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Friday, February 3

Destination: Bolarus

The USS Enterprise is currently under tow, and en route to the nearby Federation world, Bolarus (home of the Bolians). We are being towed/accompanied by the USS Proxima (Nebula-class) and the USS Hornet (Ambassador-class).

Upon arrival at Bolarus (sometime tomorrow), we will put in at one of their orbital repair dry docks for significant internal and external repairs. All non-essential crew will be given shore leave for the 20 days of scheduled repair and maintenance.

Since Bolarus is only 28 light years from Earth, a Federation transport vessel will be available to take approved crew to Earth for a few days of leave with family and friends. Estimated leave days on Earth will be: February 12-16. On February 16, a transport will return to Bolarus, and arrive on the 23rd. Ship repairs are scheduled to be completed on February 24, after which the Enterprise will return to active duty, and depart on another mission assignment.

Captain Picard is scheduled to travel to Earth as well. He will be one of the crew aboard the transport from Bolarus.

Our own Lieutenant (JG) Tessa Kensington, as well as Ensign Cassie Queen will also be visiting family on Earth. I will be remaining here, aboard the Enterprise, although, I'm sure I will have plenty of time to visit the sights and locations on Bolarus. The uniqueness of Bolian culture intrigues me.

Feel free to follow the Facebook pages of Tessa Kensington and Cassie Queen. They will be sharing personal posts about their visit to Earth. I'll see about posting some of my own experiences on Bolarus while they are gone. It should be an interesting month!

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

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