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About Our Story

This is the website for the USS Enterprise-D / Enterprise Station in the year 2370.

Join as as we bring you a unique, socially driven fan series, set aboard the Galaxy-class starship, USS Enterprise. Our real-time Star Trek story is told from the perspective of the Starfleet officers who maintain the ship's Public Affairs Office on deck 2.

Story posts are released on our Facebook page, and archived on this website. Other pages on this website serve as reference materials for those participating in our story.

Our story, while re-telling many of the events of "Star Trek: The Next Generation", is a creative continuation of the 2363 scenes in the TNG episode, "All Good Things....", and will connect to one of the canon alternate realities seen in the 7th season episode, "Parallels". This alternate reality (connecting the events of two TNG realities) places us firmly within canon Star Trek, but it also allows us to take come creative liberties in an alternate timeline. It allows us to tell a familiar story, while still keeping things fresh and new. And, most of all, it allows YOU the opportunity to experience our unique Star Trek story as it plays out in real time.

And by real time, we mean, today's date in the year 2370.

We're calling our alternate timeline, "The Devron Timeline", since it was the anomaly within the Devron System (in the TNG episode, "All Good Things....") that created our story.

To the best of our ability, all of our story events are based upon the stardates shown, referenced, and spoken in the canon television series episodes. Some minor adjustments have been made, to correct canon inconsistencies, for better storytelling.

Please be aware, everything that happens on our Facebook page is in-character. You are interacting with our story characters as if they are the ones talking to you. You may participate as a new character (not Picard, Riker, or any of the other canon crew), or you may follow along as yourself, but please do not post comments telling us "what really happened", or try to argue that our re-telling is wrong. We are aware of the differences. We are in a slightly alternate timeline, remember? Our story isn't supposed to happen exactly as it did in each episode. Embrace the differences. Enjoy the experience.

Oh, and before I forget, let us tell the story. Please do not try it add major events that have not been approved. No sudden wars, no random alien attacks, no crazy "wouldn't this be cool" moments. Work with the details we choose to share, and interact as your character would interact.... or send us a message on our Facebook page, and we can discuss your idea privately.

And, yes, we will be releasing story materials for you to work with. Please consider those materials canon to our alternate timeline, even if they are different from the television Star Trek Universe that we all know and love. We love TNG. We grew up watching every episode just like you. We intend to honor the spirit and adventures of Star Trek/TNG, even if things may play out a little differently in our alternate timeline.

And for those of that are curious, no, the events of "Star Trek: Discovery", and the J.J. Abrams' Kelvin Timeline, are not part of our story timeline. Our story is based off of the canon Star Trek, while "Star Trek: Discovery" and the Kelvin Timeline are "Prime Star Trek". You can learn more about the differences between canon Star Trek and "Prime Star Trek" in the video we have shared below -- in our Fan Links section.

And, finally, while things may be different in our story, we absolutely love canon Star Trek, we respect the vision of Gene Roddenberry, and we admire the creativity of everyone who built the sandbox we are playing in. We hope your social trek with us -- aboard the beautiful Enterprise-D -- will be as exciting as the episodes that inspired it.

Welcome aboard our USS Enterprise-D!

Our Characters

Now that you know about our story, take a moment and meet our characters. These characters are the main storytelling characters of our Enterprise-D social story:
  • Lieutenant Sam Archer -- (character profile) / (Facebook page)
  • Lieutenant (JG) Tessa Kensington -- (character profile) / (Facebook page)
  • Ensign Cassie Queen -- (character profile) / (Facebook page)

Recurring (non-posting) story characters include:
  • none at present

Alternate Technology

While canon Star Trek technology was defined by the visual needs of television entertainment, we have chosen to adjust it slightly to a more practical and realism-based format. It is the same technology, it just functions in a slightly altered way. You can read about our adjusted tech below:
  • Transporters: Our transporters do not digitally disassemble people. Instead, they function on more of an artifically-generated wormhole format. -- (read more)
  • Replicators: Our replicators do not create food or objects out of energy. Instead, they do not produce food at all, and are more like 3D object printers. Since they do not replicate edible food, our Enterprise-D has real food galley's, mess halls, and restaurants. -- (read more)
  • Holodecks: Our holodecks produce only light projections. Objects appear real, they have have no physical substance. You cannot touch our holograms. -- (read more)

Story Resources
  • Our Website: New references materials are constantly being included, defined, added to, and updated here, on our website.
  • Crew Manifest: The notable crew manifest of our USS Enterprise-D.
  • Deck Layout: We have outlined all 42 decks of the Galaxy-class USS Enterprise-D. You can explore either the saucer deck layout, or the stardrive section.
  • Deck Plans: The deck plans that we use for our Enterprise story are derived from the USS Enterprise-D Blueprints, authored by TNG production artist, Rick Sternbach. We have adapted small changes to those deck plans, in order to fit within our story needs. We have also built extensive digital sets, based upon those deck plans, for use as visual reference for our fans and participants.

Fan Links


Star Trek and all related marks, logos, and canon characters are solely owned by Paramount. This fan series is not endorsed by, sponsored by, nor affiliated with Paramount, CBS Studios, Paramount Pictures, or any other Star Trek franchise. It is a non-commercial, fan-made, social story, intended for recreational use. We are merely dedicated fans, coming together (in a new and unique way) to enjoy the fictional Star Trek universe.

Any custom Star Trek products featured within our Enterprise story are fully licensed by CBS/Paramount (Paramount), and are under legal agreement with