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Monday, January 2

Angry Romulans And A Missing Captain

It has been about 18 hours since Captain Picard led an away team down to the surface of Iconia. Captain Picard, Lieutenant Commander Data, and two security petty officers went down to the planet to see if they could find solutions to the Iconian computer virus affecting our ship systems. About 16-17 hours ago, they reported finding some sort of control center, and that they were preparing to investigate the facility. We haven't heard from them since.

Shortly after our away team beamed down to the planet, the same Romulan Warbird that decloaked near the debris of the USS Yamato, arrived in orbit. They were immediately attacked by another automated probe from the surface of Iconia, and appear to be experiencing system malfunctions similar to our own.

Both ships are facing each other, with shields up, and systems fluctuating. It is a tense stand-off at best.

To make things even more uncertain, about 15 hours ago, our sensors detected a large explosion on the surface of the planet near where Captain Picard's away team was located. With shields up, shuttlebay controls inoperable, and communication and sensors fluctuating, we have been unable to contact, investigate or assess the status of our away team. Many fear that something disasterous has happened to Captain Picard, and that has significantly dropped morale aboard the Enterprise.

Our engineering teams continue to work around the clock isolating and containing the computer malfunctions, but they aren't having much success in destroying the virus. In the meantime, we sit here in orbit of Iconia, without our captain, and facing down a ship of angry Romulans.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

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