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Friday, January 6

A Loss Beyond Measure

The memorial service for Captain Picard, Lieutenant Commander Data, and Petty Officers Jando and Matthews went well this afternoon. In fact, there were so many in attendance, that they ran out of seats. The Enterprise Chapel was filled to capacity. That says a great deal about how much those missing men were appreciated and respected.

For those who weren't able to attend in person, the service was also live-broadcast on the Enterprise media channels throughout the ship. Even the auxiliary bridge crew viewed the service on the bridge viewscreen.

As acting-Captain, Commander Riker has some large shoes to fill. It may take him a while to truly fill them. He seems to be taking the loss in stride, but I can still sense great sadness in him. I think he may be feeling the weight of guilt in allowing Captain Picard to lead the away team. The dangers of away team leadership usually fall to the executive officer, not the ship's captain.

The truth is, though, we're all facing sadness in one way or another. Captain Picard was a good man. Lieutenant Commander was a one-of-a-kind android. And it is always a tragedy to lose personnel, even enlisted men like Petty Officers Jando and Matthews.

It's been a hard few days. The Enterprise has suffered a loss we may not yet fully fathom.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

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