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Sunday, November 12

USS Enterprise-D Social Series

The USS Enterprise-D Social Series is set aboard the Galaxy-class starship, USS Enterprise-D, within the Star Trek universe. It mirrors the adventures of Captain Picard and his crew, as seen in the popular television series, Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Our story is unique, because is told in real-time. This means that the story progresses according to the known stardates within the show, but the events take place as if today's date existed within the 2360s. In other words, if today's date is November 12, 2017, then today's story events would be taking place on November 12, 2362.

The current story year will always be featured within the header of our website (above), and displayed in a variety of places on our USS Enterprise-D Facebook page.

By telling our story in this real-time format, our fans are able to experience the Star Trek universe in a whole new socially-driven way.

Our plan is to tell this story for the entire duration of the TNG series -- all seven years. It will feature the Enterprise characters that you know and love, but the events will be told from the perspective of the officers who work in the ship's Public Affairs Office.

Our story is told through blog entries here on our website, as well as social posts on our Facebook page. If you wish to follow the entire story,  please pay attention to both locations. 

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Story Adjustments

Please note: while we honor canon Star Trek as much as possible, our story does exist in a slightly alternate Prime timeline. This allows for some unpredictability within the Star Trek story we all know and love. It also allows us to take a practical approach to canon, and correct some of the lingering inconsistencies for the sake of better storytelling.

Other unique story perspectives include:
  • Faith & Religion. Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek, dismissed all organized religions during his life. He believed that, by the 24th century, contemporary Earth religions would have died out, leaving a secular, non-religious future. Much of his guidance over Star Trek follows this belief. While we certainly respect this view, the truth of human existence is far more complicated. There will always be human faiths and religions -- no matter how secular human culture becomes. One of those faiths, Christianity, plays a strong role within our story.

  • Money & Economy. In the Star Trek universe, the acquisition of wealth is no longer the driving force for humanity. In our story, however, we take a more realistic approach. Earth will always have wealth-driven economies and daily financial transactions. There will always be money. Capitalism still exists, and, Starfleet personnel get paid for their service.

  • Star Trek Chronology. Over the past 50 years of Star Trek, a cast and vibrant universe has been created. But that universe, like any fictional universe, contains contradictions and flaws. At times, we will seek to offer explanations for some of these contradictions. We will correct those flaws, and our explanations may create new perspectives that drive the story.

  • Federation Map. Our story makes use of the Federation maps featured in the Stellar Cartography: The Starfleet Reference Library collection. These printed maps establish the composition of the Federation in our story. The distances between the planets and locations on these maps determine the warp travel needs of the USS Enterprise within our adventures.

  • USS Enterprise-D Deck Plans. The interior of the Enterprise, and the layout of it's 42 decks are derived from the Rick Sternbach USS Enterprise-D Blueprints. Some minor adjustments have been made to accommodate our story.

  • Resource Limitations. While Star Trek often showed the Federation with thousands of Starfleet ships, 700+ starbases, and massive space stations, the reality is, a practical Federation just wouldn't have had the resources to build all of those things. Even one large spacedock-type starbase is an impossible construction project. Most of those impressive choices were made for television audiences, so that Starfleet and the Federation could look huge and imposing on-screen. In our story, however, we take a simpler approach. Starfleet is not huge, space stations are of the smaller variety, and there are resource limitations.

Details are very important to us. We love Star Trek. We respect its story and production history, and we wish -- more than anything -- to see it continue for decades to come. Our goal with this story is to entertain you, but we're going to do it in a new and unique way.

How YOU Can Participate

Great question! Here's what we suggest:

We have a few rules that we ask all story participants to follow. These rules are in place to promote organization, fairness, and give everyone a common set of realistic boundaries. We know Star Trek fans, and we know how eager you are to be part of something great within the Star Trek universe. However, we still ask that you honor these boundaries.

These are our rules:
  • Let us drive the overall story. Yes, most us have seen every Star Trek episode and movie. We know what happens in canon Star Trek. We know the future. But in our story -- in our storytelling, we don't know any of that yet. It hasn't happened. So, rule #1, don't jump the gun. Don't foretell the future. We will not hesitate to remove and ban participants who intentionally disregard this rule. Let the story play out. The future will happen when it happens.

  • Be surprised. React to what happens. Our story is happening in real time, so the thrill of this adventure is in seeking to experience the story as it happens. Yes, we will be adding unexpected events, missions and plot lines in order to keep things fresh and new, but when events happen that you expect, please pretend to be surprised. Learn and explore the story for the first time, all over again!

  • There is no such thing as "anything goes". Please use common sense. You are a participant in OUR story. The Enterprise-D is not a story centered around you or your character. You are a part of something bigger. Participate as your chosen character, play in our sandbox, but be respectful, be realistic, and don't try to become the main character. We will reward deserving fans who participate appropriately. -- We will also remove those who don't play fair. Cooperation makes for a better story.

  • No ranks higher than Lieutenant. I know many Star Trek fans love to imagine themselves as high-ranking personnel. But the truth of the matter is, in our story, the USS Enterprise already has a senior staff. The high ranks are already filled -- by Captain Picard, Riker, Data, etc. Anyone else on the Enterprise is either of a lower rank, or a civilian living aboard-ship. There may be special permissions granted to certain story participants, but almost everyone holds a rank below the senior staff. And not everyone can be a Lieutenant.

  • Don't be afraid to be a non-commissioned character. Non-commissioned characters are not officers. They are the people that enlist in Starfleet, go through basic training, and carry naval ranks like, "Crewman", "Petty Officer", etc. The majority of personnel in Starfleet -- just like in a real life military -- are non-commissioned; they never attended Starfleet Academy.

  • Pick a service department and locate your crew quarters. But be aware of the quarters limitations as noted on our deck layout pages. Most crew will share quarters with someone else. And most crew are assigned quarters near their service department. There are only a small handful of one-person crew quarters. The highest ranking personnel on the ship are given the best crew quarters with windows. Most crew will have windowless center-deck quarters.

  • Understand that you are not likely to be listed on our resource pages. This isn't anything personal. Who your character is, what they do on the Enterprise, where their quarters are located, all of those fun details, are for your own use. As much as we would love to give everyone the spotlight,  constantly updating our resource pages to include everyone as they enter and leave our story is time-consuming.

  • Please do not create new alien species. We have already put together a list of all Federation member planets in our story, as well as starbases, space stations, and Starfleet ships. A non-Starfleet Federation ship list is currently in the works as well. If your chosen character is non-human, please confine him/her to a Federation species that is among the canon species of Star Trek. If you have questions, or seek permission for something, please send us a message.

  • The main TNG characters are not available to control. They are background characters -- characters that we will post about from the perspective of our PAO characters. Our Enterprise story is, in essence, a "lower decks" kind of story. Most of us won't interact with Commander Riker, Captain Picard or the others. They do their thing, we do ours. In your own character participation, please don't become too chummy with the senior staff. 

  • Please leave the real-world debates outside of our story. This is a fun, social, Star Trek environment. Real world politics, events, and debates belong elsewhere -- on other websites. Please stay in-story as you interact with (and aboard) the Enterprise We will not hesitate to remove or ban people who choose to ignor this rule.

  • And finally, spam will not be tolerated. This is not the place to promote your ebay store, your cheap "discount" pharmaceuticals, your "dating" services, or your personal websites. Please respect us, and the entertainment purpose of our story.

We think this Enterprise-D story will be a lot of fun. After all, it's Star Trek; and we all love Star Trek! There are a many opportunities within this environment, and a rich tapestry of new events will be added. Let's see where this goes. Let's see what happens as our story progresses.

Jon Baas
Story Director
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