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Monday, January 30

The Borg

We have made first contact with a hostile species -- and it did not go well. Guinan, the manager of Ten Forward, says these creatures are known as: "the Borg".

A few hours ago, the being known as Q, propelled us 7,000 light years into the unknown Delta Quadrant. He claims to have wanted to "help" us, by giving us a glimpse of the dangers that await us in deep space. Whether he was being helpful, or a menace, one thing is certain.... Pandora's box has been opened. We have made first contact with a species that wishes to destroy us -- to consume and destroy humanity.

That is truly frightening. Frightening beyond words.

This is a recap of our encounter:

Shortly after Q propelled us 7,000 light years into the Delta Quadrant, we discovered a planet near System J-25 that was covered by roads and infrastructure, but where major cities once stood, there were large craters -- as if a giant force had scooped up the cities, and whisked them away.

Not long after, we were probed by a unknown vessel on an intercept course. That vessel is pictured here -- a "Borg" vessel. It was a massive cube-shaped starship, with no life signs aboard, no shields, and no weapons of known design.

Two Borg creatures beamed through our shields into Main Engineering, and began accessing our computer core. Chief Engineer Argyle was killed while trying to intervene. Two security guards were also severely injured. From all witness accounts, these Borg creatures appear to be humanoid biological-mechanical hybrids -- living beings heavily modified with digital and mechanical implants.

Security soon dispatched these Borg "drones", and they left the Enterprise. At that point, the massive Borg cube captured the Enterprise in a tractor beam, and sliced into our hull as if it was warm butter. They extracted a three-deck section of the saucer, and pulled it into the cube. Eighteen crew members were within those extracted sections, and are now missing -- presumably captives aboard the Borg ship. Dozens of additional crew were injured or killed -- some even sucked out into space through the open hole in our hull. A total of 36 crew and civilians are unaccounted for.

Captain Picard ordered an away team to beam over to the Borg cube, but they were immediately beamed back to the Enterprise when it was discovered that the cube was "regenerating". The Enterprise escaped into warp, only to be pulled back into normal space by the pursuing Borg ship.

With our shields down, warp drive inoperable, a Borg tractor beam holding us in place, and severe damage to the Enterprise after a failed torpedo assault on the cube, hundreds of Borg "drones" beamed aboard the Enterprise. Our security and Marines sprung into action, but were overwhelmed, taking severe casualties.....

The battle lasted ten minutes or so....

And then, just like that, the Borg drones disappeared, and Q returned us to Federation space, although, not in the Annex where we had been assigned. We are now in core Federation space, near Bolarus -- 30 light years from Earth. We are licking our wounds, treating our injuries, working to hold the Enterprise together, and waiting for the arrival of rescue ships.

The Enterprise has been badly beaten, carved up like a Thanksgiving turkey, missing 36 crew, and treating over 250 injuries (including a few casualties). Thanks to Q, we have seen what is out there. We have met the Borg, they know who we are, and they know where we come from.

I'm sure we will see these Borg again, it is just a matter of when. They are relentless. They are frightening. They are real.

Evil exists. Evil is coming. God help us.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

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