Public Affairs Office Personnel Files:
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Saturday, December 31

The Death Of The Yamato

We have some horrifying news to report. The USS Yamato, our Galaxy-class sister ship, has been destroyed. There were no survivors. Over 1,000 lives have been lost.

After receiving a distress call yesterday from the Yamato, the Enterprise diverted course to respond. At the time, the Yamato was stranded inside the Neutral Zone, and was experiencing significant systems malfunctions. Captain Picard believed that we could assist, since the Enterprise is of the same class.

A short time after arriving at the Yamato's coordinates, however, a power spike in their engineering section resulted in a sudden cascade overload of their power systems, and the ship exploded in a horrifying display of plasma and debris. There is nothing left to salvage. One of the largest and most advanced ships in Starfleet has suffered internal damage that shouldn't have been possible. Our Chief Engineer, Lt. Cmdr. Terence Argyle, is certain that the standard Galaxy-class engineering safety systems should have easily prevented the Yamato's destruction.

The loss of our sister ship has most of us in shock. So many lives, snuffed out in an instant. This is a tragedy most of us have never witnessed before. It should not have happened.

Captain Picard was a personal friend of the Yamato's captain, Captain Donald Varley. According to Bridge reports, Captain Varley claimed to have have discovered the location of the mythical planet, Iconia -- inside the Neutral Zone. Operations personnel are investigating the validity of these claims from the Yamato's computer logs obtained via data transfer before her destruction.

And, as if to throw salt onto the wound of the Yamato's loss, a Romulan Warbird has arrived, and her commanding officer is demanding that we leave the Neutral Zone immediately. They claim to have had no part in the destruction of the Yamato, yet, one cannot always take the Romulans at their word.

Captain Picard, has, of course, refused their demands, and intends to remain inside the Neutral Zone until we complete our investigation into the loss of the Yamato. When that will be, and what we will find has yet to be determined.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Friday, December 30

A Distress Call From The USS Yamato

The USS Enterprise has diverted course from Starbase 123 in order to respond to a nearby distress call from the USS Yamato (one of our sister Galaxy-class starships). They are experiencing unexplained ship malfunctions, and the Enterprise may have the parts to assist.

It looks like our much anticipated arrival at Starbase 123 (here in the Federation Annex) may have to wait a few more days.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Sunday, December 25

Merry Christmas, 2365

Merry Christmas from all of us here in the USS Enterprise-D Public Affairs office! We hope that, no matter where you are in the galaxy, you are among friends and family!

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Tuesday, December 13

Romulans In The Dark

Traveling at warp under the Romulan/Klingon border is like walking down a dark alley at night. You never know who, or what, might be in the shadows, watching and waiting to pounce.

-Lieutenant (JG) Tessa Kensington

Sunday, December 11

Departing: Starbase 234

The Enterprise has left Starbase 234, and we are now underway. Destination: The Federation Annex on the other side of Romulan Space.

We have new crew, additional supplies, and a renewed spirit of adventure. Here's to whatever lies ahead -- out there in the distant, great unknown!

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Saturday, December 10

Starbase 234 & An El-Aurian Named Guinan

The USS Enterprise has arrived as Starbase 234 in "The Triangle", a wedge of space that borders Klingon, Romulan and Federation space. We are scheduled to remain here until later tomorrow, during which time we will acquire some new crew, cargo and civilian specialists.

I am also told that among the new crew transfers will be a new manager and bartender for Ten Forward. The transfer orders indicate her to be an El-Aurian woman named Guinan. Rumor has it she is also a personal friend of Captain Picard, and was specifically requested for this position.

It will be an interesting experience meeting an El Aurian for the first time. I hear that they are a species of good listeners.

Tomorrow, when we depart Starbase 234, we will cross under the Klingon/Romulan border, via a narrow strip of space known as "The Klingon Highway". Once we emerge on the other side, we will be in the Federation Annex -- a distant area of Federation space on the other side of the Romulan Empire. We will arrive at Starbase 123, and from there, we will continue our assignment out into deep space -- an assignment that is expected to last for a few months, and could result in some exciting new discoveries!

-Lieutenant Sam Archer