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Wednesday, May 24

Starfleet Marine Uniforms, 2365-present

Introduced in 2365 (alongside the updated naval uniforms), these Marine uniforms addressed a common complaint among troops on the ground -- comfort. Now, instead of the uncomfortable and often restrictive one-piece jumpsuit, Starfleet has returned to a two-piece uniform for all duty and field variations.

Starfleet Command has chosen to establish consistency across all service branches. The standard Marine duty uniform now matches the style of it's naval counterparts, and features a gray front-close jacket with black shoulders and green trim. This standard duty uniform is worn by all Marine personnel while serving aboard starships, space stations, and non-combat ground base assignments.

In addition to all standard duty uniforms, the combat/field fatigues have been updated as well. While the previous version was a one-piece black jumpsuit, this new uniform features an olive-green, two-piece combo consisting of a sturdy military jacket and pants. The olive colored fatigues are worn during most field operations, although, a dark green disruptive camouflage version (for forest environments), and a sandy disruptive camouflage version (for desert environments) are also available as needed to fit custom mission parameters.

Protective helmets are worn in all ground combat situations.

And finally, as the Marines have taken on a greater role in the skies, and atmosphere-capable fighter craft are being added to Starfleet vessel manifests, a teal flight suit has been added to the collection of standard-issue Marine uniforms. All fighter pilots wear this jumpsuit while operating fighter aircraft.

Unit patches are worn on the left sleeve of all operational uniforms, while rank patches are worn on the right sleeve. The Starfleet insignia combadge is worn on the left breast.

The Marine dress uniform remains unchanged, and continues to feature the traditional wrap-over black jacket with blue-gray quilted shoulders. A black belt is worn over a red sash, with matching red stripes on the cuff. Hard-framed service caps are worn in formal situations. Dress shoes are worn instead of standard duty combat boots.

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