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Friday, May 31

The Eagle Has Landed

The Enterprise has a new shuttle – my personal shuttle, the “Eagle”. I put in a request to have her brought aboard back when I was assigned here last year, and nothing came of it. Now that we’re back at Earth, my request has been approved, and I brought her aboard this afternoon. She’ll be stored (and maintained) in Shuttlebay 3.

The “Eagle” is a standard Type-6 shuttle, purchased from the civilian market. It has warp engines capable of warp 1, and a beautiful metallic blue hull. My uncle William owned a number of shuttles during his life, and left the “Eagle” to me in his will. He passed away, years ago, just before I was accepted into Starfleet Academy.

Since I had my own shuttle in a hanger back home, I was eager to learn how to pilot shuttlecraft at the Academy. Over the years, I’ve taken the “Eagle” out for a spin whenever I’ve been home, but I’ve always wanted to put her to better use. With my status aboard the Enterprise, and my qualifications as a pilot, Captain Picard finally approved my request to bring her aboard. I’ll have to rent parking and maintenance space (since she is a civilian vessel), but the “Eagle” can more readily fly with the Enterprise as her base of operations. I, of course, will be her pilot.

I’m actually rather lucky in this regard. While the Enterprise is, essentially, a warp-powered city, with a civilian populace -- in addition to the crew that maintain her, there isn’t much room for permanently based civilian vessels. The ship’s compliment of Starfleet Type-6 shuttles, Type-7 cargo shuttles, Type-15 shuttlepods, FFC fighters, Danube-class runabouts, workbees, and visiting commships, handle almost all of the auxiliary vessel needs. The only other civilian vessel based aboard the Enterprise, is a transport shuttle owned by one of our civilian science teams. So, for me to have the “Eagle” aboard, is a rare opportunity to say the least.

Here’s hoping the “Eagle” can become an active part of this ship’s compliment – perhaps of use to the Public Affairs Office. Maybe an away mission or two. We’ll see. Just the fact that she can travel with me (and doesn’t have to sit unused on Earth) has me excited at the possibilities!

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Wednesday, May 29

A Warm and Hopeful Welcome

The Enterprise is in orbit of Earth as admirals tour the ship, our crew is interviewed, and many aboard ship prepare to relocate to Earth and other assignments. As of the last status report, nearly 150 Starfleet personnel have requested reassignment, and over 275 civilians have stated their intention to give up residency aboard the Enterprise. That’s 43% of the entire crew.

The heart of this ship is broken, but its persevering spirit remains intact.

On a lighter note, Starfleet Command has issued a public statement welcoming us back home. They have confirmed our identities, and are already preparing to recommission the Enterprise back into service. There are still a number of hearings, investigations, and changes to go through – and we’ll probably be at Earth for a while yet, but it is encouraging to see so many people excited about our survival. It is good to be appreciated.

Since the Enterprise will likely be at Earth for a while, all crew that have been interviewed, and cleared security, have been given leave. I myself have plans to visit my family in Wisconsin, although, I’ll probably do so for day trips only.

There’s a lot to catch up on now that we’re officially “alive” again, but I have confidence the remainder of this crew can pull it together. In truth, a few days of leave, on Earth, may be just what we need to start anew.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Sunday, May 26

Our Marble of Blue

It’s good to be home. Even if it is a year later.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Saturday, May 25

Beauty Among the Stars

The USS Enterprise-D is a real beauty – the finest ship in the fleet. I am both honored, and humbled, to be counted among her crew.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Friday, May 24

USS Enterprise-D: Sam Archer's Office

This is the work room of my Public Affairs office. The door on the left leads out into the main corridor on deck 2. The open arch on the right leads into my desk area.

A solid-object replicator is located next to the door. It also serves as a beverage dispenser. The narrow panels, on the wall near the replicator, are cabinet doors, behind which reside a personal locker and various shelves for storage.

This is another view of my work room, from the opposite corner (as seen above). The brown couch is a great place to read (moreso than the armchair on the right). Behind the plant on the table is a swivel office chair near a shallow work shelf. And the narrow panels on the right are, once again, cabinet doors hiding storage shelves.

This is my office space, containing my desk and computer access. I write most of my Enterprise PAO posts from this computer terminal. The red door on the right leads to a small restroom, electronics access and storage closet.

This is a better view of my desk space, with my computer terminal, database access, and digital modeling console. The door on the far left leads out into the corridor.

And finally, this is a better view of the wall separating my office from the work room. The painting on the wall was given to me by a friend during one of my previous ship assignments.

There are only four of this type of two-room office aboard the Enterprise. Three of these offices are right here on deck two, for use by the Public Affairs staff. The fourth office is assigned to the ship's First Officer, and is located elsewhere on the ship.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Thursday, May 23

The Consequences of a Lost Year

Well, Earth, Vulcan, Andoria, and the other core planets should be aware of our survival by now. The commship we sent ahead of us, made it to Earth on Monday. We, ourselves, are not yet in contact with Earth, but it is safe to assume that many important people will be waiting for us – waiting with a lot of questions -- when we drop out of warp on Sunday.

To them, we’ve been dead for a year. According to the crew of the USS Excalibur, we died as heroes, going above and beyond to collapse the now famous Devron Anomaly. There was even a marble memorial erected on the grounds of Starfleet Command, commemorating our sacrifice. And the senior crew that were to be assigned to us after our mission were reassigned to other ships instead. Commander Beverly Crusher, our intended Chief Medical Officer, is now the head of Starfleet Medical. Commander William Riker, our intended first officer, is serving aboard the USS Galaxy. Our other remaining crew have been scattered around the fleet. Heck, Starfleet even began constructing the next USS Enterprise – the USS Enterprise-E – a Nebula-class starship. Life went on. We were gone…. and now, here we are again, alive and well.

Yeah, there are going to be a lot of questions sent our way over the next few weeks. And what happens after that…. I don’t know. I’m sure we’ll be recommissioned into the fleet, and I’m sure Starfleet Command will send us out again – hopefully with most of our crew intact. We may be alive and well, but to everyone else, we’re not the same people who left Earth a year ago. We’re “back from the dead”, and that may be hard for many of us to accept.

As for our de-aging, crew assessments have been largely completed here aboard the Enterprise. As a crew, we have de-aged an average of three years. Four young toddlers who were aboard when we left Earth, no longer exist. Other children have de-aged to infants. A few of our Ensigns are cadet-age again. And some of our crew plan to leave the ship for personal reasons, while others want to give up the Starfleet life altogether, and make the most of the years they get to “re-live”. I don’t blame them. Being able to re-live the last few years – to do things differently a second time – that’s a tantalizing opportunity.

Me? I’ll probably stick around. Officially, I’m “dead”, so I’ll have to renew my service commitment, but I don’t feel compelled to give up everything I’ve worked hard for, even if I am five years younger. I’m lucky – I can remember those five years. The rest of the crew cannot. For some reason, I was spared any memory loss, and, yet, I feel guilty – survivor’s guilt, I suppose. I see the challenges of others around me, and I am unable to share in their loss. Oh, I’ll get used to it – my faith will pull me through…. but I sure as heck don’t have to like it.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Sunday, May 19

A Large Primary Shuttlebay

I have been asked if I will show photos of the interior of the USS Enterprise-D Main Shuttlebay. While I do have a number of interior photos that I plan to share at a later date, I thought you might like to see a wide-shot view this evening. This is a recent photo taken from a shuttle as it entered the bay. Notice how expansive and open our bay is when conducting landing operations?

Our Main Shuttlebay is large enough to park four Danube-class runabouts, dozens of shuttlecraft (type-15 shuttlepods, type-6 shuttles, and type-7 cargo shuttles), Valkyrie-class fighters, and commships upon arrival.

In the background of this image, on the upper level of the central bay pillar, is the shuttle control room. Off to either side of the pillar (out of view in this image), are expansive shuttle parking areas, maintenance bays, and both vertical cargo elevators that distribute cargo throughout the saucer section. A large, separate maintenance and storage bay is located below the shuttlebay on deck 5, and can be accessed via flight elevators within the deck floor.

As a point of reference, our Main Shuttlebay takes up most of deck 4 in the saucer. On the outer rim of the deck are separate (enclosed) access corridors that lead to cargo storage rooms, offices, and support facilities. In addition, between these corridors and the shuttle deck, are two large cargo processing rooms that contain cargo transporters linked to various transporter pads throughout the ship.

Areas of our Main Shuttlebay can also be rededicated to medical triage if needed, with short-term emergency medical facilities located in the deck-level rooms of the central bay pillar.

As you can see in this image, Galaxy-class starships have the largest, most state-of-the-art primary shuttlebays in the fleet. It is no surprise, then, that Starfleet is building extra Galaxy-class saucers to serve as deployable starbases. A shuttlebay like this, is the perfect size for most border or frontier starbase needs.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Saturday, May 18

Mission Accomplished; Heading Home

The Enterprise has left the Neutral Zone, and is currently heading back to Earth. The commship we sent ahead of us (last weekend) -- with news of our appearance in the Devron System -- won’t arrive at Earth until Monday. As of right now, no one other than the crew of the USS Excalibur, the stations and facilities near where we were along the border, and all of you reading this, know that we have traveled through time and are, very much, alive.

Earth will, of course, know of our survival by the time we get there in eight days, but for now, we’re still dead to most of the Federation. It takes a long time for news to travel through the depths of space.

Onboard the Enterprise, most of the crew is acclimating to their lost memories, as well as their younger age. It hasn’t been easy for us, but we have also been given a new lease on life, and that, in and of itself, can be a blessing. We have lost much, but we also have the opportunity to correct mistakes we’ve made in recent years. We truly have gone “where no one has gone before” – and where no one is likely to ever go again.

As much as I hate to say this, we are all going to be in the science books with this mission. We have done the impossible, and that makes us memorable.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Wednesday, May 15

Sam Archer: Temporal Dreams?

My job, here in the Public Affairs Office, is to write about the USS Enterprise, her crew, and the events that occur during her missions. This post, though, will be a bit different. See, I’ve noticed something in myself that deeply concerns me – and it very likely relates to the anti-time anomaly we destroyed in the Devron System….

I think I can travel through time. But I can’t prove it.

After the anomaly was destroyed, the Enterprise was instantly propelled a year into the future. When the dust settled, I was found in my office, unconscious and barely breathing. I was rushed to the medical deck, and remained in a coma for nearly a day. During that time, I experienced events from the past – actual, historical events – as if I was there, experiencing them in person.

Now, I should note, my dreams are usually vivid and clear. They seem real, but I know they’re nothing more than my subconscious mind processing information while I sleep. Twice now -- since the anomaly -- my dreams have taken on a whole new reality. I feel as though I’ve experienced actual events, and in both cases, I was not intimately familiar with the events before I dreamed them. After I woke up, I researched the events in the Federation historical archives, and what I experienced, is exactly how those events played out in history.

My first “dream” placed me aboard the old Earth steamship, RMS Titanic, in 1912. I experienced the ship’s entire maiden voyage across the Atlantic Ocean, through iceburg-infested waters, and ending safely in New York City on April 17, 1912. I experienced the entire voyage through the eyes of a first-class passenger – a young woman named Liliana Barton. I looked her up – there was, indeed, a Liliana Barton listed on the crew manifest.

And last night, while I slept in my quarters, I “experienced” the events around Dr. Zefram Cochrane’s launch of the Phoenix in 2063 – the first political contact between Humans and Vulcans -- near Cochrane’s private spaceport in Bozeman, Montana. I witnessed these events through the eyes of a young scientist named Josiah Whitley, who, incidentally, was a member of Dr. Cochrane’s warp propulsion team during that time.

I’ve been checked out by Medical after both dreams, and while they did discover some unusual activity in the memory centers of my brain, there is no proof that I was actually at those events. Yet, I remember them as clear as day, and my experiences are a perfect match to the events, people, and accounts in the historical archives.

I know it sounds odd, but I can’t help wondering whether I am now able to subconsciously witness the past. These “dreams” both occurred after the Enterprise destroyed a temporal anomaly in the Devron System, and I am one of only two people aboard the Enterprise (Captain Picard being the other) who have not suffered memory loss. I am also the only person to report dreams like this. Was I spared any memory loss, but now I have temporal dreams instead?

This is disconcerting to say the least. Even moreso because it can’t be proven.

This recent anomaly has affected all of us aboard the Enterprise, and, I am certain we’ll be carrying these experiences with us for a long time. What we went through as a ship and crew, has never been recorded before. We are the only people known to experience “anti-time”. We are also the only crew that has “de-aged”. Like it or not, we just went where no one has gone before.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Monday, May 13

Time Displacement: A Year Into the Future

The “anti-time anomaly” in the Devron System is gone.

When the Enterprise entered the anomaly on Thursday, we activated a “static warp shell” in an attempt to collapse the phenomena. As it turns out, we were not the only ship inside the anomaly pursuing that goal. Two other Galaxy-class starships joined us, both of which were also marked “USS Enterprise 1701-D”. Captain Picard claimed that they were Enterprise’s from two other timelines, however, when asked about these events more recently, he had no recollection of his claims, the other ships, or even ordering us into the anomaly.

Captain Picard does seem to be genuine in his claims, though, so we can only assume that he has either lost his memory, or somehow, someone else was controlling his actions. We, of course, have no evidence to support either possibility, but, if the second were true, I suppose that might explain the Captain’s strange behavior ever since we left Earth.

Regardless of Captain Picard’s true state of mind, his idea to create a static warp shell worked. The anomaly flashed out of existence, and we were left drifting silent and alone in the Devron System – no anomaly, no other starships…. just our Enterprise. It was as if the anomaly had never existed to begin with.

We soon discovered, however, that all was not as it seemed. When we collapsed the anti-time anomaly, our Enterprise was instantly propelled one year into the future. According to sensor beacons on the Federation side of the Neutral Zone, the year is now 2364 – May 13, 2364 to be exact. I guess none of us thought to consider that an anti-time anomaly might end up causing a time displacement…. which it did, and now, well, here we are – risen from the dead.

Yes. Risen from the dead. When the anomaly disappeared – a year ago, now, I guess – Starfleet thought the Enterprise had been destroyed along with it. They had a memorial service for us on Earth. They’ve even started building the next USS Enterprise – USS Enteprise-E (a Nebula-class starship) – although, I’m sure they’ll rename it, once they discover that we are, in fact, not dead.

Oh, and then there’s the getting younger thing...

Before we entered the anomaly, we started hearing reports from various crew members that their old injuries and scars were healing themselves – a result of anti-time, apparently – “reverse time” interacting upon normal time. Not long after, we heard reports of people appearing to “grow younger” all over the ship, young children becoming infants again, grown adults appearing to “de-age” a few years. Physically, these occurrences are impossible – they go against the laws of life and physics. They can’t happen. Yet, somehow, they did.

Now that the anomaly is gone, every person aboard the Enterprise is, physically, 1-5 years younger. And, since getting younger means that the chemistry of our brains become younger as well, memories from the years were reversed. Most of our crew has no memory of being assigned here. Many of them have memories that only go as far as a few years ago. Every recent memory, experience, and learned skill is gone.

Strangely, Captain Picard and myself appear to be the only crew members aboard the Enterprise that did not suffer any memory loss. Although, even stranger still, both of us are a few years younger – just like everyone else. According to recent medical scans, I, myself, am now, apparently, 31 years old. In reality, I’m supposed to be 35 (or, I suppose, 36, if we traveled a year into the future).

It’s been a strange past few days.

At the moment, the Enterprise has moved to the safety of the Federation side of the Neutral Zone. The USS Excalibur has answered our distress call, and is stationed alongside us, rendering aid, and updating our databases. We’ve sent off a commship to update Earth, although, it won’t arrive there for a few days yet. For all of you who thought us dead, and are seeing this message…. we’re here. We’re alive. We just a little…. out of time.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Sunday, May 12

Lost... and Found

[communication reestablished]
[synchronizing date]

Well, we're here. We're alive. The Enterprise survived the destruction of the anomaly in the Devron System, however, as many of you already know, there were a few unexpected consequences....

I was hoping to share an update this evening, however, time has not been on our side, and that will have to wait until tomorrow. I've been working with my staff (who are not in great shape after this incident), attending meetings with our command personnel, and working to get a handle on these consequences. I haven't been in my office long enough to sit down and write anything.

We'll still be here tomorrow, though, so, if you'll permit me a delay, I think I can put together an update that will put all the pieces together. I'm not entirely sure where we go from here -- I'm sure many of you aboard the Enterprise feel the same -- but another day should result in more clarity.

Despite all the things that have happened, it is good to be alive. Hopefully this message helps set your mind at ease as well. We were lost.... but now we've been found.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Thursday, May 9

The Dangers of Anti-Time

Things aboard the Enterprise have become far worse.

I don’t know how, but numerous individuals DO appear to be getting younger – not just in appearance, behavior as well. Many of them don’t even seem to remember the last 2-3 years. Confusion is rapidly spreading as crewmembers “forget” why they are aboard the Enterprise, others are acting entirely out of character, and those who remain least effected, struggle to maintain order in the face of so much uncertainty.

Honestly, I am completely dumfounded. This – what we’re experiencing right now – is physically impossible. It can’t happen. Physics doesn’t allow it. Creation doesn’t allow it. People do not de-age. Yet, here aboard the Enterprise, it IS happening. People are changing…. I have no explanation other than to point at the anomaly. Maybe “anti-time” really is a thing.

As I sit here recording this, I think I’m affected too, although, I don’t seem to be experiencing any memory loss. My memories haven’t disappeared. I do feel a little younger and more energetic, though – maybe two years. Possibly three. I feel like I’m in my 20s…. but I’m 34 years old.

I don’t... this shouldn’t be happening.

Thankfully, Captain Picard did see the bigger picture. He ordered the Enterprise to disengage the inverse tachyon beam, and we backed away from the anomaly. I think that may have slowed the effects of the anomaly – at least for a time. Unfortunately, he then changed his mind, and ordered the Enterprise to move closer to the anomaly again, enter its perimeter, and head for the direct center. I don’t understand... the direct center of the anomaly?

The command crew reports their intention to establish a “static warp shell” around the ship – but they have to do it…. in the center of the anomaly. Lieutenant Commander Data believes this should seal the phenomena…. and re-balance time and “anti-time”.

Wait… this image just came from the Bridge…. there are two other ships inside the anomaly with us. Both of them are Galaxy-class starships? …Both of them are…. [static].... the Enterprise?

What? This is....

Oh, boy…. [static]…. we’ve just crossed the midway point to the center…. [static].... ship is shaking violently. Objects are falling off my desk. I feel light-headed….

Oh, dear Lord…. [static]… It’s happening…. We’re at…

[communication terminated]
[channel lost]

Investigating The Anomaly

A few hours ago, I posted about the anomaly we are investigating in the Devron System (a star system located within the Romulan Neutral Zone). This anomaly is not a tiny hole in space. No, far from it. The anomaly currently measures 400 million kilometers in diameter. As a point of reference, the distance between the Earth and the Sun, in Earth’s solar system, is 149.6 million kilometers. This means that the anomaly, here in the Devron System, is over two and half times larger than the distance between the Earth and the Sun.

For a spatial anomaly, this is incredibly massive.

In fact, the size of this anomaly even seems to be baffling Captain Picard. He’s been expressing vocal concern on the Bridge, that “it’s bigger in the past”. No one seems to know what he is comparing the anomaly to, but it does reinforce his unusual behavior since he took command. His odd choices, strange public comments, and conflicting orders seem to challenge the trust our crew has in him. This is not a great way to start a new command.

In other updates, our shuttle rescue efforts have turned up disturbing news. The crews of the two Starfleet runabouts, and the three Romulan shuttles, are missing. They weren’t aboard. In addition, all five vessels were powered down, devoid of oxygen, and, in some cases, completely drained of antimatter. Both Starfleet runabouts were also missing integral hardware components, some of which are not easy to remove.

There have also been increased reports of strange occurrences here on the Enterprise as well. A few hours ago, I wrote that various crew had reported old wounds suddenly healing themselves, and permanent scars disappearing. In addition to that, we now have reports of three civilian women who were at different stages of pregnancy, no longer being pregnant. A few parents have reported that their children appear to be “getting younger”. And, numerous personnel have taken on a more youthful appearance, with some even forgetting recent events -- as if those events had never happened. Minor systems glitches have also begun popping up within all ship departments.

I don’t fully understand what is happening at the moment, but it might be wise for us to move away from the anomaly. I don’t think this is radiation affecting us. I think Lieutenant Commander’s theory about anti-time may be more accurate than we realize...

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Wednesday, May 8

The Anomaly In The Devron System

Earlier this afternoon, the Enterprise arrived at the Neutral Zone, and joined a number of Starfleet ships already stationed along the border. Two runabouts were permitted into the Zone two days ago, along with three Romulan shuttles from their side, and all five vessels are currently non-responsive. The last reports we received, indicate that the anomaly was giving off some sort of radiation, and that radiation was causing health problems for the runabout crews. The Romulans shared similar reports from their personnel.

The runabout crews were planning to run a few more tests, and then move a safe distance away from the anomaly, but we haven’t heard from them since.

A Starfleet rescue ship was allowed into the Neutral Zone this afternoon, but was forced to turn back due to engineering problems. Neither our ships, nor the Romulans have tried sending anyone else into the Devron System.

When the Enterprise arrived, Captain Picard insisted that the Enterprise be allowed to proceed to the anomaly. A number of personnel objected, due to the radiation -- as well as the possibility of Romulan trickery, but we went in anyway. We are currently holding position near the anomaly, with our deflector dish generating an “inverse tachyon pulse”, that, in theory, should provide us with a view of the interior of the phenomena.

As of this post, the bridge reports that we may be witnessing a “temporal event resulting from an eruption of time and anti-time”. I studied temporal physics, and I’ve never heard of anything known as “anti-time”, however, Lieutenant Commander Data has provided some possible insight into the topic. He believes that time, and “anti-time”, are similar to the matter and anti-matter that power our warp engines. When time and “anti-time” become imbalanced, they could, theoretically tear a hole in space, and that tear might be what we are currently witnessing.

As far as the missing runabouts and shuttles, they have been located, but remain unresponsive. Shuttle rescue missions are underway. I’ll share anything new as soon as it becomes available.

There have also been reports, throughout the Enterprise, of crewmembers experiencing old wounds healing themselves, and scars disappearing as if they had never existed. Our medical staff claims that these incidents should be physically and medically impossible, yet, they are happening. I’ve witnessed it myself. Could this be the “health problems” the runabout crews reported?

There’s a lot going on right now, and I have a feeling most of us will be up late as we investigate further. I will likely share a few more posts this evening, as new information becomes known. Stay tuned. Whatever this is…. I fear it could become a lot worse.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Tuesday, May 7

Preparing For The Unknown

Things have been quiet aboard the Enterprise since we left Earth last week. As a result, I’ve spent most of my time taking care of administrative matters here in the Public Affairs Office. My staff is very good at what they do, however, as the department head, I still have to write reports, approve projects, and keep things running smoothly.

In regards to our destination, the Enterprise is scheduled to arrive at the Neutral Zone tomorrow afternoon. As soon as we clear our arrival with the Romulans, we will hopefully proceed to the Devron System. Once we arrive there, we’ll get our first look at this mysterious anomaly that threatens to destabilize the region. As of last report, shuttles and runabouts – from both sides – have been the only vessels permitted in-system, although, reports indicate that the anomaly is causing “serious health problems” for those already on the scene, and neither side wants to send more ships and personnel into harm’s way.

We’ll see what that means for the Enterprise when we arrive.

In the meantime, our engineering staff is preparing for power disruptions near the anomaly, and our medical staff is making sure they have medical assets ready for whatever these “serious health problems” may be. If we gain clearance into the Devron System, we may be the only hospital facility on-site to assist those currently investigating the anomaly.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Friday, May 3

The Enterprise at Warp

The Enterprise is still traveling at warp 9 to the Neutral Zone. We won’t arrive until sometime on Wednesday. Since there is very little happening while we warp to our destination, I thought I’d take the opportunity to show you something spectacular...

I stopped in Nine Forward today – the crew lounge above Ten Forward – and took a photograph of space outside the ship. The blue and white streaks that you see in this image are what it looks like when a ship is traveling at high warp. Beautiful isn’t it!

When the Enterprise is stationary, or moving at impulse, we see the endless black of space, punctuated by trillions upon trillions of tiny white lights. But when we travel at warp, we enter a conduit of blue lightning that zips by in silent streaks of vibrant color. It is a true sight to behold, and can easily mesmerize anyone who stops to took out the window.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer