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Monday, October 31

An Enterprise Halloween

Happy Halloween from all of us aboard the Enterprise!

Right now, as I type this, the children of the Enterprise are trick-or-treating on the Deck 10 Promenade. The outer rim of deck 10 contains the shops, lounges, and restaurants (including Ten Forward). It is the commercial nerve center of this Galaxy-class "city in space".

This is actually the first Halloween (aboard the Enterprise) since we left Earth. So, to make it interesting, the children have been invited to stop at each shop, lounge, cafe or restaurant for a treat -- usually a piece of candy, a cookie or a little item reflecting that establishment. The kids dress up in costumes, and deck 10 becomes a mini festival of characters and creativity.

Even the security personnel (there to ensure a safe experience) are dressed up in some way, whether that be a fun hat, a cape, or some other added accessory on their uniforms. And the Enterprise Marines are present too, interacting with the children, and being social.

Even Captain Picard and his senior staff plan to make an appearance, although, not in costume.

If you are aboard the Enterprise right now (as opposed to being on leave down on Aldebaran III), and you have some time, visit deck 10 -- enjoy the festivities. Say hi to the children, and compliment them on their costumes. This is what shipboard culture is all about!

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Friday, October 28

Lieutenant (JG) Worf, Chief Security Officer

Captain Picard has officially named Lieutenant (JG) Worf as the Enterprise's new Chief Security and Tactical officer. He will be assuming the position previously held by Lieutenant Natasha Yar. Lieutenant Worf has been serving as a bridge relief officer since the the Enterprise left Earth. He will now be elevated to senior officer status.

Congratulations Lieutenant Worf.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

In Port: Aldebaran III

Starfleet Command has approved shore leave for our duration in orbit of Aldebaran III. A number of personnel have been scheduled for interviews with Command, and are expected to attend. Most of the crew, however, are not affected, and they are free to enjoy the accommodations available on the planet.

Captain Picard has posted a reminder, though, that he will not tolerate excessive consumption of Aldebaran Whiskey. Even while on shore leave, crew are expected to conduct themselves appropriate to their service in Starfleet.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Thursday, October 27

Arrival: Aldebaran III

The USS Enterprise has arrived at Aldebaran III. This is a Federation member colony world with a Starfleet outpost and a rather large administrative facility. It is also the location of the famous Aldebaran Music Academy.

The primary inhabitants are Humans, most of whom are descended from the original colonists. The famous three-headed Aldebaran serpents are native to this planet, as are Aldebaran mud leeches (which can be used to treat insomnia).

For those familiar with fine beverages, Aldebaran III is also the only planet in the Federation that produces Aldebaran Whiskey.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Destination: Aldebaran III

The USS Enterprise has been ordered to Aldebaran III, two light years from our present position. Aldebaran III is a Federation colony world that hosts a Starfleet outpost and administrative facility. After having been missing for a year (in the normal flow of time), the Enterprise is reporting to Aldebaran III so that Starfleet Command can interview and debrief Captain Picard and other members of the crew.

We are due to arrive in the Aldebaran system within a few hours. Captain Picard expects that we'll remain there for a few days.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Tuesday, October 25

Remembering Lieutenant Natasha Yar

A few hours ago, the USS Melbourne (Excelsior-class) arrived at our location to ferry the "parents" of Lieutenant Natasha Yar back to Earth. Lieutenant Yar lost her life while trying to rescue the crew of the unknown ship that had become trapped in the anomaly before us. She was still aboard that ship when it exploded.

Lieutenant Yar's real parents were killed on Turkana IV when she was five years old. She barely knew them. These "parents" were created as a "gift" by Commander Riker when he had the "powers of Q". For reasons we may never know, they remained in existence after the Commander lost his powers, just as my own friend Nevaeh has. These parents felt the same loss at Lieutenant Yar's passing as the rest of us have. With her gone, and no body to bury, they have chosen to move to Earth and start a new life.

Lieutenant Yar will be missed by many of us. She was a fine Starfleet officer, and one whom many believe had an extraordinarily bright future. She lost her life in the line of duty -- doing her job. And she has been honored for that service, and sacrifice. A memorial was held this afternoon in the Enterprise Chapel. Many among the crew were in attendance, including all of us here in the Public Affairs office.

We do not yet know who Captain Picard will choose to replace Lieutenant Yar, but many expect that it will be Lieutenant (JG) Worf, our resident Klingon. Lieutenant Worf worked closely with Lieutenant Yar while serving as a bridge relief officer. He is the most likely candidate to fill her position.

We will, of course, post the announcement once one is made public. In the meantime, we will continue to move forward following the loss of three more crew, and an unexpected trip through time.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Sunday, October 23

367 Days Later

Apparently, the USS Enterprise just traveled through time. Only two minutes have passed for us. But for the rest of the Federation, almost 367 days have come and gone.

To be honest, many of us are still trying to comprehend what just happened. That anomaly looked like death swallowing us up, yet, here we are, a year into the future (at least as far as we, here on the Enterprise, are concerned).

It's going to take some time getting used to the year being 2364, and not 2363. How does this work? Are we all a year older now, despite having not experienced the passage of that year?

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

USS Enterprise Located. Reestablishing Communication.

= USS Enterprise located =
= reestablishing communication =
= connecting to Starfleet relay network =
= alerting nearest Starbase =

Federation date: October 23, 2364

External relay network indicates that USS Enterprise has been missing for 367 days. Appeared at same coordinates it disappeared from one year ago. Disappeared on October 21, 2363. Relay network communication reestablished on October 23, 2364.

Internal chronometer shows passage of two minutes.

Temporal event assumed.

Spacial anomaly no longer present.

= synchronizing chronometers =
= analyzing sensor data =
= awaiting further input =

Saturday, October 22

Starfleet Registry Update

FROM: Starfleet Command

Starfleet Registry Update:
Stardate: 41642.26

USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-D
Galaxy-class starship

CURRENT STATUS: Missing in Action. Location Unknown.

Responding to distress call from unknown vessel trapped in uncategorized space anomaly near Persephone V.

Friday, October 21

The Final Message

Death; it's happening. It was an honor to ser....

The Cost of Rescue

I have some more tragic news to report.

Lieutenant Natasha Yar is dead.

Our Chief Security officer, and two other Enterprise crewmen have been lost while trying to save the lives of others. The unknown vessel trapped in the gravity well exploded after a sudden power surge in the engineering section. Lieutenant Yar, a security ensign, a medical officer, and 92 civilians were still aboard at the time.

Just before the explosion, our rescue team had been preparing to beam back the first group of survivors. We almost had a solid transporter lock on the entire group. But then the damaged engines went critical (probably due to a loss of containment around the damaged engines), and our transporters were only able to secure five bio signs -- Commander Riker, a second medical officer, and three passengers. Everyone else perished.

All we can do now, is watch as the debris from the ship is about to be consumed by the center of the anomaly.

Our rescue mission has come to an abrupt halt. Lives have been lost, only three survivors were rescued, and our own attempts to break free from the anomaly have failed. Our warp engines burned out in the attempt, and the explosion of that other ship appears to have added strength to the pull of the anomaly.

The Enterprise is about to be consumed now as well. We've sent out our own distress call, but there are no other ships close enough to reach us before the anomaly claims another starship.

We'll keep communicating as long as we can, but this may be the last day that you will hear from us, here in the Enterprise Public Affairs Office. Please pray for a miracle. We need one.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

A Vessel In Distress

Five hours ago, the Enterprise received a distress call from an unknown vessel one light year from Persephone V. The vessel reported that it was trapped in the gravity well of a spacial anomaly, and was slowly being pulled inside. Starfleet ordered us to respond, at maximum warp -- since were were the nearest starship equipped to handle the rescue.

We arrived on location less than an hour ago. A rescue team led by Commander Riker and Lieutenant Tasha Yar has beamed over to the trapped vessel, and is preparing an evacuation. Time is of the essence, though, as the ship is severely damaged, and slipping closer to the center of the anomaly.

Unfortunately, since we've arrived, the Enterprise has also become trapped in the gravity well. Chief Engineer Argyle thinks we can still pull free (since we aren't as far in as the other ship). He is currently preparing the warp engines for a breakaway maneuver.

Meanwhile, the rest of the ship is awaiting the arrival of the survivors from the unknown ship. Sensors indicate that the crew consists of individuals from a variety of species, including humans. There are about one hundred life signs on board.

There's a lot happening, so stay tuned. We hope to get out of this -- with the survivors -- in one piece.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Wednesday, October 19

In The Line of Duty

Today was a challenging and emotional day for many of us aboard the USS Enterprise and throughout the Federation.

We arrived at Persephone V, the retirement home of 85-year-old Admiral Mark Jameson and his wife. A moving memorial service was held for the Admiral in the early afternoon, attended by many personnel from the Enterprise, as well as dozens of high-ranking officers, officials, and command brass from the surrounding sectors. Admiral Jameson's body was then buried with full Starfleet honors in a cemetery near his home.

Five days ago, Admiral Jameson had been shot and killed by Karnas, the corrupt leader of Mordan IV. That cold and calloused execution -- in front of Captain Picard, coupled with a de-aging drug that the Admiral was taking, contributed to his death in the Enterprise sickbay less than a half hour later. His body, and his surviving wife were returned home to Persephone V following his untimely execution.

Karnas was also wounded in the event by Starfleet Security, although, reports indicate that the planetary leader has survived, and continues to control the government of Mordan IV. The Federation Council has pulled all support for the independent Mordan IV, no further efforts to reestablish diplomatic ties will be attempted, and the Federation President, as well as a near unanimous chorus of other leaders and diplomats, have condemned Karnas and his Mordanite government.

Three Enterprise Marines were also killed in the first hostage rescue attempt earlier in the mission. Corporal Thomas Keene, Private First Class William Butler, and Private Maxine Wender were also honored at the memorial today. Two other Marines wounded in the rescue attempt remain hospitalized aboard the Enterprise, but are expected to recover.

Federation Ambassador John Hawkins and his staff were successfully rescued from Mordan IV in a second Marine raid. There were no fatalities in that attempt.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the wife of Admiral Jameson, and to the families of the three Marines killed on Mordan IV. The Federation lost four good citizens this week: three Marines, and a long-serving and beloved Admiral. They gave their lives in sacrifice for others. There is no greater sacrifice to be given.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Friday, October 14

A Mess At Mordan IV

Captain Picard and the USS Enterprise have washed their hands of Mordan IV. We are done with this planet. After today, it is likely that Starfleet and the Federation will be as well.

Two hours ago, Admiral Jameson, and a detachment of Enterprise Marines beamed down to the tunnels of Mordan IV. Unfortunately, they were ambushed and overwhelmed by armored Mordanite soldiers. Three Marines were killed by disruptor fire, four Marines were seriously injured, and Admiral Jameson collapsed in pain during the firefight.

Despite heavy weapons fire, the Marines managed to escape to the Enterprise via emergency transport.

We have since discovered that Karnas, the leader of Mordan IV, is not who he claims to be. He orchestrated the entire hostage situation, and it was he who has been threatening Federation Ambassador John Hawkins and his staff. Apparently, Karnas did all this just to lure Admiral Jameson to Mordan IV, and kill him. The two men appear to have unresolved issues going back 40 years.

After the Marines escaped the underground ambush, Karnas demanded that Admiral Jameson beam down again to negotiate the release of the hostages. Captain Picard, Dr. Beverly Crusher, and three security officers accompanied him to the surface. Regrettably, however, Karnas pulled a disruptor on the Admiral, and shot him in front of Captain Picard. The Starfleet security officers fired back, wounding Karnas, and once again escaped to the Enterprise. Admiral Jameson died in sickbay not long after, the result of both his disruptor wound, and his de-aging process. He looked as though he was 18 years old at the time of his death.

With the help of Lieutenant Commander Data, the Enterprise crew determined the location of the hostages, and a second Marine detachment beamed down, and rescued them. The hostages are presently safe, and unharmed aboard the Enterprise.

A number of small Mordanite combat fighters attempted to attack the Enterprise during the rescue, but they were either destroyed or driven off. With the hostages freed, the Enterprise is returning to Persephone V. Upon arrival, Admiral Jameson will receive an official Starfleet burial near his home, with all honors due his rank and long, illustrious career.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Arrival: Mordan IV

We have arrived at Mordan IV. The youthful Admiral Jameson (de-aged to his mid 20's), and a detachment of Enterprise Marines, have beamed down into the tunnels beneath the capital city. Admiral Jameson believes the hostages are being held there. Hopefully, if all goes well, they can be rescued, and there won't be any need for delicate negotiations.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

De-Aging An Admiral

The mysteries of the universe continue to amaze me. Apparently, there is a drug native to Serapis IV that rejuvinates the body, and reverses the aging process. It is rarely shared with outsiders, and, as a result, is generally unknown to the galaxy. Yet, Admiral Mark Jameson managed to obtain a few doses as compensation during a negotiation earlier in his career.

Unfortunately, within the past week, he has taken an overdose of the drug, with the intention of reclaiming his youth for the hostage negotiations on Mordan IV. The effects of the excessively administered drug appear to be spiraling out of control, and Admiral Jameson is de-aging faster than intended.

As of this post, 85-year-old Admiral Jameson appears to be in his early 30s. By the time we reach Mordan IV within the next few hours, he will likely have de-aged into his teens.

The drug is working, but it is also killing him. His body cannot maintain the speed at which he is de-aging. This will most likely be Admiral Jameson's last hostage negotiation.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Tuesday, October 11

Admiral Mark Jameson

The Enterprise has arrived at Persephone V. Starfleet has ordered us to transport 85-year-old retired Admiral Mark Jameson to Mordan IV. Rebels on that planet have taken Federation Ambassador John Hawkins, and his entire staff, hostage, and are demanding that Admiral Jameson negotiate for their release.

Starfleet has been given a deadline of six days to arrive with the admiral, otherwise, the rebels will begin executing the hostages. Just over three days have passed; it'll take three more just to get to Mordan IV. We'll be cutting it close.

Here's hoping that we can get there on time, and Admiral Jameson can live up to the illustrious reputation he built for himself during his six decades in service.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Monday, October 10


From the Personal Facebook Page of: Lieutenant Sam Archer

I have been holding off on sharing this publicly for a week, but, I think the time has come for me to tell others. I haven't known how to share this either, so please bear with me. This is both challenging for me, as well as.... embarrassing.

Nine days ago, the being known as "Q" gave supernatural powers to Commander Riker. That power corrupted our First Officer, and caused him to leave the Enterprise in order to live in the "Q Continuum". Commander Riker came to his senses a few days later, and returned to the Enterprise (without his powers), but there are still a few lingering consequences to the Commander's actions that some of us will have to live with.

Before Commander Riker left the Enterprise, he changed a few things with his "Q powers". Most of those changes were reversed, but a "gift" he gave me remains.

See, I ran into Commander Riker in the Deck 2 Forward Bridge Lounge that day. He and I have been acquaintances since he transferred aboard the Enterprise. I've told him about a great loss that I suffered six years ago -- while I was serving aboard my first starship, the USS Eagle (Miranda-class).

The Eagle had been assigned to Colonial Operations -- transporting Federation citizens to new colony worlds. During our mission to transport a few hundred colonists to the site of the New Chicago colony, I fell in love with one of the young female colonists. Her name was Hannah Kearny. We began a romantic relationship that lasted for four years. Of course, it was also a long-distance relationship, with her living on the New Chicago colony, and me serving aboard starship assignments in Starfleet, but we made it work.

In fact, we had already begun talking about me leaving Starfleet to move to New Chicago. And I would have done it too. In a heartbeat.

Unfortunately, two years ago, in 2361, Hannah was killed in a sudden accident in the colony. I was heartbroken, so I took leave from my new assignment aboard the USS Galaxy (Galaxy-class), and went to visit New Chicago to spend some time with Hannah's grieving family. That helped me deal with the loss, but I still missed Hannah. Deeply. And I missed our daily subspace communications.

The ship's counselor aboard the Galaxy encouraged me to use the holodeck to help overcome my broken heart. She encouraged me not to recreate Hannah on the holodeck, but to focus on other (non-sexual) creations that would lessen my feelings of loss.

So.... I created a new character on the holodeck -- a young woman my age, who I named Nevaeh. She was a blonde beauty, the perfect companion that I could talk to. Others might have considered her to be "my fantasy woman", but, she wasn't so much a fantasy, as a companion. A friend. Someone similar to Hannah, who could ease the feelings of loss that I felt for her. And I'll be honest, it worked. From time to time, when I missed Hannah the most, I would go into the holodeck, and spend time with Nevaeh.

When I transferred, here, to the Enterprise, I brought the Nevaeh holocharacter with me, and have spent time with her during my off hours. The more time that passes since the death of Hannah, the less I need to spend time on the holodeck with Nevaeh. In a way, I think I have my new friendships with Tessa Kensington and Cassie Queen to thank for this as well.

Unfortunately -- maybe fortunately, I don't know -- Q-like Commander Riker thought that he could help me. He knew of my Nevaeh holofriend, so he used his supernatural "Q powers" and made her real. Holographic Nevaeh, became real, flesh and blood Navaeh. I now have my private holofriend, walking around aboard the Enterprise, as if she were no different than the rest of the crew. She's as real as anyone else.... and.... I think my friendship with her hologram self, is turning into a deep love for her real self.

The problem is, though, her existence as a real person, challenges my religious faith, and my understanding of reality. I've already begun meeting with Counselor Deanna Troi over this new, real Nevaeh, and I'm sure there will be many more meetings to come. This isn't something you just overcome.

Nevaeh is real now, she's.... beautiful, and perfect.

This attached photo is an image of what she looks like.

I've always been told that space contains many fascinating mysteries. I guess I never expected this to be one of them.

- Lieutenant Sam Archer

Sunday, October 9

Destination: Persephone V

The Enterprise has left Starbase G-6. We have received orders to travel to Persephone V in order to confer with 85-year old Admiral Mark Jameson -- in relation to a new hostage situation on Mordan IV. He has a history with the leader of the the planet, and Starfleet believes that he may be the best man to negotiate for the release of the hostages. In short = diplomatic mission.

ETA: two days.

In the meantime, our thoughts and prayers are with the hostages: Federation Ambassador John Hawkins and his staff.

- Lieutenant Sam Archer

Friday, October 7

Deanna Troi Returns From Betazed

Lieutenant Commander Deanna Troi has returned to the Enterprise after visiting her family on nearby Betazed for a few days. She arrived here at Starbase G-6 earlier this afternoon aboard a Betazoid transport ship.

As far as I've been told, the Enterprise will remain docked at Starbase G-6 into the weekend. I haven't seen any new mission orders, but that's not to say we won't receive any from Starfleet Command in the coming hours. For now, port leave continues until further notice.

- Lieutenant Sam Archer

Wednesday, October 5

USS Enterprise-D Senior Staff

Last month, our PR office took some publicity photos of the USS Enterprise senior bridge staff. Today, we thought we would share one of those photos with you.

Included in this photo are:

- Captain Jean-Luc Picard -- (commanding officer)
- Commander William Riker -- (first officer)
- Commander Beverly Crusher -- (chief medical)
- Lt. Cmdr. Data -- (chief operations)
- Lt. Cmdr. Deanna Troi -- (chief counselor)
- Lieutenant Natasha Yar -- (chief security / chief tactical)
- Lieutenant (JG) Geordi La Forge -- (chief helm)
- Lieutenant (JG) Worf -- (auxiliary bridge officer)

// Photo Date: September, 2363

- Lieutenant Sam Archer

Monday, October 3

Commander Riker Returns to the Enterprise

Commander Riker has returned to the Enterprise.

A few days ago, he left the ship with the being known as "Q", after he was given supernatural powers. Those powers quickly went to Riker's head, and corrupted his views toward his friends and fellow officers. Apparently, Q gave the Commander those powers in an attempt to convince him to renounce life as a mortal, and live in the "Q Continuum". They reportedly did this so that Commander Riker would teach them more about humanity.

Unfortunately, the temptation worked; it was too great for Commander Riker, and he left the Enterprise. Captain Picard had no choice but to move forward as if the Commander was no longer part of the Enterprise crew.

Earlier today, however, Commander Riker returned to the Enterprise, expressing deep regret for his choices. He had, according to his statements, come to his senses in the Continuum, renounced his powers as a Q, and realized what he had given up "as a human being and a member of the Enterprise crew". The Continuum sided with Commander Riker, chastised the petulant "Q" entity, and honored the Commander's request.

Commander Riker no longer has the "powers of Q".

Captain Picard, however, was less then pleased. He and Commander Riker had a long conversation in private. In the end, the Commander is being reinstated as First Officer of the Enterprise. He is, however, also receiving an official reprimand, a reduction in pay, and he will be extensively debriefed by Starfleet Command while at Starbase G-6. He also has a number of relationships to mend.

Commander Riker made some poor choices, for which he must accept the consequences, however, he also brings back an immense understanding of the Q Continuum. And that appears to be of great value to Starfleet Command.

- Lieutenant Sam Archer

In Port: Starbase G-6

The Enterprise has returned to Starbase G-6. We have docked and will remain in port for a few days. Meanwhile, we await the return of Lieutenant Commander Deanna Troi (who has been visiting her family on nearby Betazed), and we will be undergoing some crew changes and transfers.

We will also be helping the four survivors from the Quadra Sigma III mining colony recover and move forward with a new phase in their lives.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Sunday, October 2

Lieutenant Commander Data, Acting First Officer

With Commander Riker having left the Enterprise to join the "Q Continuum", we are left without a First Officer. Until Captain Picard settles on an official promotion, Lieutenant Commander Data will serve as Acting First Officer.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

In Memory of an Accident

Three days ago, a mine explosion at the underground Quadra Sigma III mining colony caused a deadly methane-like gas to seep out of the mine and into the nearby colony caverns. Unfortunately, that gas was trapped in the caverns, and it killed all but four of the colonists. Those four colonists were rescued by the Enterprise.

Over the past 2-3 days, teams of medical and engineering personnel, wearing hazardous material suits, spent time in the colony caverns. They did not find any other survivors. While down there, they made copies of the colony computer database, and saved a few archived items to bring back to the Enterprise.

Today, Captain Picard ordered that all known access points to the underground colony be permanently sealed, and the colony would be marked as a memorial site to the colonists. Their bodies will forever rest in peace within the colony that they once called home. A memorial probe has also been in orbit to inform all other visitors of the accident that happened here. In addition, the Federation Council has agreed to close Quadra Sigma III to future colonization, and will leave the planet open to approved science teams only. In short, Quadra Sigma III is being abandoned.

With our rescue mission concluded, the Enterprise will be returning to Starbase G-6 within a few hours. Unfortunately, due to the emergency distress call, personnel from the spacial sciences department have missed the weekend opportunity to attend the science conference on Aldebaran III.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Saturday, October 1

Commander Riker and the Powers of the Q

I guess it's true. Commander Riker does have unnatural powers -- "powers of the Q". And, apparently that power has gone to his head, it changed his personality, and has corrupted his views toward his friends and fellow officers.

The bridge reports that this "Q" entity gave Commander Riker these powers in an attempt to convince him to give up his life as a mortal, and live in the "Q Continuum". They did this so that Commander Riker might teach the Q Continuum about humanity.

I regret to inform you, it appears to have worked. Commander Riker has disappeared from the Enterprise, along with "Q". Before he left, though, Commander Riker attempted to bestow "magical" gifts upon a few individuals. Reports indicate that, for a short period of time, he gave the gift of sight to Lieutenant (JG) La Forge, a female Klingon mate to Lieutenant (JG) Worf, and resurrected the deceased parents of Lieutenant Yar. Commander Riker gave Captain Picard a gift as well (the nature of which was not reported), but he declined to accept it. Lieutenant Commander Data also, reportedly, declined the gift of being changed into a living, breathing human being.

Lieutenant La Forge's sight, and the Klingon female disappeared, although, Lieutenant Yar's "parents" have remained in existence.

I was given a gift as well (about an hour earlier), but I'll write about that on my own -- on my Sam Archer Facebook page -- in a day or two. My gift has remained, although, I honestly have no idea what I'm going to do with it.

Three other Enterprise crew members have reportedly been the recipient of Commander RIker's "generosity" before he left the Enterprise -- including our own Lieutenant Tessa Kensington. I'm sure she'll write about her experience later as well.

For now, the Enterprise appears to be without a First Officer (since Commander Riker has left the ship with "Q"). Unless things change, Lieutenant Commander Data is likely to become the acting Enterprise First Officer.

This whole day has become a mess. Hundreds of Federation lives killed as the result of a mining accident on Quadra Sigma III, lives meddled with by this "Q" entity, and a missing Commander Riker.

Honestly, I have no idea what will happen next. I'm done with this day. A lot of us are.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer