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Wednesday, February 1

USS Enterprise: Bloody And Beaten

The USS Proxima (Nebula-class), and the USS Hornet (Ambassador-class) have arrived at our coordinates. They will be assisting with our repairs and medical needs. Once we are operational again, both ships will tow/accompany us to a nearby starbase.

After the damage we sustained in our contact with the Borg, we will need to put into dry dock for structural repairs. We have a gaping hole in our saucer section, significant hull damage across our entire superstructure, a severely damaged warp nacelle, and extensive interior damage from the mass Borg invasion. We're going to be laid up for a few weeks.

I'll share more as it gains approval for public release.

In other news, Captain Thomas Halloway is alive, safe and well. He disappeared from the Enterprise when Q sent us into the Delta Quadrant. Apparently, Q wanted Captain Picard in command of the Enterprise during our Borg encounter; he relocated Captain Halloway to Starbase 123 in the now-distant Federation Annex. Starfleet Command has confirmed that Captain Halloway is unharmed. For that we can all be thankful.

We were lucky. The Borg nearly destroyed us. While we certainly have Q to thank for our survival, he is also 100% responsible for the damage to the Enterprise, our many crew injuries, and the casualties suffered during our encounter. That has not earned him any friends aboard the Enterprise.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

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