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Monday, May 29

Kathryn Janeway

Kathryn Marie Janeway
Lieutenant Commander

USS Enterprise-D -- (Galaxy-class)
Chief Science Officer

Facebook Page: -- none

SPECIES: -- Human
GENDER: -- Female

BIRTHDATE: -- May 20, 2331

PLACE OF BIRTH: -- Bloomington, Indiana, United States of America


NATIVE LANGUAGE: -- Federation Standard
LEARNED LANGUAGES: -- Klingon, Sign Language


  • Athletic Ability
  • Bold
  • Conservative
  • Curious
  • Friendly
  • Obsessive Tendencies
  • Scientific Genius
  • Starfleet Code of Honor
  • Will to Survive


2349-2354 --- Starfleet Academy -- (San Francisco, CA, USA, Earth)
2354-2355 --- Starfleet Department Head School -- (San Francisco, CA, USA, Earth)


GRADUATED: -- May, 2354
STATUS: -- Passed with High Honors

PROMOTED TO: -- Lieutenant (junior grade)

DEGREE: -- Science
MAJOR: -- Space Science -- (Astrophysics)
MINOR: -- Space Science -- (Astronomy)

-- Starfleet Academy Honor Roll
-- Astrophysics Department Citation

-- Gaming -- (Billiards)
-- Shuttlecraft Pilot Training
-- Sports -- (Skiing)

CADET CRUISE: -- USS Excelsior -- (Ambassador-class) -- NCC-21445
-- Assigned to science department, Astrophysics division



GRADUATED: -- May, 2355
PROMOTED TO: -- Lieutenant


2355-2365 --- USS Al-Batani -- (Excelsior-class) -- NCC-42995
----------------- Lieutenant / Lt. Cmdr. -- Science Officer -- Science / Chief Science Officer
----------------- Uniform = Blue

2365-Pres ---- USS Enterprise -- (Galaxy-class) -- NCC-1701-D
----------------- Lieutenant Commander -- Science Officer -- Chief Science Officer
----------------- Uniform = Blue


  • Starfleet Academy Honor Roll (2354) – (Starfleet Academy)
  • Astrophysics Department Citation (2354) – (Starfleet Academy)
  • Combat Star (2358) – (USS Al-Batani)
  • Starfleet Commendation (2358) – (USS Al-Batani)
  • Commander's Commendation (2361) -- (USS Al-Batani)
  • Commander's Commendation (2364) – (USS Al-Batani)


2331 -- Born in Bloomington, Indiana, USA on Earth.
2347 -- Her father drowns under a polar icecap on Tau Ceti Prime.
2349 -- Entered Starfleet Academy (age 18).
2350 -- Starfleet introduces modern uniforms.
2354 -- Graduated from Starfleet Academy. -- Promoted to Lieutenant (JG).
2354 -- Awarded Starfleet Academy Honor Roll.
2354 -- Awarded Astrophysics Department Citation.
2354 -- Entered Department Head School (via recommendation) (age 23).
2355 -- Graduated from Department Head School. -- Promoted to Lieutenant.
2355 -- Assigned to USS Al-Batani (Excelsior-class) as a science officer.
2358 -- Awarded the Combat Star (USS Al-Batani).
2358 -- Awarded Starfleet Commendation (USS Al-Batani).
2361 -- Promoted to Lieutenant Commander aboard the USS Al-Batani.
2361 -- Becomes the Chief Science Officer of the USS Al-Batani.
2361 -- Awarded Commander's Commendation (USS Al-Batani).
2364 -- Awarded Commander's Commendation (USS Al-Batani).
2365 -- Assigned to USS Enterprise-D as Chief Science Officer.


SPOUSE: -- none

CHILDREN: -- none

PETS: -- none

FATHER: -- Edward Janeway -- (former Starfleet Vice Admiral) -- (deceased)

MOTHER: -- Gretchen Janeway -- (homemaker, Earth)

BROTHERS: -- none

SISTER: -- Phoebe Roberts -- (married; mom / homemaker, Earth) -- (younger)


  • Computer Operation -- (Federation)
  • Space Science -- (Astrophysics)

  • Administration
  • Leadership
  • Physical Science -- (Mathematics)
  • Space Science -- (Astronomy)
  • Starship Sensors

QUALIFIED (skills of note):
  • Computer Technology -- (Federation)
  • Electronics Technology -- (Federation)
  • Environmental Suit Operations
  • Food Preparation -- (Cooking)
  • Language -- (Federation Standard)
  • Language -- (Sign Language)
  • Life Science -- (Botany)
  • Marksmanship -- (Phaser)
  • Personal Combad -- (Unarmed)
  • Planetary Science -- (Meteorology)
  • Planetary Survival -- (Warm Temperate)
  • Shuttlecraft Pilot
  • Social Science -- (Federation Culture / History)
  • Social Science -- (Earth Culture / History)
  • Sports -- (Skiing)
  • Trivia -- (Coffee)


  • Data – Fellow Science Officer.

  • Sandra Bellick -- Starfleet Academy roommate. Starfleet helm officer.
  • Martin Boothby -- Groundskeeper at Starfleet Academy.
  • Andrea Kaab -- Department Head School roomate. Starfleet operations officer.
  • George Patterson -- Starfleet Admiral. Former mathematics professor at Starfleet Academy. Mentor. Father figure. Administrator of Utopia Planetia Fleet Yards.


-- One of her Admiral father's service medals.
-- A few flowering plants that she tends.
-- A small shelf of her favorite hard-cover novels.
-- A few small bags of her favorite coffee/beans.
-- (3) Unique alien artifacts from abandoned ruins discovered while on USS Al-Batani.
-- A small metal insignia given to her by a Cardassian whose life she saved.
-- A decorative box with a small wooden sculpture of a fish.
-- A small cast-medal sculpture of a horse and jockey.
-- A small bronze-cast sculpture of an Irish Setter on a pillow.
-- A red glass perfume atomizer.
-- An old-fashioned microscope.

A New Chief Science Officer

Some of you may have already met our new Chief Science Officer. She -- Lieutenant Commander Kathryn Janeway -- transferred to the Enterprise from the USS Al-Batani (Excelsior-class) while we were orbiting Vega. Lieutenant Commander Janeway will be assuming the administration of all Science departments aboard the Enterprise. This includes her among the senior staff.

If you see Lieutenant Commander Janeway in the corridors, feel free to stop and say hi. Let's make her feel at home here aboard the Enterprise.

For your convenience, we have linked to her Starfleet profile below:

Starfleet Profile: Kathryn Janeway

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Saturday, May 27

Returning Our Dolphins To Earth

The Enterprise left Vega yesterday, and is currently en route to Earth. This is the first time that the Enterprise will be returning to Earth since it was launched two years ago. Many among our crew and civilian population are looking forward to visiting with their families for the first time since 2363.

Of course, family visits aren't our primary reason for returning to Earth. Starfleet has decided that Galaxy-class ships will no longer carry dolphins and other aquatic mammals. The first four Galaxy starships were designed with large aquatic tanks on the lower decks of the saucer section. This was a deep space experiment that has been largely unsuccessful. Dolphins just aren't beneficial to our exploratory missions, and maintaining massive aquatic tanks on a starship has proven to be an engineering nightmare.

We are returning to Earth to offload our manifest of dolphins, return them to Earth's oceans, drain the Enterprise aquatic tanks, and undergo some minor modifications to re-purpose those empty tanks for other uses. The goal is to convert those empty tanks into operational bays for Marine use, security training bays, and other shipboard events.

The two remaining Galaxy-class ships launched before the Enterprise (the USS Galaxy and the USS Challenger) have already undergone this conversion. The Enterprise is the last Starfleet vessel carrying aquatic mammal tanks. All Galaxy-class vessels launched after the Enterprise (or still under construction) have been designed without aquatic tanks.

Our ETA to Earth is still about seven days away -- at warp eight. Vega is located 22 light years from Earth. We should be arriving in Earth orbit sometime next Saturday (June 3).

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Wednesday, May 24

Starfleet Uniforms, 2365-present

Introduced in 2365, these Starfleet uniforms addressed a common complaint among most personnel -- comfort. Now, instead of the restrictive one-piece jumpsuit, Starfleet has returned to a two-piece uniform for all duty variations.

The updated duty uniform features a front-close jacket that corresponds to the individual's service department -- wine-red for command personnel, pilots and helm officers; mustard-gold for operations and security; and teal-blue for science and medical. Trim on the raised collar of the jacket matches the uniform color. Separate pants match the black of the uniform jackets. These uniforms are standard issue for all Starfleet naval personnel serving on starships, space stations, and planetary bases.

The Starfleet insignia combadge is worn on the left breast, with rank insignia -- in the form of round gold or gold-black pips -- on the right side of the collar.

An optional black belt can be worn with this uniform, thereby providing holsters and attachments for phasers, tricorders, and other necessary small devices.

Starfleet Marine duty uniforms have been updated to match this style, with the standard Marine duty uniform featuring gray with green trim, instead of the standard red, gold, or blue.

This jacket serves as the standard-issue Starfleet naval dress uniform. This is worn by all ranking and enlisted Starfleet personnel during formal events. Each uniform consists of a thigh-length, wrap-around tunic worn instead of the standard duty jacket. Each dress jacket reflects the color of the wearer's service department, with a band of gold trim running along collar and the top of the overlap enclosure.

The Starfleet insignia combadge is worn on the left breast, with rank pips and insignia worn on the narrowest point of the black fabric on the right shoulder (just below the gold trim). Service medals may be worn on the right breast, if desired.

This uniform is standard issue for all Starfleet admirals and high-ranking flag officers. It consists of the standard duty uniform (in the color of the wearer's command department), embellished with gold trim along the chest. The collar trim extends down to the colored chest area, and three gold stripes (regardless of rank) adorn the cuffs of both sleeves.

The Starfleet insignia combadge is worn on the left breast, with rank insignia -- in the form of admiral pips -- on the right side of the collar.

This jacket serves as the standard-issue Starfleet admiral dress uniform. This is worn by all flag officers during formal events. Each uniform consists of a thigh-length, front-close tunic worn instead of the standard duty jacket. Each dress jacket reflects the color of the wearer's service department, with a gold-trimmed black V-neck punctuating the black shoulder area. A band of gold trim runs along the rest of the chest, separating the black shoulders from the primary jacket color.

The Starfleet insignia combadge is worn on the left breast, with admiral rank pips worn on the right side of the collar. Service medals may be worn on the right breast, if desired.

Starfleet Marine Uniforms, 2365-present

Introduced in 2365 (alongside the updated naval uniforms), these Marine uniforms addressed a common complaint among troops on the ground -- comfort. Now, instead of the uncomfortable and often restrictive one-piece jumpsuit, Starfleet has returned to a two-piece uniform for all duty and field variations.

Starfleet Command has chosen to establish consistency across all service branches. The standard Marine duty uniform now matches the style of it's naval counterparts, and features a gray front-close jacket with black shoulders and green trim. This standard duty uniform is worn by all Marine personnel while serving aboard starships, space stations, and non-combat ground base assignments.

In addition to all standard duty uniforms, the combat/field fatigues have been updated as well. While the previous version was a one-piece black jumpsuit, this new uniform features an olive-green, two-piece combo consisting of a sturdy military jacket and pants. The olive colored fatigues are worn during most field operations, although, a dark green disruptive camouflage version (for forest environments), and a sandy disruptive camouflage version (for desert environments) are also available as needed to fit custom mission parameters.

Protective helmets are worn in all ground combat situations.

And finally, as the Marines have taken on a greater role in the skies, and atmosphere-capable fighter craft are being added to Starfleet vessel manifests, a teal flight suit has been added to the collection of standard-issue Marine uniforms. All fighter pilots wear this jumpsuit while operating fighter aircraft.

Unit patches are worn on the left sleeve of all operational uniforms, while rank patches are worn on the right sleeve. The Starfleet insignia combadge is worn on the left breast.

The Marine dress uniform remains unchanged, and continues to feature the traditional wrap-over black jacket with blue-gray quilted shoulders. A black belt is worn over a red sash, with matching red stripes on the cuff. Hard-framed service caps are worn in formal situations. Dress shoes are worn instead of standard duty combat boots.

Tuesday, May 23

Arrival: Vega

The Enterprise has arrived at Vega. We will remain in orbit until Friday, during which time we will transfer crew, obtain some supplies, and enjoy a few days of shore leave.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Planet Profile:

NAME: -- Vega -- (Vega III)
GRAVITY: -- 1.2 G
ROTATION: -- 26 hours
LAND AREA: -- 33%
ASSOCIATION: -- Federation member planet
GENERAL CLIMATE: -- Warm Temperate
POPULATION: -- 54,300,000
MOONS: -- 1

As one of the first Earth colonies, Vega has been an integral part of the Federation for centuries. They are a significant stop on many Earth trade routes, and at only 22 light years from Earth, they have attracted many colonists and immigrants from Earth, Mars, Luna and other core Federation planets.

Vega maintains a large state-of-the-art hospital in New Boston, and builds many small privately-owned spacecraft in its planet-based Victoria Shipyards. Vega Station, a small Regula-class space station, is the only orbital facility. It houses orbital traffic control, and system communications offices.

Some local sight-seeing locations include: Wembley Falls (the highest waterfall on the planet), Preston Islands National Park, the New Boston Art Museum, and the underwater Bellows Resort (located just off the coast of New Boston).

Hotels are available for a nightly fee.

Friday, May 19

Back Inside Federation Space

The Enterprise is returning from a two week assignment in unclaimed space -- in a region located between the Ferengi Alliance and the Tzenkethi Coalition. We had been sent to investigate rumors of an Iconian Gateway, on an uninhabited planet containing ruins much like those found on Iconia.

In the end, we didn't find any evidence of another Gateway, but we did spend a day exploring the ruins of a once-thriving civilization. Based on the data collected, we think these ruins may, in fact, be related to the Ancient Promellian civilization. It will be interesting to see what the Federation historians have to say once they they study the data and artifacts we're bringing back with us.

As of this evening, we have reentered Federation space, and are on our way to Vega. We should arrive sometime on Tuesday. At this colony world, we will obtain additional supplies, transfer a few crew members, and prepare for our next assignment. After that, who knows where we'll be sent.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer