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Sunday, July 28

An Adamoi Recap

This past week has been a busy one, and, alas, one that kept me away from my regular posting duties. You deserve better than that. So, how about a recap?

The early part of last week saw the tail end of our away team visits down to the planet’s surface. Techelen is a stunningly beautiful greenhouse planet, and the Adamoi who live there are a welcoming, intelligent, and highly cultured people. Evidence even suggests that they may, in fact, be Ancient Humans. Test results seem to support this, as the Adamoi do share Human DNA. How these people can be Human, and yet live so far away from Earth, remains a mystery.

According to the Adamoi, they claim to have come from Earth 5,300 years ago, through a portal similar to the mythical “Iconian Gateway”. No one has come across any of these gateways, but we have found artifacts to prove that the Iconians did exist. Even more fascinating, though, is the belief that the Adamoi claim the Iconians to be have been Ancient Humans as well – a pre-Flood sect of Humans that created the gateways, and left Earth about the same time as the Adamoi.

Yes. You read that correctly. The Adamoi claim to know the Ancient Iconians. They share the same DNA. Let that sink in for a moment.

On Friday, an Adamoi delegation arrived aboard the Enterprise via shuttlecraft, and toured many areas of the ship. The delegation consisted of eight people, all of whom were young, and less than seven feet tall. A typical full-grown Adamoi can reach heights of up to ten feet. Unfortunately, our decks aren’t high enough to accommodate their height, so they sent shorter individuals who could safely traverse our decks. They brought recording devices – and were granted filming rights in some parts of the ship – so that their fellow Adamoi on the planet could see our ship as well.

While aboard the Enterprise, the delegation had many questions, and our own Lieutenant (JG) Tessa Kensington, and her hand-selected team of “ambassadors”, did a great job answering them. Overall, the Adamoi seemed to enjoy their visit, taking great delight in every part of the ship they saw. Apparently, their favorite areas were Astrometrics, the holodecks, Ten Forward, and the rest of the Promenade (mall) on deck 10. Their deep fascination with stopping to look out every window, at their homeworld below us, was refreshing.

My young female Adamoi friend, Evelee, was part of the delegation. In fact, she never stopped smiling during her entire visit. I think she, out of all eight Adamoi, got the most joy out of visiting the Enterprise. If given the chance, I could see her begging to join Starfleet just so she could stay in space. She was that enthralled with our ship and its mission.

With the week over, our diplomatic talks with the Adamoi continue. There are even rumors that the Adamoi World Assembly is discussing the possibility of opening their planet to limited shore leave. There are a number of details that would need to be worked out first, but it does seem likely in the near future. We’ve made a new friend in the Adamoi, and, believe it or not, they seem excited to learn more about us – their distant cousins.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

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