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Thursday, March 9

In Port: Starbase 5

The Enterprise has arrived at Starbase 5. We have turned over the derelict vessel to Starfleet Command, and will remain in port for a day or two before resuming our original course.

It is likely that the "USS Terra Nova" will continue its journey to Earth under tow from another Starfleet vessel. It will then be studied, taken apart, assessed, and, if the predictions of a few officers here on the Enterprise have any merit, this unknown ship could potentially become the first vessel in a new class of Starfleet ships. Now, wouldn't that be a fascinating turn of events!

Of course, we have no idea what the future will being, this is just a creative theory, but it does present an interesting line of thought, nonetheless. Starfleet is always innovating. Maybe we'll be seeing more little "Terra Novas" protecting Federation shipping lanes in a few years. You never know.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

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