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Sunday, March 5

A New Mystery For Starfleet Command

On Friday, the Enterprise responded to an automated distress call from a severely damaged unknown vessel bearing the markings of Starfleet, and carrying the name and apparent registry of "USS Terra Nova, NCC-75701". There are, however, no Starfleet vessels with registries that high.

The Enterprise has stabilized the derelict ship, and is currently towing her at warp to a nearby starbase for further investigation. This vessel will, no doubt, be thoroughly studied by Starfleet Command, Engineering, and various Intelligence agencies. I'm sure most of what they discover will be classified.

Based upon the Enterprise investigation so far, low levels of chroniton radiation on the hull, and the strange nature of the ship itself, have led many to believe that this is a Starfleet vessel from the future. There is, however, no way to prove this, nor are we able to discern anything about that future. The ship's computer core has been compromised in whatever attack damaged the vessel. Entire sections of the core have been burned and charred beyond salvaging. Whatever data was stored in that computer core is gone. We may never know where this ship came from.

Please be aware, there have been a few claims from various individuals indicating that they know the future, and can tell us exactly what this ship is, and where it comes from. While it would be wonderful to know this information, to date, no one in the Federation has ever been able to discern the future, so these are only rumors at best. Please be cautious when it comes to these claims. The future is unknown; it hasn't been written yet. We can theorize, assume, and fantasize all we want about this unknown ship, but without evidence (which looks increasingly unlikely at this point), we have no way of knowing what the future will be like.

We have a fascinating mystery on our hands. But in a day or two, once we reach the nearest starbase, it won't be our mystery anymore. The ship will transfer to the control of Starfleet Command, and from there, who knows. I'll certainly keep my ears open for any public news, though, and I'll share it here if I am able.

I'm just as intrigued by this strange little ship as you are!

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

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