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Friday, March 3

USS Terra Nova

A few hours ago, the USS Enterprise diverted course to respond to a Federation distress call. Upon arrival, we discovered that the automated signal originated from a small vessel of unknown design. It bore the hull markings of a Starfleet ship, and, on the underside, was identified as the USS Terra Nova, NCC-75701.

The problem is, there is no Starfleet vessel with that registry. In fact, the current Starfleet vessel registry only goes as high as NCC-71900.

The Enterprise hailed this "USS Terra Nova", but there was no response. The ship was severely damaged, and looked like it had been torn apart in battle. Sensors indicated that there were no life signs aboard. An away team, led by Commander Riker, confirmed the complete absence of any crew. In addition, the escape pods were still intact, and stored securely within their launch bays. Whatever happened to the crew did not involve an evacuation.

After further investigation, we still know very little about this ship, or where it came from. The vessel's computer core is severely damaged and corrupted, most ship systems are off-line, and the warp engines are non-functional. An assessment of the ship's layout suggests that it served as a warship -- or at least a small destroyer -- and carried a crew of about 40 individuals.

If this is, somehow, a Starfleet ship, it is unlike any Starfleet vessel we have ever seen. And that only adds to the mystery.

With a little work, the vessel has been stabilized, and can be salvaged, however, it is far from space-worthy. Once it can be safely towed, the Enterprise has orders to relocate it to a nearby starbase. After that, I'm sure Starfleet Engineering will have a field day looking her over and seeing what else they can discover.

Something tells me the mystery of the "USS Terra Nova" is just beginning. There's more to this than meets the eye.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

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