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Wednesday, July 10

Techelen, Home of the Adamoi

The Enterprise has arrived at the Adamoi homeworld of Techelen, and we have taken up an orbital position near the USS Saratoga. Captain Picard has exchanged greetings with the leader of the Techelen World Assembly, and has been invited – along with our senior staff – to attend a reception on the planet’s surface tomorrow afternoon. That reception will likely set the ground work for all future interactions with the Adamoi while we are here.

I don’t have much more to report than that at the moment, although, I did receive this photo of the Enterprise slipping into orbit, taken by the Public Affairs staff aboard the USS Saratoga. I thought you might like to see some of this stunning blue planet below us.

These Adamoi, they have an awe-inspiring homeworld – crystal blue oceans, lush green landscapes, rolling hills, and all of it filtered through the clear haze of a water canopy surrounding their atmosphere. It’s a global greenhouse like I have never seen – a true sight to behold!

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

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