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Thursday, June 20

Auxiliary Vessel: Pullman-Class Transport

The Pullman-class transport is a sturdy vessel design, in production for well over a century. It is designed to transport personnel, cargo, or combat troops between a ship in orbit and a planet's surface. It comes in three variations -- a 42-person transport, an open-bay cargo shuttle, and a 50-soldier military dropship.

The Enterprise has been assigned two of these vessels, both of which are in use as personnel transports. They make regularly scheduled transport runs while in orbit of friendly planets.

VESSEL CAPABILITIES: - (Standard Personnel Layout)

Length: -- 11 meters
Beam: -- 6.5 meters
Height: -- 2.5 meters
Decks: -- 1

Crew: -- 2-5
Passengers: -- 42

Phaser Emitters: -- none
Torpedo Tubes: -- none

Max Speed: -- impulse
Landing: -- yes

This deck plan shows the personnel configuration of both Enterprise transports.

This vessel has three entrance points -- two side doors (noted in blue), as well as a rear drop-down door that allows access for larger objects. As a short-distance transport, there is limited room for luggage, so carry-on bags are preferred. When luggage is necessary, it can be loaded into the open spaces before the doors are closed for flight.

This vessel has two impulse engines in the rear, on either side of the drop-down door.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer