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Sunday, July 14

The Business of First Contact

The first round of away teams down to the Adamoi have been announced, with mission data already submitted to those selected. There will be four teams of specialists, and visits have been scheduled to start as early as tomorrow. While there have been many crew requests to meet the Adamoi, our interactions will start small, with these four fact-finding teams, followed later in the week, by a small delegation of Adamoi visiting the Enterprise. At some point, the Adamoi World Assembly may permit more of the crew to visit Techelen, but for now, we’re taking it slow. This is a first contact situation, after all.

The four initial away teams will be as follows:

A 6-person medical/science team will visit select hospitals, labs, and research facilities on Techelen, guided by some of the top Adamoi doctors and scientists. Doctor Joshua Kim will lead that away team, and will be joined by Lieutenant Sebastian Hopkins as our counselor representative. The team will get a first-hand look at some of the Adamoi medical technology, see some of their techniques, and learn more about the biological side of the Adamoi.

A second team will consist of six engineers, lead by Lieutenant Diana Giddings. They will be given a tour of some of the Adamoi’s technological achievements, industrial facilities, and, I believe a power station. That team will gain a first-hand understanding of the technical advancements that define the Adamoi.

A third away team will consist of two historians and three social scientists. This group will be given a tour of a few libraries, databases, and cultural locations. As the chief public affairs officer aboard the Enterprise, and a trained historian, I’ve been chosen to lead this team. Joining me will be our chief civilian historian, Dr. David Whalen.

And finally, the fourth away team will be diplomatic. They will be led by our chief diplomat, Lieutenant Brad Longo. These individuals will meet with top political figures on Techelen, and begin the process of opening the door to future interactions between Federation and the Adamoi.

Future teams are likely, however, both Captain Picard and the Adamoi representatives, have chosen to take this process step by step. The success of these first four teams will determine which direction we go from there. The Adamoi are a space-faring species, however, they have not yet traveled outside of their own star system. We are the first “aliens” they have encountered, therefore, friendship, peace and cooperation are our primary goals.

The Adamoi are a fascinating species. I’m sure we will learn a great deal over the next few days, and I will gladly share anything cleared for public release.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

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