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Monday, July 8

Auxiliary Vessel: Type-6 Shuttlecraft

The Type-6 shuttle is the second of two shuttlecraft designs currently in use within Starfleet. It is most often employed as a personnel shuttle, although, it also comes in a cargo variant. Nearly every Starfleet ship, Port Guard vessel, and Federation space station operates a small fleet of these shuttlecraft. This design has also been adapted and sold on the civilian market, where it comes in a variety of popular colors.

VESSEL CAPABILITIES: - (Personnel Layout)

Length: -- 6 meters
Beam: -- 4.4 meters
Height: -- 2.7 meters
Decks: -- 1

Crew: -- 2
Passengers: -- 6

Phaser Emitters: -- none
Torpedo Tubes: -- none
Transporter: -- none

Max Speed: -- warp 1
Landing: -- yes

This shuttle design features a large hatch that opens downward from the rear of the vessel. This hatch then becomes a ramp for easy loading and unloading. Two cushioned benches along the sides of the rear cabin provide seating for passengers. A separate systems display is available, as are two storage bins at the far rear of the cabin.

This shuttle design does not include a transporter.

The top illustration shows the Type-6 shuttle in personnel format. The bottom illustration shows the Type-6 in cargo format, with the passenger benches, systems display and storage bins removed. While the larger Type-7 shuttle has more cargo room, this Type-6 has easier access for loading and unloading cargo.

Starfleet has recently begun a project to uprate the Type-6 shuttle design, both to allow more versatility, and to extend it's service life well into the next few decades.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

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