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Sunday, January 1

Arrival: Iconia

The Enterprise has arrived at the coordinates Captain Donald Varley suggested for the location of the mythical plant of Iconia. And, he was right, there is a planet here. Unfortunately, sensors have not picked up any inhabitants -- other than native wildlife. It looks like all of the cities on the planet were destroyed by orbital bombardment long ago. The planet is abandoned.

Shortly after arrival, the Enterprise was greeted by a probe identical to the one that infected the USS Yamato. Captain Picard originally intended to capture the probe, however, Chief Engineer Argyle, cautioned otherwise, and the probe was destroyed instead.

By destroying that "Iconian probe", we may have averted greater disaster. We do still have to contend with the computer virus obtained from the Yamato's logs, but at least we haven't gained any new computer problems.

With the Enterprise now in orbit of what we assume to be Iconia, Captain Picard has ordered an away team to beam down to the surface of the planet. He hopes to find answers among the ruins that can help us counter the virus infecting our computers. At the objections of Commander Riker, however, Picard himself will be leading the away team.

As of a few minutes ago, Captain Picard, Lieutenant Commander Data, and two security petty officers have beamed down to Iconia. We await their first away team report.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

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