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Thursday, January 5

Picard & Data: Missing In Action

After nearly two days of searching for the away team on the surface of Iconia, Commander Riker has officially called off the search. There has been no sign of Captain Picard, Lieutenant Commander Data, Petty Officer Jando, or Petty Officer Matthews. All four Enterprise personnel have been listed as missing in action, and will be marked as such in Starfleet service records.

About 2-3 hours after the away team beamed down to the surface of Iconia (three days ago), our sensors detected a large explosion near their last known location. Lieutenant Commander Data had reported that the team found some sort of control center among the ruins, and they were going to enter and investigate. That was the last communication we received from them.

Our investigation has since found the recent ruins of what appears to be that control center, but there is nothing useful among the debris to aid our investigation. The explosion was so destructive that, if there were bodies among the debris, they would have been vaporized instantly. With no other clues as to their disappearance, we have no other option than to list them as missing in action.

Earlier today, the Excelsior class USS Okinawa, and another Romulan Warbird have arrived in orbit of Iconia, and will be handling the diplomatic fallout from this incident. With our search ended, we will be leaving the Romulan Neutral Zone, and resuming our course for Starbase 123 in the Federation Annex.

Commander Riker is now the acting-Captain of the USS Enterprise. A memorial service for Captain Picard, Lieutenant Commander Data, and Petty Officers Jando and Matthews will be held at 1800 hours tomorrow in the Enterprise Chapel on Deck 11.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

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