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Tuesday, January 24

An Unscheduled Rescue Mission

The USS Enterprise has returned to Starbase 123 after an unscheduled rescue mission. We were prohibited from posting publicly during these activities.

The Enterprise, along with the USS Lincoln (Nebula-class), responded to a large civilian cruise ship under attack from three unknown vessels operating inside Federation space. All three attacking vessels were immediately destroyed upon our arrival, and we rescued 3,000+ civilians from the cruise ship before it broke apart.

The survivors have been delivered to a nearby planet.

We do not know who was attacking the cruise ship. It was initially believed that these may be local pirates, but markings on the ship hulls seem to suggest a more organized entity, possibly a new race or military organization in the region. Starfleet is investigating the matter, but further information remains classified at this time.

Now that we are, once again, back in port, we resume our preparations for deep space exploration.

In related news, Captain Thomas Halloway has been given command of the USS Enterprise. With the recent loss of Captain Picard on Iconia, and the limited experience of First Officer, William Riker, Starfleet has decided to assign Captain Halloway as the Enterprise's new commanding officer.

Morale is still low among the Enterprise crew, but, at least we have a new captain, and can move on with our scheduled operations.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

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