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Monday, March 13

Lieutenant Commander Data Returns

Seventy days ago, Captain Picard, Lieutenant Commander Data, and Petty Officers Jando and Matthews stepped through an "Iconian Gateway" on the mythical planet Iconia, and disappeared. Twenty-four days later, Captain Picard was discovered, alone, by a science vessel on a distant uninhabited planet beyond the Federation. He was later returned to the Enterprise by the meddlesome Q (just before our first contact with the Borg).

Lieutenant Commander Data and Petty Officers Jando and Matthews apparently stepped through that Iconian Gateway a moment too late, and were sent to a different planet. No one know where they were for more than two months.

Earlier this afternoon, Lieutenant Commander Data, both petty officers, and an unknown blue-skinned woman suddenly appeared at Starbase 5 (a planet starbase). Apparently, they had escaped their planet via another ancient Iconian Gateway, and managed to travel here. How they knew where the Enterprise was located remains a mystery.

From early reports, the planet Data and both petty officers were sent to is an inhabited, pre-warp, class-M planet called Mynaras. Where the planet is located remains unknown, however, it has a population of nearly 7 billion humanoids, and a dominant culture similar to an early 21st Century version of the Ancient Roman Empire on Earth.

Regrettably, our officers' appearance on Mynaras was noticed, and did break the Prime Directive, however, they were able to stay hidden from government forces with the help of friendly locals. Eventually, they discovered a Mynaras-based Iconian Gateway among the ruins of an ancient city, and activated it. They located Starbase 5, and stepped through the portal, destroying the Gateway behind them.

Joining Lieutenant Commander Data, and both petty officers on the return trip was a blue-skinned Mynari woman named Baona (pronounced "Bay-ona"). Commander Data confirms that she was the slave of a high-ranking government official. In exchange for her assistance, our Starfleet trio agreed to help her escape slavery on her homeworld.

So, now, in a wonderfully unexpected turn of events, our away team, once lost on Iconia, has been reunited aboard the Enterprise. And, we have a new visitor who has requested civilian status aboard-ship. Even more impressive, is the fact that Mynari have an innate ability to learn languages rather quickly. Baona already speaks fluent Federation Standard.

Given the sudden arrival of Lieutenant Commander Data and Petty Officers Jando and Matthews, the Enterprise has been ordered to remain at Starbase 5 for another day or two while Starfleet Command interviews Baona and our returned personnel.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

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