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Friday, April 7

USS Enterprise vs. USS Hathaway

Well, that was interesting. Commander Riker and his 40-person crew aboard the Hathaway, have officially defeated the Enterprise in today's simulated wargames.

Yes, Starfleet's advanced flagship has been beaten by an 80 year-old retired Constellation-class vessel. Although, to be honest, the battle had little to do with the vessels themselves, and everything to do with creativity, inventiveness, and pure Klingon guile.

Here's how the victory was achieved:

When the battle began, both ships moved into a series of moves and counter-moves as they positioned for dominance in the simulation. As this was taking place, however, Lieutenant Worf used his knowledge of the Enterprise security codes, hacked into the ship's computer, and tricked the Enterprise sensors into registering an incoming Romulan Warbird. Caught off-guard, and thinking it was a real Romulan vessel, Captain Picard swung the Enterprise around to face the enemy....

It was as this moment -- while the Enterprise was deactivating the simulation parameters and activating it's real defensive systems -- that Commander Riker had the Hathaway fire on the exposed aft of the Enterprise. The Hathaway's simulated weapons took out both of the Enterprise's impulse engines, their aft shield generators, "severely damaged" one of the warp engines, and scored three direct hits on the aft decks.

By the time Captain Picard realized the deception, and deactivated Lieutenant Worf's security access, the Enterprise was crippled and losing power. About 46 simulated casualties were calculated aboard the Enterprise. Not a single shot had been fired at the Hathaway.

Commander Riker then moved the Hathaway out of weapons range, while we here aboard the Enterprise scramble to "repair" the simulated damage. Our engineering teams are working to restore power before more casualties are calculated as a result of deactivated ("damaged") systems.

The simulation will continue for another 22 hours, during which time we will continue to deal with the simulated damage. Commander Riker could still employ additional tactics, however, even as crippled as we are, the Hathaway is no match for the Enterprise and her remaining weapons.

Regardless of what happens in the next 22 hours, the facts are clear, Commander Riker and his crew have already achieved a tactical victory.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

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