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Tuesday, July 30

Grecian Girls

I thought you might find this interesting. Apparently, there’s a new holoprogram rising in popularity among the crew. It’s called “Grecian Girls”, and it features two well-dressed Human women playing a variety of calming musical compositions on Lamdian harps. Our own Commander Riker is a big fan of the program, and recommended it in one of his weekly crew broadcasts.

As a character file, this program can be run on table-top projectors located throughout the ship, and in most crew quarters. Other character programs are available as well, and can either be downloaded from the ship’s database, or purchased in stores located on the deck 10 Promenade.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Sunday, July 28

An Adamoi Recap

This past week has been a busy one, and, alas, one that kept me away from my regular posting duties. You deserve better than that. So, how about a recap?

The early part of last week saw the tail end of our away team visits down to the planet’s surface. Techelen is a stunningly beautiful greenhouse planet, and the Adamoi who live there are a welcoming, intelligent, and highly cultured people. Evidence even suggests that they may, in fact, be Ancient Humans. Test results seem to support this, as the Adamoi do share Human DNA. How these people can be Human, and yet live so far away from Earth, remains a mystery.

According to the Adamoi, they claim to have come from Earth 5,300 years ago, through a portal similar to the mythical “Iconian Gateway”. No one has come across any of these gateways, but we have found artifacts to prove that the Iconians did exist. Even more fascinating, though, is the belief that the Adamoi claim the Iconians to be have been Ancient Humans as well – a pre-Flood sect of Humans that created the gateways, and left Earth about the same time as the Adamoi.

Yes. You read that correctly. The Adamoi claim to know the Ancient Iconians. They share the same DNA. Let that sink in for a moment.

On Friday, an Adamoi delegation arrived aboard the Enterprise via shuttlecraft, and toured many areas of the ship. The delegation consisted of eight people, all of whom were young, and less than seven feet tall. A typical full-grown Adamoi can reach heights of up to ten feet. Unfortunately, our decks aren’t high enough to accommodate their height, so they sent shorter individuals who could safely traverse our decks. They brought recording devices – and were granted filming rights in some parts of the ship – so that their fellow Adamoi on the planet could see our ship as well.

While aboard the Enterprise, the delegation had many questions, and our own Lieutenant (JG) Tessa Kensington, and her hand-selected team of “ambassadors”, did a great job answering them. Overall, the Adamoi seemed to enjoy their visit, taking great delight in every part of the ship they saw. Apparently, their favorite areas were Astrometrics, the holodecks, Ten Forward, and the rest of the Promenade (mall) on deck 10. Their deep fascination with stopping to look out every window, at their homeworld below us, was refreshing.

My young female Adamoi friend, Evelee, was part of the delegation. In fact, she never stopped smiling during her entire visit. I think she, out of all eight Adamoi, got the most joy out of visiting the Enterprise. If given the chance, I could see her begging to join Starfleet just so she could stay in space. She was that enthralled with our ship and its mission.

With the week over, our diplomatic talks with the Adamoi continue. There are even rumors that the Adamoi World Assembly is discussing the possibility of opening their planet to limited shore leave. There are a number of details that would need to be worked out first, but it does seem likely in the near future. We’ve made a new friend in the Adamoi, and, believe it or not, they seem excited to learn more about us – their distant cousins.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Tuesday, July 23

Preparing For a VIP Visit

The date has been set. A team of Adamoi representatives will be visiting the Enterprise on Friday. They will receive a partial tour of the ship, meet our command staff, and be treated to the same level of hospitality they have shown us this past week. If you are aboard the Enterprise, and would like to be part of this visit, please send us a message, and we’ll see what we can do.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Monday, July 22

A Visit to the Techelen World Library

I was asked to bring another historical team down to Techelen earlier today. A few of the Adamoi scientists wanted to learn more about us and our way of life. They are a deeply inquisitive people, and wanted to better understand our cultural norms before visiting the Enterprise later this week.

While I was down there, I took a photo of the beautiful interior of their world library. For a people so at home in the outdoors, the Adamoi sure do build grand and impressive architecture. I am already short standing next to an average adult Adamoi – but in the world library, I feel even smaller. They have such a masterful understanding of shapes, colors and space. I have never seen any buildings quite like this back on Earth.

These are, without a doubt, a truly fascinating people. Peaceful, considerate, welcoming. Not once have I felt hostility from the Adamoi. If they are hiding something, they’re very good at it, but truth be told, I really do think they are as honest as they present themselves to be.

In fact, I’ve already made a loyal friend down there. A young Adamoi girl named Evelee has been part of both welcome teams that I’ve worked with in the capital city. She’s 15 years old, extremely intelligent, and only five and a half feet tall. I imagine she’ll grow to be two or three feet taller before reaching the age of maturity (roughly 50 years old), but for now, it’s nice to interact with someone around my height. Apparently, Evelee is an orphan, and, at a very young age, has already been serving the Historical Commission with distinction.

I’m told that she will be among the Adamoi representatives visiting the Enterprise. She speaks fluent English (having learned the entire language in the past few weeks), her fascination with history makes my own historical knowledge pale in comparison, and her excitement to visit space for the first time has her well beyond giddy. I look forward to the opportunity to show her our home, and to introduce her people to the first interplanetary starship they have ever seen.

Yep. These Adamoi impress me. This kind of first contact mission is the precise reason I gave up a creative career on Earth, and applied to Starfleet Academy. I could have used my acting degree to tell entertaining stories for captive audiences, but to actually be out here, in the beauty of space, and to be experiencing the wonder and discovery of new civilizations -- like the Adamoi, is so much more rewarding.

I am truly honored to be a part of this first contact mission!

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Thursday, July 18

The Adamoi, Earth and the Biblical Flood

Three of our away teams have completed their missions, while the diplomacy team continues to meet with the Adamoi representatives. First contact protocols continue, while the rest of us are back on the Enterprise studying the data we collected.

My own historical team visited a few libraries and cultural locations, and brought back an extensive and deeply fascinating file on Adamoi history. As it turns out, Techelen is not their homeworld. According to the Adamoi, they came from a distant planet they called, “Eresa” – a planet their ancestors left over 5,300 years ago – roughly 3,000 BC according to our calendar.

In addition, the Adamoi speak a language that is surprisingly similar to Hebrew on Earth. In fact, the planet name, “Eresa”, mirrors the Hebrew word, “eres”, which translates as, “earth” or “land”. The Adamoi representatives -- who learned to speak English in preparation for our arrival – eagerly pointed out these similarities. Throughout our visit, they kept asking to know more about Earth, and openly theorized that our two peoples may actually come from the same planet. And to make these claims even more interesting, their accounts of emigrating to Techelen speak of a man-made portal that sounds an awful lot like the mythical Iconian Gateway.

But here’s the kicker... there are actually fringe scientists on Earth that have developed nearly identical theories. In fact, it is believed – by those scientists and scholars – that ancient Humans on Earth created a portal leading to other planets, and by stepping through that portal, they were instantly transported throughout the universe. Those scholars believe that Humans who passed through this portal were stripped of their humanity, and physically altered to become the “alien” civilizations we are meeting in recent centuries. Their theories are viewed as crazy by almost everyone, but, with the discovery of these claims by the Adamoi, I can’t help but wonder.

It’s not really my place to bring religion into my posts, but in this case, it might be worth mentioning. I am a Christian – I believe in the Bible, and I believe that the universe was created by God. In the Christian faith, the Bible speaks of the Earth being created as a global tropical paradise, but then later destroyed in a global flood due to the wickedness of those who lived on Earth at the time. When the flood waters receded, the Earth we know was revealed, and all those who lived before the flood – except for a man named Noah and his family -- perished.

If there is any truth to the Adamoi claims, and if they are – in any way – connected to Earth, they would have left the planet, via their portal, before the Biblical flood. In fact, the Adamoi claimed date of around 3,000 BC would have been about 500 years before the flood. And, if that’s not enough to ponder, the bones of giant humans, as tall as 10 feet, have been found on Earth, dating to ancient eras. The Bible even speaks of many tall/giant Humans living during the history of the Bible (AFTER the flood).

And, as the icing on this historical cake, our science team brought back genetic samples given to them by the Adamoi doctors and scientists. Those samples indicate stronger, more resilient strands of, yes, Human DNA. So, if we put the pieces together, are we, the Human crew of the USS Enterprise, making first contact with a distant line of taller, healthier, and more robust Humans, who may be descended from the ancient Humans who lived on Earth before the Flood?

If so…. we may have just made THE greatest scientific discovery in Human history. There’s certainly a lot more research to be done, however, if this data pans out – all I can say is...


-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Sunday, July 14

The Business of First Contact

The first round of away teams down to the Adamoi have been announced, with mission data already submitted to those selected. There will be four teams of specialists, and visits have been scheduled to start as early as tomorrow. While there have been many crew requests to meet the Adamoi, our interactions will start small, with these four fact-finding teams, followed later in the week, by a small delegation of Adamoi visiting the Enterprise. At some point, the Adamoi World Assembly may permit more of the crew to visit Techelen, but for now, we’re taking it slow. This is a first contact situation, after all.

The four initial away teams will be as follows:

A 6-person medical/science team will visit select hospitals, labs, and research facilities on Techelen, guided by some of the top Adamoi doctors and scientists. Doctor Joshua Kim will lead that away team, and will be joined by Lieutenant Sebastian Hopkins as our counselor representative. The team will get a first-hand look at some of the Adamoi medical technology, see some of their techniques, and learn more about the biological side of the Adamoi.

A second team will consist of six engineers, lead by Lieutenant Diana Giddings. They will be given a tour of some of the Adamoi’s technological achievements, industrial facilities, and, I believe a power station. That team will gain a first-hand understanding of the technical advancements that define the Adamoi.

A third away team will consist of two historians and three social scientists. This group will be given a tour of a few libraries, databases, and cultural locations. As the chief public affairs officer aboard the Enterprise, and a trained historian, I’ve been chosen to lead this team. Joining me will be our chief civilian historian, Dr. David Whalen.

And finally, the fourth away team will be diplomatic. They will be led by our chief diplomat, Lieutenant Brad Longo. These individuals will meet with top political figures on Techelen, and begin the process of opening the door to future interactions between Federation and the Adamoi.

Future teams are likely, however, both Captain Picard and the Adamoi representatives, have chosen to take this process step by step. The success of these first four teams will determine which direction we go from there. The Adamoi are a space-faring species, however, they have not yet traveled outside of their own star system. We are the first “aliens” they have encountered, therefore, friendship, peace and cooperation are our primary goals.

The Adamoi are a fascinating species. I’m sure we will learn a great deal over the next few days, and I will gladly share anything cleared for public release.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Thursday, July 11

Meeting The Adamoi

Captain Picard, and our Enterprise senior staff, visited the Adamoi on Techelen earlier today. They were treated to a reception in the governing city’s capital district, and, according to reports, discussed a variety of topics while dining on exotic meats, cheeses, and native fruit. Plans for future diplomatic visits were developed, but have not yet been released.

This image shows a view of the capital district, taken from the shuttle as it descended to a make-shift landing area. From the photo, we can see that the Adamoi value grand architecture and beautiful public plazas. Statues and historical monuments are also abundant.

While I am not privy to the topics discussed in the meeting, the away team report does tell us more about the Adamoi. As it turns out, in addition to being long-lived, with lifespans of nearly 800 years, the Adamoi are also very tall. The average Adamoi male is 9-10 feet in height, with their females being only slightly smaller. They are in extraordinary physical health, with well-toned bodies, and strength far superior to any of our crew. They also wear light clothing, consisting of various airy fabrics fastened loosely around their bodies. Commander Riker likened their fashion to being similar to that of the Ancient Greeks on Earth.

The Adamoi are friendly, considerate, and extremely intelligent.

We also learned a little more about their homeworld. Techelen is about the same size as Earth, and is surrounded by a clear canopy of water above its atmosphere. This creates a unique greenhouse effect that keeps the entire planet in a comfortable, tropical climate. The atmospheric pressure is stronger than a standard class-M world, and there is about 50% more oxygen in the atmosphere than there is on Earth. There are no storms, it has never rained on Techelen, and a mist frequently rises up from the ground to keep the planet well-watered.

The Adamoi have a strong fascination with nature, and have established vast areas of the planet as protected forest. In fact, Techelen even features a new biome not seen on class-M worlds. Almost all of their coastline consists of floating forests full of a wide variety of trees and plants, under which, great sea creatures swim.

Apparently, trees, plants, and animal life are as much giants as the Adamoi themselves.

Even more interesting is the fact that there is no coal, oil or natural gas on this planet. The Adamoi have created a highly-advanced industrial civilization, completely without any of these natural resources. They honor their natural habitats, they maintain almost pollution-free industrial zones, and yet, they have an advanced technology level slightly above our own.

These are, without a doubt, a fascinating people, and their homeworld is like nothing we have ever seen. I remain optimistic that I will be able to learn more about these Adamoi – perhaps visiting them in person – before our mission comes to an end. It would be a shame to pass up an experience as different and unique as this!

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Wednesday, July 10

Techelen, Home of the Adamoi

The Enterprise has arrived at the Adamoi homeworld of Techelen, and we have taken up an orbital position near the USS Saratoga. Captain Picard has exchanged greetings with the leader of the Techelen World Assembly, and has been invited – along with our senior staff – to attend a reception on the planet’s surface tomorrow afternoon. That reception will likely set the ground work for all future interactions with the Adamoi while we are here.

I don’t have much more to report than that at the moment, although, I did receive this photo of the Enterprise slipping into orbit, taken by the Public Affairs staff aboard the USS Saratoga. I thought you might like to see some of this stunning blue planet below us.

These Adamoi, they have an awe-inspiring homeworld – crystal blue oceans, lush green landscapes, rolling hills, and all of it filtered through the clear haze of a water canopy surrounding their atmosphere. It’s a global greenhouse like I have never seen – a true sight to behold!

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Tuesday, July 9

Auxiliary Vessel: Zephyr-Class Commship

The Zephyr-class commship is the current vessel design in use by the Federation Commship Command (FCC). Since data cannot be transmitted faster than the speed of light (a limitation of physics), swift vessels are needed to physically transport that data -- at a higher speed -- to its required destination. These small warp-9 commships are, therefore, the message delivery vessels of the Federation, providing regular communication delivery between planets, stations, and starships.

Due to the purpose of these vessels, they allocate more space to engine power and efficiency than other small vessels, and are, therefore, the only vessels of this size with warp-9 engines.

The Zephyr-class commship is actually a precursor to the Danube-class runabout. The Zephyr-class was designed for speed, and has no dedicated science, cargo or adaptable mission systems. It does have limited living space, for a small crew, and substantial data storage capacity, but is poorly suited for any other purpose. The more recent Danube-class runabout, on the other hand, builds upon the Zephyr-class design, but sacrifices engine power and efficiency, in order to make room for science, cargo and adaptable mission systems.

This vessel was designed specifically for the Federation Commship Command, and is not available to the general public. The only other organization given clearance to operate these vessels is Starfleet, which does maintain a small fleet for use along strategic message routes.

The USS Enterprise-D does not have any of these vessels within it's auxiliary vessel complement, however, it does maintain a temporary landing area, in the Main Shuttlebay, for regular commships to resupply and rotate stationed crew as necessary. In most cases, however, since commships do have a transporter aboard, they usually just come alongside the Enterprise (while it is stationary), transfer data (and any personnel in transit), and then depart for their next scheduled destination.

(NOTE: "Zephyr" is pronounced: "zeffer")


Length: -- 16 meters
Beam: -- 9.78 meters
Height: -- 4.25 meters
Decks: -- 1

Crew: -- 2-3
Passengers: -- 1 (if necessary); 2 (if there is an available bunk)

Phaser Emitters: -- 2
Torpedo Tubes: -- 1 (micro-torpedo)

Max Speed: -- warp 9
Landing: -- yes

This commship design supports a small crew -- usually an FCC pilot, an engineer, and, in many cases, a security officer. The cockpit (a smaller, similar design to that aboard a Danube-class runabout) has four computer terminals, two of which are adaptable to individual needs during transit. A small room behind the cockpit contains a two-person transporter, and a crew shower.

The main living space contains a restroom, a wall storage cabinet, two bunks (four crew berths), a small kitchenette, and a common-use crew table. A small room to the rear of the ship contains the exterior-access door, and two data terminals associated with the purpose of the vessel. If small cargo needs to be transported along a route, it is usually stashed between the terminals.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Monday, July 8

Auxiliary Vessel: Type-6 Shuttlecraft

The Type-6 shuttle is the second of two shuttlecraft designs currently in use within Starfleet. It is most often employed as a personnel shuttle, although, it also comes in a cargo variant. Nearly every Starfleet ship, Port Guard vessel, and Federation space station operates a small fleet of these shuttlecraft. This design has also been adapted and sold on the civilian market, where it comes in a variety of popular colors.

VESSEL CAPABILITIES: - (Personnel Layout)

Length: -- 6 meters
Beam: -- 4.4 meters
Height: -- 2.7 meters
Decks: -- 1

Crew: -- 2
Passengers: -- 6

Phaser Emitters: -- none
Torpedo Tubes: -- none
Transporter: -- none

Max Speed: -- warp 1
Landing: -- yes

This shuttle design features a large hatch that opens downward from the rear of the vessel. This hatch then becomes a ramp for easy loading and unloading. Two cushioned benches along the sides of the rear cabin provide seating for passengers. A separate systems display is available, as are two storage bins at the far rear of the cabin.

This shuttle design does not include a transporter.

The top illustration shows the Type-6 shuttle in personnel format. The bottom illustration shows the Type-6 in cargo format, with the passenger benches, systems display and storage bins removed. While the larger Type-7 shuttle has more cargo room, this Type-6 has easier access for loading and unloading cargo.

Starfleet has recently begun a project to uprate the Type-6 shuttle design, both to allow more versatility, and to extend it's service life well into the next few decades.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Sunday, July 7

A Mission Delay

We are still on course for the Adamoi homeworld of Techelen. Unfortunately, the Enterprise had to reduce speed along part of our route, and our updated arrival at Techelen will be moved to Wednesday. A commship has already been dispatched to the USS Saratoga – in orbit of Techelen – to inform them of our delay.

I guess our excitement in meeting this fascinating new species will have to wait a few more days.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Friday, July 5

Through the Eyes of Edith Keeler

Well, that was interesting. Witnessing the death of someone else, through their eyes, is not something I’d wish on anyone. But, I’m back, I’m rested, and I have been cleared for duty. Thank you to Lieutenant JG Tessa Kensington for filling in for me on Wednesday, and keeping all of you updated. She’s a good officer. We are blessed to have her on staff here in the Enterprise-D Public Affairs Office.

Over the past two days, Tessa, and, I suppose, by extension, myself, have received a few questions about the validity of my dream. As you know, while I was sleeping Wednesday morning, I experienced a few days through the eyes of a social worker named, Edith, in 1930s New York City on Earth. While most of the dream was pleasant, it ended abruptly when I, as Edith, fell down the stairs in her apartment building. She died suddenly, and quite painfully. I woke up the moment after she took her last breath.

I did some research into the historical archives -- to see if this disturbing dream had any connection to real events. Previously, I had experienced events aboard the HMS Titanic on its successful maiden voyage, and those turned out to reflect real events. As it turns out, there is reality to this Edith dream as well. According to records, there was a 34-year-old woman named, Edith Keeler (the same name from my dream), who was a social worker in the late 1920s in New York City on Earth. She ran a facility on 21st Street that provided food and care for the homeless during the Great Depression. She died on November 13, 1930, when she fell down the stairs in her apartment building and broke her neck. She was a real person, whom I knew nothing about before Wednesday. My experiences match the historical records.

Apparently, it would seem that I have the ability to connect to the lives of other people, in the past. So far, I’ve witnessed past events through the eyes of two strangers -- while I was sleeping. The medical professionals I’ve talked to have never seen or heard of anything like this. They think it might be a result of our interactions within the Devron Anomaly – an “afterimage” of the temporal incident this ship went though.

I don’t know if this is going to happen again, where it’s going to happen, or when, but if it does, I sincerely hope my experiences are a lot less…. final. Edith Keeler was a real person. I witnessed her death – through her eyes. That’s not something you forget.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Wednesday, July 3

Death, Through Someone Else's Eyes

I don’t know how to say this – this [posting] thing is Lieutenant Archer’s job, not mine – so I’ll just shoot from the hip. My name is Lieutenant (JG) Tessa Kensington. I am one of Lieutenant Archer’s staff here in the Public Affairs Office. Lieutenant Archer -- Sam -- is currently in the Enterprise hospital after experiencing another vivid dream.

Sam woke up in his quarters late this morning, and put in an emergency call to the hospital deck. He claimed that, while he was sleeping, he experienced a few days through the eyes of a social worker named, Edith, in 1930s New York City on Earth. He says he woke up in terror after experiencing her fall down the stairs, in her apartment building, and break her neck. When this Edith character died, he woke up suddenly, as if from a nightmare. He claims the whole experience was extremely real to him – including the fall.

I am happy to report, though, with a few hours of care, Sam is doing fine now. He is in the care of our ship’s doctors and psychologists, and they’ve got things under control. Sam has been diagnosed with mild mental and emotional trauma, and has been relieved of duty until Friday. He asked me to share this update in his stead, and handle any questions you might have.

-Lieutenant (JG) Tessa Kensington