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Saturday, March 18

The Enterprise At Warp

We've had a few people ask us what it looks like when the USS Enterprise is traveling at warp. Well, here you go.

Whenever the Enterprise is flying at warp, the space outside our windows manifests itself into a beautiful collection of black, white and blue streaks. It is as if we are traveling inside a hypothetical tube. Everything INSIDE our warp field, and along our warp heading, has a solid, recognizable shape. But everything OUTSIDE that "warp tube" is distorted into brilliant streaks of blue light -- a result of the immense speeds that the Enterprise is traveling.

These streaks of light flash gracefully past for as long as we are at warp. When the Enterprise engines power down, and we reenter normal space, those streaks of light disappear, and the vast darkness of space opens up before us again.

It is an awe-inspiring sight, and a kind of beauty you can only witness aboard a warp-powered starship.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

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