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Saturday, June 22

Auxiliary Vessel: Captain's Yacht

The USS Enterprise-D captain's yacht is a large elliptical shuttle mounted into the bottom of the saucer. It is designed both for personal use by the captain, and for diplomatic personnel on short duration impulse-range missions. It is capable of atmospheric landing.

The captain's yacht aboard the USS Enterprise-D is named Calypso.

All Galaxy and Nebula class vessels carry this type of captain's yacht.


Length: -- 25.6 meters
Beam: -- 44.4 meters
Height: -- 9.28 meters
Decks: -- 2

Crew: -- 2, (additional crew as needed)
Passengers: -- 8 (depending upon necessary crew)

Phaser Emitters: -- none
Torpedo Tubes: -- none

Max Speed: -- impulse
Landing: -- yes

This deck plan shows the configuration of the personnel deck on the USS Enterprise-D captain's yacht. A partial lower level provides access to vessel machinery. Circular stairs lead down to this lower level, as noted by the red arrows.

The center of the habitation deck is four steps higher than the outer rooms (also noted by red arrows). The command bridge is located in the center of this raised deck area, as is the captain's ready room, and transporter.

The outer rooms of this deck include two staterooms, a kitchen area, four restrooms, two shower rooms, four crew bunks (eight sleeping berths), a small dining room (triangular table), a meeting room with a large oak table, and a lounge. The two steps leading down from the lounge area allow access onto an elevator that can drop down to planet level, thereby permitting entry from outside the yacht when landed. Access into the yacht while docked is possible via a hatch on the upper side of the vessel.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer