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Friday, March 31

Exploring Earth 2

After our visit to Fellebia, the Enterprise was assigned to investigate an uncharted class-M planet near the Ferengi border. We remain in orbit of this uninhabited planet while our science personnel study the geography, fauna, and wildlife, and a number of exploratory teams continue to explore a few locations down on the surface.

According to the data we've gathered so far, this looks like an excellent planet for a Federation colony. In many ways, it feels like Earth, minus any Human infrastructure. We've already been referring to the planet as "Earth 2", although, once Starfleet officially registers this planet, it will likely receive a different name.

I'm not entirely sure, though, how Starfleet will categorize the large creatures that live on this planet. I can only imagine what it would be like to live in a colony here, surrounded by creatures that are nearly identical to the extinct dinosaurs on Earth.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Thursday, March 23

Arrival: Fellebia

The USS Enterprise has arrived at Fellebia, a Federation planet roughly eight light years from the Ferengi border. Captain Picard will be attending a conference over the weekend discussing Ferengi activities in this region of space. Captain Picard's personal experiences with them in the past make him a valued participant at these events.

While there have been no new incursions by the Ferengi, their militaristic intentions remain a concern along the border. Federation diplomats have been hard at work promoting peaceful relations with the Ferengi Alliance, however, there is still a long way to go. It is the hope of many in both Starfleet Command and the Federation Council that this conference can solidify new avenues of cooperation between the UFP and the Ferengi Alliance.

Until recent, there has been very little direct interaction between our two powers. Both the Federation and Ferengi Alliance have held a strong non-interference agreement for decades. There is, however, evidence to suggest that the Ferengi may have been weapons suppliers to the Cardassian Union during the Cardassian Wars, and that they may have been a Cardassian intermediary to a little-known species referred to as "The Breen".

All things considered, this should be a very interesting weekend.

The Enterprise will remain in orbit of Fellebia until Monday.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Saturday, March 18

The Enterprise At Warp

We've had a few people ask us what it looks like when the USS Enterprise is traveling at warp. Well, here you go.

Whenever the Enterprise is flying at warp, the space outside our windows manifests itself into a beautiful collection of black, white and blue streaks. It is as if we are traveling inside a hypothetical tube. Everything INSIDE our warp field, and along our warp heading, has a solid, recognizable shape. But everything OUTSIDE that "warp tube" is distorted into brilliant streaks of blue light -- a result of the immense speeds that the Enterprise is traveling.

These streaks of light flash gracefully past for as long as we are at warp. When the Enterprise engines power down, and we reenter normal space, those streaks of light disappear, and the vast darkness of space opens up before us again.

It is an awe-inspiring sight, and a kind of beauty you can only witness aboard a warp-powered starship.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Friday, March 17

A Renewed Sense Of Hope And Morale

The USS Enterprise has left Starbase 5. We return to deep space with Lieutenant Commander Data and the last of our missing crew, a new chief engineer in the newly promoted Lieutenant Geordi La Forge, and a renewed sense of hope and morale following a series of deadly and dangerous events. Let us hope that our next assignment proves to be more of an adventure than a disaster. We could certainly use some uplifting events for a change.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Wednesday, March 15

Lieutenant Geordi La Forge, Chief Engineer

Congratulations to Lieutenant (JG) Geordi La Forge. Earlier this afternoon, Captain Picard officially named him the new Chief Engineer of the USS Enterprise.

For the past few months, La Forge has been spending more time in engineering, than serving at the conn as a Bridge officer. He has an extensive engineering background (in addition to being a pilot), so this isn't much of a surprise. Following the death of Lieutenant Commander Argyle in the Borg encounter, La Forge began competing with two other officers for the vacant Chief Engineer title. Today he won the position.

Geordi La Forge has now been promoted to full Lieutenant, and switches uniform colors from red to gold. Congratulations Lieutenant!

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Monday, March 13

Lieutenant Commander Data Returns

Seventy days ago, Captain Picard, Lieutenant Commander Data, and Petty Officers Jando and Matthews stepped through an "Iconian Gateway" on the mythical planet Iconia, and disappeared. Twenty-four days later, Captain Picard was discovered, alone, by a science vessel on a distant uninhabited planet beyond the Federation. He was later returned to the Enterprise by the meddlesome Q (just before our first contact with the Borg).

Lieutenant Commander Data and Petty Officers Jando and Matthews apparently stepped through that Iconian Gateway a moment too late, and were sent to a different planet. No one know where they were for more than two months.

Earlier this afternoon, Lieutenant Commander Data, both petty officers, and an unknown blue-skinned woman suddenly appeared at Starbase 5 (a planet starbase). Apparently, they had escaped their planet via another ancient Iconian Gateway, and managed to travel here. How they knew where the Enterprise was located remains a mystery.

From early reports, the planet Data and both petty officers were sent to is an inhabited, pre-warp, class-M planet called Mynaras. Where the planet is located remains unknown, however, it has a population of nearly 7 billion humanoids, and a dominant culture similar to an early 21st Century version of the Ancient Roman Empire on Earth.

Regrettably, our officers' appearance on Mynaras was noticed, and did break the Prime Directive, however, they were able to stay hidden from government forces with the help of friendly locals. Eventually, they discovered a Mynaras-based Iconian Gateway among the ruins of an ancient city, and activated it. They located Starbase 5, and stepped through the portal, destroying the Gateway behind them.

Joining Lieutenant Commander Data, and both petty officers on the return trip was a blue-skinned Mynari woman named Baona (pronounced "Bay-ona"). Commander Data confirms that she was the slave of a high-ranking government official. In exchange for her assistance, our Starfleet trio agreed to help her escape slavery on her homeworld.

So, now, in a wonderfully unexpected turn of events, our away team, once lost on Iconia, has been reunited aboard the Enterprise. And, we have a new visitor who has requested civilian status aboard-ship. Even more impressive, is the fact that Mynari have an innate ability to learn languages rather quickly. Baona already speaks fluent Federation Standard.

Given the sudden arrival of Lieutenant Commander Data and Petty Officers Jando and Matthews, the Enterprise has been ordered to remain at Starbase 5 for another day or two while Starfleet Command interviews Baona and our returned personnel.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Thursday, March 9

In Port: Starbase 5

The Enterprise has arrived at Starbase 5. We have turned over the derelict vessel to Starfleet Command, and will remain in port for a day or two before resuming our original course.

It is likely that the "USS Terra Nova" will continue its journey to Earth under tow from another Starfleet vessel. It will then be studied, taken apart, assessed, and, if the predictions of a few officers here on the Enterprise have any merit, this unknown ship could potentially become the first vessel in a new class of Starfleet ships. Now, wouldn't that be a fascinating turn of events!

Of course, we have no idea what the future will being, this is just a creative theory, but it does present an interesting line of thought, nonetheless. Starfleet is always innovating. Maybe we'll be seeing more little "Terra Novas" protecting Federation shipping lanes in a few years. You never know.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Sunday, March 5

A New Mystery For Starfleet Command

On Friday, the Enterprise responded to an automated distress call from a severely damaged unknown vessel bearing the markings of Starfleet, and carrying the name and apparent registry of "USS Terra Nova, NCC-75701". There are, however, no Starfleet vessels with registries that high.

The Enterprise has stabilized the derelict ship, and is currently towing her at warp to a nearby starbase for further investigation. This vessel will, no doubt, be thoroughly studied by Starfleet Command, Engineering, and various Intelligence agencies. I'm sure most of what they discover will be classified.

Based upon the Enterprise investigation so far, low levels of chroniton radiation on the hull, and the strange nature of the ship itself, have led many to believe that this is a Starfleet vessel from the future. There is, however, no way to prove this, nor are we able to discern anything about that future. The ship's computer core has been compromised in whatever attack damaged the vessel. Entire sections of the core have been burned and charred beyond salvaging. Whatever data was stored in that computer core is gone. We may never know where this ship came from.

Please be aware, there have been a few claims from various individuals indicating that they know the future, and can tell us exactly what this ship is, and where it comes from. While it would be wonderful to know this information, to date, no one in the Federation has ever been able to discern the future, so these are only rumors at best. Please be cautious when it comes to these claims. The future is unknown; it hasn't been written yet. We can theorize, assume, and fantasize all we want about this unknown ship, but without evidence (which looks increasingly unlikely at this point), we have no way of knowing what the future will be like.

We have a fascinating mystery on our hands. But in a day or two, once we reach the nearest starbase, it won't be our mystery anymore. The ship will transfer to the control of Starfleet Command, and from there, who knows. I'll certainly keep my ears open for any public news, though, and I'll share it here if I am able.

I'm just as intrigued by this strange little ship as you are!

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Friday, March 3

USS Terra Nova

A few hours ago, the USS Enterprise diverted course to respond to a Federation distress call. Upon arrival, we discovered that the automated signal originated from a small vessel of unknown design. It bore the hull markings of a Starfleet ship, and, on the underside, was identified as the USS Terra Nova, NCC-75701.

The problem is, there is no Starfleet vessel with that registry. In fact, the current Starfleet vessel registry only goes as high as NCC-71900.

The Enterprise hailed this "USS Terra Nova", but there was no response. The ship was severely damaged, and looked like it had been torn apart in battle. Sensors indicated that there were no life signs aboard. An away team, led by Commander Riker, confirmed the complete absence of any crew. In addition, the escape pods were still intact, and stored securely within their launch bays. Whatever happened to the crew did not involve an evacuation.

After further investigation, we still know very little about this ship, or where it came from. The vessel's computer core is severely damaged and corrupted, most ship systems are off-line, and the warp engines are non-functional. An assessment of the ship's layout suggests that it served as a warship -- or at least a small destroyer -- and carried a crew of about 40 individuals.

If this is, somehow, a Starfleet ship, it is unlike any Starfleet vessel we have ever seen. And that only adds to the mystery.

With a little work, the vessel has been stabilized, and can be salvaged, however, it is far from space-worthy. Once it can be safely towed, the Enterprise has orders to relocate it to a nearby starbase. After that, I'm sure Starfleet Engineering will have a field day looking her over and seeing what else they can discover.

Something tells me the mystery of the "USS Terra Nova" is just beginning. There's more to this than meets the eye.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer