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Wednesday, April 5

Military Exercise: Braslota System

The Enterprise has arrived in the Braslota System, an uninhabited Federation star system near the Ferengi border. This is where we will be conducting our wargames exercise.

In this exercise, we will be facing off against the 80-year-old Constellation class starship, USS Hathaway -- commissioned in 2286, and retired ten years ago in 2355. Commander Riker is beaming over to the dusty old ship with a hand-selected crew of 39 Enterprise personnel. On Friday, after two days of preparations, Acting-Captain Riker will engage in simulated combat with the USS Enterprise. He and his crew aren't expected to defeat the Enterprise, but we can expect a good battle. Commander Riker is a skilled strategist.

Joining Commander Riker and his crew on the Hathaway are Lieutenant La Forge who will serve as the ship's engineer, Lieutenant (JG) Worf who will be the ship's tactical officer, and our own Lieutenant (JG) Tessa Kensington, who will serve as the ship's temporary records officer.

Battle will be simulated, and lasers will be used to calculate weapons hits. If either ship suffers "damage" in the exercise, the ship computers will record that simulated damage, shutting down any affected systems until they are "repaired' by the crew. Even casualties will be calculated, and medical personnel will be required to respond accordingly.

It will be a fascinating experience to say the least, and the first official combat exercise since the Enterprise left Earth two years ago. Although this is an officially monitored training exercise, excitement is still high. We have no idea what could happen. Everyone wants to perform at their best, but the uncertain thrill of the event is hard to ignor!

Here's to both ships; may the best ship -- (the Enterprise, of course!) -- win!

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

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