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Saturday, April 8

A Victory For Captain Riker

Our first wargames exercise has ended, and Admiral Andrei Markov (currently aboard the Enterprise, overseeing the event) has declared the USS Hathaway to be the victor. Commander Riker and his crew have, against all odds, defeated the most advanced starship in the fleet. And they did so with an 80-year-old retired Constellation-class vessel that had no warp drive, outdated systems, and a skeleton crew.

Well done Hathaway!

The Admiral did note, though, that, while he admires Commander Riker's tenacity, this combat exercise has revealed a number of security weaknesses that Starfleet Command will need to address. Lieutenant Worf's hacking of the Enterprise computers via his security access code, and the ease with which a starship's sensors can be reprogrammed, are serious defense issues. If this can be done so easily to the Enterprise, then this is a major concern for the rest of the fleet.

On a lighter note, Admiral Markov suggested giving Commander Riker's strategy a name, and wanted to call it the "Riker Maneuver". However, Commander Riker, being the leader that he is, chose not to take credit, and instead passed the honor to Lieutenant Worf -- the man who came up with the idea. Moving forward, that sensor reprogramming tactic will now, officially, be known as the "Rozhenko Maneuver" (after Lieutenant Worf's adopted last name).

Congratulations Lieutenant Worf!

Oh, and speaking of Commander Riker's character and leadership.... A few hours before the the official end of our wargames exercise, instead of staying safely beyond the range of the crippled Enterprise's weapons, Commander Riker made an interesting command choice. Under flag of truce, he moved the Hathaway alongside the Enterprise, and offered to beam the engineers from his own crew (including Lieutenant La Forge) over to the Enterprise to assist with the simulated repairs.

Now that's the mark of a good leader.

Even an enemy deserves compassion.

Now that this combat exercise is over, it has instilled in me an even greater respect for Commander Riker. I have no doubt that, someday, he will have a command of his own. And you know what, I think he'd be a great Starfleet captain!

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

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