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Wednesday, June 26

A Diplomatic Mission to Meet the Adamoi

The Enterprise left Earth earlier today, and is currently underway to our first assignment since the Devron Anomaly. Our mission takes us to the Federation frontier, where we are to engage in a diplomatic mission to the newly discovered Adamoi.

The USS Saratoga (Miranda-class) recently made first contact with the Adamoi while on a survey mission. Their crew, however, was not equipped for a full diplomatic mission, so we have been given that task instead. We have diplomacy specialists aboard to assist us in this endeavor.

The Adamoi homeworld of Techelen is 40 light years from Earth. At warp 9, we will get there in ten days. The Saratoga will continue interactions with the Adamoi until we arrive.

According to reports, the Adamoi are an intelligent, creative, and extremely long-lived Human-like species. Most Adamoi are light-skinned, with white hair and violet-colored eyes. They have a rich artistic culture, a deeply-rooted love of nature, technology equal to the Federation (although, no interstellar space travel), and lifespans between 700-800 years. Their homeworld is surrounded by a protective canopy of water that keeps the entire planet in a comfortable, lush and naturally vibrant greenhouse state.

The Adamoi are also a peace-loving people, and may be an ideal species for Federation membership. According to Captain Storil, the Vulcan captain of the Saratoga, the Adamoi requested this Federation diplomatic envoy. They appear as eager to learn about us, as we are of them, although, there may be more to their request than they are letting on.

We shall see. At the very least, a new friend and ally on the frontier is always welcome.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

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