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Tuesday, May 23

Arrival: Vega

The Enterprise has arrived at Vega. We will remain in orbit until Friday, during which time we will transfer crew, obtain some supplies, and enjoy a few days of shore leave.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Planet Profile:

NAME: -- Vega -- (Vega III)
GRAVITY: -- 1.2 G
ROTATION: -- 26 hours
LAND AREA: -- 33%
ASSOCIATION: -- Federation member planet
GENERAL CLIMATE: -- Warm Temperate
POPULATION: -- 54,300,000
MOONS: -- 1

As one of the first Earth colonies, Vega has been an integral part of the Federation for centuries. They are a significant stop on many Earth trade routes, and at only 22 light years from Earth, they have attracted many colonists and immigrants from Earth, Mars, Luna and other core Federation planets.

Vega maintains a large state-of-the-art hospital in New Boston, and builds many small privately-owned spacecraft in its planet-based Victoria Shipyards. Vega Station, a small Regula-class space station, is the only orbital facility. It houses orbital traffic control, and system communications offices.

Some local sight-seeing locations include: Wembley Falls (the highest waterfall on the planet), Preston Islands National Park, the New Boston Art Museum, and the underwater Bellows Resort (located just off the coast of New Boston).

Hotels are available for a nightly fee.

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