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Tuesday, January 10

In Port: Starbase 123

The Enterprise has arrived at Starbase 123 in the Federation Annex. We'll be docked here until the end of the week, during which time we'll take on supplies, reorganize a few departments, transfer some personnel, and prepare for our mission out into deep space.

The loss of Captain Picard, Lieutenant Commander Data, and Petty Officers Jando and Matthews still weigh heavy on our minds. In time that will ease, but for now, it still casts a sadness over our crew. In addition, we do not yet know the status of our captain position. Will Starfleet promote Commander Riker into the role, or will we gain a new commanding officer here at SB 123?

These are questions that will likely be answered within the next few days. For now, we're in port. Time for a little R&R.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

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