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Tuesday, June 25

Auxiliary Vessel: Type-7 Shuttlecraft

The Type-7 shuttle is one of the two shuttlecraft designs currently in service to Starfleet. It is larger than the Type-6, and usually handles most small cargo runs between a ship and planet, or two ships in close vicinity. The Type-7 has also been adapted to serve as a Marine dropship, capable of deploying a full squad of soldiers.

Unlike most shuttlecraft, the Type-7 -- in the personnel format -- contains a two-person transporter. Since all transporter traffic must originate from a transporter pad, and terminate at another pad, this shuttle is often used to locate a mobile transporter pad on a planet's surface. This allows the rapid deployment of additional personal, without the need of another shuttle.

VESSEL CAPABILITIES: - (Personnel Layout)

Length: -- 8.5 meters
Beam: -- 3.6 meters
Height: -- 2.7 meters
Decks: -- 1

Crew: -- 2
Passengers: -- 10

Phaser Emitters: -- none
Torpedo Tubes: -- none
Transporter: -- yes

Max Speed: -- warp 1
Landing: -- yes

The most unique aspect of this shuttle is that it has a front drop-down door (as noted in blue). The lower half of the door drops down and becomes a ramp, while the upper half of the door opens upward. Crew and cargo then pass into the shuttle, through the cockpit.

The top illustration shows the Type-7 shuttle in personnel format. Two cushioned benches line the sides of the shuttle, capable of seating five people on either side. The two-person transporter is located to the rear of the crew area.

The bottom illustration shows the Type-7 in cargo format. Here, the benches and transporter are removed, and the entire cabin is used for carrying cargo.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer