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Tuesday, June 18

Auxiliary Vessel: Danube-Class Runabout

The Danube-class runabout is a relatively new multi-role vessel, first launched in 2359. Larger than a shuttlecraft, but smaller than a capital-sized starship, thus sturdy little mission vessel was developed to be modular. The cockpit and transporter section are consistent to all versions, however, the remaining half of the ship can be swapped out at a drydock facility, and outfitted with rooms and machinery capable of conducting science missions, tactical operations, personnel transport, medical evacuation, cargo relocation, mobile surgical missions, diplomatic transport, and long-term travel.

The USS Enterprise has been assigned two of these runabouts, both of which are outfitted with the standard layout. This layout has capabilities for rapid-response science missions, deep space recon, planetary surveys, intelligence gathering, diplomatic transport, and general multi-mission operations. It is the ideal auxiliary vessel to extend the capabilities of a Galaxy-class starship.

VESSEL CAPABILITIES: - (Standard Layout)

Length: -- 23.1 meters
Beam: -- 13.7
Height: -- 5.4 meters
Decks: -- 1

Crew: -- 2
Passengers: -- 3 (mission personnel)

Phaser Emitters: -- 6
Torpedo Tubes: -- 2 (micro-torpedo)

Max Speed: -- warp 5
Landing: -- yes

This is an interior view of the control room aboard the Milwaukee, one of the two Danube-class runabouts currently assigned to the Enterprise. Helm controls are at the front of the bridge, flanked by two custom-operations consoles. The stand-up console in the foreground is also adaptable, although, it usually fills a tactical role, and operates the two-person transporter located in the room directly aft of the control room (not seen in this photo).

This is a forward-facing view of the large meeting room at the aft of the vessel. It contains two privacy bunks (4 sleeping berths), a small multi-use table, a computer terminal, seating areas, and plenty of space to spread out and relax during long-distance missions.

This photo shows an aft-facing view of the same meeting room.

This deck plan shows the standard-configuration for both of the Enterprise-D runabouts.

Directly to the rear of the control room, is the transporter room. This allows transport for up to two personnel at a time. Two restrooms are located to port of the transporter.

Within the modular section of this runabout is a small medical bay, a mission-adaptable science and research lab, a locker alcove with six lockers and a shower, a commanding officer's stateroom, a kitchen nook, and the aft meeting room depicted in the photos above.

All access into this runabout is provided via two double-hull sliding doors in the port/starboard of the control room (noted in blue). Danube-class runabouts do not feature airlocks.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer