Public Affairs Office Personnel Files:
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Monday, August 29

The Anticans And The Selay

We have arrived at Parliament. The delegates from Antica and Selay are no longer aboard the Enterprise. And you know what, they will not be missed.

For the entire three days that they were aboard our ship, they were at each other's throats -- literally. They tried to hunt each other aboard the Enterprise. They "accidentally" attacked a few Marines that were assigned to keep them out of sensitive areas of the ship. They made unreasonable food demands of Captain Picard (who showed remarkable restraint in return). They threatened three female science officers who did not abide by their customs in Ten Forward. They nearly mauled a young boy after he ran into them in a corridor. And, most disturbing of all, the Anticans killed one of the Selay delegates, and tried to convince the ship's cook to boil the reptilian corpse for dinner.

These delegates did not present themselves well during our transport mission. They were the worst guests imaginable -- rude, selfish, uncaring, demanding, and disgustingly violent towards each other. We wish the Federation mediators luck in their negotiations, but I would not be surprised if the Antican and Selay membership applications are denied. I can't imagine any benefits that these two species would bring to the Federation.

I, myself, did not interact with either species during their time on the Enterprise, yet, I still feel like I need a long shower just to feel clean. I know many other Enterprise crew who feel the same way. This was a horrible mission. I'm ready for a new assignment light years away from these irascible creatures.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Friday, August 26

Hostile Delegates

The USS Enterprise has arrived in the Beta Renner system, and we have beamed aboard delegates from the two major planets -- Antica and Selay. Since achieving warp capability, the Anticans and Selay have become mortal enemies, fighting each other at every opportunity. Yet, ironically, they have both applied to become member planets in the UFP.

To facilitate these membership requests, and to encourage a resolution of their hostilities, the Enterprise has been assigned to transport delegates from both planets to Parliament, a local peace conference site in this sector. Federation mediators will be waiting there to assist, and assess the possibility of membership.

For us, though, here aboard the Enterprise, it's going to be a challenging transport mission. Playing chaperone to two mortal enemies, on the same ship, who want nothing more than to kill each other, doesn't sound like an easy task.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Wednesday, August 24

Diplomatic Orders

The USS Enterprise has received new orders. We're being sent to the Beta Renner system for a diplomatic transport assignment. As such, it's time to move on, and pass the exploration of the Delphi Ardu System to another starship crew.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Tuesday, August 23

Captain Picard: Amateur Archaeologist

Captain Picard is bit of an amateur archaeologist. It's neat to see his excitement over the history and ruins that we are finding here in the Delphi Ardu system. He's actually gone down with the science teams to two of the planets we've explored, and spent some time digging in the dirt with them.
How many starship captains do you know that do that!

-Lieutenant (JG) Tessa Kensington

Sunday, August 21

Missing Enterprise; Missing Days

Time is a fascinating concept. There are few instances of time travel that we know of -- it is extremely rare at best -- but it does happen. Recently, the Enterprise appears to be proof of this.

For the past 13 days (August 7-20), you did not see any posts from us here on the Enterprise. From your perspective, we disappeared. Our daily reports to Starfleet Command went silent; subspace communications stopped. Starfleet thought we were missing. In fact, they have already assigned a starship to come looking for us.

But from our perspective, we've been here in the Delphi Ardu system the entire time. If it weren't for the measurable recording of normal time, to us, the date is still August 7.

But, the Federation's communication beacons have not been tampered with. It is indeed August 21st. After dedicated sensor studies of this star system, our scientists have theorized that we passed through some sort of temporal anomaly that has propelled us 13 days into our future.

This is a small temporal displacement, at best -- certainly nothing that has adversely affected the general flow of time. Nonetheless, all of us, here aboard the Enterprise, have lost 13 days of our lives. Learning how to how to combine our perspective with your 13 days is proving to be a bit disconcerting.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Sunday, August 7

An Archaeologist's Dream!

It's amazing how a star system with eleven planets, and four class-M worlds could be utterly and completely abandoned. The Delphi Ardu system is one of these star systems.

But there sure are a lot of ruins from the ancient Tkon Empire located here! This is an archeologist's dream!

-Lieutenant (JG) Tessa Kensington

Friday, August 5

The Tkon Empire

The Enterprise has returned to full power. The force field holding us in orbit of Delphi Ardu IV has been shut down.

Commander Riker, the away team, and both shuttles have returned to the ship. According to the mission reports, Commander Riker's shuttle was damaged in an electrical storm, and forced to crash land on the planet's surface. The shuttle crew was knocked out upon impact, and remained unconscious for hours. The second shuttle team that was send down suffered the same fate.

When Commander Riker and his team returned to consciousness, they discovered a barren planet that was "collecting and harnessing energy via a system of crystalline formations". Almost immediately thereafter, they were greeted by a male humanoid figure that materialized out of the energy pulsing through the planet. He introduced himself as Tkon Portal 63, a guardian defending access to the long-dead Tkon Empire.

Apparently, the Portal was not aware that the ancient Tkon Empire no longer existed. After Commander Riker successfully answered the Portal's challenge, he requested that the Enterprise be released from the force field keeping us in orbit. The Portal complied, and power was restored to the Enterprise.

Commander Riker and both shuttles were allowed to leave the planet. The Portal "plans to sleep until needed again."

With this near-death experience resolved, Captain Picard has ordered that a warning beacon be placed in orbit of Delphi Ardu IV. We are returning to normal operations, and will be resuming our study of the Delphi Ardu system. The likelihood of finding more connections to the ancient Tkon Empire remains strong.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Thursday, August 4

Warmth, My Old Friend!

We have power! The force field holding us in orbit has disappeared, and all Enterprise systems are powering up again. We have our ship back!

Someone on the planet -- most likely Commander Riker -- found the source of the power drain, and turned it off. I have never appreciated warmth more than I do now!

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Death Comes Coldly

The temperatures aboard the Enterprise have reached the freezing point. We've relocated the crew to centralized areas of the ship to conserve heat and resources. Only minimal auxiliary power remains. Long-range communications are down. Transporters are offline. Shuttlebay and escape pod launch systems are down. We're dead in the water. Our last hope resides with those down on the planet. If they're still alive, they have two hours before the Enterprise shuts down completely. No power; no life support.

Engineering managed to send down a second shuttlecraft to search for Commander Riker and his away team before the shuttlebay controls went offline. We can only hope and pray that someone down there is able to complete their mission. Otherwise.... this could be my last message.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Waiting In The Cold

The power drains continue aboard the Enterprise. This includes the communications systems.

Unfortunately, we lost contact with Commander Riker and the away team shortly after they left the ship. We don't know if they made it down to the surface safely (the electrical storms in the atmosphere have been growing stronger). And if they did, we have no idea where they are. We can only hope that they find the source of this power drain, and turn it off before life support levels reach critical here aboard the Enterprise.

The temperatures have already begun to drop.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Wednesday, August 3

Delphi Ardu IV: Trapped In Orbit

Captain Picard and his senior staff have determined that Delphi Ardu IV was once part of the ancient and long-dead Tkon Empire. Research indicates that the Tkon were a vast, powerful, and highly advanced interstellar empire -- an empire that is claimed to have had the ability to move stars.

Unfortunately, the Tkon homeworld was destroyed a few millennia ago by a supernova. Commander Data believes that it may be ancient Tkon technology that has trapped the Enterprise in orbit above Delphi Ardu IV. Captain Picard has ordered an away team to travel down to the planet surface, and see if they can find, and disable, the source of the power-drain. Unfortunately, with the power drains afflicting the Enterprise, the transporter systems are unstable. The away team will have to go down in a shuttlecraft.

We hope Commander Riker and his away team are able to accomplish their mission quickly. It will be very unpleasant here on the Enterprise if/when life support drops to dangerous levels.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Delphi Ardu IV

The USS Enterprise has arrived in orbit above Delphi Ardu IV, an uninhabited class-M planet. There are ten other planets in this system, all of which are uninhabited as well. Sensor scans show what appears to be abandoned ruins on at least three of them, including the one we are orbiting.

Unfortunately, we've encountered an obstacle here in orbit. An energy force field of some sort has immobilized the Enterprise, and is draining power from all systems. In addition, an external force has accessed our computer core and is reading our databases. Security measures are ineffective.

Our warp and impulse engines are also ineffective.

We're trapped in orbit, operating at red alert. Engineering is scrambling to keep the ship operational. Whatever holds us here, is doing so at power levels we have never seen before.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Tuesday, August 2

Mission Complete: Posting Resumes

Our classified mission has come to a close. We were under orders from Starfleet Command not to divulge our mission or location. This is the reason for our silence these past two weeks. But all is well again, and we have permission to resume posting.

We are still under orders not to give details, though. We can say that there were a few injuries during that mission: Lieutenant Tasha Yar broke her arm, Commander Riker suffered significant phaser burns, a few other individuals suffered minor injuries, but all individuals are recovering -- there were no fatalities. In addition, the Enterprise Marines were not directly involved in the mission.

The Enterprise has been given her next assignment. We are currently at warp, traveling to the nearby Delphi Ardu System. Starfleet has given us the task of exploring the eleven planets located there. Long distance sensor probe records suggest that there may be ancient ruins located on at least one of the planets. We should be arriving in the Delphi Ardu System sometime tomorrow afternoon.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer