbase 123, and is now heading out on our mission of exploration into deep space -- beyond the borders of the Federation.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

A Bearded Number One

Commander Riker has changed his look, and is now wearing a beard. I think it makes him look a lot more distinguished. What do you think?

-Lieutenant (JG) Tessa Kensington

Thursday, January 26

Captain Picard And The Iconian Gateway

Great news! Captain Picard is alive!

A little over twelve hours ago, Deep Space 4 (on the far northern border of the Federation) sent a subspace message to Starfleet Command on Earth. They reported the unexpected arrival of Captain Picard aboard a Federation science vessel. He had been discovered by the science crew surviving, alone, on an uninhabited forest planet beyond the Typhon Expanse. He was immediately rescued, and transported to DS4.

Starfleet then sent a message here, to Starbase 123 (in the Federation Annex), informing the Enterprise of his rescue.

According to Captain Picard, just before the explosion on Iconia twenty-four days ago, he stepped through an advanced transportation portal in the now-destroyed command center. That portal instantly transported him 146 light years to the distant uninhabited planet. With no communications equipment, he was forced to survive in the wilderness, alone, for three weeks, until the science vessel unexpectedly arrived to chart the planet.

Captain Picard was, indeed alone on that planet. Lieutenant Commander Data, and Petty Officers Jando and Mathews (the other members of Captain Picard's away team) stepped through the transportation portal on Iconia just before the Captain, and appear to have been sent somewhere else. Their location and whereabouts are still unknown, however, they are, most likely, still out there.... somewhere. There is hope for their survival.

Captain Picard has referred to the now-destroyed transportation portal on Iconia as an "Iconian Gateway". That seems like an appropriate designation. If the ancient Iconian empire possessed this level of transportation technology, perhaps there are other Gateways out there yet to be found as well.

According to Starfleet Command, Captain Picard is currently en route from Deep Space 4 to Earth aboard a Federation transport. When he arrives at Earth, he will debrief Starfleet Command, and then board another transport out here to the Annex. Upon arrival, he will resume command of the Enterprise.

Unfortunately, it will be about two and a half months before he will arrive out here where the Enterprise is assigned. But we'll be waiting. Eagerly, I'm sure. In the meantime, Captain Halloway will command the Enterprise on her scheduled exploratory mission into deep space, and we will meet up with Captain Picard sometime in April.

It could be worse, folks. But, we'll take what we can get. Captain Jean-Luc Picard is safe, and alive. This will make many people very happy! -- And a Federation-wide search can begin for Lieutenant Commander Data, and Petty Officers Jando and Matthews.

Great news everyone! An impromptu celebration is scheduled for later this evening in Ten Forward. The entire crew is invited!

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Tuesday, January 24

An Unscheduled Rescue Mission

The USS Enterprise has returned to Starbase 123 after an unscheduled rescue mission. We were prohibited from posting publicly during these activities.

The Enterprise, along with the USS Lincoln (Nebula-class), responded to a large civilian cruise ship under attack from three unknown vessels operating inside Federation space. All three attacking vessels were immediately destroyed upon our arrival, and we rescued 3,000+ civilians from the cruise ship before it broke apart.

The survivors have been delivered to a nearby planet.

We do not know who was attacking the cruise ship. It was initially believed that these may be local pirates, but markings on the ship hulls seem to suggest a more organized entity, possibly a new race or military organization in the region. Starfleet is investigating the matter, but further information remains classified at this time.

Now that we are, once again, back in port, we resume our preparations for deep space exploration.

In related news, Captain Thomas Halloway has been given command of the USS Enterprise. With the recent loss of Captain Picard on Iconia, and the limited experience of First Officer, William Riker, Starfleet has decided to assign Captain Halloway as the Enterprise's new commanding officer.

Morale is still low among the Enterprise crew, but, at least we have a new captain, and can move on with our scheduled operations.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Tuesday, January 10

In Port: Starbase 123

The Enterprise has arrived at Starbase 123 in the Federation Annex. We'll be docked here until the end of the week, during which time we'll take on supplies, reorganize a few departments, transfer some personnel, and prepare for our mission out into deep space.

The loss of Captain Picard, Lieutenant Commander Data, and Petty Officers Jando and Matthews still weigh heavy on our minds. In time that will ease, but for now, it still casts a sadness over our crew. In addition, we do not yet know the status of our captain position. Will Starfleet promote Commander Riker into the role, or will we gain a new commanding officer here at SB 123?

These are questions that will likely be answered within the next few days. For now, we're in port. Time for a little R&R.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Friday, January 6

A Loss Beyond Measure

The memorial service for Captain Picard, Lieutenant Commander Data, and Petty Officers Jando and Matthews went well this afternoon. In fact, there were so many in attendance, that they ran out of seats. The Enterprise Chapel was filled to capacity. That says a great deal about how much those missing men were appreciated and respected.

For those who weren't able to attend in person, the service was also live-broadcast on the Enterprise media channels throughout the ship. Even the auxiliary bridge crew viewed the service on the bridge viewscreen.

As acting-Captain, Commander Riker has some large shoes to fill. It may take him a while to truly fill them. He seems to be taking the loss in stride, but I can still sense great sadness in him. I think he may be feeling the weight of guilt in allowing Captain Picard to lead the away team. The dangers of away team leadership usually fall to the executive officer, not the ship's captain.

The truth is, though, we're all facing sadness in one way or another. Captain Picard was a good man. Lieutenant Commander was a one-of-a-kind android. And it is always a tragedy to lose personnel, even enlisted men like Petty Officers Jando and Matthews.

It's been a hard few days. The Enterprise has suffered a loss we may not yet fully fathom.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Thursday, January 5

Picard & Data: Missing In Action

After nearly two days of searching for the away team on the surface of Iconia, Commander Riker has officially called off the search. There has been no sign of Captain Picard, Lieutenant Commander Data, Petty Officer Jando, or Petty Officer Matthews. All four Enterprise personnel have been listed as missing in action, and will be marked as such in Starfleet service records.

About 2-3 hours after the away team beamed down to the surface of Iconia (three days ago), our sensors detected a large explosion near their last known location. Lieutenant Commander Data had reported that the team found some sort of control center among the ruins, and they were going to enter and investigate. That was the last communication we received from them.

Our investigation has since found the recent ruins of what appears to be that control center, but there is nothing useful among the debris to aid our investigation. The explosion was so destructive that, if there were bodies among the debris, they would have been vaporized instantly. With no other clues as to their disappearance, we have no other option than to list them as missing in action.

Earlier today, the Excelsior class USS Okinawa, and another Romulan Warbird have arrived in orbit of Iconia, and will be handling the diplomatic fallout from this incident. With our search ended, we will be leaving the Romulan Neutral Zone, and resuming our course for Starbase 123 in the Federation Annex.

Commander Riker is now the acting-Captain of the USS Enterprise. A memorial service for Captain Picard, Lieutenant Commander Data, and Petty Officers Jando and Matthews will be held at 1800 hours tomorrow in the Enterprise Chapel on Deck 11.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Wednesday, January 4

Enterprise: Back Up And Running

I have some great news! The Enterprise has isolated and destroyed the Iconian computer virus. We are no longer experiencing ship-wide systems malfunctions!

And we have two of our Facebook page fans to thank for this! Ashley Foster and Michael Brown suggested the idea of shutting down the Enterprise, and initiating a hard reset of the ship's computer and operating systems. Lieutenant Archer shared the suggestion with our chief engineer, Lieutenant Commander Argyle, and the engineering department made it work. They disabled the Iconian computer code, isolated the root activators, removed the alien malware, and we are now virus free.

The Enterprise is functioning properly again.

Now that the ship systems are back up and running, we can start searching for Captain Picard's away team down on Iconia....

-Lieutenant (JG) Tessa Kensington

Monday, January 2

A Slow March Toward Destruction

The Romulan Warbird, in orbit of Iconia, has exploded. It had become infected by an Iconian probe (similar to the device that infected the USS Yamato). Apparently, the computer malfunctions had activated the Warbird's self-destruct system, and the crew had been unable to deactivate it.

A number of Romulan escape pods had been launched prior to the explosion, so there are survivors. Our own Enterprise engineers have managed to launch the Calypso -- the Enterprise's Captain's Yacht -- and are making it available as a rescue vessel. Unfortunately, the Romulan survivors have so far declined our assistance, stating that they prefer to remain in their escape pods until rescued by another Romulan vessel.

Anti-virus engineering efforts continue aboard the Enterprise. Since we were not attacked by an Iconian probe, the computer malfunctions aboard the Enterprise are spreading at a much slower rate than aboard the Yamato and Romulan Warbird. Nonetheless, the malfunctions are starting to become more prevalent, restrictive, and in some cases, dangerous.

If we cannot find a way to purge this expanding virus from the affected systems, we may have to consider abandoning the USS Enterprise as well.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Angry Romulans And A Missing Captain

It has been about 18 hours since Captain Picard led an away team down to the surface of Iconia. Captain Picard, Lieutenant Commander Data, and two security petty officers went down to the planet to see if they could find solutions to the Iconian computer virus affecting our ship systems. About 16-17 hours ago, they reported finding some sort of control center, and that they were preparing to investigate the facility. We haven't heard from them since.

Shortly after our away team beamed down to the planet, the same Romulan Warbird that decloaked near the debris of the USS Yamato, arrived in orbit. They were immediately attacked by another automated probe from the surface of Iconia, and appear to be experiencing system malfunctions similar to our own.

Both ships are facing each other, with shields up, and systems fluctuating. It is a tense stand-off at best.

To make things even more uncertain, about 15 hours ago, our sensors detected a large explosion on the surface of the planet near where Captain Picard's away team was located. With shields up, shuttlebay controls inoperable, and communication and sensors fluctuating, we have been unable to contact, investigate or assess the status of our away team. Many fear that something disasterous has happened to Captain Picard, and that has significantly dropped morale aboard the Enterprise.

Our engineering teams continue to work around the clock isolating and containing the computer malfunctions, but they aren't having much success in destroying the virus. In the meantime, we sit here in orbit of Iconia, without our captain, and facing down a ship of angry Romulans.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Sunday, January 1

Arrival: Iconia

The Enterprise has arrived at the coordinates Captain Donald Varley suggested for the location of the mythical plant of Iconia. And, he was right, there is a planet here. Unfortunately, sensors have not picked up any inhabitants -- other than native wildlife. It looks like all of the cities on the planet were destroyed by orbital bombardment long ago. The planet is abandoned.

Shortly after arrival, the Enterprise was greeted by a probe identical to the one that infected the USS Yamato. Captain Picard originally intended to capture the probe, however, Chief Engineer Argyle, cautioned otherwise, and the probe was destroyed instead.

By destroying that "Iconian probe", we may have averted greater disaster. We do still have to contend with the computer virus obtained from the Yamato's logs, but at least we haven't gained any new computer problems.

With the Enterprise now in orbit of what we assume to be Iconia, Captain Picard has ordered an away team to beam down to the surface of the planet. He hopes to find answers among the ruins that can help us counter the virus infecting our computers. At the objections of Commander Riker, however, Picard himself will be leading the away team.

As of a few minutes ago, Captain Picard, Lieutenant Commander Data, and two security petty officers have beamed down to Iconia. We await their first away team report.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

A Digital Infection

Our chief engineer, Lt. Cmdr. Terence Argyle, has determined that it was not a Galaxy-class design flaw that destroyed the USS Yamato. The cause appears to be the result of an external source that affected the operation of the vessel's computer systems. That outside source interfered with normal operations, and caused vital safety systems to fail. Those failed safety systems likely led to the destruction of the USS Yamato.

It has also been discovered -- from the Yamato's downloaded computer logs -- that the ship was recently scanned by an unidentified probe of some sort. That probe appears to have delivered incompatible alien code into the ship's systems, and that code began interfering with ship functions, thereby causing the strange malfunctions all over the ship.

What may be even more disturbing, is that the Enterprise appears to be infected now as well, although, the interference from that computer code is spreading much slower throughout the Enterprise than it did on the Yamato.

It appears that the Enterprise became infected when we uploaded the Yamato computer logs.

After investigating the computer logs from Captain Donald Varley (the captain of the USS Yamato), Captain Picard has become convinced that Captain Varley did indeed discover the location of the mythical planet Iconia. The Enterprise has, therefore, been diverted from our previous location near the debris of the Yamato, and we are heading toward the suggested coordinates of Iconia here within the Neutral Zone.

The Romulan Warbird does not appear to be pursuing us.

We are estimated to arrive at the suggested coordinates of Iconia sometime later this evening.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Saturday, December 31

The Death Of The Yamato

We have some horrifying news to report. The USS Yamato, our Galaxy-class sister ship, has been destroyed. There were no survivors. Over 1,000 lives have been lost.

After receiving a distress call yesterday from the Yamato, the Enterprise diverted course to respond. At the time, the Yamato was stranded inside the Neutral Zone, and was experiencing significant systems malfunctions. Captain Picard believed that we could assist, since the Enterprise is of the same class.

A short time after arriving at the Yamato's coordinates, however, a power spike in their engineering section resulted in a sudden cascade overload of their power systems, and the ship exploded in a horrifying display of plasma and debris. There is nothing left to salvage. One of the largest and most advanced ships in Starfleet has suffered internal damage that shouldn't have been possible. Our Chief Engineer, Lt. Cmdr. Terence Argyle, is certain that the standard Galaxy-class engineering safety systems should have easily prevented the Yamato's destruction.

The loss of our sister ship has most of us in shock. So many lives, snuffed out in an instant. This is a tragedy most of us have never witnessed before. It should not have happened.

Captain Picard was a personal friend of the Yamato's captain, Captain Donald Varley. According to Bridge reports, Captain Varley claimed to have have discovered the location of the mythical planet, Iconia -- inside the Neutral Zone. Operations personnel are investigating the validity of these claims from the Yamato's computer logs obtained via data transfer before her destruction.

And, as if to throw salt onto the wound of the Yamato's loss, a Romulan Warbird has arrived, and her commanding officer is demanding that we leave the Neutral Zone immediately. They claim to have had no part in the destruction of the Yamato, yet, one cannot always take the Romulans at their word.

Captain Picard, has, of course, refused their demands, and intends to remain inside the Neutral Zone until we complete our investigation into the loss of the Yamato. When that will be, and what we will find has yet to be determined.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer