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Sunday, January 1

A Digital Infection

Our chief engineer, Lt. Cmdr. Terence Argyle, has determined that it was not a Galaxy-class design flaw that destroyed the USS Yamato. The cause appears to be the result of an external source that affected the operation of the vessel's computer systems. That outside source interfered with normal operations, and caused vital safety systems to fail. Those failed safety systems likely led to the destruction of the USS Yamato.

It has also been discovered -- from the Yamato's downloaded computer logs -- that the ship was recently scanned by an unidentified probe of some sort. That probe appears to have delivered incompatible alien code into the ship's systems, and that code began interfering with ship functions, thereby causing the strange malfunctions all over the ship.

What may be even more disturbing, is that the Enterprise appears to be infected now as well, although, the interference from that computer code is spreading much slower throughout the Enterprise than it did on the Yamato.

It appears that the Enterprise became infected when we uploaded the Yamato computer logs.

After investigating the computer logs from Captain Donald Varley (the captain of the USS Yamato), Captain Picard has become convinced that Captain Varley did indeed discover the location of the mythical planet Iconia. The Enterprise has, therefore, been diverted from our previous location near the debris of the Yamato, and we are heading toward the suggested coordinates of Iconia here within the Neutral Zone.

The Romulan Warbird does not appear to be pursuing us.

We are estimated to arrive at the suggested coordinates of Iconia sometime later this evening.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

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