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Sunday, February 26

Bolarus: Preparing To Leave Drydock

Repairs on the Enterprise are now complete. Damage from our first contact with the Borg has been removed. With the ship once again mission-ready, tonight will be our last night moored in dry dock. Tomorrow we leave Bolarus; Tomorrow we head back out into to deep space.

The Borg made it known to us during their attack, that "resistance is futile". That may be true -- on the surface, but, I think they underestimate who we really are. They underestimate the spirit and resolve of Starfleet. They underestimate our willingness to surrender in the face of extreme odds. The Borg may be coming; Earth may be in danger. But we will not let them stop us.

We took a beating, there's no denying that. We lost a few good men and woman. We were hurt, we were maimed, but we will not be kept down. There's a huge galaxy out there, and we're going to warp right back out there, and see what awaits us. Why, because we're Starfleet -- exploration is what we do.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

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