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Thursday, March 23

Arrival: Fellebia

The USS Enterprise has arrived at Fellebia, a Federation planet roughly eight light years from the Ferengi border. Captain Picard will be attending a conference over the weekend discussing Ferengi activities in this region of space. Captain Picard's personal experiences with them in the past make him a valued participant at these events.

While there have been no new incursions by the Ferengi, their militaristic intentions remain a concern along the border. Federation diplomats have been hard at work promoting peaceful relations with the Ferengi Alliance, however, there is still a long way to go. It is the hope of many in both Starfleet Command and the Federation Council that this conference can solidify new avenues of cooperation between the UFP and the Ferengi Alliance.

Until recent, there has been very little direct interaction between our two powers. Both the Federation and Ferengi Alliance have held a strong non-interference agreement for decades. There is, however, evidence to suggest that the Ferengi may have been weapons suppliers to the Cardassian Union during the Cardassian Wars, and that they may have been a Cardassian intermediary to a little-known species referred to as "The Breen".

All things considered, this should be a very interesting weekend.

The Enterprise will remain in orbit of Fellebia until Monday.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

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