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Sunday, February 26

Bolarus: Preparing To Leave Drydock

Repairs on the Enterprise are now complete. Damage from our first contact with the Borg has been removed. With the ship once again mission-ready, tonight will be our last night moored in dry dock. Tomorrow we leave Bolarus; Tomorrow we head back out into to deep space.

The Borg made it known to us during their attack, that "resistance is futile". That may be true -- on the surface, but, I think they underestimate who we really are. They underestimate the spirit and resolve of Starfleet. They underestimate our willingness to surrender in the face of extreme odds. The Borg may be coming; Earth may be in danger. But we will not let them stop us.

We took a beating, there's no denying that. We lost a few good men and woman. We were hurt, we were maimed, but we will not be kept down. There's a huge galaxy out there, and we're going to warp right back out there, and see what awaits us. Why, because we're Starfleet -- exploration is what we do.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Thursday, February 23

USS Eagle, Constitution-Class Starship

Our crew has begun returning to the Enterprise after a few weeks of shore leave (while the ship was docked for repairs in orbit of Bolarus). I, myself, spent most of my time down on the planet, staying in a few hotels, sightseeing, visiting the local Bolian museums. It was an enlightening and awe-inspiring experience. Before this month, I had never been to Bolarus.

One of the museums that I visited while I was on leave, was the orbital Bolarus Space Museum. Their collection of retired starships looks a lot like the ship museums in orbit of Earth, only with a stronger focus on Federation, Bolian and independent vessels.

One of the true gems of the Bolarus Space Museum, though, was the old Constitution-class USS Eagle (NCC-1685) -- as seen in this photograph. I've been aboard the original USS Constitution in orbit of Earth, as well as the old Constitution-class USS Republic (currently assigned to Starfleet Academy), but the Eagle was quite an experience. While she remains a stationary museum ship, she also has an active crew that wears the old Starfleet uniforms, and maintains the ship as if she was still in service over a century ago.

They call it, "living history". It was deeply fascinating.

While I am in love our Galaxy-class USS Enterprise-D, I do have to admit, these old Constitution-class vessels have a special charm that the conveniences of our modern vessels just can't match. It's a rugged, down-to-earth, "we'll make it work" kind of charm. I can only imagine the thrill Starfleet officers like James T. Kirk had serving aboard these beauties. Oh what an experience that must have been!

The USS Eagle herself was launched in 2218, and served in the fleet for 82 years. She's seen a lot of history, explored many star systems, and carried a few diverse crews. She's not the more famous USS Enterprise NCC-1701, but she did serve in the fleet at the same time -- and remained in service for over three decades longer. That's an impressive lifetime, for any starship.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Sunday, February 5

Bolarus: Shore Leave

The USS Enterprise is now parked in one of the repair and maintenance dry docks in orbit of Bolarus. Re-construction work has already begun, and should be completed by February 24.

All non-essential crew have been given shore leave for the next 19 days. Many of our personnel have chosen to travel to Earth, 28 light years away, aboard a Federation transport. Captain Picard, Wesley Crusher (the son of Chief Medical Officer, Beverly Crusher), and our own Lieutenant Kensington and Ensign Queen are among those traveling to Earth. They will enjoy a few days on Earth, before returning to Bolarus at the end of the month.

It's been a challenging few days. Time for some extended R&R.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Friday, February 3

Destination: Bolarus

The USS Enterprise is currently under tow, and en route to the nearby Federation world, Bolarus (home of the Bolians). We are being towed/accompanied by the USS Proxima (Nebula-class) and the USS Hornet (Ambassador-class).

Upon arrival at Bolarus (sometime tomorrow), we will put in at one of their orbital repair dry docks for significant internal and external repairs. All non-essential crew will be given shore leave for the 20 days of scheduled repair and maintenance.

Since Bolarus is only 28 light years from Earth, a Federation transport vessel will be available to take approved crew to Earth for a few days of leave with family and friends. Estimated leave days on Earth will be: February 12-16. On February 16, a transport will return to Bolarus, and arrive on the 23rd. Ship repairs are scheduled to be completed on February 24, after which the Enterprise will return to active duty, and depart on another mission assignment.

Captain Picard is scheduled to travel to Earth as well. He will be one of the crew aboard the transport from Bolarus.

Our own Lieutenant (JG) Tessa Kensington, as well as Ensign Cassie Queen will also be visiting family on Earth. I will be remaining here, aboard the Enterprise, although, I'm sure I will have plenty of time to visit the sights and locations on Bolarus. The uniqueness of Bolian culture intrigues me.

Feel free to follow the Facebook pages of Tessa Kensington and Cassie Queen. They will be sharing personal posts about their visit to Earth. I'll see about posting some of my own experiences on Bolarus while they are gone. It should be an interesting month!

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Wednesday, February 1

USS Enterprise: Bloody And Beaten

The USS Proxima (Nebula-class), and the USS Hornet (Ambassador-class) have arrived at our coordinates. They will be assisting with our repairs and medical needs. Once we are operational again, both ships will tow/accompany us to a nearby starbase.

After the damage we sustained in our contact with the Borg, we will need to put into dry dock for structural repairs. We have a gaping hole in our saucer section, significant hull damage across our entire superstructure, a severely damaged warp nacelle, and extensive interior damage from the mass Borg invasion. We're going to be laid up for a few weeks.

I'll share more as it gains approval for public release.

In other news, Captain Thomas Halloway is alive, safe and well. He disappeared from the Enterprise when Q sent us into the Delta Quadrant. Apparently, Q wanted Captain Picard in command of the Enterprise during our Borg encounter; he relocated Captain Halloway to Starbase 123 in the now-distant Federation Annex. Starfleet Command has confirmed that Captain Halloway is unharmed. For that we can all be thankful.

We were lucky. The Borg nearly destroyed us. While we certainly have Q to thank for our survival, he is also 100% responsible for the damage to the Enterprise, our many crew injuries, and the casualties suffered during our encounter. That has not earned him any friends aboard the Enterprise.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer