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Monday, July 22

A Visit to the Techelen World Library

I was asked to bring another historical team down to Techelen earlier today. A few of the Adamoi scientists wanted to learn more about us and our way of life. They are a deeply inquisitive people, and wanted to better understand our cultural norms before visiting the Enterprise later this week.

While I was down there, I took a photo of the beautiful interior of their world library. For a people so at home in the outdoors, the Adamoi sure do build grand and impressive architecture. I am already short standing next to an average adult Adamoi – but in the world library, I feel even smaller. They have such a masterful understanding of shapes, colors and space. I have never seen any buildings quite like this back on Earth.

These are, without a doubt, a truly fascinating people. Peaceful, considerate, welcoming. Not once have I felt hostility from the Adamoi. If they are hiding something, they’re very good at it, but truth be told, I really do think they are as honest as they present themselves to be.

In fact, I’ve already made a loyal friend down there. A young Adamoi girl named Evelee has been part of both welcome teams that I’ve worked with in the capital city. She’s 15 years old, extremely intelligent, and only five and a half feet tall. I imagine she’ll grow to be two or three feet taller before reaching the age of maturity (roughly 50 years old), but for now, it’s nice to interact with someone around my height. Apparently, Evelee is an orphan, and, at a very young age, has already been serving the Historical Commission with distinction.

I’m told that she will be among the Adamoi representatives visiting the Enterprise. She speaks fluent English (having learned the entire language in the past few weeks), her fascination with history makes my own historical knowledge pale in comparison, and her excitement to visit space for the first time has her well beyond giddy. I look forward to the opportunity to show her our home, and to introduce her people to the first interplanetary starship they have ever seen.

Yep. These Adamoi impress me. This kind of first contact mission is the precise reason I gave up a creative career on Earth, and applied to Starfleet Academy. I could have used my acting degree to tell entertaining stories for captive audiences, but to actually be out here, in the beauty of space, and to be experiencing the wonder and discovery of new civilizations -- like the Adamoi, is so much more rewarding.

I am truly honored to be a part of this first contact mission!

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

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