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Monday, January 2

A Slow March Toward Destruction

The Romulan Warbird, in orbit of Iconia, has exploded. It had become infected by an Iconian probe (similar to the device that infected the USS Yamato). Apparently, the computer malfunctions had activated the Warbird's self-destruct system, and the crew had been unable to deactivate it.

A number of Romulan escape pods had been launched prior to the explosion, so there are survivors. Our own Enterprise engineers have managed to launch the Calypso -- the Enterprise's Captain's Yacht -- and are making it available as a rescue vessel. Unfortunately, the Romulan survivors have so far declined our assistance, stating that they prefer to remain in their escape pods until rescued by another Romulan vessel.

Anti-virus engineering efforts continue aboard the Enterprise. Since we were not attacked by an Iconian probe, the computer malfunctions aboard the Enterprise are spreading at a much slower rate than aboard the Yamato and Romulan Warbird. Nonetheless, the malfunctions are starting to become more prevalent, restrictive, and in some cases, dangerous.

If we cannot find a way to purge this expanding virus from the affected systems, we may have to consider abandoning the USS Enterprise as well.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

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